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As people use any Chinese shopping websites for the first time, it is always a necessity to research before you place the first order there. Then how should we get out of our way to do the research work most efficiently?

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Based on my knowledge and experience, the key part is to search the internet for and read the reviews of the company as much as you can. Blogs, forums, SNS communities and professional review platforms may help. Try using the terms like “Sunsky-online reviews”, “Sunsky-online scams ”, “Sunsky-online complaints” or “Sunsky-online rip offs” to get some related results so that you can learn a lot from the information posted by real customers or third-party reviewers. By encouraging you to use the terms, I didn’t mean to ask you to stay pessimistic about the China shopping site. Instead, I just want you to look at the worst sides of them first. If negative reviews against them are not a big deal for you in terms of quantity as well as detailed contents, then you should go for them.

At the same time, in practice, if you try to search the reviews of any other more reputable Chinese websites such as via positive terms like “Lightinthebox good reviews”, you are unlikely to get any helpful results. While angry customers need to vent their unhappiness on the internet to ruin the reputation of a store, people who have a pleasant shopping experience rarely bother posting any reviews online.

Note that what you are reading ahead is a full review of composed based on research. The information provided here is just for your reference only.

Company Background

Founded in 2001, is another popular online retailer and wholesaler of electronic gadgets. The site belongs to the legitimate company Shenzhen SUNSKY Technology Limited while it is also a fully-owned subsidiary of EforChina Limited (read review of which operates a few factories of electronics of their owns. Camera Remote Release Shutter Cable for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Their headquarters and warehouse are both located in Shenzhen, China. Just like or, this online store has a geographical advantage to source the lowest priced digital products, game accessories, car and home care, computer peripherals and mobile phone accessories for their foreign trading business since Shenzhen is the biggest manufacturing hub of electronics around the world.

Boasting of carrying over 20,000 products which are all stocked in a 4,000㎡ warehouse, do business with buyers from the United States, Europe, the Middle East, the South-east Asia and more countries and regions around the globe.


  • They have been in the business of selling electronic gadgets for over a decade and are particularly experienced in the field of ODM & OEM manufacturing.
  • The site is ISO 9001 certified.
  • All products for sale at the site are 100% tested and verified in terms of quality and performance before they are sent out to buyers.
  • Their production capacity is sufficient enough to satisfy order requirements of any size.
  • The business model of them is flexible and they accept both small quantity orders and bulk orders.
  • Their pricing is super competitive and they offer free Ail Mail shipping on any products.
  • The product range of the website is impressive and you have plenty of choices there if you are looking for creative, interesting, fun or useful gadgets to maintain a cool lifestyle.
  • They provide multiple payment options including Paypla, credit cards, Western Union, Wire Transfer and MoneyGram.
  • They have clearly indicated their contact information including phone number on the contact page. This at least proves that they are an honest company and they do run a serious business. If by any chance you got a problem with your purchase there, you can easily reach them to have the problem solved.

Here are the details of their contact info:
Office Addresss: 27/P, B Wing, Windows Building, Huaqiangbei Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
Zip Code: 518010
Tel: +86-755-61302080, 61302093, 83641729
Fax: +86-755-61302090


  • They are a small company with around 150 full-time employees only, not enjoying the same global reputation as the big players such as, or do, though they may be actually making even more money.
  • They do not provide live chat service. This means when you need an urgent answer to your inquiry, you still have to wait.
  • The free Ail Mail shipping service does not include a tracking number. This can be fixed as long as you pay $1.99 to get the tracking number while the delivery time remains the same. Also, if you need a faster delivery, you can choose to pay some shipping fee for an express shipping method such as DHL, which will take the order to your doorstep within 3-5 business days only.

