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When I came across the so called “AliExpress scam” complaint in one forum, I couldn’t help laughing. The angry buyer claimed that AliExpress sent him a wrong item he never ordered. Based on my knowledge about AliExpress, it is no way possible as AliExpress is only a wholesale transaction platform – it does not sell any item, not to mention ship out any item to any customer. Obviously, this buyer was either ripped off by a seller doing business on or encountered an unprofessional operation carried out by the seller.

In this case, the buyer should report the problem to AliExpress for mediation or contact the seller first to solve the problem. Given such misunderstandings about AliExpress, I think I should share all of my familiar facts about AliExpress, which may help you more clearly identify whether AliExpress scam is a reality or not.aliexpress super deals

Facts about
1. An express wholesale channel of, which was founded in 1999;
2. Officially went live in April, 2010;
3. Mainly serving small businesses, including Chinese small suppliers and global small re-sellers.
4. Accepting PayPal, credit card, MasterCard and bank transfer (TT payment);
5. Offering Escrow service to protect payment from buyers. AliExpress will only release funds to the supplier after the buyer confirms satisfactory delivery of your order. If the buyer is unhappy about the item or purchase, he or she can submit a refund request to AliExpress to ask for a refund or a solution;

6. All orders placed on AliExpress will be processed quickly, mostly within 1 week.
7. Small quantity orders are extensively accepted while for some items, minimum order quantity starts from 1 piece only;

8. AliExpress adopts a set of strict policies to verify each supplier before they are accepted as registered members and start to list their items there. In Chinese foreign trade communities, many suppliers complain that they can’t pass the censor by AliExpress and thus are not able to successfully register with the website.

But as the number of suppliers there is huge, some may willfully escape the verification by difficult-to-spot means. Before you trade with any seller, do remember to check every detail of the supplier, including feedback score, membership tier, item specifications, etc. Besides, in case any problem occurs, make sure to save a record of all communication with the supplier, which will be used as powerful evidence in the event that a dispute between you arises.

9. Once you open a dispute against a supplier, AliExpress staff will take care of the mediation work. However, the whole process may need some time as the platform needs to collect enough evidence to make an impartial ruling. So if you happen to encounter such unpleasant experience, you’d better be patient enough before AliExpress helps you solve the problem.

I personally believe that it’s unfair to spread the “AliExpress scam” voice everywhere while the company is trying its best to help you get through the issue. Nothing is born perfect — AliExpress is still young in cross-border express wholesale business and needs time to improve itself. After all, the wholesale website belongs to the world’s biggest wholesale group and its credibility is unquestionable.

My advice: shopping at should be cautious to avoid scams committed by certain suppliers – following the guidelines about how to find good sellers there may help you out; before doing enough research on the suppliers, items and services on AliExpress, never assume that the AliExpress scam complaints are 100% true, otherwise you may miss out really fantastic business opportunities; the best way to make sure you are trading with a reliable supplier and will get satisfactory item from the supplier, is to place a very small order to test all the details before you place a bigger order.


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170 Responses to “Facts about AliExpress Scam”

  1. InsideAlibaba Says:

    AliExpress is only a wholesale transaction platform.

  2. C Says:

    Aliexpress is a business currently utilizing dishonest business practices by American standards. Are they a scam? Take my example:

    I placed an order for 5 iMac desktop computers for almost $5,000. The seller accepted the order and posted a tracking number for EMS shipping, even though I selected UPS. The tracking number offered no information. I had to wait ten days before I could file a complaint with Aliexpress. During that time, the tracking number repeatedly showed no information. After ten days, this is what happened:

    I explained the situation in the *very* small amount of space allotted for the complaint. No communication from the buyer, false tracking, etc. I actually filed this on January 1st, 2011. They responded on Jan. 4 with a message stating:

    “In order to move forward with this case, we need to receive a response from the buyer within 5 days.”

    HOWEVER, the message was dated 3/1/11 or March 1, 2011. They gave the buyer two extra months, on top of their “five days” in order to respond. I suspect this is to ameliorate their only source of income: the buyers.

    I sent messages to every single complaint department, including the department designated for complaining about the practices of the complaint department (literally, the email is Today is Jan. 27th and I have received nothing back, and nothing has changed.

    Twice I chatted with an online customer service representative who told me they would leave a note for the person assigned to this case, and I have received no response. Aliexpress underhandedly favor buyers in mediations, as buyers are their only source of income.

  3. C Says:

    *favors sellers, that is.

  4. Chris Conradie Says:

    All sounds wonderful until you buy something from Aliexpress (AE).

    I bought a car part and selected the option of completing the transaction through the AE own transport system. The supplier sends to AE and they send to the user. This obviously happens after payment. The following happend:

    I paid
    The supplier send the item to AE warehouse
    AE said they cannot send the item as it is a car part
    I offered to send my own courier to pick it up but they refused
    They do nothing
    They don’t answer emails (which was answered daily before payment)
    They dont respond to the complaint on their website
    I am totally frustrated and annoyed and cant help thinking its a scam.

  5. Ian Says:

    Ailexpress is only for Wholesale items?

  6. Volt Says:

    Principly speaking you are right 50/50 in my opinion, I am the AliExpress customer for only the 1st time and last ever. Their “Escrow Service” is just a fake “Dept” to keep customer waiting for a full month and to use those monies for their own investments, I think .

    You want to complain ? No luck ?
    I would say DO NOT BUY THINGS IN Alibaba/AliExpress.

    Buy from Amazon or Ebay is much much better and for trusted.


  7. joe Says:

    AliExpress is a website that allows or possibly takes part in selling memory chips that have been hacked to display larger memory volumes than are actually in the chips. If you order and try to cancel prior to shipment forget it, they have your money and that is the end of it. Complain to the US Customs service, and actual manufacturers whose name is imprinted on the product that you ordered and lets try to get China scammers banned from sending any products to the USA. Deal with the AliExpress and any China mainland supplier, manufacturers at your own risk.

