Wholesale Novelty Items Review: Catalogs, Suppliers, Prices and More

When it comes to wholesale novelty items or wholesale innovative items, we mean small items that are lovely, cute and practical for daily use. Standing out by unique and adorable designs, novelty items under various categories have been providing a great business opportunity for retail stores online and offline.

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Generally, such items are offered by suppliers at very low wholesale prices when you purchase in bulk so your resell margins can be guaranteed. Many of them are even available at less than $1 USD but can be priced at more than $10 USD for resell. Besides, these items are normally small in shape. As a result, international shipping costs for them won’t be a headache. In reality, many suppliers of wholesale novelty items offer free shipping once your order quantity reaches a certain level.

In this post, we’re going to share our knowledge about the catalogs, suppliers and price ranges of wholesale novelty items on the China international wholesale market. If you’re looking for cheap novelty items for your business, our introduction may somewhat inspire you (we hope so).

Based on our findings, in terms of item variety and supplier number, the largest shopping website for wholesale novelty items should be AliExpress.com – the express channel for small quantity wholesale orders belonging to Alibaba.com. AliExpress has an exclusive channel for its suppliers to sell different kinds of wholesale novelty items, which include household supplies, consumer electronics, toys, gifts & gadgets and office supplies. The access to this channel is set at the top navigation of the homepage of AliExpress.com so visitors can find it easily. This shows how strongly AliExpress values its Wholesale Novelty Items category.

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Before you take a tour of the channel, it may be tricky for you to dream up any specific novelty items. Then, after you browse through the novelty items there, we beg you will be shocked by how amazing and innovative they are. Some of them are really beyond our imagination. Especially when we dig deep into the detailed features of the items, we will find it hard to believe that these lovely looking items can be used in such peculiar ways. We guess that’s the very charm of novelty items, which makes them widely sought-after among common consumers – anyway, who would say no to highly affordable innovative items that are able to make our life easier and more fun?

The wholesale novelty items for sale at AliExpress are very competitive in pricing, as low as less than $0.1 USD per piece. Minimum order quantity is commonly required for such low priced items but free shipping is extensively available too. If you are lost in the sea of wholesale innovative items there and are not sure about which items to source for your business, you can refer to the Best-Selling Items zone at the left top corner of the channel. Also, though all suppliers on AliExpress.com have been verified by the China wholesale platform before they are allowed to register for their membership and do business there, if you still worry that you may encounter unpleasant shopping experience with unqualified suppliers, you can choose the suppliers from the Top Suppliers section, which is displayed right under the Best-Selling Items zone.

Wholesale Novelty Items Channel

Visit the Wholesale Novelty Items channel on AliExpress.com >>

For more detailed info about the China wholesale platform AliExpress.com, please read AliExpress Review.

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