The Bottom Line is a fast-growing China-based e-commerce website and their credibility is basically trustworthy. They are a legit store and won’t cheat you out of your money by offering you poor quality products or irresponsible services. They are getting any spotlight in the Chinese foreign trade market, especially in the field of electronic gadgets. But it does not necessarily mean they are not a good Chinese supplier to trade with. On the contrary, the fact that they have been running the business for so many years well proves that they are powerful enough to make profits to keep themselves go on and on. Through the job recruitment ads posted on their site, I notice that they provide good wages to their staff, which further reinforces their capacities and legitimacy. Overall, I would recommend the site as a good alternative to other bigger names when it comes to purchasing cheap electronic gadgets from China.

42 Responses to “A Full Review of”

  1. sanet pretorius says:

    i was n offered a job at shenzhen sunsky while i was searching phones online
    can you please confirm if this is legit
    if so what is the prosudres that follows
    kind regards

  2. Kyle Lewis says:

    Sunsky screwed me out of S dollars. Since I never received my purchased order, they’ve been mailing me $.10 cent gag gifts once a month….like post it note pads. Another mail was a cardboard rabbit that supposedly is used for holding a mobile phone. I will dedicate all of my off time to exposing this fraudulent company internationally….primarily focusing on US future customers. Sunsky – your God will punish you for what you have and are doing to customers. All of will reap Karma.

  3. IVAN HO says:

    Had purchased its on 24th Sept. Sunsky claim that items shipped out 30th Sept. Waited 2 weeks n Candy replied that items may be lost but will get compensation. I emailed shippers today n found out the tracking number was pending pick up. So basically items were not shipped out at all. Candy now claim im entitled to claim usd20.

    Fantastic way to get ripped off. Buyers BEWARE!!!

  4. Viktor says:

    This is a shop – scammers.
    Sell a non-existent product! I created 5 orders:
    on March 3 for $ 1053.52.
    After my payment, the goods suddenly ended. I am very sorry that I made an order in this fraudulent store.
    Until now, I have not returned my money! Bypass these scam party!

  5. Laszlo Andras says:

    terrible company, don’t bother buying anything from them. they listed xperia z1 compact backlight as xperia x compact backlight, refused to correct their mistake or to refund my money (didn’t even review the listing itself after sending video and photo proof) . had to open a paypal dispute…
    I’ve been talking with their “sales manager Ms. Lassie” for a MONTH, still didn’t do ANYTHING about it. they also keep removing my review on this item.
    really if you know whats the best for you, stay away and dodge the bullet…
    the only upside of it is, that i’ve ordered only a sample, so didn’t lose much money to find out how terrible they actually are. BTW they also shipped the item to the wrong address, so i had to go there and pick it up, no idea how could that happen.

  6. andam says: is a big scam, avoid it before you regret it.

  7. Junyjuny says:

    Hannah is fake
    I have buy 1 psc cellphone from 22-12-2017
    For 203,43 dollars, tosay is 16-10-1018 i don’t jave receive nothing. Not contact the phone number is fake
    Don’t buy from Sunsky-online

  8. iraklis says:

    terrible!!!!although i paid fr expedited shipping,the item was never received here,tracking number is not working,sunsky refuses to refund me and claims that they are not responsible fr this awful situation!!!!!!! over the past 2 months they have been asking me to wait and they keep failing to give me proper feedback.i have more than 10 years experience in internet shopping,i have bought hundreds of items frm the e-shops,but its definately the first time i face such an unprofessional and awful behavior!!

  9. Oscar says:


  10. Redafahim says:

    The site Sunsky is the best and better shopping site ever,I always buy from him and the purchases always came been up to my home without any problems..sunsky is a site for shopping And through which to get points and shopping I think it’s a good site Provides many Advantages
    And If i encounter a problem I was contacting my sales manager He has help me in a lot of time and at any time has responded to me,about any service…The products which they At a great and Cheap and respectable prices and have a great and excellent & better quality,About personal experience…I recommend you this site SUNSKY,really it is wonderful site…
    Pls visit the site through the with more than 1.000.000 product
    Best wiches

  11. redafahim says:

    the site Sunsky is the best andbetter shopping site ever,Ialways buy from him and thepurchases always came beenup to my home without anyproblems..sunsky is a site forshopping And through which toget points and shopping I thinkit’s a good site Provides manyAdvantagesyou.And If i encounter a problem Iwas contacting my salesmanager He has help me in alot of time and at any time hasresponded to me,about anyservice…The products whichthey At a great and Cheap andrespectable prices and have agreat and excellent & betterquality,About personalexperience…I recommend youthis site SUNSKY,really it iswonderful site…

  12. louaye says:

    Helloguys , for me it isn’t different to work for them or not the important thing that they give a money so for that I work for them to get same money to complete my studies.