  8. pb Says:

    Decided to try AliExpress and ordered 4 SD cards, all from different supplyers, thinking maybe one will turn out ok…3 were all fake, only taking a small percentage of there quoted mem size…All 3 failed data tests…The 4th, well that never arrived, in each case I have had my request for refunds turned down….Aliexpress have don nothing to help me….I think Aliexpress is a scam in its own right, by keeping on suppliers of fake goods…..

  9. Franz Sigel Shroy Says:

    AliExpress hosts dishonest companies as well as a FEW honest companies, just as this writer stated. However, AliExpress is ALSO a dishonest company and they have ripped me off about 10 times the last quarter of 2010. One seller sold items listed as 2PCS, so I bought three of these orders which should have totaled 6 items. The seller said that each order was only “1 PCS”, and they only wrote “2 PCS to introduce product to public”. AliExpress let it stand. I bought some gold “leather” bags which ended up being made of plastic. AliExpress let it also stand. I bought 50 of one item, but 5 items showed up. They said it was a listing mistake by their employee. AliExpress also let this one stand. I never received 50 of an item, and 50 of another item. AliExpress marked both of these items as “received” without my permission and also let these sales stand. In EACH of these cases I complained, filed formal protests and send photos and copies of emails, and in EVERY SINGLE CASE AliExpress found in favor of the seller who ripped me off! So, don’t act like AliExpress is an honest company and it is just the sellers that rip off the public. BOTH the sellers and AliExpress rip off the public. I did find 5 honest companies, but because of getting ripped off by the 10 dishonest sellers it is impossible to make a profit so buying anything from AliExpress is a complete waste of time!

  10. Wholesale Prom Dresses from China Says:

    […] is the hint indicating the quality level of the prom dresses, but not always. You should beware of scammers. So it is important to buy from a trustworthy marketplace or factory. In China, the best known prom […]

  11. Dale Says:

    Aliexpress and alibaba is a scam. I got ripped off by them. Lots of criminals working there. They violated an account i dont even use. I think we should start a class action suit against them and shut them down and jail the criminals who run the web site.
    Do not buy from them.
    Paypal dumped them because they are ripping people off

    If you cant use paypal, then you are not protected. Alibaba and Aliexpress will take your money and you may never see it again or your product, and they do not cut off scammers. Stay away from these dirty criminals

  12. Jon Says:

    Aliexpress is real scam. I just bought tablet pc calling f7 with the seller name is KATE WANG. In the her website said, the tablet can use sim card to call but actually when i tried to put my sim card did not want to insert and i tried so many different way to insert it and it still won’t let me insert. So i complained and wrote the bad feedback to her and then she said if i delete my feedback then she will refurn me my money. She also said return the product to her and she took care the shipping charged. So I followed her word sent the product back to her and deleted the feedback, then i never get any refund from her not even a penny.

    This is her website:

    I suggest to anybody don’t buy China Product cause they will steal ur money.

    Thank U (07-1-2012)

  13. Admin Says:

    Hi Jon,

    Sorry to hear that you got an unpleasant experience with the Aliexpress seller. From your case, we noticed that you followed the advice of the seller after the dispute was incurred. This is how some scammers always do! They mislead and cheat their unhappy customers by promising that they will refund them if they delete the bad reviews. Based on our knowledge, you should submit the case to for an unbiased ruling. As long as the evidence you provide is valid, you will get your refund. Unfortunately, you may have missed out the deadline to open a dispute against the seller.

    Anyway, one bad seller does not mean all sellers there are evil. Aliexpress is very famous in China as it belongs to the biggest foreign trade company Hopefully they are doing their best to attract and serve customers in order to compete against their competitors. For wholesale transaction platforms like, one thing you should always remember is to read carefully their policies before you place the very first order. That may well protect you from any scams.


  14. gee Says:

    This supplier wouldl not cancel my order. The I phone 4S leather red case was not in stock so, Sherry, wanted me to take it in black and requested that they cancel my order. I was redused c cancellation because she was me to state some other reason other than our of stock. Now they are trying to force me to accept the black on and bill me anyway. I have reported them to the BBB..who then gave me a phone # that only was a recording. Scam Criminals

  15. Lee Says:

    I recently had a transaction go through on my card – tried to call the USA number got voice message and left a message to call me back NO SUCH LUCK! Also, faxed head office and have not gotten an answer back. SAD

  16. Lee Says:

    How do we get them to REPLY! I do not know Chinese and even if I called the office I would not know how to explain the situation!

  17. Admin Says:

    Hi Lee,

    For your case, I would suggest you request your credit card company for a chargeback as soon as possible.


  18. Swagg Says:

    I ordered a helmet suppension system in a size S/M in dark earth colour and of course seller said I ordered L/XL black, which I recieved. Also the seller stated that it would be shipped via EMS, and after payment I recieved a promte email stating it would now be shipped via China Mail, adding another 3 weeks to the arrivel time.This is just par for the course with 3rd world suppliers. Word to the wise stick with eBay and you will be safe.

  19. Danyel Andrews Says:

    I purchased the hair based off the description no tangles pure virgin hair brazilian human hair all cuticles in one direction I received the hair omg it was synthetic Hair not human at all it tangled the first day I had it in I contacted the seller he stated he would give me a 5% discount if I changed my feedback to 4 stars so he is scamming every customer and a lot o the feedback is revised sad but true

  20. Liliane Says:

    AliExpress just rips people off for “small” amounts of money. How many hours of work are you prepared to do for free just to get your money back because something didn’t come or wasn’t what you ordered? Not to mention the frustration level–they routinely disable the second, necessary log in after you have already logged in to My Account, so you can’t even MAKE a complaint! I tried a direct email address and only reply, after several emails, was to log in, go to next step…..impossible! After two weeks, till deadline was reached and I gave up. That escrow protection is bullshit. You will never see your money again. AliExpress enriches countless crooked Chinese businesses, which is why Paypal LOST megabucks on them and pulled out after only one year! Save yourself time and money and adrenalin and STAY AWAY from AliExpress. Liliane, in France, November 2012

  21. Randeep Says:

    So I got it right. You people do not post negative reviews over here. What I had written against China websites was not digestable to you so you did not let me post my views. GOOD!!!. That proves that Chinese people and Chinese websites are just fraud.

