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Hot Gadget for Children: 7 Inch Android 4.1.1 Tablet PC with Dual Camera

While is extensively recognized as a store specialized in women’s fashion and accessories, it is also a super big supplier of the latest made-in-China electronic gadgets. In particular, tablet PCs are one of its most popular categories, alongside with its Wedding & Events and Home & Garden categories. The following 7-inch Android 4.1.1 tablet PC designed for children, for example, is one of the top rated products under the Tablets category.

7 Inch Android 4.1.1 Tablet PC for Children

The key features of this lovely model include:

  • With a 7-inch multi-touch, capacitive screen, it is easy for children to use.
  • It runs an advanced Android (4.1.1) system, which allows users to download the latest apps as much as they can.
  • The 800×480 screen resolution makes the display effect of the gadget amazingly clear.
  • It can work as long as 5 hours after a full charging.
  • The dual-camera (0.3MP back camera, 0.3MP front camera) feature is particularly practical for children who love to take photos.
  • With Wi-Fi connection, the device can be used to surf the internet easily – it is not simply a gadget for playing game.
  • It is empowered with 4GB hard drive and supports extend 32GB card.
  • It supports many languages. To check if it supports your language and other details, please see the list of its specifications here.

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Creative Toy: Intelligent Magnetic Assembling Toy for Kids

When I was looking for best Christmas gifts for kids, I found a lovely toy named as “MAG-WISDOM Intelligent Magnetic Toy” at I was instantly attracted by the product images in which different shapes are showcased with the colorful magnetic parts. My son loves this kind of toys very much and for this reason, I become very sensitive to such products.

MAG-WISDOM Intelligent Magnetic Toy

The magnetic toy includes 20 pieces of parts in triangle or square. Some of them are cut-out triangles, some cut-out squares while the others are solid magnetic pieces. As the picture above shows, you can create any shape as you wish using the pieces. It is super easy for little kids to finish the job as every piece of the part is magnetic. Just stick one piece to another and it is done. Base on my experience, this toy could be a great Christmas gift for children of 1-5 year old. Even adults could find a lot of fun in assembling the parts to make creative shapes.

The category of Toys and Hobbies is one of the best product lines at, the popular electronic gadget store based in Shenzhen, China. In addition to educational toys, the site also carries a wide range of RC toys like RC helicopters or RC cars, puzzles, stuffed toys and dolls, pranks, gags and unique gifts, weapons and military toys, solar toys and more toys or hobbies-related products. The prices it offers are always reasonable so you don’t have to worry about getting things at uncompetitive prices there.

As for buying cheap made-in-China toys for children, I also recommend besides The two sites are quite similar in terms of major fields and global reputation. Both sites develop from doing online trading at eBay. Anyway, is located in another famous city also of Guangdong province: Guangzhou. RC helicopters are the best of the best-selling toys at this site. Using either site to source best-priced toys, you can be confident that they are legitimate shopping site and that the quality is dependable.

Deals on Apparel for Children from China Wholesale Shopping Site

When it comes to shopping high-margin baby apparel or children’s apparel from China, is definitely worth checking out. It is one of the biggest wholesale trading websites where you can find countless Chinese sellers offering varieties of products to global buyers.

Recently I noticed that is hosting a promotional campaign targeting apparel for children, which will last till December 31, 2013. Up to 30% off is offered on a wide range of baby clothes, girls’ clothes, boys clothes, children’s hats, girls’ hairbands, children’s shoes and more. All products are selected from top sellers who have a better credibility record. During the whole promotional period, new deals are updated on a weekly base so that buyers can get awesome deals on more styles. In addition to super low pricing, free shipping is another great attraction.

Deals on Children's Apparel at

If you are running a store of children’s apparel, you can’t afford to miss out these amazing deals which have high re-sell margins. Though each product on sale there requires a minimum order quantity, it is usually very small: 3 pieces per lot, for instance. See all deals >>


As for business model, it is very similar to — you may know this site better as it belongs to the famous Alibaba Group. However, in practice, is the true forerunner in this field and is the follower though the latter may grow even faster backed by the powerful company background. Generally, I rank the two sites the best options for sourcing low wholesale priced products for small and medium-sized businesses. Both of them are very famous in the Chinese online foreign trade arena and they are legitimate shopping sites providing payment protection service.

I myself had worked for for years before I created my own business and I would always vote for them if asked to recommend a trusted wholesale shopping website based in China. You can use and to compare prices in order to find the best deals. Anyway, note that the risks of shopping with such websites are quite the same too: despite of the membership verification system and the payment protection service, you may still encounter scammers at either site. So using extreme caution is always necessary and do remember to follow the dispute procedures of the sites when a problem is occurred. Limited-time Deals on Baby and Kids’ Apparel

I hadn’t noticed that, a website well known for electronic gadgets and accessories, also offer clothes and accessories for babies and kids until I got the alert about their latest sale on baby and kids’ supplies days ago. I decided to share this piece of information as I know lots of my readers are interested in sourcing quality baby and kids’ clothing from Chinese suppliers.

Deals on Baby Clothes at

The sale on baby and kids’ clothes offers an 8% off discount on select items under the Baby & Kids category. On-sale products include girls’ dresses, suspenders dresses, t-shirt and pants sets, climbing clothes, baby bib pants, vest and pants sets, baby apron pants, tops and pants sets and more. By inputting the coupon code “PAM5TE8OFF” at checkout, you will get the price reduced instantly. Plus, every order is honored with free shipping.

Discount Code:  
Discount Description: 8% OFF & Free Shipping on Baby & Kids’ Supplies
End Date: May 31,2013

For other latest coupon codes, click here.

A deeper look at their Baby & Kids category reveals that the site are enlarging this product line though currently the listing is still quite limited in terms of quantity. What impresses me is their cool gadgets and accessories and for this reason, I am more willing to rank them as a professional electronic supplier.

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Best Chinese Sites to Buy Baby and Kids’ Clothes, Shoes and Other Supplies

At my site I have mentioned for times that is the best online destination to shop for made-in-China clothing and accessories for babies and kids. The site is a huge trading platform and you can find countless suppliers selling this kind of products there. The good thing is, you have a wealth of styles and prices to choose from based on your taste as well as budget. However, the risk also exists: the site only provides payment protection service and cannot give any guarantee on the quality of the products or provide any after-sales service. When a dispute between you and the seller happens, they act as a third-party to rule the case and to provide a solution. If you choose to use the site, you need to do research on the seller as much as possible in order to avoid encountering rip-offs or scams.

Wholesale Baby and Kids Supplies at

In the case you are not satisfied with the goods you receive from the seller, do remember to submit a dispute to the through your account. Never trust the seller or do what he or she instructs you to do in order to solve the dispute. Chances are you won’t get your problem solved after you delete the negative feedback you left for the seller as he or she requires in return for offering you a full refund. If you trust the promise, you will end up getting no refund at all. After you confirm on the completion of your transaction with the seller or when the deadline of submitting a dispute is due, the site won’t be able to help you anymore. Whenever dispute occurs, you should resort to for a solution.

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