Is Recruiting Sellers of International Brands

According to, the famous Chinese e-commerce online community, has been openly recruiting sellers of top international brands since early January, 2014. This activity will last till March 31. During this period, as long as you can provide valid data and pass through the qualification verification of, you will be allowed to sell branded products at the website. So far, only corporation-type sellers have been given the chance to apply for the qualification and individual sellers are excluded. Note that this time only 300 designated brands are invited to join the wholesale trading platform.

This is a sign indicating that is getting more and more ambitious in the international trading arena. In the Chinese foreign trade industry, people regard it as Aliexpress’ attempt to become an international, the biggest brand shopping website on the Chinese domestic market, also belonging to Alibaba Group. Lots of well-known brands with good international reputation have been invited to sell products to global buyers at, e.g. Camel, Big Foot, Pomp, Jewel Ora, Neo, etc. Even the famous online international fashion retail brand has opened a franchise store there.

At, you can find an exclusive channel for the brands – you can access it by clicking on the Brand Showcase button at the bottom area of their homepage. There you can find products from verified brands covering various categories: Phones & Accessories, Computers & Accessories, Automotive, Jewelry & Watches, Wardrobe, Home & Garden and Kids & Toys. Compared to the majority of product listings at the site, products for sale in this channel are much better guaranteed in terms of authenticity, quality and related pre-sales and after-sales service.

Brand Channel of

Every brand included in that channel has to be strictly verified by in terms of qualifications before it opens the branded store there. All brands have signed an agreement with the website to guarantee that every product they are offering there is 100% genuine. If receives a complaint against any brand claiming that a product is counterfeit and proves it is true with valid evidence, the store will be significantly punished based on the agreement and even be removed from the website forever.

China Wholesale Marketplaces You Should Know

As the world’s biggest manufacturing base, China leads the world in wholesale business and some China wholesale marketplaces stand out with their special charm. Here I would like to introduce some of the most famous China wholesale websites one by one. If you happen to be interested in sourcing bulk items from China, read on to find if there’s something helpful for you.

As the world’s first transaction-based wholesale website, DHgate has been winning more and more applause from all over the world since its inception in 2004. It is all agreed that the innovative business model DHgate developed for wholesale trade is the most cost-effective solution to small and medium-sized businesses. The wholesale website does not charge any membership on its suppliers and buyers, but only charges a small sum of commission on each successful transaction (included in the item prices). By doing so, DHgate suppliers and buyers can reduce their cost to the minimum and do not have to take any risk of investing too much before getting any benefit.

Based in Beijing, DHgate was founded by an outstanding woman, Diane Wang, the previous CEO of, which had been acquired by a couple of years before she set up DHgate now boasts over 400,000 Chinese suppliers and 2.1 million global buyers and facilitates thousands of online transactions each day. It has a responsive customer service team to handle any pre-sales or after-sales issue for its buyers and suppliers 7 days a week. Also, the wholesale marketplace has built cooperative relationships with some famous shipping carriers like UPS and some world class standard of payment service providers like PayPal. For more information, read DHgate Reviews or visit

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It is hard to compare to, or as they are adopting a totally different business model. While the sites are running their business with their own warehouses and selling things with their own internal staff, Aliexpress serves just as a third-party for both sellers and buyers. What they provide are a transaction platform and a payment protection service. Belonging to China’s biggest e-commerce company Alibaba Group, the Chinese site is so famous that countless Chinese suppliers are convinced to use the site for their foreign trade business. Thanks to the special business model which is actually invented originally by (read review), is probably carrying the widest array of women’s dresses that buyers from all over the world can buy directly from Chinese sellers. In particular, the summer dresses styled in floral printing have over 150,000 results when you search the site by the term “floral dresses”. Prices, images, seller profile and shipping information are also neatly listed so that you can take a closer look at those of your interest. No matter what kind of floral dresses you are looking for, e.g. mini floral dresses, floral Qipao dresses, floral maxi dresses, floral cocktail dresses, floral prom dresses, you won’t be disappointed there. For instance, the following collection of silk summer floral dresses comes from a premium seller with a 98.55 positive feedback at They are available at $14.25 after a 5% discount. Note that a 3-piece MOQ is required for the offer.