  22. ARMANDO Says:

    the so called secure payment my white albanian ass aliexpress in a bounch of con freak’s dealing with them is a night mare they told me to pay via westerunion kuick pay soon as i do that the seller tells me they dont take westerunion payment from aliexpress and they know that so why the fuck did this mf let me pay via westerunion i lost round 20 dollars in fees and onother 20 in internet point chating to the mf robots and gess what is now 10 days still no refund every time the castomer service gets back to me with a answer is waite a ferther 7 monkey bessness days wish i had one of those mf here right now i well teach they how to deal with peaple worst experience ever wach out not from the sellers bout from aliexpress it self scamers and icopetent mf during bessness with others people money

  23. Admin Says:

    Hi there,

    Western Union is the last payment option I personally would suggest you use when shopping from Chinese suppliers. To keep your money safe, you are encouraged to use Paypal or credit card.

    Good luck.


  24. Admin Says:

    Hi there,

    To avoid spam reviews, we moderate each review before it is published. It may be delayed as we do not handle comments every day. Anyway, if you read more posts at our site, you will find good reviews, bad reviews or neutral reviews against Chinese suppliers everywhere. As a review website we are trying our best to stay unbiased.

    Thank you for visiting our site and sharing your review.


  25. Admin Says:

    Hi Danyel,

    Sorry to hear that you encountered a terrible shopping experience with the seller. We have reminded our readers again and again that when you trade with Aliexpress sellers, never bypass the site to solve any dispute between you and the sellers, especially if they ask you to change your feedback for them in order to solve the problem. It is very likely to get scammed if you do follow what they suggest. Instead, you should report the case to the Aliexpress customer service team — they will rule the case based on the evidence you provid.


  26. Randeep Says:


    I agree that there are good reviews, negative reviews and neutral reviews for all Chinese suppliers but I also think that a company cannot satisfy all persons. Of course there will be some people who will be dissatisfied either with quality or with service of any site (not only Chinese, but also US site or Indian site) but here the case is that of the number of complaints and the type of complaints (Aliexpress does not respond to customers for refund of payment). In my previous post (which has not yet been published), I gave you a list of 8 sites that has a large number of complaints against Aliexpress and yet you say in your blog that it is a genuine site.

    Also as you say that you are staying unbiased, can you show me any review for any Chinese site by you people on which you have given your negative opinions. Of course, you also know that there are many Chinese sites that are cheating people but I do not see any negative reviews for them on your website. You only give positive reviews on your website.

    Of course I do agree that there are many good Chinese sites that are doing good business and providing excellent service and products.

    It was good to know that you also agree with me that Paypal is the best option to pay for the Chinese sites.


  27. Admin Says:

    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear that you got such awful shopping experience with Hope their service team can see your review here and provide you a solution.

    Thank you for your comment. Good luck!


  28. Roader Says:

    Aliexpress taking parts for sellers. You can not file a claim when you discover that you have been scammed. You can only file a claim if you do not receive the item.
    I have been scammed by Aliexpress. I have bought many electronics and ALL of them become
    broken after a few times use.
    My suggestion DO NOT buy electronics from Aliexpress. They look cheap but they do not
    work. And warranty is a joke.

  29. Starwars Says:

    SCAM SCAM SCAM!!DONT BUY FROM CHINA BOTTOM LINE! – SCAM, , -SCAM , i bought a netbook from for $119 and on the product they said free shiping by DHL world wide, so ordered the item, made payment through western union and provided them my shipping address information and i awaited my product , 2 weeks later my product never arrived,so i contacted the sales people to inquire about why my product and why it had not arrived they said they were confused about the shipping information and asked me to send them again my shipping address, i did that and they said my address was in remote area and DHL couldnt reach it and i should add another $35 for shipping, i told them i didnt have the money to add on the shipping and they should refund me my money, they said maybe is i provided them with another address they wil ship my goods by hongkong post or china post without any cost to me, crazy uh? i only have one address and its the one i gave them and i just needed my refund, they send they couldnt bear the cost of western union charges and would use part of my money to make the transfer, so i wrote the to say, why in hell should u charge me with the refund?i used my money to cover western union charges and you do the same, they wrote back said if only i could give them a different address, i told them that you people dont understand , 1.i dont have money to add on to shipping by DHL and 2. I dont have another address. i just need you to refund me my money but if it makes you happy to put western union charges on my account then do that and send me the rest of the money, they never replied and didnt send my money. i order 6 computers from they charged me $630 i asked them for a tracking number, a day later when they sent it, i entered it and it wasnt working, i emailed to tell them it wasnt working they said i try later,told them i tried it 10times and it wasnt working. they stopped replying to my emails and since i havent heard anything back from them. so total got scammed ot of $741 and the last supplier came from between to contact suppliers coz they sll your information to scams and spam your inbox.

  30. Admin Says:

    Again, I remind all global buyers that paying by Western Union is highly risky as you can not get back your money once any problem occurs.


  31. Larry Says:

    I have bought a few items through Aliexpress 2 of the items were recieved in less than 12 days. I am still waiting on a third item for over 70 days now. I opened a dispute before the deadline and requested a refund for unrecieved order. They have done nothing to help me.

    So you may save money on items purchased through them but you will certanly loose more money in the long run for an item you will not recieve and still get billed for.

    My advice don’t use Ali Express if not willing to loose money.
    You will get ripped off.
    I don’t buy through them anymore.

  32. Mary Says:

    Scam. I bought a pair of “genuine” leather boots that turned out to be hiddeous plastic pieces of S…
    The seller said that if I changed my review and give them 5 stars, they would refund me. I was stupid enough to do it and of course they never refunded me.

