A Professional Online Chinese Supplier of Hair Wigs, Hair Extensions and More Hair Products

Before I discovered, I always recommend and as the best online destinations to shop for cheap made-in-China human hair extensions, hair wigs and related hair products. Nevertheless, as the two sites are virtual supermarkets selling everything, I am trying to find out a trusted online store which focuses on this category of products and is my first finding.

Wholesale Hair Product Store

Be honest, is the only professional online retail and wholesale supplier of hair related products on my personal list so far. As I mentioned above, other reliable shopping sites to buy quality human hair products include and but they are quite different from The two sites are trading platforms where you can find various sellers selling hair wigs, hair extensions and other hair products and the quality is not so controllable. Unlike such sites, is itself a manufacturer and a seller, who has gain years of experience in making quality hair products and is able to offer customers the lowest prices possible. The site has its own quality verification system and can better ensure that the hair products are quality tested.

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Reliable Chinese Suppliers of Wigs and Hair Extensions

As always, when I am asked to recommend some reliable Chinese online suppliers of a certain product or category, I would tell you those I personally have more confidence in. At least I are pretty sure they are doing serious business and have already built a rather big customer base around the world. However, if your definition for a “legitimate site” is that it has few complaints, I am afraid I can’t count even one for you. As for reliable Chinese suppliers of wigs and hair extensions, I meant the same.

Again, I am writing this post as a response to an email from a reader of my blog. Actually I have talked about a number of topics about made-in-China hair wigs, hair extensions or hair wigs here at my site. You can use the search box at the right top of my site to find related posts. In particular, one of the posts has a good ranking in the Google search organic results by the long term “hair wigs for women online shopping from China” sometimes. Titled ‘Hair Wig Review: Update Your Look with Stylish but Cheap Hair Wigs’, the post introduces all key information within my knowledge about wigs or hair extensions offered by Chinese manufacturers or suppliers.

It seems such hair styling products are now a hot line on the global wholesale or retail market. I notice that more and more Chinese wholesale shopping sites start to usher the new category into their major field – even some electronic stores are doing so too. is a good example then. The site is mainly selling cool electronic gadgets, such as tablet PCs, cell phones, accessories for iPhone, iPad or other world renowned mobile devices, creative lifestyle gadgets, etc. I was a little surprised when I saw that they are promoting a big collection of hair wig-related products, which is sorted into three subcategories: fashion wigs, cosplay wigs and hair extensions & snood. Generally, I don’t think it a good idea for a specialized shopping site to extend their product line to unrelated domain. For this reason, I won’t put at the top of my recommendation list though I would encourage you to take a look at their listings since their prices can be a big appeal to you. Here are some examples for your reference:

Side Bang Fluffy Silk Long Turnup Hair Wig
23.6″ Natural Side Bang Coffee Brown Fluffy Silk Long Turnup Hair Wig, $16.85 with free shipping worldwide

Kanekalon Europe and America Short Curly Hair Wig
12.99″ Kanekalon Popular Europe and America Short Curl Brown Hair Wig, $18.76 with free shipping worldwide

Bleach Kurosaki Ichigo Short Straight Cosplay Wig in Golden
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Deals on Faux Hair Wigs and Human Hair Wigs for Women from China Shopping Site

Now if you ask my opinion about where you can buy cheap and better quality hair wigs for women, I would recommend,, and The first three are premium online suppliers which have established a big name on the global market while the last one is a well-known wholesale trading site for small and medium-sized businesses. Also, the first two are better places to shop for fashionable hair wigs while the last two are better for purchasing hair pieces or hair extensions from women in all colors or from various continents.

In one of my old posts published in the year 2010 Hair Wig Review: Update Your Look with Stylish but Cheap Hair Wigs, I illustrated in detail about the comparisons between human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs, and between costume wigs and fashion wigs. Also, topics including prices, usage, quality and caring of women’s hair wigs were covered in that post too. In particular, the hair wigs offered by and are introduced in detail. Over the past years, I notice that offer deals on faux hair wigs or human hair wigs most frequently among the four sites. Currently, they are promoting a collection of quality made wigs for females with up to 75% off.

Deals on Women's Hair Wigs from

Discounts start from 5% off for this promotion and are as high as 75% off on select items. Besides, free shipping is available on some of the products included in the sale. A variety of styles in hair wigs for girls or women are covered, including curly, straight, bob, long, short, medium, shoulder-length, extra long, side-bang, full-bang and more. The on-sale hair wigs are either made of high quality synthetic material imported from Japan or of 100% real human hair, coming in various colors such as brown, black, blonde, golden, red, yellow, chocolate, auburn and more. Most of them are capless and all are easy to wear. Whether you want to purchase a wig for an elegant look or an over-the-top look, the selection may have the one of your interest. They claim the hair wigs are of high quality standards and I personally believe they are telling the truth as is a responsible shopping site based on my knowledge.

