Novelty Glasses for “Lazy Persons” Offered by

When I saw the following novelty glasses for “lazy persons” at, the rising Shenzhen-based international gadget store, I was quite curious about how they exactly work. After I received the product from the Chinese shopping website and gave them a try myself, I immediately realized that they could be a must-have for those who love to watch TV, read books or magazines or use mobile phones while lying on their backs.

Novelty prism glasses

As you can see from the product image, a pair of such prism spectacles looks significantly different from ordinary glasses in terms of appearance. Also, it functions differently, too. We can not use it to view things at the same level to our eyes. Instead, the glasses turn our view to a downward 90 degree angle and we are able to watch TV or read books, magazines or newspapers while lying on the bed or sofa by wearing them, just like how we view the same thing while sitting or standing. No distortion of images happens, based on my personal user experience.  Continue reading Novelty Glasses for “Lazy Persons” Offered by

Creative Home and Garden Item: Mini Portable Sewing Machine

Every day I receive dozens of newsletters or promotional emails from online Chinese stores. I subscribe to these emails just to get myself alert to the latest great offers as well as the interesting products. A few days ago, I got an email from (a Shenzhen based shopping site), which promote their collection of Creative Home and Garden products and was impressed by the portable sewing machine. Mini Portalbe Handheld Sewing Machine from

Coincidently, the next day one visitor of my site asked me about my opinion about this kind of product. Be honest, as a housewife I myself am not familiar with the mini sewing machines. I am not a good housewife and I never do any sewing with a machine – I do some quick fixes on clothes or bags with a needle anyway. Besides, I never see any people around me use this stuff to sew clothes or do fixing jobs. Considering that this machine may help me somehow with my housework and also a good item for re-sellers, I decided to do some research on it. Below are my findings:

  • The machine is compact in size, fitting well in hand being portable and easy to use.
  • It’s great for quick repairs or jobs that conventional desktop machines can’t handle, like sewing curtains while on the rod, or seal up a torn pocket without having to remove your pants.
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