Mar 31

On the online market of fashionable swimwear for ladies, is definitely a remarkable name. Just browse the pages of the site, and you will get astonished by the unique and gorgeous styles of women’s swim and beachwear.

Cupshe swimwear and bathing suits 

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According to my research, is a legally registered company. It provides customers worldwide with varieties of stylish swimsuits and beach wear for women at good prices. Its products stand out by special designs and great quality. The online shop was built in 2005 and has been developing in a really rapid speed. Within just a few years, the company size has been enlarging quickly. Now there are more than 100 employees working for the professional swimwear store. Unlike many other online shopping websites, specializes in a very exclusive product line: women’s swimsuits and beach wear. It is truly a tiny but great online store from my point of view.

If you are seeking for women’s swimsuits, bikinis, beach outfits made of comfortable fabrics, won’t disappoint you. In terms of designs, you will be even more deeply impressed. Words won’t be enough to describe how beautiful the Cupshe swimwear and beach wear are. I myself was instantly stunned by the gorgeous styles when I visited the site for the first time. I suggest you go visit the site and take a look yourself. I am sure you will easily find your desired styles that will make you look special, sexy or charming. The stylish swimwear store has floral bikinis, leafy bikinis, high waisted bikinis, solid color bikinis, festival or holiday bikini sets or one-piece swimsuits and many more other trendy styles.
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Mar 13

Generally, since we wear couple rings very frequently, when we choose couple rings, branding becomes not that important. The designing is what really matters. For most young people, the budgets for purchasing couple rings tend to be not that high. So how can we buy cheap couple rings with our desired styles?

Below lists some of the cheap couple rings online stores for your references.

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Jun 29

In China, there are many shopping sites that sell women’s apparel. Most of these sites also offer women’s swimwear. Particularly, some of them focus on swimming apparel, such as Cupshe. Anyway, plenty of the same swimwear is available at different sites. Once you see a swimsuit at a site, it is easy to find it at another site. The women’s swimsuits offered by the online stores are all very cheap. They are generally priced at between $5 and $20. Below lists 10 relatively reliable Chinese shopping sites for cheap swimwear.

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Aug 23

Based in China, is an international fashion brand created by Mike Mikkelborg, who had worked as an advanced officer for a number of well-known European fashion companies for two decades before he started his own business. By locating its head offices in China, the company is able to minimize the cost so that its customers can enjoy the top designed fashion products at easily affordable prices.

Simple Elegant Dresses by Top Chinese Fashion Brand

Simplicity is the key theme of the clothing offered by From apparel like tops, bottoms or dresses to fashion accessories like shoes, bags, sunglasses or jewelry, Catwalk88 has a range of refreshing styles defined by simple beauty and elegance. Nothing is over-the-top or hilariously eye-catching. Instead, every piece of fashionable products there looks so quietly decent that every low-key fashionistas would be instantly, fascinated. Besides, even the least fashion conscious women could be attempted to try on the style as they seem to fit all body types. I personally love this kind of designs as it save me a lot of time finding the right fitting clothes or fashion accessories.

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Aug 17

Just as its name indicates, is a shopping destination for all kinds of bags. If you are looking for fashionable handbags, purses, wallets, shoulder bags, totes, clutches, evening bags, top handle bags, cross-body bags or messengers, satchels or backpacks, you will find tons of styles to choose from there.

Skull Knuckle Box Clutch

The bags available at are designed based on the latest trends dominating the high streets. Note that they are not genuine designer handbags for which we need to pay thousands of dollars or even more. They are technically copies of the name brand bags though the store might have kept the infringement problems within the gray area by adding some variations. Anyway, don’t be naïve to believe that they are designer bags. As always, when we see something too good to be true, they are probably not true. All bags do not have any logos and with some minor differences, they are actually not exactly the same as the original ones.

From my personal angle, the site should be particularly suitable for those who love high-end handbags with superior designs and great quality but don’t think it necessary to invest such big money in a luxury designer bag. Most of the trendy bags for sale at the site are priced at between $30 and $200. Plus, they offer free shipping for orders of $99.

They claim that the images of the products there are all shot based on the actual finished products. From the pictures, it seems the fabrics used are quite good. Generally, we can instantly tell whether the quality is good or not from the looks though misconception may occur. To test the actual quality of the bags, you might need to buy one and check every detail in person.

Though retail business is their major revenue earner, they also take care of wholesale orders and you can get lower prices for bulk orders. Besides, they also provide drop-shipping service. Click here to learn more details.

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Aug 13

When I discovered the Chinese international online fashion store, I was instantly shocked by the three-letter-only domain name. Based on my experience, it is not easy to get such a short domain name for an online store unless they are very powerful in terms of investment capital.

I did more research on the company out of curiosity and found something that might interest those who want to shop there. was registered in 2000 while updated in January, 2013. Its current owner is a Chinese who leaves a US contact address though. This may mean the store purchased the domain name earlier this year for their online business, which also implies that the store should be quite young in terms of years of establishment.

Zlz Clothing at Cheap Prices

It is nothing surprising to me as I am witnessing tons of new China-based online stores coming up to grab the market share every year. Besides, new stores may have some exclusive advantages to benefit customers as long as they are legitimate and really want to expand their business. For instance, they tend to offer worldwide free shipping and lower prices. When they grow up and become a widely known online shop, they might no longer provide free shipping service and will also raise the prices., another well-known online boutique like, is a typical example of this kind.

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