    I made 2 complaints to Ali Express:
    – First one on they “complaint” platform. AliExpress replied it was my fault because should have opened a dispute in the first place. They also said that since the vendor advised me I would get a refund, I should be happy! Great news indeed. Seems like Ali Express protects these crooks.

    – Second complaint and last chance was to report an abuse (the order was not completely closed yet). Second reply from AliExpress: my fault for giving the vendor 5 stars.

    I believe Ali Express doesn’t care about their customers. This is sad because I purchased some great items from good sellers. However, I’m not going to take any risk anymore and I won’t purchase from this site.

  33. Admin Says:

    As we always remind buyers who want to trade with sellers at
    1) do remember to read their dispute policies carefully before you start your shopping there; otherwise, once a dispute is incurred, you may miss the deadline of opening a dispute and as a result can not get the refund.
    2) never trust sellers’ suggestion to change the negatie feedback for them in order to get the refund. This is always a lie!
    3) when a dispute happens, open a dispute in time and solve the prolbem through the platform. Let the Aliexpress dispute customer support team handle our case. Don’t try to get a solution through a negotiation with the seller only.

  34. Alex Says:

    I just had a very bad experience with Aliexpress, I purchase a Haipai MTK 6575 cost $219.91 from a shit store call ShenZhen Saddle Technology Co., Ltd., the order take more than 2 month to reach me, and it did not work at all, contact with seller and Aliexpress for refund for weeks, I get nothing but tell me to wait. Shit. be carefull of this seller:

    ShenZhen Saddle Technology Co., Ltd. is a scammer:

    Also, I took look at his feedback, the feedback with big problem, they are not untrusted:

    One buyer purchase from ShenZhen Saddle Technology Co., Ltd. more than 10 orders with in one day(exactly, the orders were placed within 5 minutes), and more than 30 orders within one week, most of the orders are 1 piece each order.

    Do you think it’s reasonable that a client place 10 orders to the same seller in the same day? and the client place more than 30 orders within one week? and all feedback are good from this buyer.

    The most untrusted is the client order 10 orders for the same item from the same seller and 1 piece for each order, please don’t forget, it’s free shipping item, why the client doing like this?

    If you are a buyer, and you want to buy 10 same item, will place your order one piece by one piece? I am sure 99% clients will buy all 10 items in one order.

    So what is the balance 1%, the balance 1% is seller and buyer are from same store, or the buyer work for seller and seller pay commission to “BUYER”, they buy and sell continuously, in that case, the seller can earn lots of positive feedback.

    Totally, the feedback from some Aliexpress not trusted, I also check on Chinese website by google translate, there are many agent helping Aliexpress or taobao(another website like aliexpress under alibaba company) seller earn positive feedback, what the seller need to pay is a small commission, say RMB1000-4000 for 1000 positive feedback.

    Last I would say, please be away from ShenZhen Saddle Technology Co., Ltd., they are a scammer.

    If possible, please also be away from Aliexpress, the feedbacks are not believable, if you have problem with the seller, Aliexpress can do nothing for you, because it’s seller pay for Aliexpress, they must protect buyer,and close their eyes for the scammer.

  35. LM Says:

    ‘AliExpress will only release funds to the supplier after the buyer confirms satisfactory delivery of your order.’


    AliExpress releases funds even if the order does not arrive.

    Seller Milooney wedding dress company took money for a custom order, did not change the order and sent me the worst piece of crap imaginable.

    And then when you say you did not receive what you paid for, AliExpress allows sellers to ‘reject’ your claim. Oh, so sellers can just call me a liar, and AliExpress protects them?


  36. Carlo Says:

    ITS A SCAM!…I recently put a purchase order in and was told the next day my order has been canceled for security purposes..
    Then I got an email saying I need to be verified
    What do they want
    Copy of my id and my credit card details
    Yer right as if im gonna provide that….
    Y would they ask that/
    Seems like im not the only one who has had this happend to
    Come on we are constanly told NOT to give out our details
    On top of that there is no one u can call email Nothing

    Ive purchased from DH Gate No prob
    These guys can go to hell
    Check their forum page, c that im not the only one

  37. Admin Says:

    Hi Carlo,

    In case other people are interested in the case like yours, I’ve published a post as a reply to your question and concern, please read it here:

  38. james Says:

    There are some honest seller also on aliexpres.i do have some bad experiences but mainly i got into contact with good supplier.
    As they sell goods very cheap so quality is according to price.
    The worst thing about chinese seller is that they treat u like an idiot.they think they r very clever.
    they pretend not to understand english than they do appologies.
    Aliexpress can be a very good site if admin take some seriouse action against scammers.
    Only authentic, reliable and 100% verified supplier should be allowed to sell goods.
    complains should be handled very seriously . And customer should get refund asap.

  39. Aggie Says:

    I’ve purchased many items from Aliexpress sellers over the last several weeks. I’ve had very good experiences with almost all of them. For the few incorrect shipments I’ve received, I opened a timely dispute and was given refunds very quickly. I do not feel that I have been ripped off or scammed in any way. Of course, I’m careful about reading seller feedback and placing only small orders the first time. If I am satisfied with the integrity of the seller and the order I will increase the amounts in my next order. If I’m not satisfied with the seller, I will not purchase from them again. I use the Aliexpress escrow payment method and, as yet, have had no problems. Many of the sellers on Aliexpress, at least for the products I am purchasing, are also selling on Ebay. Thus far, I don’t think Aliexpress sellers are any better or worse than most that I have dealt with on Ebay or other websites. In fact, I would like to see Aliexpress give Ebay a run for its money. I’m fed up with Ebay and its Monopoly on this sort of internet trading.

