May 18 has been extensively acknowledged as a renowned Chinese online retailer offering affordable high-street standardized fashion products, especially formal dresses that fit grand occasions like a wedding ceremony or an evening banquet. They are so into the world fashion trends that they are always able to create fabulous looks for their customers at a cost everyone can afford. What their fashion products impress me are the exotic styles as well as the decent quality which I’ve been learning from the countless real customer reviews posted on the internet. I myself buy dresses from their Chinese domestic shopping channels from time to time too and honestly, I can’t be more satisfied with what I’ve got from them so far. Let’s just take a quick look at the floral dresses or skirts they are selling on their site for global buyers. I bet you will be attracted, too.
Floral Print Summer Dresses at
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If you really care about the discounts, then you should probably pay attention to if any Lightinthebox coupon codes can be redeemed on your order. In fact some of the floral summer dresses have already been offered with a discount – you can find the discount information straight on the product image shown in the listings. Their Today’s Sales section may also include some great deals on the type of floral dresses that fit your taste so just check it regularly if you do not rush buying one.

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Apr 28

According to the Sina Technology news, on April 18, the famous Chinese online shopping website submitted an IPO application (the F1-form) to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to go public. This is a big move for all China-based international online retailers, not just for the company, though it is hard to say whether they can be successfully listed or not so far.

Chinese Global Retailer

The prospectus of shows that they have become profitable since the Q4 of 2012. It seems many people have deep doubts on the claim as it is not a secret that rare e-commerce websites have really turned profitable, including the most famous Chinese domestic e-commerce websites like is the first Chinese company to list on the New York Stock Exchange in 2013. They apply for the IPO under the stock exchange code “litb” and offer a rather low fund raising goal with only $86,250,000 USD. This means they won’t get much difficulty finding investors if they successfully go public.

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Apr 22

Quality V.S. Pricing

The quality of TS dresses and other TS apparel receives lots of compliments based on Lightinthebox real customer reviews. It seems people tend to particularly satisfied with the great quality when compared to the pricing. I myself believe deeply that fashion brand of (read the detailed review) deserves being trusted. After discovering their Chinese domestic online stores, I decide to buy a few TS dresses and TS blouses for my 2013 summer wardrobe. Currently I am still looking for my favorite styles and comparing prices for the target ones. I prefer elegant, modest or vintage dresses and TS is definitely my cup of tea. What’s more importantly, their pricing won’t embarrass my wallet.TS Deep V-neck Fashion Dress

Pricing Ranges for Chinese Domestic Market & International Market

Be fair, the high-end dresses from the TS brand are reasonably priced. They are highly affordable among common Chinese consumers like me. In China, we have to pay around $30-$300 for a quality formal or casual dress from a better known fashion brand. TS dresses are priced at $12-$80 only. The brand is also worn by many Chinese celebrities including popular movie or TV soap opera stars and TV anchormen or anchorwomen. As you can see, the low prices do not make them a cheap brand anyway.

As for the international pricing, TS clothing ranges from $10 to $100 at their official international shopping channel Most of the styles are offered at between $30 and $50. As high-end dresses coming in high quality and trendy styles, they are very competitive compared to those from better known fashion brands around the world.

For international buyers, you are encouraged to take advantage of their promotions in order to get the best deals on TS clothing. In particular, you can check out their Weekly Deals or Today’s Sales zone regularly so that you may discover a great discount for the TS style you love.

Comparisons between Chinese Prices and Global Prices

I tried to compare the prices between international stores and Chinese domestic stores (including their own site and their official stores at other shopping sites) for TS clothing. I found that it is hard to say which site offers the best prices for TS. The Chinese prices and the international prices differ significantly or slightly for the same styles but not all lower priced ones are offered by the same store.

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Apr 16

I hadn’t done any serious research on the TS (Three Seasons) clothing brand until one day I suddenly realized that it must be in close relationship with (read the detaile review) otherwise the famous Chinese international shopping site won’t give such an important exposure rate to it. In addition to highlighting the Chinese apparel brand in the menu of the “Fashion” category as well as the homepage featured categories zone, Lightinthebox also frequently launches sales for the brand. In particular, you can see TS clothing deals released in their Today’s Sales page quite regularly.

TS Fashion Dresses at Lightinthebox

I though TS is simply a famed Chinese fashion brand that works closely with and uses the site to promote their products to buyers around the world, just like many other powerful clothing brands or manufacturers do. For instance, at the well-known Chinese shopping sites like, or, we can find a good number of Chinese clothing brands selling their products there.

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Mar 31

In terms of company size or popularity, and are about the same. However, adopting different business models, the two sites have many differences that can separate them from each other. Here is how they stack up.
Discounted Wedding Dresses at Lightinthebox

As compared to Lightinthebox, Aliexpress’s pros are:

  • Wider product selection. Aliexpress (read the detailed review) is a wholesale trading platform and bridges buyers and suppliers. The site has a very broad product directory covering almost every field of a daily life from apparel, electronics, sporting goods, toys, jewelry & watches, automobiles & motorcycles, security & surveillance, health & beauty to anything else.
  • More pricing choices. While the huge online wholesale shopping mall has countless products, buyers have much more pricing choices there as the same products are offered by different suppliers at different prices. As long as you do enough research when shopping at the site, you are likely to find out the best prices for the products of your interest. Generally, newly registered sellers tend to offer rock bottom prices in order to attract buyers and build their customer base.
Mar 27

Since 2006 when the company was into the online foreign trading business, has been receiving positive feedback from end consumers or resellers all around the world. This does not mean that this China trader is free from complaints anyway. Here are a few factors that make stand out among the Chinese shopping sites.

  • Legitimacy. is an officially registered business and their head office is located in Beijing, the capital of China. This online store enjoys an outstanding reputation on the global market, best known for high quality custom-tailored dresses for various occasions. Being the best (not one of the best!) Chinese online retailer or wholesaler of fashion products, it is a tested legitimate shopping site offering quality products at affordable prices. Based on customer reviews, their customer service is efficient, professional and quite satisfactory.
  • Extensive selection of special occasion dresses. Although the store offers a wide range of products including fashion, electronics, home & garden and more, special occasion dresses (especially wedding dresses) have been always their hottest product line. Their selection of all kinds of formal and semi-formal dresses is very impressive in terms of styles and quantities. If you are looking for cocktail dresses, prom dresses, evening dresses, homecoming dresses or any other special occasion dresses elaborately made from fine materials at a budget, they won’t get your down.
  • Better quality. Most of the fashion products for sale at are showcased by their own models so that you can see clearly how the real products look when it is worn. Also, all custom-tailored dresses will be made by their own skillful dressmakers based on customers’ measurements. Their measuring guides are user-friendly and very accurate. As long as you follow the guides correctly to order your dress, you don’t have to worry about sizing problems at all. While Lightinthebox is not mentioned as a pricing winner among Chinese sites, they do receive much applause for offering products with better quality

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