Aug 04

Honestly, I had never heard of until I discovered the site in a third-party customer review forum last week. It was the amazing range of fashion products that aroused my interest into digging out some useful information about them just in case some individual fashion shoppers might want to buy things there.

Safety & Scam

After a quick tour to scanning the key sections of the shopping website, I got an impression that it should be run by some individual businessman or businesswoman who had worked for an export company for years before he/she decided to start his/her own business. I guess the team should be quite small – probably only 20 around employees.

Based on the Whois domain name registration record, the name was created in September, 2012, which implies that this site itself is still very young. Anyway, I am not sure whether the site owner was using another domain name to do the online business before adopting
Maykool Alexa Global Ranking
The Alexa website analysis shows that the site is ranked around 170, 000 globally. Based on my estimate, it should host 2,000 to 3000 visits each day. The traffic is not impressive at all compared to big shopping sites like (read review). However, it at least proves that every day the site is visited by quite a number of visitors and chances are rare that it is a phishing site or any other types of illegal sites.

China Fashion Dresses at Maykool.comWhen I tried to use terms like “Maykool scams”, “Maykool negative reviews” or “Maykool complaints” to search Google to confirm the credibility of the website, I got few results. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily mean that it is too perfect to be reviewed negatively against. I am more inclined to believe that the major reason for such phenomenon is because the users of the website are still very limited in terms of quantity.

Then I tried other keywords such as “Maykool” and “Maykool reviews” and this time I got closely related results, which are all positive or neutral. It seems the site is trying to make use of all kinds of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to enlarge their customer base. Such marketing efforts convince me that is led by someone quite familiar with the cross-border online trading industry and sensitive to the latest e-commerce marketing approaches.

Product Range

The site is all about women’s fashion, including dresses, swimsuits, shoes, clubwear, skirts, T-shirts, shirts & blouses, vests & basics, outerwear, sweaters, shorts & rompers, pants, lingerie and hosiery. Most of the fashionable pieces are for meant to create daily looks instead of special occasion looks. If you are looking for evening dresses, prom dresses, wedding dresses or other formal dresses, it is not the place; but if you are seeking affordable stylish outfits for common occasions, it may deserve a look.

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Jul 29

In the Chinese online fashion foreign trading industry, is not as famous as the big players like or However, it is also true that this Chinese store has a significant customer base which is growing constantly these years. Just in case more buyers are interested in trading with this site and want to confirm whether it is legitimate or not, I decide to give a detailed review of

Under 10USD Summer Dresses Deals

Before you read ahead, please note that all the information provided below is based on my personal research and just for your reference only. If it contains any errors, please contact me or leave your comment at the end of the post.

Sammydress Scam

Just as we decide to start shopping with any Chinese online store, the first and foremost question is: Is a legit company or a scam? I don’t mean to convince you that there is no problem with the legitimacy of but based on my knowledge, the site does exists with an official business license and has been serving buyers from all over the world for years. Most negative reviews claiming Sammydress is a scam point to the product quality or service standards of the site instead of the level of shopping safety.

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Jul 26

History & Background is another China-based online store offering a wide range of apparel and accessories for the global retail market. Their major customers are from USA and Europe, based on the traffic analysis of Lolita dresses, cosplay & costumes, prom dresses, fashionable shoes for women, swimwear and baby dolls are among the hottest categories at the site, which makes it a similar site to Bow Multi-layer Cotton Lolita Dress

When you mention, rare people know this name as it is pretty new. But as a matter of fact, their business is not that new. According to my research, they were running their business using the other domain name For details, you can read the post here.

You may feel a little odd when you hear that the company changes their website name, but it actually is nothing weird for the Chinese stores. For instance, the electronic store used and in the past and they are still selling the same products with the current domain name. Here I don’t want to explain too much why they are doing so this way. They might have violated the policies of the hosting service provider, be trying to acquire better organic search rankings or simply be attempting to get their branding more easily to be recognized or familiarized. For whatever reason, the key point is: they are truly a legitimate business entity and deserve our trust.