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Review of Lightinthebox Branded Cosmetic Products

As a big name in the Chinese foreign trade arena, is best known for selling fashion products such as wedding dresses and special occasion dresses. Meanwhile, the shopping site also carries a wide range of cool electronic gadgets, including car electronics, security systems, cell phones & accessories, tablet PCs and much more. Some Home and Garden products are among their hot-selling categories too, e.g. faucets or oil paintings. As for their Health and Beauty line, it seems that tattoo supplies are the only one that can catch customers’ eyes – I do see they frequently promote tattoo kits, tattoo machines, tattoo ink or other tattoo products in their homepage big banners.

Anyway, recently I notice that they have opened an exclusive promotional page for deals on cosmetic products from world top brands including Chanel, Jurlique, SK-II, Lancôme, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, La Prairie, Shu Uemura and more. Most are skin care products: cleansing oil, cellular radiance cream, body lotion, eye treatment film, youth activating nigh cream and line repair, to list just a few. When I discovered that they had started selling such name brand cosmetics, I was really curious how a Chinese company could make profits from this filed. I meant: isn’t it true that many Chinese people buy cosmetic products of famous brands direct from European or American stores because of the much lower prices?

With the curiosity, I did a rough research on the prices for the cosmetic products Lightinthebox offers. Surprisingly, I found that their prices are very competitive. I compared their prices on a number of skincare products from several brands to those offered by and I guess you must be very familiar with so here I don’t need to introduce it in detail. is a famous Hong Kong-based online distributor of all kinds cosmetic and skin care products. The site specializes in discounted cosmetics and offers free shipping on orders of any sizes to any destinations around the world. Hong Kong is a shopping paradise as the region has lots of tax-free products to choose from, especially in the fields of electronics and cosmetics. Every time I bought skin care and make-up products that can be used for a whole year when I visited Hong Kong. By doing that I have saved really much money and I don’t have to worry about getting fakes or inferior quality products.

Quite surprisingly, my research shows that most prices Lightinthebox offers are lowest among the three. The following you will find the pricing comparisons of some products:

Jurlique Body Care Lotion

Jurlique Citrus Body Care Lotion, 300ml, 10oz

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StrawberryNet: Online Discounted Cosmetic Retailer Review, Scam Investigation and Coupon Offers

Shopping Cosmetics Online

Today people shop everything online, from apparel to electronics to furniture to make-ups to everything else you can get from regular stores. By purchasing stuff from online shops, you can save the time of paying a visit to the local stores and get greater discounts since online shopping websites don’t have to pay the rents. In particular, shopping cosmetics or skin care products is very common around the world.

On the internet we can find a wealth of cosmetic stores in various sizes offering amazing prices on branded cosmetics. In addition to the world renowned online shopping malls like eBay and, there are lots of professional cosmetic sites specialized in selling all sorts of cosmetics, make-ups, perfume or fragrances or skincare stuff. is a typical example. Below you will find research-based review of, which may help you evaluate the credibility, product quality, customer service standard and other aspects of the company.

Online Cosmetic Shop
Online Cosmetic Shop

Is a scam or a legitimate site?

Like shopping with any other websites than you never tried before, security should always be the first concern. If you see some product of interest on the site but are not sure about their credibility, you are encouraged to search for reviews or ratings of in Google or other search engines. Use terms like “strawberrynet scam”, “strawberrynet reviews”, “strawberrynet complaints”, “strawberrynet customer service” or the like and the search engines will give you many useful results regarding the issues you want to figure out.

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Where Can We Get Cheap Wholesale Nail Art Supplies?

Today nail art has become a popular fashion around the world. For beauty business runners who offer nail art products or services, getting cheap wholesale nail art supplies is one of the key efforts to ensure high margins. At the same time, some individual consumers may choose to DIY their nail art work and they are also enthusiastically prowling for great nail art supplies offered at low prices.

However, do you know where we can get cheap wholesale nail art supplies? If you’ve found the right places, then congratulations! For those who are not sure about which stores are good for sourcing wholesale nail art supplies at reasonable prices, my introduction below may give you a hint.

Acrylic Nail Polymer Clay Slice Flowers

Firstly, I would like to encourage you to shop for nail art supplies from China, where the manufacturing costs of nail art products are much lower. Also, due to the intense competition among countless manufacturers, the nail art products are offered at very low wholesale prices both to the Chinese domestic market and to the global market. Based on our research, China is the most popular place to source wholesale nail art supplies across the whole world. In addition to the pricing advantage, the vastest variety of nail art supplies is another big reason why the nail art business is booming there.

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