Jan 22

Regular readers of my blog should have been familiar with how I definite “legitimate Chinese international sites”. Anyway, in case some new visitors of my site is not clear about the concept, I want to re-emphasize that from my own point of view, it is impossible to find a Chinese foreign trade site which is completely free of complaints and as a result some of the better ones are viewed as “legit” just in a relative sense.

When I put a site onto my personal list of “reliable sites” or “good sites”, I simply mean that it is an officially registered business and better in terms of credibility, products and services. Seriously, in order not to mislead people who are looking for helpful guides to sourcing products from China, I hope you are well aware that my ideas are just for your reference only and you are always encouraged to do as much research as possible yourself before you try a Chinese site.

Toys at Dinodirect.comAs for legitimate shopping websites based in China that offer toys to global buyers, I use the same criteria to compile the list. Hopefully you may find some stable suppliers from my recommendations after rounds of real transactions between you and the suppliers. In December 2012, I posted a topic talking about my points regarding made-in-China toys as a response to an Indian reader. In addition to discussing about the quality issues related to made-China-toys, there I also introduced some better sites where you can find high resell-margin toys made by Chinese factories or Chinese suppliers of toys. If you are interested in, please read here.

Below I will share my knowledge in more details about which sites are better to use to purchase low priced toys, especially in wholesale quantities.

So far I haven’t found any Chinese global sites that exclusively offer toys – this does not mean that such sites do not exist though. It seems Chinese online wholesalers or retailers prefer to list toys as one of their major categories instead of the only category, usually named “Toys and Hobbies”. Read more »

Jan 19

Below is my personal summary of the upsides and downsides of buying toys in bulk from China-based wholesale trading platforms like Aliexpress.com or DHgate.com. If you are interested in using such sites to source toys for your resell business, the following points may inspire you.RC Racing Cars at Aliexpress.com


  • As a big and famous trading platform, they have attracted millions of suppliers to do business there and as a result, they carry the widest arrays of toys that fit all ages, personalities or interests. Whether you are looking for toys for adults or kids, or toys for boys or girls, you will get a lot of products to choose from.
  • The toys for sale there are abundant to select from also in terms of quality levels. Both high-end toys and low-end toys can be easily found there.
  • Most of the toys listed at the sites are in stock so that you can get them delivered to your doorstep in a much shorter timeframe compared to shopping with suppliers who need to arrange the production after you place the order.
  • You can order the toys in small quantities while still at low wholesale prices. One big attraction of Aliexpress.com and DHgate.com is that their MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is generally very low. Most sellers require a MOQ of less than 10 pieces for a single order and some have no MOQ requirement at all. This has become a very popular trend in the Chinese international wholesale business arena.
  • Due to intense competition, the price tags for the same or similar toys offered by different sellers can be significantly different. As a buyer you can benefit a lot from the pricing difference.

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Dec 18

The other day an Indian reader of my site e-mailed me, asking what my opinions are about the toys made in China. He said toys from China are reported as containing toxic material for children in his country. For this reason he is hesitant to get these toys to the Indian market. In case other readers may also be interested in purchasing toys from the Chinese wholesale market, I decided to create this post for your reference.

Before you go ahead, keep in mind that my shadow understanding about the made-in-China toys is based on my own experience and research only. You are encouraged to do more research yourself in order to make a smart investment decision.

Basics about Toys for Sale in the Chinese Markets

First of all, as a Chinese, I can tell you that it is true there are some crappy toys for children which are made of unsafe material or of poor quality in the Chinese domestic market. These cheap toys are available at small stores or offered by moving street peddlers. At the same time, consumers can also buy them from online stores, especially from sellers at Taobao.com (the Chinese eBay). This is pathetic as the Chinese governments do not take strict measurements to ban such poorly made toys, which are definitely a huge threat to the health of the children.

RC Electric Driving Car from QunxingHowever, toys for sale at bigger stores such as supermarkets or brand stores are generally made of safe material, covered with authoritative quality certifications, e.g. the 3C Certification (China Compulsory Certification or CCC). If you see a toy labeled with a 3C Certification, you can be confident that its material does not have any negative impact on the health or safety of the kids. Although toys meeting national quality standards are usually more expensive than those not, they are not necessarily beyond common people’s consumption capacities. I myself have bought several good quality small toy cars or trucks with 3C Certification for my little boy, each priced at around ¥8 RMB (a little more than $1 USD). Also, I purchased a four wheel electric driving car (see image on the right) with a remote control function for my son at ¥300 RMB only – the high-end ones priced at around ¥1000 RMB. The car is very fun. My son can drive it on the road by stepping on the switch while we adults can control it with the remote controller. It has a 3C certificate, by the way.

