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For most of us, the kitchen is where yummy and healthy food begins and the bathroom is where we can enjoy the comfortable shower to kid off all fatigue from work and life. As the focal point of one’s kitchen or bathroom, faucets are always hot in demand. You know, every family needs at least two faucets: one for the kitchen and the other for the bathroom. In fact, the majority of families would buy more than two kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets to ensure a high-standard living with comfort and stylish flair.

Single-handle Chrome Pull-out Kitchen Faucets

Today, both kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets no longer function as a tool for daily life only. They are also great accessories that can illuminate and showcase the decent taste of the owner of the apartment or house. When shopping faucets for either a kitchen or a bathroom, three elements are generally taken into prior consideration: quality, designs and prices.

An inferior quality faucet may cause you a lot of headaches. You may have to repair the crappy faucet again and again as it always stops working unexpectedly and frequently. No doubt, this is going to annoy you a lot and degrade your living standard. On the contrary, a quality faucet can be used for years without any repair work at all. In addition to the guaranteed smooth use, a top-tier faucet will also greatly enhance the whole look of the kitchen or bathroom. Just by a simple glance or touch over the premium quality faucet, you will instantly realize what a distinguished life the owner leads. To buy top-quality kitchen faucets or bathroom faucets, you are encouraged to shop from stores that have a trusted name in the arena of faucet supply.

Two-handle Chrome Kitchen Faucets

When it comes to designs of faucets, well, there is really a lot to say. Thanks to the innovative technology, now on the market faucets have an infinite amount of styles to choose from. For example, a single modern kitchen faucet may feature a number of innovations like pull out spots, side sprays and pot fillers. Such multi-functional faucets can make our life much more convenient. Likewise, a LED waterfall bathroom faucet adds a splash of color to your bathroom and turns any tap into a streaming crystalline light source. This will make washing your face or hands no longer boring or routine. Just as it is said, style and function blend like the flavors and aromas of the best kitchens or bathrooms. In particular, a LED faucet with a temperature sensor will let you know the temperature range of the water without touching it, which is especially good for protecting kids from scalding. In recent years, LED faucets are extremely popular among consumers all over the world for their powerful practical functions and beautiful decoration effects.

Single-handle Chrome Waterfall LED Bathroom Faucets

Prices are always the key concern for people who look for faucets to complete their kitchens or bathrooms. Anyway, if pricing is not at all an issue for you, go direct for high-end faucets manufactured by top brand names such as Kohler. Such faucets are generally free of any flaws and quality guaranteed with full warranties. But if you do care about cost and you are willing to spend time finding best deals on the faucets you want, we would suggest you buy faucets from reliable Chinese suppliers of faucets such as Lightinthebox. It will help you save really big. A quality faucet is generally offered at $300-$699 USD in the U.S., while from a China-based online store, you can get an equally good-quality faucet for around $100 — some low as $70 only. Besides, many Chinese sellers of faucets offer additional values like free shipping to global buyers. However, in order not to be ripped off by China scams, do remember to shop from stores with proven high credibility on the global market.

So far, Lightinthebox is the best supplier of kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets we’ve detected in China. As always, for the credibility issue, we never have even a tiny doubt on the famous Chinese online shopping website. In addition, from the reviews left by its customers, we come to know that the kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets as well as faucet accessories available on Lightinthebox.com feature exceptional quality, diverse styles and lowest discount prices. According to our observation, deep discounts are very frequently offered on its faucets there. Sometimes for a limited-time offer, you can get up to 60% off a great faucet. If you are looking for cheap faucets or wholesale faucets with great quality, you should really consider checking this store out. By the way, don’t forget to take advantage of its special offers.

Wholesale Faucets on Lightinthebox

Top-selling Wholesale Faucets on Lightinthebox.com include:

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