Mar 24

With so many advanced smartphones flooding the global market, the Thunder quad band dual SIM cell phone may not be so noticeable among high-tech mobile fanatics. But if you look closer into the details about the made-in-China phone, you will know why it has been among the top-selling on the China wholesale electronics website for such a long time.

Thunder Quad Band Dual SIM Cell Phones

Major Features & Performance

The Thunder quad band dual SIM cell phone has a 3 inch touch screen that is big and responsive enough for users to enjoy an easy and fast operation of the phone. The slick body enables you to feel a smooth edge when holding the phone in hand. Besides, the slide motion sensor makes it super easy to navigate the menu system. The view of a video can be adjusted from portrait to landscape view simply by turning the phone sideways. What is more amazing, you can change songs, TV channels, wallpapers or FM channels by a simple shake of your wrist.

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Oct 13

If you often shop China mobile phones or electronics, you must know Chinavasion, the No. 1 supplier of a wide range of electronic gadgets based in Shenzhen. Since its inception in 2006, Chinavasion has established a big name on the global market of the most popular electronic items. In particular, the Chinese wholesale electronic distributor is best known for its quality electronics with Chinese distinctive features, though the prices it offers are not necessarily the lowest among the countless competitors.

As a wholesale shopping website, offers flexible discounts on all of items, including cell phones, car DVD players, digital cameras and camcorders, MP4 players and more. For the same item, the more pieces you purchase, the lower the price you will be able to get. Of course, you can buy just one piece of the item you want, only that you need to pay for a slightly higher retail price.

Wholesale Electronics on Chinavasion

Besides, enabling customers to “have fun with cool electronics” seems to be Chinavasion’s permanent pursuit. If you look closer to the huge selection of electronic gadgets there, you will be shocked to find that most of them are amazingly fun for use.

For years, made-in-China mobile phones have been one of the bestsellers on Below are a list of its top 10 China mobile phones, all of which are empowered with outstanding performance, most advanced features and best resell margins. If interested, just take a look.

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Jan 01

Making phone calls or sending messages through a watch seems really cool – a cell phone watch can make all this happen. Being practical and fashionable, as a popular novelty mobile phone, cell phone watches are one of the best gifts for youngsters. Sending a teenage a cell phone watch either as a festival gift or as a birthday gift will never go wrong. Of course, some grown-ups are keen on this style of lovely cell phones, too, especially those who are trying desperately to separate themselves from others in terms of lifestyle.

Currently across the world, non-brand cell phone watches seem to have dominated the market of this type of novelty cell phones. Such cell phone watches stand out by solid quality and competitive prices. China is the largest manufacturing hub of all kinds of cell phone watches. Given the modest quality and best prices Chinese suppliers offer, re-sellers from all over the world choose to source cell phone watches from the variety of suppliers in China for better revenues. Thanks to the revolutionary e-commerce, today even individual consumers can shop direct from China-based wholesale stores without having to pay much more to layers of re-sellers.

Whether you are a retail store owner or an individual shopper looking for quality cell phone watches (or watch phones), if you are still not familiar with the Chinese wholesale market, you need to do some homework before you trade with any supplier there. Otherwise, you may be ripped off or encounter scams and consequently lose your money. Choosing a reliable and tested wholesale company is the initial and the vital step. Below we’ll introduce to you some of the best China-based online stores that offer quality but cheap watch cell phones.

To stay away from all hassles or headaches, you’re encouraged to buy from reputable stores who sell and ship out the items themselves instead of by their cooperative suppliers., and are among the best options in this regard. In particular, Lightinthebox is a comprehensive wholesale and retail store having established a strong name on the global market, while ChinaVasion and DavisMicro are professional wholesale electronics suppliers specialized in various categories of electronic items. All of these stores claim to be responsible for the items they sell and have their own return and exchange policies. They’re legitimate wholesale companies and you don’t have to worry about being ripped off.

Sports Cell Phone Watches Ultra Thin Bluetooth Cell Phone Watches

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Apr 16

china wholesale chinavasion is an online wholesale marketplace exclusively selling electronics located in Shenzhen, China, next to the famous city Hong Kong. This China wholesale electronics company has been providing drop shipping on electronics directly from the Mainland China since 2006—the first China-based wholesale site offering this service in the arena of electronics.

As it is well-known, Shenzhen is the largest electronic manufacturing base in China. All products listed on Chinavasion including consumer electronics, gadgets and PC accessories are sourced directly from top Chinese manufactures. Besides, as Chinavasion normally buy in bulk from these manufactures, they can enjoy the best stock-up prices on these items, thus being able to offer the best wholesale prices to international buyers.

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