Welcome to Online Shopping Reviews—a Blog dedicated to providing and sharing information and reviews about the online shopping stores, especially major online retail and wholesale markets based in China.

Online B2B has become increasingly popular worldwide, being widely recognized as the biggest trend in the world’s wholesale business arena. As the most powerful wholesale market of the world, China’s online wholesale marketplaces are developing very fast. Since Alibaba, the wholesale giant, made its debut to the world, a number of other China-based online wholesale companies have shown up one after another. Now the most famous online wholesale marketplaces in China include Alibaba, AliExpress, DHgate, LightInTheBox and more.

These wholesale agents feature different business models and vary from sizes, target customers, major products, etc. This site is built with an aim to help people, especially those who are interested in wholesale business, get a better understanding of China wholesale trading marketplaces and the ever-changing wholesale trends all over the world.

Jessie, the person in charge of this site, contributes the majority of posts to this Blog, with some other members occasionally contributing the rest. Jessie Peng has become a professional blogger since 2004. Danviews is only one of the series of Blogs she has built which cover different fields, not at all limited to wholesale or B2B-related topics.

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