  40. Lawson Says:

    Complaint DetailsGeneral Information
    Case Number: 410808971 Website: (Order Number: 1020724796)
    Their Contact Information
    Company Name: junfeng chen Website/Product Url:
    Contact Person: junfeng chen Email:
    Complaint Description
    Complaint Type: Order not as described Product(s): 2012 free shipping Features collar Men Korean Slim Paul shirt cotton long-sleeved polo shirt cotton men B02 black drown gray
    Transaction Amount: US $ 30.00 Payment Date: 27/11/2012
    Payment Method: wp101

    Current StatusStatus Details Action
    Processing To move forward with this case…
    To move forward with this case, buyer needs to provide enough evidence such as clear pictures, videos and any other relevant information to support this claim within 3 calendar days. Any forged or modified evidence will not be accepted.

    Dispute Order On Aliexpress

    Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response.
    Please log in to to provide the evidence to AliExpress before the due date.

    Dear ,

    Thank you for contacting Alibaba.I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your order .

    1. Your previously-submitted request is rejected due to no evidence provided.

    2. As you claimed that the items are not as described, much more effective evidence should be provided. Please provide clear pictures/videos to show the difference within 3 calendar days. (Please don‘t provide pictures instead of video if video is requested). If it is not same as picture, we will ask seller to provide the address.

    Failure to provide the valid evidence before the deadline, this case will be closed with full payment released to the seller.

    1) Any forged, modified or repetitive evidence will not be accepted.
    2) The size of the evidence should be limited to 2 MB; if your evidence is oversized, you can upload to Mediafire ( and provide valid website link to us.
    3) How to create your Mediafire account and use Mediafire? Please click this website ( and refer to “5.Mediafire User Guide”.

    PS: If there’s any agreement reached with the supplier before this case is closed, please provide your supportive evidence on the complaint centre. Or AliExpress shall have the right to proceed to handle the Claim based on the supporting documents available and/or the settlement terms reached in the Order Messages within the Time Limit between the Buyer and the Supplier.

    Your understanding and cooperation will be appreciated.

    Best regards,

    AliExpress Case Management Team

    Please note that when you cancel the claim, we will assume you agree to release the payment to the seller.

    Cancel Complaint

    If you are still unable to resolve the issue or reach an agreeable settlement with the other party five days after a complaint was submitted, you can choose to request help from by clicking File a Claim.HistoryFrom Date Details Attachment(s)
    anura Lawson 04/01/2013 I emailed the seller immediate…
    I emailed the seller immediately after I received the package, I was under the impression that I could send the item back return to sender. The USPS service explained that I needed to pay and that I needed to email the company. I showed USPS the package and they expressed to me that I needed an English address in China in order to successfuly return the package with postage paid by me. I amended my dispute do to the fact that the seller refuses to communicate with me in regards to giving me the shipping address so that I can return the item back to him, in essence the seller is forcing mw to keep a product that I do not want and that looks nothing like the picture. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my husband, he was not able to enjoy this gift because it looks nothing like the picture. I have included pictures of my husband who is very small. I have attached photos of the product which looks nothing like the shirt on the seller’s website. The quality was a very poor quality and the sewing was horrible. As you can see from the pictures my husband is very small and should be able to fit the shirt if it was properly made in accord with the pictures as advertised. All I want is to return my order and receive my money back. I have asked for the seller’s return address many times and they refuse to give it to me. This is not professional at all if you sell a fradulant product allow the customer the recourse to return the product if they are not happy. I am not happy and this is not professional.

    Conversation Details for Ali Express Chen.doc
    Your Dispute Details Ali Express Chen.doc
    Item specifics and Product Picture Ali Express Chen.doc
    Product Image with current reviews.doc
    Anura Lawson pictures 126.jpg

    Administrator 03/01/2013 To move forward with this case…
    To move forward with this case, buyer needs to provide enough evidence such as clear pictures, videos and any other relevant information to support this claim within 3 calendar days. Any forged or modified evidence will not be accepted.

    Dispute Order On Aliexpress

    Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response.
    Please log in to to provide the evidence to AliExpress before the due date.

    Dear ,

    Thank you for contacting Alibaba.I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your order .

    1. Your previously-submitted request is rejected due to no evidence provided.

    2. As you claimed that the items are not as described, much more effective evidence should be provided. Please provide clear pictures/videos to show the difference within 3 calendar days. (Please don‘t provide pictures instead of video if video is requested). If it is not same as picture, we will ask seller to provide the address.

    Failure to provide the valid evidence before the deadline, this case will be closed with full payment released to the seller.

    1) Any forged, modified or repetitive evidence will not be accepted.
    2) The size of the evidence should be limited to 2 MB; if your evidence is oversized, you can upload to Mediafire ( and provide valid website link to us.
    3) How to create your Mediafire account and use Mediafire? Please click this website ( and refer to “5.Mediafire User Guide”.

    PS: If there’s any agreement reached with the supplier before this case is closed, please provide your supportive evidence on the complaint centre. Or AliExpress shall have the right to proceed to handle the Claim based on the supporting documents available and/or the settlement terms reached in the Order Messages within the Time Limit between the Buyer and the Supplier.

    Your understanding and cooperation will be appreciated.

    Best regards,

    AliExpress Case Management Team

    Please note that when you cancel the claim, we will assume you agree to release the payment to the seller.

    anura Lawson 27/12/2012 The order received looks nothi…
    The order received looks nothing like the order placed. The seller refuses to give the buyer an address to send the product back to. “This is my third request for you address. I am trying to send a package back to you, I have a dispute and I need your address to send your package back to you. Please send me the address in English. I will have to escalate this to a claim if you refuse to provide me with an address to ship the product back to. ”

    To move forward with this case, buyer needs to provide enough evidence such as clear pictures, videos and any other relevant information to support this claim within 3 calendar days. Any forged or modified evidence will not be accepted.

    Dispute Order On Aliexpress

    Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response.
    Please log in to to provide the evidence to AliExpress before the due date.

    Dear ,

    Thank you for contacting Alibaba.I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your order .

    1. Your previously-submitted request is rejected due to no evidence provided.

    2. As you claimed that the items are not as described, much more effective evidence should be provided. Please provide clear pictures/videos to show the difference within 3 calendar days. (Please don‘t provide pictures instead of video if video is requested). If it is not same as picture, we will ask seller to provide the address.

