Jul 06

Looking for wholesale table linens for less? Then you’ve come to the right place – this post will guide you through the shopping for cheap wholesale table linens from some reliable international wholesale sites based in China.

Wholesale Table Linens at Milanoo.com

Wholesale Table Linens at Milanoo

If you want to get quality wholesale table linens on a happy budget as easily as possible, Milanoo.com should be your choice. Technically, Milanoo is a retail and wholesale online shopping website mainly focusing on fashion products. However, recently we found that the company has added more and more great home and garden products to its catalog, such as bedding sets, table linens, etc. As a trusted supplier, Milanoo takes care of all orders from global buyers by a professional and responsible staff within its company. As a result, every detail concerning an item or an order like the quality, the pricing, the shipment, the payment or any pre-sales and after-sales is under their sound control. That’s partly why we say Milanoo is the best place to purchase wholesale table linens – you don’t have to worry about the pricing difference, the quality problem or the services.

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Feb 07

When it comes to wall art and décor, today it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to invest a big sum of money in buying the expensive decorating materials as well as employing professional workers to do the job. You can do it all by yourself on a super friendly budget. How? Just choose and purchase a few pieces of wall paintings or wall stickers that match the overall style of your apartment or house, then you will get your walls perfectly decorated.

Handmade Summer Sea Landscape Paintings Handmade Subway Kissing Paintings Handmade Still Life Paintings

On Lightinthebox.com, we find a remarkably complete selection of wall art and décor products, including abstract paintings, famous paintings, landscape paintings, animal paintings, still life paintings, portraits and people paintings, floral paintings, print pictures and wall stickers. Putting aside print paintings and wall stickers, most of the paintings there are 100% handmade oil paintings, whose prices range from $15 USD to $600 USD. Read more »

Dec 20

Our bedroom is where we can take a complete rest, and a fashionable bedding set is what can help refresh our mood and enables us to enjoy the relaxing moments. Days have gone when fashionable bedding sets equal to luxury and expensiveness. Given the convenience brought by e-commerce, cross-border transactions have become unprecedentedly easy and safe. As a result, more and more consumers choose to shop bedding sets direct from suppliers based in foreign countries. You know, by bypassing the one-after-another re-sellers, people can save a bundle!

Apricot Cotton Bedding Sets Royal Classic Bedding Sets

China is no doubt the biggest manufacturing hub of all kinds of commodities in the world, including the various fashionable bedding sets, of course. Every year, countless re-sellers and individual shoppers trade with Chinese suppliers either online or offline. In recent years, the number of people who shop from China through the Internet has been increasingly sharply. The growing number of China-based online stores is definitely one of the biggest contributors to this circumstance.

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Nov 25

I noticed that over the past months, Lightinthebox has been giving special discounts on its decorative lights for homes quite regularly. I took a look at the lights on sale occasionally and every time, I was shocked by the stunningly exquisite lights.

As a popular international online store, Lightinthebox.com has been known for offering a variety of items, including wedding dresses, special occasion dresses, cell phones, laptops and PCs, consumer electronics and more. In particular, its Homewares category seems to be being enlarged remarkably fast too. In a previous article, we’ve introduced its kitchen room faucets and bathroom faucets and this time, I’ll focus on its decorative lights for homes. Hope the information can give you some inspiration as to shop best lights to complement your home decoration.

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Oct 11

For most of us, the kitchen is where yummy and healthy food begins and the bathroom is where we can enjoy the comfortable shower to kid off all fatigue from work and life. As the focal point of one’s kitchen or bathroom, faucets are always hot in demand. You know, every family needs at least two faucets: one for the kitchen and the other for the bathroom. In fact, the majority of families would buy more than two kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets to ensure a high-standard living with comfort and stylish flair.

Single-handle Chrome Pull-out Kitchen Faucets

Today, both kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets no longer function as a tool for daily life only. They are also great accessories that can illuminate and showcase the decent taste of the owner of the apartment or house. When shopping faucets for either a kitchen or a bathroom, three elements are generally taken into prior consideration: quality, designs and prices. Read more »

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