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If you happen to be interested in buying electronics from China but get lost in so many China-based online shopping websites, my shopping guide to China wholesale electronics marketplaces or stores below may help you out. You have reason to trust me—I’ve been focusing on writing reviews and guides about China wholesalers for over one year, and I am still happily blogging about more China wholesale reviews for my readers all over the world.

As the world’s manufacturing hub of electronics, China has an outstanding manufacturing power for all kinds of electronics, including cell phones, DVD players, MP3/MP4/MP5 players, car electronics, cameras, security equipment, etc. Every year, China exports to the world a huge number of electronics through both traditional and online trading. Over the past decade, more and more online retail and wholesale shopping websites targeting overseas customers emerged and developed quickly in China. Some of them are specialized in selling electronics only, while some provide more items other than electronics.

To make a smart purchase on electronics from China, you should first of all choose an online China wholesale electronics store or marketplace that fits your taste. Here I would introduce some famous China wholesale websites that offer electronics to global buyers for your reference, through a featured shopping guide series.

Series 1.

China Wholesale Electronics by


As a cross-border online retail and wholesale store, is a little bit like Amazon, though its catalog is not so extensive as the latter. Based in Beijing, Lightinthebox is very famous in the international e-commerce arena for the growing market share it grabs. Electronics especially cell phones are one of the biggest categories in the China wholesale store. You can find a variety of cheap wholesale ectronics there and all of them are offered at flexible prices—the more you order, the lower the price you will be able to get.

Biggest advantages:

  • It is trustworthy in terms of credibility. It is a legitimate company running retail and wholesale business targeting countries and regions all over the world.
  • Its item quality is well guaranteed. All of its items including electronics are sourced from quality suppliers by its professional team and will be carefully verified before they are stocked into its inventory. Also, each item will be seriously verified again before it is dispatched to its customer.
  • Great pre-sales and after-sales service. Lightinthebox has a dedicated customer service team that features quick responsiveness and warm servicing.

Biggest disadvantages:

  • Its category of electronics is a little limited compared with exclusive electronics shopping website like aHappyDeal and Chinavasion. Sometimes you may fail to find the exact electronic item there.
  • The price the wholesale and retail store offers is slightly higher than some other electronics wholesalers. But still, I personally prefer this website for buying electronics as I believe the quality of its items is completely worth the price.

Visit >>

Series 2.

China Wholesale Electronics by


Located in Shenzhen, China’s biggest electronics manufacturing base, is a professional and exclusive supplier of a huge range of electronics. It is the first online China electronics store that offers drop shipping service.

Biggest advantages:

It is professional and experienced in terms of electronics business. The whole store offers all kinds of electronics only and it has been selling electronics to almost every corner of the world since 2006—I should say, Chinavasion is an expert in the field of wholesale electronics export.

Its item quality is superior. When you search reviews or comments about the electronics Chinavasion offers, you will find no negative feedback against it. I think Chinavasion has a good reason to stand out by the quality of its electronics: it is located in Shenzhen and easier to find the best electronics suppliers there and build cooperative relationships with them.

It has a complete catalog of electronics. There you can breezily find the most trendy and best-selling electronics. Besides, Chinavasion seems to be quite fascinated about providing fashionable, funky yet highly practical electronic gadgets to its customers—‘Have fun’ is one of its essential mottos.

Biggest disadvantages:

  • Promos and discounts are rare. Unlike Lightinthebox, Chinavasion seldom offers any special discounts on its electronics. All of its prices are quite stable and it is rare to see any rollback promo or coupon offer. Anyway, there is a ‘Specials’ zone on Chinavasion and you can see some discounted electronics being added from time to time.

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Series 3.

China Wholesale Electronics by


Also based in Shenzhen, is a young online electronics marketplace (founded in 2008) where you can find a great variety of electronics. Similar to Chinavasion, aHappyDeal is specialized in supplying electronic gadgets and other electronic items provides worldwide drop shipping service.

Biggest advantages:

  • It offers very competitive prices for its electronics. I have compared a series of electronics aHappyDeal offers with those offered by other electronics wholesalers and found that its prices are the lowest in general. I guess low pricing is one of aHappyDeal’s strategies to expand its market share on its starter stage.
  • Its customer service is fantastic in terms of servicing attitude and efficiency. If you have any question or inquiry to ask the electronics company, you can reach their customer service very easily and their customer service representative will always respond to you very quickly.
  • It provides an amazingly extensive category of electronics for you to choose from. For the similar reasons, aHappyDeal is able to find tons of suppliers who offer countless kinds of electronics. When you shop electronics there, chances are rare that you can’t find what you want.

Biggest disadvantages:

  • As aHappyDeal is relatively young in the sphere of global wholesale electronics business, it may be not as skilled and professional as Chinavasion. Though we know that aHappyDeal is constantly improving its service, some of its defects may make your purchase experience not as smooth as you wish.

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For more China wholesale electronics shopping guides, please stay up to date with our future updates.

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