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When you decide to wholesale products from China, we don’t think you would miss one company: LightInTheBox.com. Why? Try searching “wholesale” or “China wholesale” in Google, you will see the reason why we are so sure that you won’t miss this company. However, from its page title and description, it seems hard to identify whether the wholesale website sells products itself or functions as a platform connecting Chinese manufactures and international buyers. To help people get a better understanding of the company, we have do a lot of homework to research on the wholesale website and the following will introduce the fundamental facts we have found about LightInTheBox.

China wholesaler LightInTheBox


Location and credibility of Light In The Box

Many people are curious about where LightInTheBox is exactly located and whether it is a legal wholesale marketplace. As we have mentioned before in previous articles on our website, LightInTheBox is a Beijing-based wholesale company with a branch located in Shenzhen, the famous city representing the success of China’ reform and opening-up policy near Hong Kong, also one of the manufacturing centers in China. The head office is known to perform the major operational issues of the website including website building, management, public relation, buyer marketing, etc, while the branch office is mainly responsible for sourcing products and arrange the shipment with destinations all over the world. Also, a widely concerned issue about LightInTheBox remains whether it is legal or not. Like what happens to many other wholesale websites, there are quite a number of complaints about the website on the Internet. Is LightInTheBox really a fraud or scam as some have claimed in forums or blogs? According to our authoritative information, LightInTheBox is a 100% real and legal company dedicated in doing wholesale business. Yet, as a developing company, LightInTheBox still has a long way to go before it becomes really strong to be devoid of any defect.

Lightinthebox Fashion Sale

The role of LightInTheBox

Well, from the many reviews on the Internet, we’ve found that this is a frequently asked question about the China wholesale star. According to our knowledge, LightInTheBox is not simply a transaction platform providing service to Chinese sellers and international buyers, but is itself a wholesaler sourcing items from Chinese manufactures and selling items to buyers all over the world. So buyers can be confident in dealing with this trustworthy seller, LightInTheBox, whose reputation has got recognition in the world. And what is worth mentioning is, we found that on many forums where some buyers complain about the products or services of LightInTheBox, their staff show up directly to accept the criticisms and direct these people to have their problems fixed in some way. For example, they will tell you specifically to ask for help from which function of the company. We don’t know whether they finally have their problems solved or not, but we do appreciate the courage to accept criticisms and try hard to fix problems and make improvements. For a wholesale agent like LightInTheBox who makes deals directly with you, one good thing is, once you have any complains, you can go directly to it without a third party. As a seller itself, it has to value customers’ opinions and feedback, which are the backbone of its future prospect. It has been confirmed that all goods sold by LightInTheBox are shipped from the same address, the branch in Shenzhen, which is mainly responsible for resourcing goods from sellers and arranging shipment to buyers. And they check the products for every purchase order before they are shipped out. This may explain why there are much more positive reviews about the wholesale website than negative reviews.


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38 Responses to “LightInTheBox Review – Must Knows about LightInTheBox for Your Online China Shopping”

  1. Claire says:

    Lightinthebox.com is a good sellers for the wedding dresses.

  2. Tere says:

    After scouring half of Australia for a ball dress for my daughter (grrrr!!!) in January, I eventually opted to try Light in the Box.
    I’d read all the horror story reviews and there were plenty of them out there, but to be honest I was over the arguments, sulking, tears and pure frustration of shopping with my 17 year old darrrrling!
    Anyway, she showed me their website one evening and long story short, by the next day we had ordered the dress she wanted. It arrived earlier than expected and to be honest I was really surprised at how well made it was.
    My only comments would be…when we took it out of the box it had a weird smell about it, like it had been sewn in the local fish market. I did hang it outside for a day and the smell eventually disappeared. Secondly, I don’t think the fabric they used was the greatest but I guess this should be expected for a fairly inexpensive ball gown. And finally the dress had lots of sequins which would assume would normally be hand stitched separately but this dress wasn’t. They had used long pieces of thread and sewn a lot of sequins at a time which when you looked closely looked shabby, so if you we’re to accidentally break a thread you were probably going to loose a lot do sequins. However, reality is, no one was going to look that close.
    In the end the overall effect was great and my daughter looked stunning. Would you believe I now have a work ball to attend in two weeks time and I am currently awaiting the arrival of a gown from none other….Light in the Box

  3. catynopbpex says:

    “error”: “Service Unavailable”

  4. Admin says:

    Hi, sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant shopping experience with Lightinthebox.com. It would be much more helpful if you could share the details so that other potential buyers can learn from your lesson. Thank you.


  5. Eleni Picker says:


  6. Admin says:


    By which day did they promise to dispatch your order? Has the deadline been due? If so, you are encouraged to contact their customer service for an explanation.


  7. Zach says:

    I ordered curtains on Dec 14th and so far I cannot see any progress. It just says processing. Eta showed Dec 27! At this point, I am wondering if I’ve been had.