Legitimate or Not?

Although they indicated on their website that their office address is based in Hong Kong, I seriously doubt that their major operation is really located there. Many small Chinese suppliers play the same trick. That is, in order to win trust from global buyers, they disguised themselves as a Hong Kong supplier instead of a Mainland China supplier because Hong Kong enjoys a much better global reputation when it comes to business credibility. On the other hand, technically they are really Hong Kong businesses as they are officially registered in Hong Kong. Anyway, most of them in practice run their business in cities across the Mainland China such as Shenzhen.

Sexy Platform High Heels with Shinny Rivet DecorI don’t think it a big deal if a shopping site like does not reveal their office location in a honest way though it does slightly reduce my confidence in their legitimacy. Normally I would try to confirm the truth by communicating with their service people. If they insist that they are Hong Kong based without valid evidence, I would abandon using them immediately. However, if they confess that their orders are shipped from the Mainland China, I would applause for their honesty and put them into my “trusted Chinese stores” list after I also find other signals showing that they are legit. Read more »

Jul 14 is another China-based online fashion store serving customers from all over the world. Registered in Hong Kong, the company operates their business mainly in the neighbor city Shenzhen, where the cost can be reduced to much lower.Sweetheart Training Corsets

General Info

In terms of company size, with over 200 full time employees, should be put into the group of “medium-size e-commerce companies”. Like many other Chinese international shopping websites, they are not the only site belonging to the company. Instead, they have some sister websites selling the same or different products stocked in the same warehouse and managed by the same teams.

In particular, I know (read review) is an important sister shopping site of While both sites carry some identical products such as special occasion dresses, they do have different focuses. Prom dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses and other special occasion dresses are the major fields of while lingerie especially corsets, sexy costumes, swimwear and clubwear seem to be major revenue earners of

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Jul 10

Recently I’ve been digging out more China-based online fashion stores because I am often asked to recommend some reliable Chinese stores to source clothing, especially by re-sellers who wish to find the best-margin fashion products for their business. And is one of my latest discoveries.

They look rather similar to, another street fashion online supplier based in China. Both of them offer styles that won’t get you trapped in wearing something similar or even the same to others. The second commonality of them is the commonly affordable prices they offer. Let me say it this way: the stylish apparel they carry would not shame any budget. If you are in fashion and like to refresh your wardrobe frequently without cutting an arm and a leg, such sites are ideal choices.

Cheap Street Fashion Dresses at

Compared to and, which are best known for selling stylish formal dresses including evening dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses and more, is more focused on women’s dresses for less formal occasions. There you can more easily find outfits to style out for shopping, dinners or lunches with family or friends, hanging out with close friends, travelling or the like.

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Jul 07

One Shoulder Chiffon Flower Bridesmaid Dress Since I created this blogging site, I have been trying hard to deliver an all-around review of any Chinese shopping website, hoping that interested parties can get all the basic information about the company without spending too much time scouting around the internet. As for, another Chinese online supplier of wedding dresses, evening dresses, prom dresses and other special occasion dresses, I would also like to include all key points about them to help you uncover their real identity.

General Info

The online store is based in Shenzhen, China while their co-operative dressmakers are mostly based in Suzhou, the manufacturing hub of wedding dresses and all kinds of other formal dresses and semi-formal dresses. Didobridal is not enjoying a big name like in the field of special occasion dresses on the global market, but it is truly a legally registered firm running real business.

Similar to many other China-based online stores, Didobridal is operated along with a number of sister shopping websites by the same company. So far I am pretty sure that is of one the sister websites of, focused on different product lines though.

Prices & Discounts

The prices for the wedding dresses, flower girl dresses, prom dress or other special occasion dresses at do now show an obvious advantage compared to their competitors. However, the frequently issued coupon codes or special offers can save you a lot with deep discounts. For instance, the Hot Styles Sale is now going on there with up to 85% off. Most of the bestselling styles included are priced at under $100 after discount.
Discounted Special Occasion Dresses at Didobridal

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