Apr 18

The Mother’s Day 2014 falls on Sunday, May 11 this year. As a tradition, Chinese online stores for domestic buyers and international customers will release great deals to celebrate this event. If you are looking for cheap Mother’s Day 2014 gifts, it is now the right time to seize the deals.

Below is the list of Mother’s Day 2014 deals offered by Chinese stores. The list will be upgraded as more offers are available. So just come back to check out new deals during the Mother’s Day promotional period. Normally, the sales will end through the celebrated day. Click on the images to reach the destination pages of the deals.

DHgate.com: Up to 50% off on hair and makeup supplies, apparel and evening dresses, electronics and accessories, jewelry and watches, maternity wear and supplies, health and fitness and kitchen and bedding.
Top 2014 Mother's Day deals at DHgate.com


Priceangels.com: 50% Off Top 5 Mother’s Day 2014 gifts including cell phones, smartphone watches, tablet PCs, fashion watches and retro pendant necklaces.
Top 2014 Mother's Day deals at Priceangels.com


Lightinthebox.com: Mothers Day 2014 super sale with up to 50% off on a wide range of popular gifts including beauty supplies, fashion and accessories, digital gadgets and home and garden supplies.
Top 2014 Mother's Day deals at Lightinthebox.com


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Apr 12

The FIFA World Cup 2014 begins on Thursday, June 12 and ends on Sunday, July 13 in Brazil. If you have bought the tickets to attend the exciting games, you may need to prepare some cool FIFA World Cup game travel accessories. The most money-saving way to purchase such gear is to shop online with stores based in China, where most football game supplies are manufactured.

This post will share you with some popular and trusted online Chinese shops offering collections of discounted FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil travel accessories. Of course, even if you don’t have any plan or schedule to watch the games in Brazil, you can also consider buying some lovely accessories to enhance you game watching experience in a local bar or the like. The FIFA World Cup related supplies introduced below may suit your needs as well. Likewise, some gadgets or gear with the 2014 FIFA World Cup theme are so creative that they can be unique add-ons to a cool lifestyle.

DHgate.com: This wholesale trading site is definitely the biggest online destination to shop for cheap FIFA World cup supplies in China. Actually it is the best place to buy all kinds of accessories or supplies for world popular sports games such as FIFA World Cup. It stands out by unbeatably huge varieties of sports related products and lowest wholesale prices. Stores doing business with global buyers at DHgate.com are mostly run by small and medium-sized merchants and they tend to require a very small minimum order quantity while offering the rock-bottom market prices. For the FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil, it carries over 1,300 promotional products, including LED bracelets, World Cup pendant keychains, national flag knitted hats, FIFA World Cup 2014 souvenirs, World Cup plush doll toys, game fan glasses for masquerade carnivals and much more. Free shipping is extensively offered and you can enjoy great discounts on the select products before the game ends.
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Travel Accessories at DHgate.com

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Mar 30

The Easter 2014 falls on April 20, 2014 and many China-based online shops have already launched their Easter sales to global buyers. Unlike the local stores, the online shopping sites run by the Chinese do not exclusively offer discounts for products related to Easter only, though most do cover this kind of products such as bunny or rabbit-styled products or eggs-shaped stuff.

In most 2014 Easter promotions hosted by Chinese stores, you will also find a wide range of other hot-selling products at significantly discounted prices. For the Chinese merchants, Easter is more of an opportunity to help them raise sales than of a holiday to celebrate. Anyway, if you are looking for best deals on Easter 2014 supplies, you are still strongly encouraged to check out the Easter deals offered by Chinese international stores. The highly competitive prices plus great discounts can help you save a lot.

Click the banners or images about 2014 Easter deals from China shopping sites below to see the detailed listings. Note that if you want to get the deals to arrive in time for Easter 2014, do remember to confirm with the sales people of the shopping sites on the estimated international shipping time before you place an order.

Everbuying.com: Up to 47% off rabbit-styled gadgets for 2014 Easter
Everbuying 2014 Easter Deals
End date: unknown

Focalprice.com: 3% – 40% off on bunny-shaped electronic gadgets for 2014 Easter
Focalprice 2014 Easter Deals
End date: April 20, 2014

Sammydress.com: Up to 60% off on women’s dresses, swimwear, tees & t-shirts and leggings for 2014 Easter
Sammydress 2014 Easter Deals
End date: unknown

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Mar 28

The 2014 April Fools’ is just a couple of days ahead. I won’t encourage you to buy April Fools’ Day supplies from China-based stores now as it takes longer for international shipping and your orders will barely arrive in time for the fun day. Anyway, most Chinese stores will host their April Fools’ Day promotions till April 1st with great discounts. For this reason, I still think it is worth taking the deals for 2014 April Fools’ Day for other usages. You know, that kind of opportunity could help you make the best of your bucks to shop for things you need.

