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lightinthebox.comThis post is updated regularly with the latest coupon codes, promotional discount codes, vouchers or deals released by, the NYSE listed e-commerce company based in Beijing, China. If you are interested in buying best valued made-in-China items directly from the Chinese online store, you are encouraged to take advantage of the following coupon codes or deals to save more money.

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10% OFF $50+

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Expired Date: July 31, 2024
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miniinthebox.comBelow you can find the latest MiniInTheBox coupon codes, discount codes and MiniInTheBox promotion codes. Save money for cool gadgets, new gadgets, electronic gadgets. offers wide selection of Cool Gadgets, electronic gadgets at cheap price. has been a worldwide business leader in selling blue-ribbon consumer goods since 2006.

If you are interested in buying from with discount price, come back regularly to see if any MiniInTheBox coupon code is available!

10% OFF $20+

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Expired Date: December 31, 2024
Get 10% off on orders over $20 at

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iPad Accessories Review: Get Useful Accessories to Compliment and Protect Your iPad

Get Useful iPad Accessories to Compliment and Protect Your iPad

Wholesale iPad Accessories

Since iPad was launched in April, 2010, various kinds of iPad accessories have been springing one after another from every corner of the world. It is not at all exaggerating to say that the delivery speed of the great variety of iPad accessories is completely in line with that of iPad itself. It has been just a few months since the release date of iPad, but now in the global market you can see a vast array of iPad accessories, some of which are cool beyond your imagination.

Here we are about to introduce some of the most popular iPad accessories among the various China wholesale shopping websites. It’s no longer a secret that China is the best in manufacturing accessories for electronics, cell phones, PCs and other web-based gadgets like iPad. That explains why every year, swarms of resellers look for such accessories from China’s wholesale market, especially through the internet.

In general, iPad accessories from China feature the lowest prices and the biggest catalogs. As we know, accessories for PCs or similar items do not require high-tech manufacturing techniques, which is part of the reason why China’s factories are able to develop and produce so many iPad accessories at such a fast speed. And today, many Chinese iPad accessories suppliers offer free shipping or dropshipping service to global buyers.

If you are looking for iPad accessories, no matter for personal use or for your business, you are encouraged to see which iPad accessories are hot among the users currently. And the below list of bestsellers of iPad accessories may give you some inspiration. Continue reading iPad Accessories Review: Get Useful Accessories to Compliment and Protect Your iPad

Electronic Cigarette Review: Quit Smoking with Ease and Pleasure

Realizing the huge harm cigarettes can do on one’s health, more and more tobacco cigarette smokers choose to use electronic cigarettes as an alternative to the real counterparts. Yes, that’s right. The apparent purpose of smoking e-cigarettes would be to stay away from lung cancers or any other health problems caused by excess intake of combination of nicotine with tar or any other carcinogen.

Super Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes make quitting real cigarette smoking unprecedentedly easy. As we know, it is really hard for tobacco cigarette addicts to quit smoking simply by not smoking. Generally, an electronic cigarette features similar flavors to those in real tobacco cigarettes. Many e-cigarettes have multi flavors for smokers to choose from upon one’s personal preferences. And this is the very essence that makes electronic cigarettes so widely adored. Continue reading Electronic Cigarette Review: Quit Smoking with Ease and Pleasure

LightInTheBox Review – Must Knows about LightInTheBox for Your Online China Shopping

Weddings & Events

When you decide to wholesale products from China, we don’t think you would miss one company: Why? Try searching “wholesale” or “China wholesale” in Google, you will see the reason why we are so sure that you won’t miss this company. However, from its page title and description, it seems hard to identify whether the wholesale website sells products itself or functions as a platform connecting Chinese manufactures and international buyers. To help people get a better understanding of the company, we have do a lot of homework to research on the wholesale website and the following will introduce the fundamental facts we have found about LightInTheBox.

China wholesaler LightInTheBox


Location and credibility of Light In The Box

Many people are curious about where LightInTheBox is exactly located and whether it is a legal wholesale marketplace. As we have mentioned before in previous articles on our website, LightInTheBox is a Beijing-based wholesale company with a branch located in Shenzhen, the famous city representing the Continue reading LightInTheBox Review – Must Knows about LightInTheBox for Your Online China Shopping

Tips on How to Avoid Scams at Chinese Fashion Stores like

I am thinking of buying a prom dress on The prices are so cheap! It looks like a scam, I’m wondering if it’s safe? Is Lightinthebox a legit site? Has anyone used Lightinthebox to shop anything? How is You can find heaps of such questions on the internet and as a buyer who never uses a shopping site before, you are always encouraged to ask questions as many as you can. Of course, you should also try hard to get the answers.
Discounted Custom Tailored Special Occasion Dresses at

It’s a Chinese is which is not a good sign and it seems to have a controversial reputation among global buyers. Personally I wouldn’t trust any China-based store as the risk is seemly high. However, if a trusted friend or someone I am familiar with has purchased something from the store and is satisfied with the product and the customer service, I think I would consider using the site for shopping.

Usually, I would scan quickly the websites to get a basic evaluation on whether it is a legit site or not. They should at least provide a safe payment option like Paypal; their website should look quite professional with neat layouts, user-friendly navigation and clear photo images as well as product description; the checkout process should be easy to go through and more aspects will be taken into my consideration when it comes to judging the nature of the shopping website.

Then, I would go for more details before I make a shopping decision. For instance, if I am looking for a wedding dress at fashion stores such as, I would check the sizing chart and confirm with the service representatives on which sizes fit me exactly. You know, US sizes can be different from Chinese sizes though usually they would indicate the US sizes for US customers. Also, I would try to find out how long it takes to make the dress and how long it takes for delivery.

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