Jan 16

Before I noticed the video about SoPhone on YouTube, I had believed that HiPhone 4 was the best iPhone 4 clone. I instantly realized I was wrong after I finished watching the demo. I was shocked by the powerful features and performance of SoPhone. Then I searched the Internet for more detailed reviews of SoPhone, and got to know that SoPhone is the widely acknowledged top iPhone 4 knockoff of 2010. Anyway, what exactly makes SoPhone the closest handset to iPhone 4? If you are on the edge, read on to learn more details.

Best iPhone 4 Clone SoPhone

Specifications of SoPhone

On the first look at SoPhone, you won’t find any difference between SoPhone and iPhone 4. Obviously, the best iPhone 4 clone SoPhone completely copies the external look of the original. Even their sizes are the same. Any case for iPhone 4 will fit SoPhone equally well.

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Jan 14

When it comes to China shopping websites, Lightinthebox.com and AliExpress.com are definitely the best-known and biggest in terms of company size, international reputation, business scope as well as customer base. If you are interested in shopping in bulk from China, you should really consider these two companies.

China Shopping Website Lightinthebox.com China Shopping Website AliExpress.com

Nevertheless, though both targeting small and medium-sized businesses, Lightinthebox and AliExpress do have some differences. Below we’re going to do a complete comparison between the two China shopping websites. Hope the information can help interested parties make a better choice.

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Nov 09

The Sciphone i9 has been ranking the top of best Chinese cell phones since its birth. Empowered with advanced and easy-to-use features, Sciphone i9 cell phones are offered at highly affordable prices. Resembling the look of iPhone, Sciphone i9 is particularly adored for its sleek body and wide touch screen. This fashionable cell phone is suitable for seniors, adults as well as students.

Sciphone i9 Cell Phones

As an upgraded version of Sciphone i68, the Sciphone i9 has superior features that enable users a better experience using the phone. It is equipped with a dual-SIM card slot and a much better digital camera. The prices of Sciphone i9 differ slightly from different suppliers. To shop best Sciphone i9 cell phones from China, you gotta choose a reliable supplier instead of sticking to the lowest price only. Otherwise, you may get crap cell phone for the pretty advantage, namely, the so called “lowest price”.

In addition, in order to get best deals on the Sciphone i9 cell phones, you’re encouraged to shop from a wholesale store, where you are more likely to get a reasonable price. Most of the Chinese wholesale shops offer low wholesale prices for retail orders, and Lightinthebox and AliExpress are typical examples. After comparisons, I personally believe that Lightinthebox.com is the best option to shop Sciphone i9 in terms of the website’s credibility, the quality and the price of the phone as well as the feedback of the previous customers.

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Dec 08

Before  you read ahead: the following top China cell phones were all the rage in 2009 and all of them are no longer available on the market now as they are already out of fashion. For information on 2013 latest popular Chinese cell phones for sale online, please check out the Wholesale Electronics & Cell Phones Reviews category.


Why so many people buy China cell phones? The answer is simple: cell phones made in China are cheapest at price but equally rich in features. The up-to-date features like WiFi, TV, dual-SIM, dual standby, transparent keyboard, quad-band etc can be easily found in China brand cell phones.

China wholesale cell phones

As a huge cell phone manufacturing base, China has become the best cell phone sourcing marketplace. More and more cell phone brands emerge with more and more amazing features. Seriously, when you get deeper into the China cell phone market, you will be often surprised by different great cell phones. I have a personal list of best China cell phones in terms of types and if you are interested, read on to see how I list these cell phones.

Sciphone i68

Sciphone i68 Cell Phones

The Sciphone i68 has been recognized as damn similar to iPhone. Apparently the Sciphone i68 has taken the design and features from the iPhone: slick body, wide touch screen, Bluetooth, etc. By a glance, you might not be able to tell the difference between an iPhone and a Sciphone. Read more »

Nov 29

Best Android 4.1 Cell Phones at Lightinthebox

It has become a vogue to buy China wholesale cell phones. I may be exaggerating a little bit, but whether you are a merchant or a user looking for cheap but user-friendly cell phones, you will definitely find what you want from the huge range of China cell phones. Below are some tips on how to buy China cell phones from Chinese wholesalers.

1. Search for information about the brands and compare which model will satisfy you to the most.Giant search engines like Google and Yahoo may help you out. Search by different terms related to China wholesale cell phones, read the results carefully, and you will definitely find some useful information out there. Read more »

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