Floral Silk Dresses at
See more summer floral printing dresses at >>

By using the site you have much more options in terms of styles and prices but you also need to pay more attention to the risks you are taking. You might encounter a dishonest seller who tries to take away your money by sending you a crappy product not at all worth the dollars you pay for it. Continue reading The Shopping Mall for All Kinds of 2013 Trendy Floral Dresses

AliExpress Top Sellers Review

If you are a regular shopper of, you may have noticed that almost every category has a list of top sellers listed on the left navigation. These AliExpress top sellers are verified by and rated basically in terms of positive feedback percentage, seller tier, sale volume, customer service and more. As such suppliers have a proven record of good reputation, trading with them is generally more hassle-free.

Based on my findings, the AliExpress Top Sellers have a positive customer feedback percentage as high as 100% — so far 93% seems to be the lowest standard among such suppliers. In addition, the top sellers usually have a much higher orders completed rate as well as a much bigger feedback quantity over the past 6 months.

AliExpress Top Sellers

You can check out the details of the top-rated suppliers by visiting their stores. In the store homepage of each store, you can find the product listing, top-selling products, feedback score, TrustPass Profile, About Us and Contact Details of the seller at the top navigation. Below is the list of featured products the seller offers, most of which are on-sale products or best-selling products.

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How do Aliexpress and Lightinthebox compete against each other?

In terms of company size or popularity, and are about the same. However, adopting different business models, the two sites have many differences that can separate them from each other. Here is how they stack up.
Discounted Wedding Dresses at Lightinthebox

As compared to Lightinthebox, Aliexpress’s pros are:

  • Wider product selection. Aliexpress (read the detailed review) is a wholesale trading platform and bridges buyers and suppliers. The site has a very broad product directory covering almost every field of a daily life from apparel, electronics, sporting goods, toys, jewelry & watches, automobiles & motorcycles, security & surveillance, health & beauty to anything else.
  • More pricing choices. While the huge online wholesale shopping mall has countless products, buyers have much more pricing choices there as the same products are offered by different suppliers at different prices. As long as you do enough research when shopping at the site, you are likely to find out the best prices for the products of your interest. Generally, newly registered sellers tend to offer rock bottom prices in order to attract buyers and build their customer base.

How does compare to What are their pros and cons? is just like another eBay, while it differs from the latter mainly in business types. Aliexpress focus on wholesale business and their customers are Chinese suppliers and resellers who shop there for their business. At the same time, some end consumers also choose to purchase things for their personal use as the required MOQ is as low as one piece only for a single order. Anyway, small and medium-sized businesses are the very back bone of and retail business is just an add-on there. You know, is a retail trading platform and buyers are mostly consumers. Actually, many resellers at source products from for their inventories. Here is how Aliexpress stacks up against eBay:

As compared to, has the following advantages:

Much lower wholesale prices. The sellers doing business at are mainly manufacturers or wholesalers. Shopping directly with them means you can cut the middle-men as much as possible to enjoy the best prices. Many wholesale distributors there accept retail orders or orders in small wholesale quantities so that you can shop more flexibly. Even as a reseller you don’t have to put a big investment into your business for the stocking up part. You can try different products in small quantities to see which sell well and then source more for the better selling ones. However, most of the sellers at serve end consumers and do retail business instead of wholesale business. Their products are sourced from wholesalers and they have to put a higher price tag in order to ensure the profit margin.

Wider selection of products. is much more impressive than in terms of product range and total quantity of each category. As one of the biggest online wholesale shopping marketplaces, carries products for almost all fields related to our life. Each category or sub-category has thousands of even tens of thousands products or styles to choose from. What buyers only need is patience. As long as you spend enough time searching their catalogs, you will exactly what you want there.

Product Categories at
Aliexpress product directory

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