  13. Warren says:

    You say you are not working for them so they must be paying you. Every single review on the site is 5 stars. If you post anything less they do not publish it. When you look at your product it shows your bad review but try looking at the product without logging in or from a different account and it is only positive reviews. Either you are extremely poor at reviewing sites your self or are being paid.

  14. Annemarie says:

    Ik kom uit Nederland, de eerste keer om te kopen van SUNSKY. Ik wil ze waarderen. Dankzij een snelle en adequate actie van klantenservice is alles toch nog gelukkig op tijd voor mij binnengekomen. De service is zoals gewend ben uitstekend!De GoPro accessoires zijn van goede kwaliteit en zeker voor deze mooie prijs.

  15. Mr Shakil says:

    I bought one Xiaomi phone as a gift to my wife from this Company. We have used xiaomi brand phone happily for many years. This device was in great condition and looked new and has performed like a new device. Excellent price and performance, I would recommend. Thank you very much!

  16. Jean Marie CARREL says:

    I ordered GoPro accessories kit from Sunsky, all of the pieces in the set seems to be very high quality and work great with GoPro. Usually same day shipping after payment, very fast and exactly as described. Highly recommend to GoPro fans.

  17. Sunil says:

    This company is good with best service! I cooperate with them for about 5 years. They have many products for choice with cheap price. And in this year, they have many coupon code for special price, it is very great! And items are with 12 months warranty. Some items were broken in transportation, they can hope me to solve soon.

  18. nouri says:

    I am a dealer of mobile phones, I highly recommend the newest HAWEEL H1 phones, elegant design, good price and same day shipping, what’s more, I pay 10 pcs and get 11 pcs.
    I am glad to work with Sunsky, will always purchase from them.

  19. Muhammad says:

    Wow, I like Sunsky, too. It is really good company with best service. I worked with SUNSKY from 2011, place orders every week. I love the cooperation with them no problem no delay time all good, and this is better as the lowest price.
    And Sunsky’s DHL shipping price is very competitive. They always offer the best shipping cost to help me save much money, very great! I think that I can keep long business relationship with Sunsky.

  20. Srivastava says:

    I am wholesaler from Australia and work with Sunsky for about 3 years, usually I bought camera accessories and smart phones from sunsky.
    Paypal payment is very convenient for me, pay online directly when finish items in shopping cart, then what I do is waiting for the parcel, they ship it very quickly about 1-3 days, I love sunsky’s items and service, I don’t need to worry about after-service, because usually the items are in super quality, even some items was broken in transportation, sunsky solved the problem immediately.

  21. Ghada Ismail says:

    I was looking for cheap phone accessories and found Sunsky online website. The items from sunsky are really good to buy, well protected, fast shipping and quickly received.
    Also they supply drop shipping service, I already create my own shop and make order directly from sunsky website, they ship to my customer directly, that will save my time and much money on warehouse.
    Thanks sunsky for their best products and service, hope keep long business relationship with Sunsky.

  22. Ms raisa says:

    Dankzij een snelle en adequate actie van klantenservice is alles toch nog gelukkig op tijd voor mij binnengekomen. De service is zoals gewend ben uitstekend!De GoPro accessoires zijn van goede kwaliteit en zeker voor deze mooie prijs. Bedankt voor SUSNKY, goed gezelschap!