  8. Jill says:

    I had issues with my order from Light in the Box which this organisation endeavoured to resolve. They replied to my emails and resolved the problem to my satisfaction.

  9. Sarad says:

    I personally have had the worst experience with lightinthebox.com. After cancelling my order, they still attempted to ship my order. I had to call the shipping company not to send it to my house again as it had already been cancelled. After finally being in contact with lightinthebox.com via email, they told me to ask the shipping company to release the shipment for it not to get destroyed while they told the shipping company to abandon the package since no one claimed it. I asked them to refund my money back, they claimed that the package had already been destroyed and no refund can be made.I will never recommend them to anyone.

  10. iccee says:

    My friend have bought something at this website , before the packlage reached, she is very worried, but when she opened the parcel, her worry all gone done, instead of happiness.

  11. Mcbub says:

    top navigation of LightInTheBox includes an exclusive Dropship section, which clearly indicates that the China wholesale company

  12. LightInTheBox says:

    Dear Customers,

    On behalf of LightInTheBox.com, I would like to apologize for whatever inconvenience you have experienced while shopping with us. We are continuously working on improving our products and service, so we very much value your feedback.

    I would like to invite all customers with pending issues to please post your order number in your comments, this way we can investigate your case and contact you directly.

    Otherwise, you can always contact our Customer Service team. They will do their best to offer the most suitable solution to your problem. You simply need to log into your LightInTheBox.com account and submit a ticket.

    Please follow this link to read more about how to contact Customer Service: lightinthebox.com/knowledge-base/c5/a2746.html

    Our Customer Service team will promptly reply to your inquiry, and should you need more help, you can submit a reply to Customer Service under their answer to the ticket in question. Thank you for your patience.



  13. I officially hat Lightinthebox. I ordered a wedding dress from them. I paid extra to have it made to my specific measurements. When it arrived It was 4 inches off from the measurements I gave them. You can’t alter 4 inches. They told me they would send me a new one but apparently it will take 2 months. My wedding is in 5 weeks. Now I am out of luck with no money and no dress to wear. According to them I can’t get a refund for 5 weeks . I’m screwed and bitter. Thanks for ruining my wedding lightinthebox.

  14. Barbara Washington says:

    I was ready to order a beautiful dress from the Lightinthebox.com website but decided to do a search to see if there were many complaints. I was frightened away by what I read, since this is for my son’s wedding in 2 months. I found this site promising that I would not have a bit of trouble if I do order from them. The only problem I see is that these testimonials from people with American names are obviously written in “Engrish” by people who need to brush up on their interpreting skills.

  15. Andy says:

    I looked for tattoo kits online and LightintheBox came up. I was a little nervous as it was my first time to shop from China, but honestly the item I ordered from the shop showed up exactly what was described on the product page. Customer service department at LightintheBox was outstanding, always more than willing to resolve anything that came up.

  16. Jennifer says:

    i received the dress from lightinthebox today. Quite impressed that it was delivered so quickly! I did the custom measurements, and it fits like a glove, I love it!

  17. mihai says:

    I bought 2 mobile phones from www. Lightinthebox.com and in less than 45 days both phones were broken.I tryed to solve the problem with Customer service but after several mails they don’t answer anymore. So I loose 100 EURO in less than 2 months.

  18. Cara says:

    Do NOT buy any dresses from Light In The Box unless you are 100% sure that is what you want and that it will get to you in time.

    I ordered a wedding dress in April for a wedding on May 19th. After two weeks, I started getting worried so I contacted the company to see when it will ship. They informed me it will ship on May 18th.

    Now, I went back and looked at my confirmation emails and the date WAS in there so it is partially my fault but they have a shifty return policy.

    I asked for the order to be canceled and they told me I would get a refund of the shipping price, $23 but I would not get the refund for the $150 dress. So I could cancel it and lose my money, or keep the dress and lose my money because I would still have to find another dress and not be able to wear this one.

    I am extremely disappointed with this company as I had great respect for them given their cheap prices, custom made dresses, and fast customer service. They really need to update their return policy.

  19. Sergio says:

    Los pedidos que no llegan estan totalmente desprotegidos. No responden ante pedidos perdidos haciendo la tarea de devolucion del importe practicamente imposible por tener los plazos de entrega superiores al tiempo de reclamación en Paypal. Yo he perdido 90,16 € de un pedido hecho el 18/1/11

    Orders that fail are totally unprotected. They do not respond to lost orders and money-back task is virtually impossible because they have higher delivery times than the time of claim with PayPal. I have lost € 90.16 of an order made ​​on 18.1.1911

  20. gyozalyan says:

    I will recommend this site to my friends. lightinthebox is a good choice for wedding dresses,they custom-made the dress exactly according to my requests and the pictures, almost as same as the pictures.What’s more,they ship my dress very quickly.
    Above all, they don’t charge any fee for custom-made, their price is reasonable.

