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When it comes to wall art and décor, today it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to invest a big sum of money in buying the expensive decorating materials as well as employing professional workers to do the job. You can do it all by yourself on a super friendly budget. How? Just choose and purchase a few pieces of wall paintings or wall stickers that match the overall style of your apartment or house, then you will get your walls perfectly decorated.

Handmade Summer Sea Landscape Paintings Handmade Subway Kissing Paintings Handmade Still Life Paintings

On Lightinthebox.com, we find a remarkably complete selection of wall art and décor products, including abstract paintings, famous paintings, landscape paintings, animal paintings, still life paintings, portraits and people paintings, floral paintings, print pictures and wall stickers. Putting aside print paintings and wall stickers, most of the paintings there are 100% handmade oil paintings, whose prices range from $15 USD to $600 USD.

Handmade People Paintings Handmade Abstract Paintings

Lane Landscape Oil Paintings Poster Clock Wall Art and Decor

Handmade Portraits Wall Stickers

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The styles are so various that you may find your eyes dazzled when browsing through the wall art and décor paintings one by one. From the classic and the nostalgic, through the personalized and the distinctive, to the fashionable and the modern, you can find all kinds of paintings that are able to satisfy different tastes or occasions. Whether you are looking for a decent painting to decorate the walls of your sitting room, or a warm painting to accessorize the walls of your bedroom, or a tasteful painting to complement the walls of your dining room or a romantic painting to enhance the walls of your coffee shop, you won’t be disappointed there. We just simply fell in love with these beautiful paintings by first glance and couldn’t wait buying some of them home. The attractiveness and charm of these decorating paintings are just beyond our imagination. Take a look at the paintings yourself and you will find how lovely and refine these paintings are.

As always, we feel it our response to share good stuff with our readers who are interested in shopping wall art and décor items direct from suppliers. So far Lightinthebox is the best place we’ve found to purchase premium wall paintings or wall stickers. But we will continue exploring more qualified suppliers to help our interested find best deals in wall art and décor. Just keep up-to-date on our updates!

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