Jan 09

As soon as we stepped into January, 2014, we started to prepare for the next important holiday: Valentine’s Day. Online retailers and street shops start getting busy stocking up on Valentine’s Day gifts in order to boost their revenues again by taking advantage of this special holiday. Many get-things-done-early type individuals also begin to scour the internet for best Valentine’s Day 2014 gifts for their beloved. This post is meant to guide you to the most popular online Chinese stores where you can get best deals on 2014 Valentine’s Day gifts for both men and women.

As a tradition, the biggest Valentine’s Day sales are hosted by Chinese international stores at the end of January every year while smaller promotions may be released earlier. However, since January 30 is the eve of the Chinese Spring Festival, the most important day of the year for the Chinese, the best-discounted 2014 Valentine’s Day deals are expected to be launched earlier this year to avoid the national holiday, during which international shipping can be significantly delayed. Whether you are a store owner or an end consumer, if you are interested in buying cheap Valentine’s Day gifts from China, you are encouraged to check out the target Chinese shopping websites regularly from now.

To help you find the gifts you want to buy in an easier way, I would like to introduce the trusted Chinese stores by product category. Some of the sites may have already started 2014 Valentine’s Day sales while some others may not yet, but they will surely launch deals for the romantic day sooner or later. Just check them out regularly.

Clothing for Women:

Clothing for Men:

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Nov 30

Holiday is usually the peak of parties and Christmas is no exception. Now Christmas 2013 is less than one month left, many women are looking for gorgeous holiday dresses to prepare for the grand holiday. If you have a plan of purchasing cheap holiday dresses from Chinese stores, the following promotional information may help you out.

Currently, the listed Chinese online retailer Lightinthebox.com is hosting a series of promotions for all kinds of holiday dresses. The website is definitely the best of the best when it comes to made-in-China quality holiday dresses and any other special occasion dresses. It is a truly forerunner in this field and has a mature quality control system to ensure that every piece of dress it offers meets the high quality standards. And the good thing is, the price tags are very reasonable for common consumers.

Top Deals on 2013 Holiday Dresses

From its Holiday Dresses page, you will find awesome deals with up to 40% off. There are all together about 560 styles to choose from and many of them are rated overwhelming positive by real customers. There you can find nice holiday dresses that come in different designs, colors, cut-outs and prices. No matter how particular your taste is, it won’t be difficult to find the right one(s).

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Nov 13

It is never too early to prepare Christmas gifts for those we love, not to mention that Christmas 2013 is just next month! Have you started your Christmas shopping plan yet? Yes or not, I guess everybody would be interested in getting best deals on Christmas 2013 gifts for women, men, parents or kids. This post will share the Christmas promotional information collected from various popular Chinese international online stores only.

Discounted 2013 Xmas Gifts

As I always state, when you are not sure about what to gift others in a special event or holiday, you can get yourself inspired by browsing the Christmas gifts collections carried by online stores. Generally, the shops sort the gifts neatly by gift receivers such as women, men, parents, kids, the elders or the like. By doing so, you will easily get to know which gifts you think are best for the people you are going to express you love to.

The discount scopes for the 2013 Xmas gifts offered by different China-based online stores can be significantly different while even the same store may adjust the discount rates as the holiday is approaching faster and faster. As a tradition, the biggest discounts will come out two to three weeks ahead of the Christmas Day or right after the day, which we call post-Christmas clearance sale. During the Christmas shopping season, the international shipping could be delayed because of too many packages are dispatched every day, which is beyond the delivery capacities of the global shipping carriers and as a result, it becomes very common that the packages arrive later than ordinary estimated time. For this reason, I personally encourage you to shop as early as possible though bigger discounts may be awaiting you behind.

Here is the list of Chinese global stores where you can find top deals on 2013 Christmas gifts for men, women, children or the elders.

Nov 04

While the Black Friday sales will be un-curtained on the fourth Friday or one day before among the street retailers like Bestbuy.com, Target.com or Macy’s.com, many Black Friday promotions from online stores have already been kicked off since the beginning of November, 2013. This post will focus on sharing the Black Friday 2013 ads released by popular China-based online shops.

