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Shopping Cosmetics Online

Today people shop everything online, from apparel to electronics to furniture to make-ups to everything else you can get from regular stores. By purchasing stuff from online shops, you can save the time of paying a visit to the local stores and get greater discounts since online shopping websites don’t have to pay the rents. In particular, shopping cosmetics or skin care products is very common around the world.

On the internet we can find a wealth of cosmetic stores in various sizes offering amazing prices on branded cosmetics. In addition to the world renowned online shopping malls like eBay and Amazon.com, there are lots of professional cosmetic sites specialized in selling all sorts of cosmetics, make-ups, perfume or fragrances or skincare stuff. StrawberryNet.com is a typical example. Below you will find research-based review of StrawberryNet.com, which may help you evaluate the credibility, product quality, customer service standard and other aspects of the company.

Online Cosmetic Shop Strawberrynet.com

Online Cosmetic Shop Strawberrynet.com

Is StrawberryNet.com a scam or a legitimate site?

Like shopping with any other websites than you never tried before, security should always be the first concern. If you see some product of interest on the site but are not sure about their credibility, you are encouraged to search for reviews or ratings of StrawberryNet.com in Google or other search engines. Use terms like “strawberrynet scam”, “strawberrynet reviews”, “strawberrynet complaints”, “strawberrynet customer service” or the like and the search engines will give you many useful results regarding the issues you want to figure out.

Based on my findings, StrawberryNet.com is a legally registered online global distributor of discounted cosmetics, make-ups and fragrances or perfume based in Hong Kong. It is true that StrawberryNet.com has some bad reviews or ratings on the web and the site does have quite much improvement to make, especially in the customer service field. But I personally don’t think it enough to rate the retailer “a scam company”. Besides, in fact the company has lots more good reviews. At an online shopping customer review website, I saw that Strawberrynet is rated 8.6 out of 10 stars by over 7,500 clients. That is pretty good, isn’t it? My advice: reading more reviews of StrawberryNet.com may help you avoid any potential issues or risks.

Are the products offered by StrawberryNet genuine?

The site states that all products there that come from top brands are guaranteed genuine. I tried to confirm this claim by searching for a lot of real customer reviews and found rare comments saying that what they had got from the store are fakes. On the other hand, some customers did iterate that they were not overly impressed with the products received from StrawberryNet. Also, I saw a few reviews complaining that the articles are not made in the country/region as they have expected—to be fair, each product there is clearly indicated with the manufacturing place and you should read the specifications carefully in order not to be disappointed.

How do consumers think about their customer service?

Strawberrynet has a network of localized customer service teams in the US, Australia, Europe and more regions or countries across the globe. When you enter the URL www.strawberrynet.com, you will be automatically steered to their official local website, where you can find the related customer service information.

People generally rave about the fast delivery provided by Strawberrynet and the politeness and the quick response of their customer service staff. However, some unhappy customers do have complaints. For instance, several clients claimed that the parcels they got from the site were not properly packed and as a result the products leaked.

Is free shipping available?

The categories that are covered with worldwide free shipping service at Strawberrynet.com include skin care, make-up and body lines. All perfume, fragrance, cologne charge 10% of the order values as shipping cost with a maximum of $15.

Plus, all products there are duty-free. If you have to pay customs charges for the packages received from the site, you can then send the photo of the payment to Strawberrynet for a refund. The company will reimburse the cost in full.

Do they offer coupon codes for extra savings?

Amazing discounted prices are probably the greatest attraction of the store. From the multitude of customer reviews of Strawberrynet.com, I noticed that the majority of compliments on the shop are all about their unbeatable prices and attractive discounts. When you open the homepage of the site, you will be so impressed with the overwhelming promotions highlight in the middle banner section. The extra discounts are as high as 80% off or even higher.

To get the latest promotional information from Strawberrynet, you can choose to search the web or just stick to the deal info sharing sites where you can find the latest specials offered by the cosmetic online destination. Here is one of the best deals from the store that are still active: Top 20 specials & gifts – up to 80% off plus new customer free gift.

More deals of Strawberrynet.com will be shared promptly here after they are released. Just see my future updates.

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