Oct 21

Here are top 5 best selling products at Chinavasion.com.

(1) SCISHION V88 Pro+ TV BoxS905X CPU, 2GB RAM, 4Kx2K, Android 6.0, 3D Movie, 4xUSB, 16GB Memory

TV Box usually is the best sales category in Chinavasion. This VSCISHION V88 Pro+ features S905X CPU and installed Android 6.0. It sells well in the first week after it launched. It not only can access to a multitude of free TV channels, but also support 3D movies and H2.64, H.265 at the same time. Find out more:

SCISHION V88 Pro+ TV Box – S905X CPU, 2GB RAM, 4Kx2K, Android 6.0, 3D Movie, 4xUSB, 16GB Memory

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Sep 19

China Electronic Gadget Store Chinavasion.com

Chinavasion.com is an online retail and wholesale marketplace exclusively selling electronics located in Shenzhen, China, next to the famous city Hong Kong. This online electronics store has been providing drop shipping on electronics directly from the Mainland China since 2006—the first China-based wholesale site offering this service in the arena of electronics. Today there are countless shopping websites of electronics based in China, but rare started as early as Chinavasion did.

As it is well-known, Shenzhen is the largest electronic manufacturing base in China. All products listed on Chinavasion including consumer electronics, gadgets and PC accessories are sourced directly from top Chinese manufactures. Besides, as Chinavasion.com normally buy in bulk from these manufactures, they can enjoy the best stock-up prices on these items, thus being able to offer the best wholesale prices to international buyers.

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Apr 09

China Wholesale Site ChinaVasion.com

We notice that complaints about ChinaVasion scam appear on the Internet from time to time. Though such voices are remarkably weak, we still pay a lot of attention to this issue as we are always trying hard to help global buyers get a secure online tradition experience with Chinese suppliers.

We’ve known ChinaVasion for quite a long time. Since we launched our site ChinaWholesaleReveiws.com with a purpose to research the China wholesale market in early 2009, we’ve been doing working to dig out as many aspects as possible about the wholesale electronic shopping website. Technically, from our point of view, we definitely believe that ChinaVasion.com is a legitimate company doing serious business in the arena of wholesale electronics. Anyway, a scam online trading company can’t have existed for so many years – ChinaVasion was founded in 2005 and is still doing business with millions of global buyers.

Other facts that may help you identify whether ChinaVasion scam is true or not:

1. ChinaVasion is located in Shenzhen, China, the bustling metropolis having the world’s largest number of consumer electronics. If you want to check whether the company exist or not, you can pay a visit to its office headquarter when you visit China or you can ask your friends who go to Shenzhen on business or live there to confirm for you. Here is ChinaVasion’s address:

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Oct 13

If you often shop China mobile phones or electronics, you must know Chinavasion, the No. 1 supplier of a wide range of electronic gadgets based in Shenzhen. Since its inception in 2006, Chinavasion has established a big name on the global market of the most popular electronic items. In particular, the Chinese wholesale electronic distributor is best known for its quality electronics with Chinese distinctive features, though the prices it offers are not necessarily the lowest among the countless competitors.

As a wholesale shopping website, Chinavasion.com offers flexible discounts on all of items, including cell phones, car DVD players, digital cameras and camcorders, MP4 players and more. For the same item, the more pieces you purchase, the lower the price you will be able to get. Of course, you can buy just one piece of the item you want, only that you need to pay for a slightly higher retail price.

Wholesale Electronics on Chinavasion

Besides, enabling customers to “have fun with cool electronics” seems to be Chinavasion’s permanent pursuit. If you look closer to the huge selection of electronic gadgets there, you will be shocked to find that most of them are amazingly fun for use.

For years, made-in-China mobile phones have been one of the bestsellers on ChinaVasion.com. Below are a list of its top 10 China mobile phones, all of which are empowered with outstanding performance, most advanced features and best resell margins. If interested, just take a look.

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Jun 20

Amazing High-tech Electronics at Low Prices

Chinavasion.com is a company that mainly offers electronics, including computer accessories, car accessories, electronic gadgets, mobile phones and much more. Else, I found this wholesale online shop offers wholesale or drop-ship discount prices for all the products. Now, in order to help people learn more about the wholesale computer accessories on Chinavasion, I will dig into some specifications of the following products, whose performance as well as functionalities is smart and fantastic.

Personal Computer Pens

The product below offered by ChinaVasion can be called a PC pen, which combines the two functionalities of a mouse and a keyboard. This means both the mouse and the keyboard can be displaced by this pen. By pressing the pen nib once, you are pressing the left key of the mouse, while rolling the dial of the pen means pressing the right key. In addition, you can press the pen nib twice for double clicks.

Computer Accessories - PC Pens

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Jun 10

Get Useful iPad Accessories to Compliment and Protect Your iPad

Wholesale iPad Accessories

Since iPad was launched in April, 2010, various kinds of iPad accessories have been springing one after another from every corner of the world. It is not at all exaggerating to say that the delivery speed of the great variety of iPad accessories is completely in line with that of iPad itself. It has been just a few months since the release date of iPad, but now in the global market you can see a vast array of iPad accessories, some of which are cool beyond your imagination.

Here we are about to introduce some of the most popular iPad accessories among the various China wholesale shopping websites. It’s no longer a secret that China is the best in manufacturing accessories for electronics, cell phones, PCs and other web-based gadgets like iPad. That explains why every year, swarms of resellers look for such accessories from China’s wholesale market, especially through the internet.

In general, iPad accessories from China feature the lowest prices and the biggest catalogs. As we know, accessories for PCs or similar items do not require high-tech manufacturing techniques, which is part of the reason why China’s factories are able to develop and produce so many iPad accessories at such a fast speed. And today, many Chinese iPad accessories suppliers offer free shipping or dropshipping service to global buyers.

If you are looking for iPad accessories, no matter for personal use or for your business, you are encouraged to see which iPad accessories are hot among the users currently. And the below list of bestsellers of iPad accessories may give you some inspiration. Read more »

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