The Shopping Mall for All Kinds of 2013 Trendy Floral Dresses

It is hard to compare to, or as they are adopting a totally different business model. While the sites are running their business with their own warehouses and selling things with their own internal staff, Aliexpress serves just as a third-party for both sellers and buyers. What they provide are a transaction platform and a payment protection service. Belonging to China’s biggest e-commerce company Alibaba Group, the Chinese site is so famous that countless Chinese suppliers are convinced to use the site for their foreign trade business. Thanks to the special business model which is actually invented originally by (read review), is probably carrying the widest array of women’s dresses that buyers from all over the world can buy directly from Chinese sellers. In particular, the summer dresses styled in floral printing have over 150,000 results when you search the site by the term “floral dresses”. Prices, images, seller profile and shipping information are also neatly listed so that you can take a closer look at those of your interest. No matter what kind of floral dresses you are looking for, e.g. mini floral dresses, floral Qipao dresses, floral maxi dresses, floral cocktail dresses, floral prom dresses, you won’t be disappointed there. For instance, the following collection of silk summer floral dresses comes from a premium seller with a 98.55 positive feedback at They are available at $14.25 after a 5% discount. Note that a 3-piece MOQ is required for the offer.

Floral Silk Dresses at
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By using the site you have much more options in terms of styles and prices but you also need to pay more attention to the risks you are taking. You might encounter a dishonest seller who tries to take away your money by sending you a crappy product not at all worth the dollars you pay for it. Other problems like getting poor service from an irresponsible seller or never receiving the goods might also happen. So just beware when you shop there. Anyway, things are not that scary as long as you follow the instructions of the site and make the transactions with the sellers complete through the site, including handling the after-sales issues. For more tips on how to keep yourself safe from being scammed at, please read here.

The site itself seldom releases any coupon codes to help buyers save more, you know, the site is earning commissions from the successful orders made through their site not from the margins of the products. Anyway, if you are the first time shopper with them, you can take advantage of their $5 coupon for new buyers which you will get after you register an account with them. Also, you may find some coupons issued by different sellers that can meet your needs there.


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