Best China Online Curtain Stores Offering Wholesale Prices

Curtains offered by online Chinese stores are popular on the global market simply because they are cheap (usually at wholesale prices) and have countless styles to choose from. By checking out China online curtain stores, you are very likely to find out the style that fits both your preference and your budget given so many choices. Here are the best wholesale/retail curtain online shopping sites based in China:

I put this site the top when listing the best Chinese online stores that sell curtains simply because it hosts the widest selection of curtains (including glass beads curtains), with a total number of over 20,000 related items. The curtains are offered at different prices by different sellers registered with the site. If you choose to purchase curtains in bulk or just by retail, you are very likely to get the lowest prices of the market. No matter what your budget is, you are going to find the suitable curtains or accessories of your interest. However, the downside is: the sellers and products can vary significantly in quality. For this reason you may need to do a lot of research work before you trade with a seller there. Also, you are encouraged to always use extreme caution to protect yourself when shopping at such trading sites.
Wholesale Curtains at
Curtains at

Compared to their major fields like wedding apparel or other special occasion dresses, curtains seem quite unnoticeable at I have been doing research on the website for years and I never see they launch any promotions on their curtains. Anyway, I do find a huge variety of curtains and accessories for sale there, with 950 items included in that category. The quantity is quite impressive. The prices they offer for the curtains are extensively attractive though, with a pricing range from $29.99 to $375.99. For middle-end or high-end curtains made in China, is probably a good choice as the site separate themselves from their competitors by better quality. One good thing about shopping with is: the site is a super big Chinese supplier who has established a good name on the global market and you can be more confident that you won’t get yourself into much trouble when trading with them.
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Curtains at

This Chinese store is a little bit similar to while it is far less famous than the latter. As a store specializing in fashionable products, is best known for good prices. Their inventory of curtains is not so broad in terms of styles but it is a well selected one. In my old post “Are There Any Reliable Chinese Sites Offering Home and Garden Supplies“, I have introduced the curtains available at There you can find some very classic curtains that fit bedrooms, living rooms, hotels or the like. It seems blackout curtains are the bestselling among all curtains for sale there. Unlike, Milanoo releases discount codes or promotions occasional for this product line. You can search for Milanoo coupon codes first before you place an order on curtains there. Some codes apply to all products including curtains. By using the coupons you can further reduce your cost.
Made in China Curtains at
Curtains at

Putting at the end of my personal list of the best online Chinese curtain suppliers here does not necessarily mean it is not as good as the above three sites. This company is very powerful and is growing very quickly these years. Not it has become a well-known shopping mall that hosts a wide range of products just like does. Different from Aliexpress, the site is itself a supplier having their own warehouses and take cares of all orders by their own staff. Quality is thus better assured and service is better too.
Chinese Curtains at
Curtains at

Their curtains & drapes category lists 653 items at present and more are being added constantly. The curtains there are sorted neatly by category: black out curtains, thermal curtains, sheers, tier curtains, kids’ and teens’ curtains and valances. Also, you can further narrow down your search by space type and you can easily find bedroom curtains, living room curtains, study room curtains or kitchen curtains with the search filtering function. In addition to finished curtains, they have more custom curtains which are made based on your specific requirements. What is more, I notice that they carry a vast array of lovely curtain accessories like leaf curtain hooks, curtain holdbacks or curtain straps to choose from. Finally, they offer a certain discount on orders reaching a certain value threshold regularly so that you can get made-in-China curtains at reasonable prices. For instance, currently if you order more than $80 on thermal curtains there, you can get $10 off instantly. Click here to see details.
Cheap Curtain Accessories at
Curtain accessories at

Note: the sites listed above may carry the same or similar styles in curtains. You can use them to compare prices in order to get the best deals.

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