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Last month I introduced several widely sought-after made-in-China android 4.0 tablet PCs available at some popular Chinese online shops, including,, and Here I would like to share my knowledge about the top Chinese brands in tablet PCs, which are not only popular on the Chinese domestic market, but also among consumers from countries and regions around the world.


Teclast Tablet PC

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As a brand that has received a long list of awards, Teclast has established its name in the tablet PC arena by several classic models empowered by different android versions. The top-rated Teclast tablet PCs are offered at different prices depending on specifications such as OS system, thickness of the body, CPU, megapixel, screen size, internal storage and extended storage or the like. Meanwhile, you may find different price tags for exactly the same Teclast model of tablet PC in different online stores too. The following are the best Teclast tablet PCs for sale at a few online shopping websites (with prices and links):

  • Teclast P75a Android2.3 9.9mm 7″ Capacitive Touch 8GB Tablet PC, $124.99 (after discount), free shipping, see details >> $124.54 (after discount), free shipping, see details >>


  • Teclast P85 Android2.3 8″ 1024*768 Capacitive Touch 16GB Tablet PC $177.99 (after discount), free shipping, see details >> $143.99 – $163.00 (depending on different packages), for shipping fee and other details, click here >>


  • Teclast A15 Android2.3 9″ 1280×800 Capacitive Touch Screen 8GB Tablet PC $201.69 (after discount), free shipping, see details >> $165.60, for shipping fee and other details, click here >>



Based in Shenzhen, the biggest manufacturing base of tablet PCs in China, AINOL is well known not only for tablet PCs, but also for MP3 and MP4 players. Their digital products stand out by superior quality while reasonable prices for the quality are their another great attraction. Currently the ultra thin AINOL Novo 7 Aurora 7-inch 8G android 4.0 tablet PC is extremely hot-selling. The amazing performance of the model seems to be the focus of attention, heatedly discussed in various internet social forums. $199.39 (after discount), free shipping, see details >> $ 141.37 – $161.37 (depending on different bundles), for shipping fee and other details, click here >>



EFUN is one of those companies that have made their names in the industry by a few unique models. Bigger touch screens seem to be a preference of the company. While other tablet PC manufacturers launch 7 inch or 8 inch models to grab the market share, EFUN wows the world by introducing to the world their 7 inch to 10 inch tablet PCs. The company is specialized in producing high-end tablet PCs and their products tend to be more expensive while still commonly affordable. All of their latest models are equipped with the android 4.0 ice cream sandwich OS system. Among all, the 9.7″ IPS capacitive touch screen tablet EFUN M1005HD Next9 Premium and the 8’’ EFUN Nextbook P8SE are their bestsellers.

  • EFUN M1005HD 9.7-inch Android 4.0 5-point touch screen tablet PC $255.99 (after discount), free shipping, see details >> $ 239.99, free shipping, see details >>



Founded in 1989, ONDA is a famous Chinese brand that has been developing and manufacturing a wide range of digital products and electronic products. At present, tablet PCs is their hottest product line. So far their category of tablets has 30 models (from 4.5’’ to 9.7’’) to choose from. But not every model is available for international buyers. Anyway, almost all popular ONDA tablet PCs can be found online at the most trusted international shopping sites. In particular, the 7 inch ONDA Ai10 that runs Android 2.3 is one of the best-rated: $124.99 (after discount), free shipping, see details >> $ 109.00 – $123.00 (depending on different bundles), for shipping fee to your destination and other details, click here>>


Now in China, there are numerous manufacturers or suppliers of tablet PCs that come in various sizes. The brands in made-in-China tablet PCs introduced above are the best in terms of performance, quality and features, while prices are also taken into consideration. Compared with world top brands like Apple iPad, these Chinese brands are definitely much cheaper. I would advise you do comparison between their specifications and customer reviews instead of simply comparing the prices.

I noticed that among the most trusted online stores targeting the global market, and carry the widest selections of the top Chinese branded tablet PCs. I tried to search for models from these brands in more than 10 foreign trade sites. To my disappointment, except at the two websites as well as at Priceangels, I failed to find any matching results. If you are looking for superior quality made-in-China tablet PCs at best prices, you are encouraged to consider these sites first – they are legitimate companies and are more professional in this field. Note that as is a transaction platform, the sellers may vary in quality and you should do more research to confirm their credibility before you trade with them.


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