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Aug 06

RC helicopters are being widely sought-after among both children and grownups these years. Recently I notice that RC helicopters equipped with camera are getting crazily popular. When I input “RC helicopter” into the search boxes at some famous online shopping websites, I always got the same search suggestion: RC helicopter with camera.

RC Helicopters with Camera

Image courtesy of eForChina.com

To learn more about this trend, I chatted with my friend Alice, a smart lady who works for an international e-commerce company. She told me the RC helicopters with camera are now selling very well. Every day merchants from all over the world order such helicopters in bulk with their site and many are repeat customers. At the same time, a good number of personal shoppers buy this type of toys from them for personal use – even though wholesale business is their major field, they attract lots of end consumers simply because they don’t require a minimum order quantity and offer a low wholesale price even if you just buy one piece of the item. In particular, iPhone controlled RC helicopters with camera are in high demand based on their selling record.

With a built-in camera, the RC helicopters can take photos or make videos of the sceneries from an angle which is hard for us to reach by hand. This is really fun! Besides, the Micro SD card slot makes it possible to create as many photos or videos as you want. You can control the helicopter to the position you like from a distance up to 100m without much effort. Generally, the helicopters can go forward or backward, up or down, or left or right based on your operation.

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Mar 12

Some of our readers left comments or emailed us asking where they can get low priced baby clothes or kids’ clothes. Actually I have published a post about this topic: Great Sources for Wholesale Kids’ Clothing. Anyway, considering that more people may be interested in deals on baby apparel or kids’ apparel offered by Chinese suppliers, I have been paying constant attention to the latest special offers on such products.

Recently, I noticed that Aliexpress had launched a collection of spring 2012 baby clothes and kids’ clothes for boys and girls, with up to 10% off. Plus, free shipping is available on most items to most destinations around the world. The clothing and accessories for baby and kids on sale there include baby rompers, girls’ dresses, hats and caps, clothing sets and coats and pants. Whether you are looking for lovely apparel for your own kids or to gift your friend’s kids, or you are prowling the web for best deals on wholesale baby and kids’ clothing for your resell business, this selection is worth taking a look. There are many cute styles to choose from!
Spring 2012 Baby Clothes Kids' Clothes

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Jun 30

We’ve got several emails asking us to recommend some great sources for buying wholesale kids’ clothing at cheap prices. These readers have one thing in common: they are all interested in buying cheap kids’ clothing in bulk from China for their resell business. Well, when it comes to wholesale kids’ fashion products including clothing, shoes and accessories, Milanoo.com and AliExpress.com are always at the top of our recommendation list.

Wholesale Kids’ Clothing at Milanoo

Wholesale Kids Clothing at Milanoo

Milanoo started its business by selling a variety of fashion products ranging from women’s special occasion dresses, handbags, shoes and other accessories to Cosplay costumes and accessories. The fast-growing Internet supplier of apparel and accessories keeps enlarging its product range these years. The wholesale kids’ clothing category, including girls’ clothing, boys’ clothing, baby clothes and kids’ shoes, is one of the latest emerging product lines at Milanoo. In particular, Milanoo has a vast array of fashionable little girl dresses to choose from.

One distinctive feature of the wholesale kids’ fashion and accessories at Milanoo is the trendy styles. All kids’ clothes and accessories there come in stylish designs that set the trend of kids’ fashion worldwide. From 100% cotton baby clothes sets to boys’ shirts, pants, sweaters, outerwear to girls’ dresses, sweaters, legging pants and outerwear, there you can find a huge selection of in-trend kids’ clothing. The cute styles look amazingly fashionable on little ones – just see how lovely they are on the little models.

Another attraction of Milanoo’s wholesale kids’ clothing lies in the competitive prices. Basically, Milanoo is an online retail supplier of fashion and home & garden products. However, the prices it offers are generally below the wholesale pricing level. This makes Milanoo an equally great source to shop for wholesale products. Anyway, for se-sellers, what they strive hard for is high resell margins.

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