  21. Serg says:

    Hope this preventive maintenance that I can not call at on site Lightinthebox.

  22. Serg says:

    The Good day to you !!!!
    The Ithaca passed already six months.
    But I as well as has not got its goods and no now beside me and money.
    That variant refund which you offer me in Russia not yet available.How much me it is necessary to pay the extra $ that- you have sent me my parcel? And why such occurs that only after payment you speak that to send moreover paid , goods can not. The Good way to earn.

    Order Date: August 31, 2010
    Order #: 1008310500835450
    Order Total: US$ 356.35

  23. Serg says:

    The Good day to you !!!!
    The Ithaca passed already six months.
    But I as well as has not got its goods and no now beside me and money.
    That variant refund which you offer me in Russia not yet available.How much me it is necessary to pay the extra $ that- you have sent me my parcel? And why such occurs that only after payment you speak that to send moreover paid , goods can not. The Good way to earn.

  24. offprom says:

    Non fidatevi
    Io ho avuto un esperienza totalmente negativa, ho ordinato un telecomando programmabile che non è mai arrivato, e quando ho notificato il ritardo nella consegna mi hanno inviato una mail dicendomi di aspettare sino a una certa data dopo la quale se non fosse arrivato mi avrebbero riborsato.
    In buona fede ho aspettato.
    Alla data non è arrivato, da allora ho mandato più mail ma non hanno mai più risposto ( hanno cancellato anche la mia userid dal loro database). La fregatura è che a quella data sono scaduti i termini della contestazione con Paypal.
    Furbi !!!!!!!!
    Da qualche ricerca effettuata su forum sembra sia il loro “modus operandi”
    Se sei fortunato ti arriva il prodotto (affidabilità poca) , se sei meno fortunato ti arriva da pagare la tassa doganale, se sei sfortunato o ti arriva difettoso o non ti arriva proprio.
    Statene alla larga.

  25. dk_retail says:

    there’s an error on my comment.


  26. dk_retail says:

    THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!!!!! I’m not trying to ruin the company’s reputation. I ordered video games accessories for retail. Total amount – USD302.26! I made payment on the 1st Jan 2010, till now i have not receive anything and its FEBRUARY 12th 2011!!!!! Despite sending a receipt of my wire transfer payment, they still denied that i have made payment! At first, the customer service told me that they will process it right away and they verified my payment. After i got back with them after a month, they told me payment’s not made. What is this!????! 100% fraud. Guys there are lots of wholesale companies out there. PLEASE if possible,do yourself a favour.. don’t get con by this guys. they are good.

  27. Jesse James says:

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! I ordered my son a android tablet. It came in and worked one day. I tried to return it after spending 50.00 to ship it there and they will not accept my return package. Now I am out the $199.00 I spent plus the 50.00 to ship it back. Now I still have a tablet that will not work. DO NOT BUY FROM A COMPANY THAT DOES NOT HAVE A TOLL FREE NUMBER! That should have been a dead give away!

  28. Greg O'Hara says:

    Lightinthebox does not support electronic media tablets that they sell. There is no way to update the ANDROID firmware nor do they tell you there is a transaction fee to buy from them via your credit card. Lightinthebox does not want to take back defective media tablets, they offered me 50% refund and keep the tablet. I should not have to settle for less than full price paid for defective equipment, replacement not an option since they won’t support the OS or their equipment.

  29. Lynn says:

    Why doesn’t anyone write about the high tax we have to pay to UPS?
    I ordered 4 evening dresses and I had to pay EUR 120,00 to UPS for tax !
    This way the dresses aren’t so cheap anymore. This was a complete surprise to me.
    I was very disappointed.

  30. Made in China says:

    Light-in-The Box is great B2C website which provides excellent features to the users worldwide for accessibility

  31. sheryl page says:

    is it safe to order at lightinthebox? i’ve encountered a forum talking about it so I have doubts myself, then I learned of Chinabuye, which uses Paypal as payment and I think that was safe. And I also found out that all their products have 1 year warranty.

  32. Brad Beers says:

    My first experience with this company has been less than positive We ordered 7 items paid for express ship it took 13 days to fill the order another 11 to ship another 5 to get here and then there was only one item in the box. then trying to get the problem fixed has been a night mare no one wants to return the e-mails. I planned on using this company for drop shipping because they have great selection and great prices but if this is how they do business I may want to re think I will have to try at least one more small order before I decide if we ever get the products from my first order. It is only $150.00 order but it is still the idea that this is a trial to see how they operate and ship to the states where quick turn around means repeat business

  33. Idlemall says:

    Lightinthebox is good. But problems exsit too when the company is expanding. If you want to whlolesale or dropship from China, it’s crucial you don’t depend on a single wholesaler. It won’t hurt if you compare more than one wholesaler.

  34. Mary says:

    Lightinthebox.com is a good sellers for the wedding dresses.

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