Best China Online Curtain Stores Offering Wholesale Prices

Curtains offered by online Chinese stores are popular on the global market simply because they are cheap (usually at wholesale prices) and have countless styles to choose from. By checking out China online curtain stores, you are very likely to find out the style that fits both your preference and your budget given so many choices. Here are the best wholesale/retail curtain online shopping sites based in China:

I put this site the top when listing the best Chinese online stores that sell curtains simply because it hosts the widest selection of curtains (including glass beads curtains), with a total number of over 20,000 related items. The curtains are offered at different prices by different sellers registered with the site. If you choose to purchase curtains in bulk or just by retail, you are very likely to get the lowest prices of the market. No matter what your budget is, you are going to find the suitable curtains or accessories of your interest. However, the downside is: the sellers and products can vary significantly in quality. For this reason you may need to do a lot of research work before you trade with a seller there. Also, you are encouraged to always use extreme caution to protect yourself when shopping at such trading sites.
Wholesale Curtains at
Curtains at

Compared to their major fields like wedding apparel or other special occasion dresses, curtains seem quite unnoticeable at I have been doing research on the website for years and I never see they launch any promotions on their curtains. Anyway, I do find a huge variety of curtains and accessories for sale there, with 950 items included in that category. The quantity is quite impressive. The prices they offer for the curtains are extensively attractive though, with a pricing range from $29.99 to $375.99. For middle-end or high-end curtains made in China, is probably a good choice as the site separate themselves from their competitors by better quality. One good thing about shopping with is: the site is a super big Chinese supplier who has established a good name on the global market and you can be more confident that you won’t get yourself into much trouble when trading with them.
Cheap China Curtains at

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Are There Any Reliable Chinese Sites Offering Home and Garden Supplies?

When I was questioned if I am familiar with any reliable Chinese sites that are famous for their home and garden supplies, I suddenly realized that I had not paid much attention to this field then. Although I created this blog with a mission to introduce the best China-based international shopping sites, I am just talking about too much about fashion and accessories and electronics, which are in practice the biggest product lines in the Chinese foreign trade arena.

Faucets for Sale at Lightinthebox

Thanks for the reader who asked me the question. This reminds me that I really should broaden the topics which are closely related Chinese wholesale and retail business here. This post will focus on sharing my findings about Chinese online stores where you can find made-in-China home and garden supplies, including furniture, oil paintings, bedding, faucets and much more.

Curtains for Sale at MilanooAfter spending days doing the research, I was a little shocked that I could not find any big name in the Chinese international home and garden supply foreign trade arena. Yes, I meant the type of shopping websites which are specialized in offering home and garden products or are particularly famous for the product line. Anyway, I did find some popular sites where you can buy some sorts of home and garden supplies, usually with quite limited subcategories in terms of quantity and variety.

It is interesting to note that while there are rare home and garden professional shopping websites based in China, almost every legitimate Chinese site with an impressive customer base has a Home and Garden category. It can be a comprehensive site like or, an electronics store like or, a fashion shop like or or any other type of cross-border e-commerce sites. In particular, some of them are quite famous for a certain product. For instance, have been well known for their quality faucets, especially LED faucets for kitchen and washroom and for their modern lighting products, especially chandeliers and pendant lights. Also, are often mentioned about their fashionable bedding supplies, pet supplies and curtains.

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Best Chinese Online Stores to Buy Made-in-China LED Lights or LED Bulbs

If you are looking for best deals on made-in-China LED lights or LED bulbs, the best way is to shop with Chinese suppliers directly. That way you are able to cut middle-men as many as you can. You know, the LED lighting products available at the local marketplaces or shops are mostly sourced from China.

As international online shopping has become super easy and convenient, many merchants or resellers choose to stock up on LED lights or bulbs or any other related products from online stores based in China. High resell margins are definitely one of the best appeals to them. In recent years, more and more end consumers realize that they can, like the resellers, buy the products directly from Chinese stores online at the best prices possible.

LED Lights and Bulbs
Image courtesy of

According to my knowledge, the majority of online LED lighting suppliers offer same low wholesale prices for individual buyers who purchase in small quantities only. This is the dominating trend thanks to the fierce competition among the wealth of sellers.

Below I am about to list some of the best online destinations based in China to purchase low priced LED lights or LED bulbs. They are tested legitimate businesses and you can use them to compare prices in order to get the best deals. While some stores may offer the same or similar LED products, some others may have what other stores don’t have. This means given the various choices you are very likely to find out the type or the style of LED lights or bulbs of your desire.