    Failure to provide the valid evidence before the deadline, this case will be closed with full payment released to the seller.

    1) Any forged, modified or repetitive evidence will not be accepted.
    2) The size of the evidence should be limited to 2 MB; if your evidence is oversized, you can upload to Mediafire ( and provide valid website link to us.
    3) How to create your Mediafire account and use Mediafire? Please click this website ( and refer to “5.Mediafire User Guide”.

    PS: If there’s any agreement reached with the supplier before this case is closed, please provide your supportive evidence on the complaint centre. Or AliExpress shall have the right to proceed to handle the Claim based on the supporting documents available and/or the settlement terms reached in the Order Messages within the Time Limit between the Buyer and the Supplier.

    Your understanding and cooperation will be appreciated.

    Best regards,

    AliExpress Case Management Team

    Please note that when you cancel the claim, we will assume you agree to release the payment to the seller.

  41. vic Says:

    in november 2012 i have bought products from aliexpress seller — her name is jiaai li
    her email is
    her paypal is
    she has already closed the shop after she ribbed me
    the seller ignores completly my emails


    i really made a transaction with a thief

  42. Mar A. Says:

    definitely a scam…. i ordered a cellphone last month and paid it accordingly…. unfortunately i did not received the cellphone and the refund that i requested…. so please avoid ordering in it is not reliable online business……

  43. Kathi Says:

    Ah yes Ali Express what a joke. I am a small business owner and have been burned once, and that will neve happen again because I will never purchase from them again. There is no recourse if you have a problem and they suggest you communicate with the seller to resolve the issue. You can see the seller online and try to communicate and they say is I will contact the company in my case Canon and I will get back to you. Every time I try to contact them they say “haven’t heard anything will get back with you”. I’m still waiting. Don’t do it stick to American made products and buld our economy.

  44. Manowar Says:

    just been ripped off of $600 from Aliexpress, seller lied about an item. on the product desciption it says it ia a genuine Samsung Note 2 phone with all the photos from Samsung website …. what I received was a cheap chinese replica … now I cannot even open a dispute on Aliexpress as there is no such option anywhere on their website. and there is no complaint/trouble ticket system in place.
    and there simply are no human beings behind this website, no one to contact, noone to complain to … nothing, nada, niet
    morality … DO NOT BUY CHINESE

  45. Mike Says:

    Paid several hundred dollars for item. Package arrived was very small in a hand woven sack. Item received was nothing like what was pictured. Return postage was way too high — about $75. So submitted complaint. They just run you through a long process and then state not enough evidence and disperse funds to the seller. In other words, if you dispute you give up your right to a refund. So realize it is cost prohibitive to return the merchandise, which is not always what is pictured. And furthermore, the seller rating is fraudulent. Even if you give all 1’s — they add the three 1st together, so that all sellers get above three stars, even if you gave the poorest rating on all three measures. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SITE IS FRAUDULENT. Also note: YAHOO Is owned in part by Alibaba — the Chinese Fraud Company that owns AliExpress.
    STAY AWAY FROM YAHOO (discontinue use of Y mail and yahoo mail) , Alibaba and AliExpress.

  46. Mike Says:

    AVOID this fraud seller on AliExpress:

    the best supplier wholesale co., ltd
    China (Mainland)

  47. dawn Says:

    I bought. A receiver from sell ray-shun and. All is see on my order is funds processing then I see finished, I am lost as to what this means. I have sent numerous emails and none was replied to. I wanted to buy 60 xc403p receivers good thing I ordered one first to see how things work. I am in the dark as to what is happening to my order the order details stated funds processing then it went to finished can any one tell me what that means

  48. Sergey Says:

    Hi there! Please remember – this web-site are scammers:
    Store No.117732
    i bought 10 pcs of Watches – they send me really ugly quality watches, all of them are broken now.

  49. Maureen Says:

    I don’t know aliexpress but some idiot is posting over 950 spam comments for an aliexpress store on my blog a day. I can’t complain on their site because they require me to have a product code which I don’t have or his member ID which I don’t have. All I have is the aliexpress url that I see over and over and over.

    Thanks, I just had to vent. I will never ever buy anything from anyone there.

  50. Pissed Says:

    Aliexpress works great .. untill you meet the scam artist.
    From this moment on its a 6 month on going battle to try get money back.

    Aliexpress has left the dispute sitting for 3 months without a single change

    they clearly have no intent on sorting out this refund, its stuck in there escrow service
    theres no phone email or address to place complaints into.

    the only option i have is to spam the seller with emails none stop….. and this is not making a change.

    I think this is how they make the most of there money. Dispute arrives .. they just keep it

  51. Robert Says:

    The transaction date of my order was 03/12/2013. Got order confirmation same day and seller processed the order in 2 days. With seller promised Delivery Time:15-26 Days, the item should arrive within 04/10/2013. With no Item received till 04/29/2013, and tracking# trail lost, emailed the seller asking him for a full refund if not delivered within60 days.. Sellers advised me ,” please be more patient. please do not worry about it, if it is lost on the way, we can resend you a new just let’s wait and see, ok?”. The seller objective was to keep me inactive for an INDEFINITE period of time, while less than 2 weeks left, to dispute my credit card. With no order received and unsuccessful negotiation with seller to get a refund tried to open dispute with aliexpress and received Error Message. Aliexpress does not cooperate. Only a dispute with my credit Card solved the PROBLEM.
    Seller has Contractual Obligation with Aliexpress. Aliexpress has Contractual Obligation with the Credit Card Bank. Credit Card Bank has Contractual Obligations with consumer, based on Credit Card Consumer protection ACT.
    If anything goes wrong and consumer stays inactive beyond 60 days, then everybody will be off the hook, and the Consumer WILL RUN OUT OF LUCK. While the seller will get the money, the Consumer will Get Nothing, or a Different Inferior Product, or a Fake Product.