While the majority of 2014 April Fools’ Day deals released by Chinese shops is about fooling gadgets, some are nothing about the theme. Some Chinese online stores simply use the event to offer discounts for the bestsellers in order to boost their revenues. Just click on the following banners of each store to view the collections of 2014 April Fools’ Day specials.

Martofchina.com: 2014 April Fools’ Day deals on women’s dresses, tops, bottoms and sexy shoes
Martofchina.com 2014 April Fools’ Day deals
Discount: Up to 12% Off
End date: April 9, 2014

Dinodirect.com: 2014 April Fools’ Day deals on joke toys, cosplay gadgets, funny decors and other normal gifts.
Dinodirect.com 2014 April Fools’ Day deals
Discount: Up to 66% Off
End date: unknown
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Mar 17

The 2014 April Fools’ Day is coming soon. However, I was quite surprised to find that rare Chinese stores have launched April Fools’ Day sales. It seems unusual as most Chinese merchants would have already released April Fools’ Day deals at this time of the year in the past. Anyway, now I have spotted only one China-based store offering deals for the happy day: Banggood.com, a rising store best known for selling quality electronic gadgets, clothing, RC toys and more at highly competitive prices.

2014 April Fools Day Deals at Banggood.com

Based on my experience, the majority of Chinese stores won’t offer a huge selection of deals for April’s Day deals because of stock availability as well as holiday popularity. Comparatively, it is never a significantly important sales boosting opportunity for the sellers. With up to 58% off, the Banggood.com 2014 April Fools’ Day specials are also quite limited in terms of variety. There are all together 52 on-sale items to choose from, which are sorted into four categories: trick toys & gadgets, funny gadgets for kids, funny clothes & accessories and other special offers. If you are still scratching about 2014 April Fools’ Day ideas, you may get some inspiration there.

Though people may not have great shopping passion for April Fools’ Day, I still believe that deals offered for this holiday are worth taking if you are running a store offering cool, weird or novel products. The discounts can help slash down you cost, which means you will earn more profits. So what not take a look?

Feb 19

Some online stores never miss out any single festival, holiday or event to boost their revenues by launching themed promotions and Ahappydeal.com is one of them. As a popular shopping websites serving international buyers, Ahappydeal.com have been selling all kinds of cool gadgets since 2006. They lunch sales quite frequently and offer special discounts on select products even for a not-so-widely-observed festival. Currently, they are hosting a promotion for 2014 St. Patrick’s Day with up to 50% off a range of gadgets, most of which are in green color. Even if you are not an observer of this festival, you are encouraged to take advantage of such promotional campaign to get best deals on products you like.

IR Sensor Welcoming Door Chimes Creative Beer Bottle Shaped USB Green Micro USB Keyboard Case for Tablets

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The 2014 St. Patrick’s Day deals released by Ahappydeal.com include Android tablet PCs, Android smartphones, LED flashlights, heavy bass in-ear earphones, data transfer universal cables, USB solar battery chargers, IR sensor welcoming door chimes, silicone protective back case for tablet PCs, mini USB bullet car chargers, silicone robot-shaped sucker stands for iPhone, woven texture style micro USB cables for Samsung, HTC or Blackberry, tire wheel valve caps with ultra bright green light LED, portable mini Bluetooth speakers, mini disco green red projectors, keyboard leather cases with stylus for tablets, expandable flexible multi-functional pocket hoses, multi-functional personal hair removers and novelty beer bottle shaped USB.

Unlike the big names like Lightinthebox.com, Ahappydeal.com keeps a low-key profile and seldom appears in the public media. However, almost all e-commerce foreign trade people know this website as it is backed by a big company based in Shenzhen, which owns a great number of popular international online stores in addition to Ahappydeal.com, e.g. Sammydresses.com or Everbuying.com. Some sister sites of Ahappydeal.com are also offering 2014 St. Patrick Deals and Everbuying.com is a typical example:

Everbuying 2014 St. Patrick's Day Deals

You might encounter some issues when shopping with their sites as they are far from perfection as an online shopping platform, but you have to admit that they are legitimate sites doing serious business. Of course, if you don’t think the products or service they provide meet your expectations, go for other sites without hesitation. You know, there are tons of China-based online stores to choose from.

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