Aliexpress Novelty Item: Coffee Night Lamps & DIY Table Night Lights

Last week I saw a lovely milk night light shared by one of my friends in Facebook. I was deeply impressed with the creative design of the night: it is like the milk being poured from the cup. At the first glance, it is hard to discover that it is actually a table night lamp – I thought it was something for decorating the desk.

Coincidentally, today when I opened the homepage, I was instantly attracted by the coffee night lamp advertised in the Product Showcase section, where all kinds of novelty items are displayed by category (reviewed: Aliexpress novelty items). It occurred to me that this adorable product could be a hot-seller and for this reason I decided to share it on my site. Below I will introduce the detailed information about the coffee night lights for tables or desks available on the website.

Coffee Night Lights
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The coffee night light looks like somebody is pouring coffee from the cup to the small pot. Made of plastic, it is powered by battery or USB cable. Each package contains one LED lamp and three creative cups. You can change the cup to fit the style of your desk or based on your own preference or mood. Also, you can draw something on one blank cup whose surface has no pictures for your IDY need.

The same or similar coffee-and-cup-themed lights are offered by over 100 different suppliers. is not a seller like or but a wholesale trading platform where sellers and buyers trade with each other under their supervision and protection. As a result, the prices are different too, ranging $4.8 to $26. Generally, each seller offers lower wholesale prices if you order in bulk (more than 3 pieces). Note that the quality levels can be significantly different depending on the prices. Plus, some of the coffee light sellers offer free shipping to any destination around the world. View all coffee night lights for sale at >>

All suppliers have been verified by Aliexpress staff in terms of company qualification. However, they vary in customer service standards, product quality, pricing and degrees of reliability. To find out trusted sellers for your business or for your personal needs, you are encouraged to consider those who have higher feedback scores, more positive customer reviews and more successful transaction records. All these details can be found on the product pages. At the same time, you can search Google for real customer reviews by the company name or the seller name.

Even if you encounter scams at, you don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to get your money back. Under the Aliexpress escrow buyer protection system, you can request for a refund by submitting a dispute onto the site and providing valid evidence that supports your claim. If it is proved that the dispute is the seller’s fault, your money will be refunded to you by Aliexpress instead of the seller as all payments are held by the site until buyers confirm that transactions are successful. Typical scam cases there  include: items ordered never arrive; items received are not as described and items do not work normally or have flaws.


2 thoughts on “Aliexpress Novelty Item: Coffee Night Lamps & DIY Table Night Lights”

  1. What a novel approach to keeping you feel secure at night. The coffee pouring looks really cool sitting alongside you in bed.

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