AliExpress Top Sellers Review

If you are a regular shopper of, you may have noticed that almost every category has a list of top sellers listed on the left navigation. These AliExpress top sellers are verified by and rated basically in terms of positive feedback percentage, seller tier, sale volume, customer service and more. As such suppliers have a proven record of good reputation, trading with them is generally more hassle-free.

Based on my findings, the AliExpress Top Sellers have a positive customer feedback percentage as high as 100% — so far 93% seems to be the lowest standard among such suppliers. In addition, the top sellers usually have a much higher orders completed rate as well as a much bigger feedback quantity over the past 6 months.

AliExpress Top Sellers

You can check out the details of the top-rated suppliers by visiting their stores. In the store homepage of each store, you can find the product listing, top-selling products, feedback score, TrustPass Profile, About Us and Contact Details of the seller at the top navigation. Below is the list of featured products the seller offers, most of which are on-sale products or best-selling products.

On the Feedback Score page, you will find the seller’s feedback profile (positive feedback rate), total feedback score, member since), feedback history (numbers of positive feedback, neutral feedback and negative feedback) and customer ratings and comments. From my personal viewpoint, I think the best way to confirm the credibility of the seller is to read the detailed reviews of the seller left by previous buyers. You may gain a better understanding of the products and service the seller offers from the specific customer comments and then make a decision on whether to trade with the store or not. Just as the saying goes, “the real voice matters”.

Seller Feedback Profile

The TrustPass Profile of AliExpress top sellers are particularly worth checking out too. There you can see the detailed information about the company authentication, including the company name, year of registration, legal representative, legal form, issuing authority and more. Each of the top sellers is authenticated and verified by an authoritative third party such as ACP and ZD Info. From the authentication information provided there, you can be at least confident that it is a legitimate company and you won’t be scammed or ripped off.

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  1. Hi, I own my own business and was wondering to save me a lot of money and scamming is there a list anywhere on the internet that gives us a list of the top aliexpress and Ali baba sellers to use..??

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