  52. Salon Says:

    As far I can see this place is filled with humble idiots that don’t follow rules and lack common sense and then cry when they are scammed, I been buying from dealextreme, tinydeal, alliexpress, and other’s (including ebay, and I don’t know why some of you think that ebay is safer when the people selling at alliexpress most of the time is also selling at ebay… I guess placebos taste good), if the sellers has less than 200 transactions then don’t waste your time, go for the sellers with with at least 1000 transactions if you’re buying something expensive, and 200+ for cheap shit, if a seller with 1000+ transactions sells the product you want and a new user with 20 transactions sells the same product for 20% less, then you better go with the 1000+ transactions seller if you don’t want to be scammed.

    If it sounds too good to be real, then it’s fake, simple as that.

    Completed transactions from china = Hundreds
    Times being scammed = Zero.

  53. franz Says:

    what site should i buy a pair of shoes?a reliable site? me at

  54. robert Says:

    Well, I started using Aliexpress for almost 1 year, because apparantly I found the goods for a very reasonable price. However, also I found that Aliexpress help you almost nothing if the seller cheat you. My suggestion, do not start business at Aliexpress otherwise you have a risk to loose your money..

  55. sondra Says:

    I have ordered shoes from alliexpress suppliers and many times they do not give me what I order. Just to let everyone know. Something needs to be done about that. It wont stop if nothing is done.

  56. Anna Says:

    If you’re careful and thorough, you have a lower chance of being scammed, and can get ridiculously good deals. But if you are scammed, beware, Alliexpress will always favor the seller. That’s all there is to it.

  57. Jake Says:

    I do not understand all those complaints.
    I have ordered several times on aliexpress. first samples then larger amounts. Then resold those items in my country and yes, I did have problems like a broken umbrella or faulty products from time to time but all I did was opening a dispute and send pictures or film of faulty products and in no time I received a full or partial refund.
    It is not a SCAM! Some companies there try really hard to be professional despite their poor english.

  58. Kip Says:

    What I though I was purchasing (according to the title) of the product was not what I received. I attempted a refund but the poor communication from the vendor made it impossible. I will never do business with this company again.

  59. Excel Says:

    I have contrary opinion about Aliexpress. I buy things from the site every month since 2012.
    I did not receive my order once which was my fault being my first time of transacting.
    As far as I’m concerned, AE is trying. I have gotten refund twice.
    Customers monies are protected.
    Please stop tarnishing the site’s image. We do biz with them and enjoy them as well.

  60. Mark Says:

    my first experience with AliExpress and a pretty bad one. Milo Zhang
    First time at AliExpress i bougth 10 Power Banks oke.. Afterwards there are a lot of flaws with the accessories i forgave him and completed the order. Later on i discovered that the power banks are not 2600mah as discribed but far lower than 1000 mah and he fucking admits like he is proud and told me not to contact him!! How can a seller behave like that? i mean don’t you want to build up trust and reputation as a company? Some sellers are trustworty, but trust me thats like 1 in 30 sellers or so

  61. daryll g wood Says:

    well i have seen allot of comments on here. the site ali express ie scams. or should i say some of their sellers are frauds. what bothers me the most. is that their still there ripping people off. i guess the way they work. is they rip so many people until they make so much money then they move on??. well this time they have ripped off the wrong fellow.i purchased from four sellers. that were selling 10 yuan 1/0z china panda coins. when i first received the first one which took 3 weeks or longer. i have tried all i could do to be civil about thease purchases. contacted each seller now at least 3 times. and of course there is no answer. i tried to do the dispute of course that doesnt work.i have tried for over two weeks now to get a response from anyone. still i receive no help no answer. so alibaba, or ali express. or what ever you feel like calling yourselves. im going to show you what a man with a legal degree does to thieves. i can guarantee you the sellers or the company that lets the sellers rip off their customers are just as much at fault as the fraudulent seller. so for myself and all the other people that have been ripped off from thease scammers. i am going to the federal trade commision, the better business bureau and etc. i will have this company shutt down. and then all the thieves will be stopped . i hope you are reading this because the american people are tired of being scammed. i am one of them this time you should take the time to read this comment. because im 100% for real. have a nice day. dg.wood

  62. Jurgen Frank Says:

    Alixpress is one big automated marketplace
    support will give you loop after loop on steps to do and ending up nowhere.
    Most of the stuff they sell is fake and they understand you perfectly before you buy
    but after that , no good english , no refund and continues repeating the same questions over and over
    Alixpress alway favors the seller when it comes to claims.
    There system of selling , customersupport and communication is pre 2000 and they don’t care as
    long as the money keeps on rollin in.
    There are so many errors in their website that it is unbelievable that this site is still up and running.
    My advice , let other people get the hastle of buying on alixpress , and those people will sell it
    on amazon anyway for the few cents extra profit.By it at amazon and your covert.

  63. Jim Says:

    I have bought many things in Aliexpress
    not all seller are cheat
    recommend a good seller for you
    i am sure you will like her


    Note: the above comment is posted by an IP belonging to Zhejiang, China and for this reason we believe it should be a fake review. We still approve the moderation simply to warn our readers.