Focalprice.com Black Friday 2013 Round-1 Deals: Up to 30% Off on cool gadgets including cell phones, tablet PCs, wireless keyboards, Apple accessories and consumer electronics. More Black Friday specials will be release by the store with up to 50% off.
Focalprice Black Friday 2013 Deals

Ahappydeal.com Black Friday 2013 Deals: Up to 54% Off on 2013 hottest electronics including cell phones, tablet PCs, car electronics, essential Black Friday accessories, micro SDHC/ TF memory cards, universal wireless car chargers with holder, RC helicopters, children’s toys, compact knife sharpeners, novelty household fizz saver dispenser switches, magic max personal trimmers, skull transparent glass cups and more.

* Use 10% off coupon code: BF2013 (Ends Dec 3)
Ahappydeal.com Black Friday 2013 Deals

Miniinthebox.com Black Friday 2013 1st Round Sale: Buy 2 or more to get 2% off; buy 6 or more to get 4% off and buy 10or more to get 8% off on cables & adapters.
Miniinthebox.com Black Friday 2013 Deals

Everbuying.com Black Friday 2013 Deals: Up to 51% Off on Android cell phones, tablet PCs, iPhon, iPad & iPod accessories, women’s clothing, fashion watches, consumer electronics, computers and networking gadgets, LED lights, car electronics and GPS and home and beauty products.
Everbuying.com Black Friday 2013 Deals

The above listed Black Friday 2013 ads are just a tiny piece of the whole Black Friday promotional activity hosted by Chinese stores. As the big day is approaching faster and faster, more deals will be released day after day and week after week. Just add this post to your favorites to check back the 2013 Black Friday deals offered by China shopping sites more conveniently.


Oct 26

Thanksgiving Day 2013 is getting earlier and earlier as the year goes on. As a day preceding Black Friday, the start of the Christmas shopping season, Thanksgiving Day is also traditionally regarded as a good opportunity to get awesome deals. This year, a number of famous American retail stores like Macy’s and J.C. Penney have announced that they will open their doors on Thanksgiving Day to let their customers shop early the Black Friday 2013 deals.

On the other hand, most online shopping sites kick off their Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday sales weeks earlier to avoid getting their shopping system congested by the mops of shoppers. Of course, the other more important reason is to seize the best opportunity to boost their revenues. For instance, Amazon.com generally starts Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday promotions in early November. Likewise, many Chinese online stores serving global buyers offer Thanksgiving Day deals from as early as late October.

Below is the handpicked list of China-based online stores which have been hosting Thanksgiving Day 2013 deals for international buyers:

Focalprice.com Thanksgiving Day 2013 deals on cool gadgets including made-in-China Android smartphones, Android mini PCs, Android tablet PCs, wireless headsets, RC helicopters, car accessories and more.
Focalprice.com Thanksgiving Day 2013 deals


Ahappydeal.com Thanksgiving Day 2013 deals on Rhinestone earrings, Rhinestone pendants, stylish charm bracelets, gemstone embellished necklaces, micro touch magic max personal trimmers, compact knife sharpeners, plush feet pattern winter slippers, professional 88-color eye shadows palettes, MP3 players with FM, LED pocket lamps, night vision security cameras, digital automatic wrist watches with chest band, cable clips, mini battery checkers, portable home digital wrist blood pressure monitors, mobile phones, tablets, electronic accessories and more.
Ahappydeal.com Thanksgiving Day 2013 deals


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Oct 21

While most Chinese stores are still trying hard to promote their Halloween 2013 supplies, some of them have also launched 2013 Christmas sales with different Christmas supplies. In particular, I notice that some of the popular China-based shops are offering deals on Christmas 2013 decorations including Christmas gift boxes, Christmas decoration lights, Christmas Party decorations, Christmas jingle bells, Christmas trees, Christmas paper stars, Christmas decoration bowknots, Christmas tree sunshine garlands, Christmas wreaths, Christmas hats, Christmas stockings, Christmas decoration ribbons, Christmas Santa Claus, Christmas balls and much more.

Cheap Christmas Decorations at Banggood.com

As the largest manufacturing base of cheap Christmas decorations, choosing to shop such products with online Chinese suppliers can help you save much money. In practice, most local Christmas supply resellers stock up for their Christmas inventories from the Chinese online market while more and more families also choose to shop for Christmas decorations or ornaments directly from Chinese online retailers or wholesalers. It is nothing difficult for a Chinese store to allow buyers to mix orders so it is technically super easy for a family to get all Christmas supplies by placing a single order at one shopping site. And what’s more importantly, you can get ultra low wholesale prices if you order more. Plus, many of them offer free international shipping service.

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