Cupshe review: A Trusted Seller of Stylish Swimwear and Beach Wear for Women

On the online market of fashionable swimwear for ladies, is definitely a remarkable name. Just browse the pages of the site, and you will get astonished by the unique and gorgeous styles of women’s swim and beachwear.

Cupshe swimwear and bathing suits 

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According to my research, is a legally registered company. It provides customers worldwide with varieties of stylish swimsuits and beach wear for women at good prices. Its products stand out by special designs and great quality. The online shop was built in 2005 and has been developing in a really rapid speed. Within just a few years, the company size has been enlarging quickly. Now there are more than 100 employees working for the professional swimwear store. Unlike many other online shopping websites, specializes in a very exclusive product line: women’s swimsuits and beach wear. It is truly a tiny but great online store from my point of view.

If you are seeking for women’s swimsuits, bikinis, beach outfits made of comfortable fabrics, won’t disappoint you. In terms of designs, you will be even more deeply impressed. Words won’t be enough to describe how beautiful the Cupshe swimwear and beach wear are. I myself was instantly stunned by the gorgeous styles when I visited the site for the first time. I suggest you go visit the site and take a look yourself. I am sure you will easily find your desired styles that will make you look special, sexy or charming. The stylish swimwear store has floral bikinis, leafy bikinis, high waisted bikinis, solid color bikinis, festival or holiday bikini sets or one-piece swimsuits and many more other trendy styles.
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Top China Cell Phones

Before  you read ahead: the following top China cell phones were all the rage in 2009 and all of them are no longer available on the market now as they are already out of fashion. For information on 2013 latest popular Chinese cell phones for sale online, please check out the Wholesale Electronics & Cell Phones Reviews category.


Why so many people buy China cell phones? The answer is simple: cell phones made in China are cheapest at price but equally rich in features. The up-to-date features like WiFi, TV, dual-SIM, dual standby, transparent keyboard, quad-band etc can be easily found in China brand cell phones.

China wholesale cell phones

As a huge cell phone manufacturing base, China has become the best cell phone sourcing marketplace. More and more cell phone brands emerge with more and more amazing features. Seriously, when you get deeper into the China cell phone market, you will be often surprised by different great cell phones. I have a personal list of best China cell phones in terms of types and if you are interested, read on to see how I list these cell phones.

Sciphone i68

Sciphone i68 Cell Phones

The Sciphone i68 has been recognized as damn similar to iPhone. Apparently the Sciphone i68 has taken the design and features from the iPhone: slick body, wide touch screen, Bluetooth, etc. By a glance, you might not be able to tell the difference between an iPhone and a Sciphone. Continue reading Top China Cell Phones

Chinese Online Shopping Sites of Cheap Couple Rings

Generally, since we wear couple rings very frequently, when we choose couple rings, branding becomes not that important. The designing is what really matters. For most young people, the budgets for purchasing couple rings tend to be not that high. So how can we buy cheap couple rings with our desired styles?

Below lists some of the cheap couple rings online stores for your references.

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China-based Shopping Sites for Women’s Swimwear

In China, there are many shopping sites that sell women’s apparel. Most of these sites also offer women’s swimwear. Particularly, some of them focus on swimming apparel, such as Cupshe. Anyway, plenty of the same swimwear is available at different sites. Once you see a swimsuit at a site, it is easy to find it at another site. The women’s swimsuits offered by the online stores are all very cheap. They are generally priced at between $5 and $20. Below lists 10 relatively reliable Chinese shopping sites for cheap swimwear.

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Sammydress Review: scam, safety, legitimacy and all other key topics about

In the Chinese online fashion foreign trading industry, is not as famous as the big players like or However, it is also true that this Chinese store has a significant customer base which is growing constantly these years. Just in case more buyers are interested in trading with this site and want to confirm whether it is legitimate or not, I decide to give a detailed review of

Under 10USD Summer Dresses Deals

Before you read ahead, please note that all the information provided below is based on my personal research and just for your reference only. If it contains any errors, please contact me or leave your comment at the end of the post.

Sammydress Scam

Just as we decide to start shopping with any Chinese online store, the first and foremost question is: Is a legit company or a scam? I don’t mean to convince you that there is no problem with the legitimacy of but based on my knowledge, the site does exists with an official business license and has been serving buyers from all over the world for years. Most negative reviews claiming Sammydress is a scam point to the product quality or service standards of the site instead of the level of shopping safety.

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A Full Review Of

My site has been introducing the products, service and other information about for years but so far I haven’t posted any detailed review of the Chinese wholesale site. If you are a regular reader here, you might have noticed that the site has gone through some changes to domain names, from, to the current I have published the complete reviews of Davismicro and Brandsdragon and for this reason I didn’t think it necessary to write a professional review of Ahappydeal.

Now I realize that new readers might not be aware of the relationships between Ahappydeal and Davismicro or Brandsdragon and decide to give them a thorough review so that interested parties can get a better understanding of the nature, credibility, business scope, product range, service and more other details about the online wholesale distributor.Made-in-China Tablet PC at

Office Base

Originally founded in 2006, the head offices of are located in Shenzhen, the famous city with the largest number of consumer electronic factories in China. The site is owned by Yilutong Trading Co. Ltd, a legitimate export company doing online wholesale business of electronics, fashion (especially dresses) and more products. In particular, focus on electronic gadgets. Their major warehouse is also positioned in the same city.

Product Range

The major field covers is electronic gadgets, including cell phones & accessories, tablet PCs, notebooks, computer peripherals, electronic toys and more. They also have some minor product lines such as watches, flashlights, LED lights, home & office or hobbies & toys. All products for sale there are made by manufacturers or brands in mainland China, Hong Kong or other Asian countries or regions.

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