The comprehensive wholesale trading site has thousands of verified suppliers and carries more than 420,000 LED lighting products to choose from. Seriously, almost all LED lighting related products made in China can be found on the site. The only downside to shopping with is that you should be cautious when selecting reliable suppliers as you may encounter scams. Although all transactions are made under their escrow payment protection service and you are able to get your refund if you follow their guidelines properly (read: never bypass Aliexpress to solve any dispute directly with the seller), the long procedure of handling a dispute may make you lose your patience. Their LED lighting categories include:

  • LED lamps
  • LED bulbs & tubes
  • LED strips
  • LED spotlights
  • LED holiday lighting
  • LED indoor lighting
  • LED outdoor lighting
  • LED portable lighting
  • LED professional lighting
  • LED business lights
  • LED lighting accessories
  • LED showroom lighting

See details >>

This online supermarket is best known for selling top branded made-in-China products at reasonable prices. The range of LED lighting they carry is not so vast in terms of categories or quantity (about 2,000 items). The best thing of using is, as they offer authentic Chinese branded products, you don’t have to worry about wasting your money on fakes. The quality is also well guaranteed as a result. Besides, their pricing is very competitive. Being a big name at the Chinese international trading arena, the company is generally wowed for providing satisfactory customer service. Their major LED lighting categories include:

  • LED flashlights
  • LED bulbs
  • LED ceiling fans
  • LED lighting fixtures

See details >>

While is extensively recognized as a famous online fashion distributor, their Home and Garden category is also worth taking a good look. LED lights, like other home and garden products at the site, do not stand out by varieties. What really makes them popular is the fine selection. I personally believe this is the very essence of goods offered by Lightinthebox. They select the finest products for each category – all are intended to help customers live a fashionable life. If you want to get trendy lifestyle products, this store is definitely a good choice. See their LED Lights here >>

In addition to these big players of online global shopping business, I also know some great professional electronic stores based in China where you can find LED lights or LED bulbs. Here are some of the best based on my own criteria:

Finally, I would like to remind you that, the stores listed above offer exclusive promotions on LED lights from time to time. If you are allowed to wait that long, you are encouraged to stay up to date with their latest promotion information – the item you are interested in may be slashed down to half price only or even lower! Anyway, it all depends on luck.

Aliexpress Novelty Item: Coffee Night Lamps & DIY Table Night Lights

Last week I saw a lovely milk night light shared by one of my friends in Facebook. I was deeply impressed with the creative design of the night: it is like the milk being poured from the cup. At the first glance, it is hard to discover that it is actually a table night lamp – I thought it was something for decorating the desk.

Coincidentally, today when I opened the homepage, I was instantly attracted by the coffee night lamp advertised in the Product Showcase section, where all kinds of novelty items are displayed by category (reviewed: Aliexpress novelty items). It occurred to me that this adorable product could be a hot-seller and for this reason I decided to share it on my site. Below I will introduce the detailed information about the coffee night lights for tables or desks available on the website.

Coffee Night Lights
Image courtesy of

The coffee night light looks like somebody is pouring coffee from the cup to the small pot. Made of plastic, it is powered by battery or USB cable. Each package contains one LED lamp and three creative cups. You can change the cup to fit the style of your desk or based on your own preference or mood. Also, you can draw something on one blank cup whose surface has no pictures for your IDY need.

The same or similar coffee-and-cup-themed lights are offered by over 100 different suppliers. is not a seller like or but a wholesale trading platform where sellers and buyers trade with each other under their supervision and protection. As a result, the prices are different too, ranging $4.8 to $26. Generally, each seller offers lower wholesale prices if you order in bulk (more than 3 pieces). Note that the quality levels can be significantly different depending on the prices. Plus, some of the coffee light sellers offer free shipping to any destination around the world. View all coffee night lights for sale at >>

All suppliers have been verified by Aliexpress staff in terms of company qualification. However, they vary in customer service standards, product quality, pricing and degrees of reliability. To find out trusted sellers for your business or for your personal needs, you are encouraged to consider those who have higher feedback scores, more positive customer reviews and more successful transaction records. All these details can be found on the product pages. At the same time, you can search Google for real customer reviews by the company name or the seller name. Continue reading Aliexpress Novelty Item: Coffee Night Lamps & DIY Table Night Lights

Decorative Lights for Homes: Choose Beautiful Lights to Complement Your Home Decoration

I noticed that over the past months, Lightinthebox has been giving special discounts on its decorative lights for homes quite regularly. I took a look at the lights on sale occasionally and every time, I was shocked by the stunningly exquisite lights.

As a popular international online store, has been known for offering a variety of items, including wedding dresses, special occasion dresses, cell phones, laptops and PCs, consumer electronics and more. In particular, its Homewares category seems to be being enlarged remarkably fast too. In a previous article, we’ve introduced its kitchen room faucets and bathroom faucets and this time, I’ll focus on its decorative lights for homes. Hope the information can give you some inspiration as to shop best lights to complement your home decoration.

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Fashionable Bedding Sets: The Combination of Comfort and Taste

Our bedroom is where we can take a complete rest, and a fashionable bedding set is what can help refresh our mood and enables us to enjoy the relaxing moments. Days have gone when fashionable bedding sets equal to luxury and expensiveness. Given the convenience brought by e-commerce, cross-border transactions have become unprecedentedly easy and safe. As a result, more and more consumers choose to shop bedding sets direct from suppliers based in foreign countries. You know, by bypassing the one-after-another re-sellers, people can save a bundle!

Apricot Cotton Bedding Sets Royal Classic Bedding Sets

China is no doubt the biggest manufacturing hub of all kinds of commodities in the world, including the various fashionable bedding sets, of course. Every year, countless re-sellers and individual shoppers trade with Chinese suppliers either online or offline. In recent years, the number of people who shop from China through the Internet has been increasingly sharply. The growing number of China-based online stores is definitely one of the biggest contributors to this circumstance.

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