  23. belmahi says:

    I take a nicely advantage with SunSky. Because it makes it easier for the prevention of Products. it’s the best of the rest of the other companies to buy from the Internet. I advise you to use sunsky. and i am very happy with it. and I found at sunSky everything I need from electronics, phones and laptops. There are more products wich makes you very satisfied . Insidious and workers in this company are professional people and are looking for the satisfaction of users.

  24. Bill Wilfred says:

    I am a dealer of mobile phones, I highly recommend the newest HAWEEL H1 phones, elegant design, good price and same day shipping, what’s more, I pay 10 pcs and get 11 pcs.
    I am glad to work with Sunsky, will always purchase from them.

  25. Sean Lamontagne says:

    I’ve ordered a GoPro accessories kit. I think this is a very nice product and I am extremely happy with my purchase. I find the kits to be fairly sturdy and nicely made. I am not an expert on product quality so I don’t want to say they are great or anything like that, but if you are looking for a GoPro kit with a variety of accessories at a fair price. this is the kit for you. Again i’m very happy with this product, and I had to leave a review for it.

  26. Ms Jeanneth De Guzman says:

    Very happy to do business with this company, great company and service! The products are much cheaper than the official products but equal quality, and All the items are packaged neatly, very professional!

  27. Denis says:

    I am from Russian Federation, usually get fast shipment from sunsky. If there are items are out of stock, my sales manager always inform me and I change with other items. Good service for me until now.

  28. Mr Pavel Fanta says:

    Wow! This you guys are just amazing! i ordered a package and in 3 days it is in africa! Keep up the good work…

  29. VIMLA BOOLAKEE1989 says:

    Sunsky is a good company and with a good website. Especially,they have HAWEEL and PULUZ brand products with competitive price, and the quality is very good. Recommend Sunsky to you!

  30. Cortese says:

    SUNSKY is my best China supplier, they supply so many kinds of products, one-stop purchase is more convenient for me, they update newest items every day. I also do drop shipping orders from SUNSKY, every time my customer receive the parcel in time. Love SUNSKY and will always buy from them.

  31. Mr jaysean says:

    I work with SUNSKY more than 4 years! I think that they are good all the time. For my questions, they will give me solutions quickly in the past 4 years. It may be something misunderstand with you in the recent time, you can try to contact them again. Have a nice day!

  32. Stas says:

    Bad bad company. Will never use them again.
    They used to be good, but now they dont care.
    They take extra money for shipment for each product, even though they ship them together.
    After waiting for 2 weeks for them to send it, i contacted jenny in their support.
    No response for 2 days.
    Sent another message, asking her when will it be shipped, and if they can ship half the product in 1 package and the other half in another package, since i passed the custom’s fee in my country by a bit. And since i payed shipment price for every product saparetly, im even entitled to ask for every product to be shipped by itself.
    Eventually she responded, sying the package will be shipped tomorrow, and that they wont divide the package.
    So, why did i pay 2-6$ shipment for each product, if the whole shipment itself could be free from ali express or other good sites?
    total of 19$ shipment, for 78$ items, and 16 days of waiting along with a 15 day that took the shipment to arrive.
    who pays 19$ for shipment to get the items in a month, without the option the send it in 2 packages?

  33. Nicholas says:

    Did not order the first time from SUNSKY, super quality every time. They have variou kinds of products to choose, one-stop purchase from sunsky save me much shipping cost and much time.
    I love their products and services! Seller recommend!

  34. Scott Finan says:

    I love Sunsky. I ordered some brand PULUZ products for Gopro. Not only is the product great quality but so is the customer service. This company definitely takes care of me. Thank you for SUNSKY and my sales manager Alisa. I will make new and big order soon.

  35. Gilberto Rivera says:

    I’m a new customer to sunsky, but I am impressive by their service, they confirmed with me for my order in detail, sent me tracking number immediately once shipment. I choose DHL with fast shipping, sunsky did send it soon and usually I got my order only 7 days after payment. The parcel was packaged well and products are with high quality.
    Any question or inquiry, I contact with my sales manager with email, every time I got exactly reply. Recommend SUNSKY and will buy more in future.

