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Our bedroom is where we can take a complete rest, and a fashionable bedding set is what can help refresh our mood and enables us to enjoy the relaxing moments. Days have gone when fashionable bedding sets equal to luxury and expensiveness. Given the convenience brought by e-commerce, cross-border transactions have become unprecedentedly easy and safe. As a result, more and more consumers choose to shop bedding sets direct from suppliers based in foreign countries. You know, by bypassing the one-after-another re-sellers, people can save a bundle!

Apricot Cotton Bedding Sets Royal Classic Bedding Sets

China is no doubt the biggest manufacturing hub of all kinds of commodities in the world, including the various fashionable bedding sets, of course. Every year, countless re-sellers and individual shoppers trade with Chinese suppliers either online or offline. In recent years, the number of people who shop from China through the Internet has been increasingly sharply. The growing number of China-based online stores is definitely one of the biggest contributors to this circumstance.

Basically, online shopping websites located in China can be classified into four types: big business wholesale marketplaces, small business wholesale marketplaces, retail stores and stores integrating small quantity wholesale business and retail business. For big business wholesale, is the absolute king while for the rest types of Chinese online stores, a number of reliable stores are available to choose from, featuring their particular pros and cons.

Personally, both for small re-sellers and consumers, I would recommend stores that accept small order quantities of orders and retail orders. Based on our findings, such stores have become a prominent trend among the wide range of China foreign trade companies. And I believe that this type of stores is more flexible in terms of transaction process, payment, shipping as well as pricing. When it comes to shopping fashionable bedding sets from China, I do have a few websites that combine wholesale and retail businesses for your reference. is the first option that comes though my mind when I start this topic. I have been quite familiar with this online shopping website since I knew it last year. It’s not so big as some famous international stores like, but growing really fast and has been tested by numerous global buyers for its credibility and quality items. Being humble among so many competitors, Milanoo has been adopting a low pricing policy for over a year and it is still following the direction. The company set the prices for all the items it sells and ships them out by its internal staff. Both pricing and quality is well controlled. The bedding sets it provides look refreshing and fashionable, all offered at unbeatable prices. Here are some of the samples:

Blue Floral Bedding Sets Orange Cotton Bedding Sets

White Floral Bedding Sets Green Floral Bedding Sets

For more fashionable bedding sets available on, click here >> is the second best online stores to shop fashionable bedding sets, from my own point of view. To be more precise, AliExpress is more of a transaction platform than of a shopping store. Belonging to the world’s wholesale business giant, AliExpress focuses on small wholesale business, though one-piece retail orders are extensively accepted there too. Unlike Milanoo, AliExpress does not set the price and ship the orders by its own staff. Instead, it serves as a responsible platform that supervises the whole transaction process between each supplier and each buyer. It provides Escrow service to protect the payment from buyers and the rights and interest of both parties. There you can find the biggest collection of cheap bedding sets in the world, all of which are offered by thousands of verified Chinese manufacturers or suppliers. From bedding sets for women to bedding sets for men to bedding sets for boys to bedding sets for girls, everything can be easily found there. Below are some of the bedding sets offered by different sellers on

Twill Flowers Bedding Sets Cotton Printed Bedding Sets

Silk Bedding Sets Romantic Design Bedding Sets

For more fashionable bedding sets available on, click here >>

Images courtesy of Milanoo and AliEpxress

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