  36. Dmitriy says:

    My name is Dmitriy, I’m from Ukraine, I’ve bought a car holder, this is my first time buy product from this supplier, it is in cardboard packaging from suppliers. The quality of materials – high (including a charge). Phone keeps just fine, I’m sure the phone while traveling one millimeter will not move through a rubber mount, as well as not to scratch it. My Meizu MX4 PRO attached great, even there is not much space.Their money is worth it. I will order more 2-3 units for family!

  37. Scott Finan says:

    Good company and service. For each defective or wrong product, only we can offer the evidence (picture or video) to show them, they will give me best solution: replace for free (for cheap products); return for repair or reasonable compensation( for expensive products). Never lose money from them. Very professional company with a good website

  38. Mr Azeem Ahmad says:

    I have ordered a UV400 Protection Sports Sunglasses for Shooting / Cycling / Ski / Golf (OEM Version) from, when I got it, I’ve found it was broken during the shipping! Then I asked help from, they taught me how to dispute our postoffice, I did it according to their advice a step by step, I got a full refund from my postoffice, and what make me surprise is that they’ve sent me a new one for free!!! I got a full refund, at the same time, I got a new one!!!I’v never met such a good supplier in China before!!! I will order from them in the future!!!

  39. peter deubler says:

    We are working with from year 2012, they have excellent products, new items every week. If any problems, just contact the sales manager, the service is good. And this month, we use sunsky ios app to make orders, very convenient!

  40. isarris88 says:

    please find following a situation with sunsky – make your own conclusions…

    On February 13 2014 I placed an order at: for 2 pieces of:
    CREE T6 LED 900 Lumens Super Bright Bike Lights
    The shipment method choice I made was: Shipped by China Post, Wt. 1.752 kg, Dim. 7350 cm3
    On march 29 and since the oder had not arrived yet I send an e-amil to sun sky regarding my orders delivery status, mentioning that the tracking number they provided me was not valid and the order was not here yet.
    This is their answer:
    Sorry for the delay, your products can not be shipped by China post, then we choose a faster way for you, Swiss post, you can track the parcel here:, parcel is on the way to you now, soon you will get it, do not worry.
    I kept sending e-mails frtom time to time regarding the status of my order please find following their ansrwers:

    – So sorry to hear this, it is a little strange that after so many days, parcel stil has not more news, we have opened a case in swiss post, and let them check what happened with our parcel, soon we will get back to you.

    – Sorry for the delay, as we just come back from holiday, and we called shipping company today, they are still having may day holiday yet, we will call them again tomorrow, any news, you will be informed immediately.

    – We urged Swiss post shipping agent many times, and they said they are investigating now, and will try to reply me later within this week.

    And finally:

    Today, we finally got reply from Swiss post, about this order 1402142832, tracking number RS905387087CH, parcel has been destoryed by Swiss post on the way to your place, because they report it is a dangerous product, but in fact, it is just a LED light, have talked with them, but they refused to compensate anything for this case, so sorry.

    If possible, in your next orders, I apply best discount for you to compensate?

    When I requested them to re-send my order with another company:

    – I have tried to apply a new shipment, however, as we have shipped out this parcel with all items you want, and paid the shipping fee already, financial department does not allow reshipment, because that means we send two parcels with just one time of payment, our profit is so poor…

  41. Admin says:


    We are not working for, nor do we have any co-operative relationship with the site. Just read more posts about other Chinese stores published at our site. Every Chinese store has bad reviews — it is not a secret at all.

  42. Cristian says:

    I am pretty sure you work for Sunsky-Online , look at the whole internet and you will see the bad reputation Sunsky has. I am one of the unsatisfied customers. I ordered from them many times , and every time with problems , big problems. They never help you with your problems , they always say its the fault of postal services if a product will never arrive. They are one of the worst sites on the internet , so think twice before you order from this money stealing site.They will help you when you want to buy something from them, but after you give them your money , they cannot help anymore.

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