  64. B Says:

    I searched bing regarding scams and harassment from eBay & aliexpress and found this site and hope that you all can help me with this extremely serious matter.I just learned that ebay owns aliexpress! After filing a claim against ebay for selling a hookah products and at the same time was scammed by an eBay seller that did not send all of my items, a man named Mr. King from eBay that responded to the bbb claim in which I challenged Mr. King who stated he worked in the eBay Presidents office is now harassing me from an old dispute I had to file from a defective item received from aliexpress. So these two companies are either linked/aliexpress owned by ebay which I certainly believe to be true considering I was speaking to Mr. King on bbb about ebay not allowing selling of my hookah item, however I am being harassed by Mr. King from the security department of aliexpress now. My main concern in the bbb claim in which ebay has basically bought the bbb as they closed my case before uploading a report I plan to publish about all of the drug parapharnelia eBay is allowimg sellers to sell even thoufh it violates ebays own policy of their drug and tobacco policy. I believe the harassment I am now receiving from Mr. King from emails connecting him to the tradesecurity at aliexpress site is directly correlated to the bbb dispute which is for public viewing and also an attempt from Mr. King to silence me and my report regarding Mr. King not allowing healthy hookah items to be sold on eBay yet allows after several months of reporting this matter to eBay the illegal drug/tobacco continue to be sold and in the thousands of items beings sold for tremendous profit for eBay on the FVF’s & PayPal fees. Any suggestions on how to handlw and seek recourse when the employee of eBay working in the Office of the President of eBay is harassing me from the aliexpress site. Another issue, with the eBay mobile app can locate and identity all known accounts, passwords, everything just about on your phone, the same with the privacy policy when using your mobile or pc withour an app. I do not know that my information has been compromised by Mr. King, however he responded to me unsolicited on aliexpress from a case previosly found in my favor and closed and Mr. King just reopened it. All positive suggestions welcome as to my legal rights that appear to be violated as well as who to reach out to regarding this matter. Thank you in advance as I will definitely come back to review your responses on a daily basis.. – 8/24/2013

  65. Admin Says:


    You said ebay owns aliexpress? It is definitely impossible. is the most famous trading platform for small and medium-sized merchants. It belongs to Alibaba Group. Although aliexpress and ebay may target different group of customers: one for businesses and the other for end consumers. They are technically strong competitors against each other.


  66. Sarah Says:

    My Daughter ordered pants, legging and shirts from this site… they shipped it to a non existent address and blame it on her. They said she put in the wrong address. You cannot mistake USA for something else but they did. My daughter is 18 yrs old. No way did she do that. Its a name we have never heard about or exist. They claimed they send it there and it was successful. The vendor refuse to refund or reship the order to the correct address. We try to find the owner of the site and make a complaint about the shop. We could not find anything or how to make such a complaint and instead we found this and many just like this. expensive lesson for a young person to learn.
    DON’T BUY from this site.

  67. Kane Says:

    I came on here because I was trying to find out why I couldn”t log in to my aliexpress account. Come to find out they were doing nightly maintenance. I have been reading many reviews and well… here is my take the good and the bad. I have purchased on aliexpress for many years and I have purchased many items in all manor of quantities.

    THE BAD:

    I agree escrow is crap. I have disputed many items. to be exact I have disputed 119 transactions.
    Of the 119 transactions escrow and aliexpress dispute resolution center have helped on 1 transaction.
    The others were a result of communication from the seller going from immediate response pre sale, to slim response after purchase, to absolutely none when trying to resolve a dispute… Just as many other buyers have said on here.
    Disputes for:
    items not as described
    to working only after a few uses or not working at all
    to poor quality,
    to missing quantities,
    to non delivery…
    to shown as delivery but still did not receive……..I”ve seen it all.

    Do not depend on the dispute resolution center, it is crap, it is there to waist time for the seller, It is a waiting game. to see who can last the longest. Why do you think it is so hard for you to find a true contact area or contact number. They are letting you go through the motions to delay time when the correct response is for you to dispute the charges with your credit card. The faster you do this the faster you will receive your funds. if paid by paypal you may be in luck, because while Aliexpress buyer protection is for the Chinese sellers, paypal is for the buyers and 9 times out if 10 your dispute will be honored.

    The other bad is delivery times
    This is not necessarily a bad if you understand the different delivery options.
    Theres post/air mail 15-45 days after shipped (60 days for select few countries)
    Theres epacket 2 weeks or less after shipped (only offered for select few countries)
    Theres express 5-7 days after shipped (usually DHL, EMS, TNT, etc)

    The Bad slash Good:
    A lot of these seller do not get to see the product themselves. We order from them, they order from a warehouse. Its the middle man game. So they are negotiating just like we are. they can not answer immediate questions because they are waiting on a response as well.. Its the classic, my people will be in touch with your people, when they get in touch with there people. And for the most part they really do try to provide good customer service. There are only a select few who physically have the product in there possession. This still does not get past the fact there are scammers and horrible sellers that abuse the awful system of checks and balances on Aliexpress. This is because they can just easily make another account and begin to scam again. Don”t believe me? Look up ebay and paypal stealth accounts. Experience right here people.

    The good
    Remember why we come to these websites, because the offer a product at cheaper than retail price…and for the most part the saying is correct, “You get what you pay for”.
    I RELY ON ALIEXPRESS for my business as I am a reseller.
    So here are some tips if you want to make a good purchase on that website.

    If you are just a once in awhile buyer, my suggestion is once you find an item:
    A. Find 10 – 20 more just like it. Some of the buyers may seem to be different but a lot of them have multiple accounts. Some do it to expand there visibility, others do it because of their low feedback rating.

    B. Read the feedback. Feedback can be informative as well as deceiving. If theres little feedback and the rating is low. Read what the feedback is. Is it not as described, stop working, broken, missing pieces, missing quantites??? These are feedbacks I would stay away from.
    Is it slow shipping, late shipping, never received. Sometimes its just misunderstand from the buyer with delivery times, or strict customs with certain countries (Italy, Spain, Germany, etc), or an item lost in the mail…believe me it happens, I”m from the U.S. and packages I ship gets lost by USPS. Bad feedback based on shipping isn”t that concerning unless the majority of the negative is because of late shipping. I say a 3 to 1 ratio on not receiving is bad enough to stay away from.
    Best option, ask the seller they can tell you the shipping methods, cost and usual arrival times to your country.

    Do not get caught up in the conspiracy theories. 1 person posted on here about a seller receiving multiple positive feedback from the same buyer for the same item. Stating why not purchase 10 or more rather than just the 1. Well…. I do that.. Like I said am a reseller and i have many items I sell in quantities of 1 that I have purchased 100”s of times and have my supplier ship directly to my customer. And i have left positive feedback for each successful delivery. It is not profitable for a seller to purchase there own item and leave positive feedback numerous times. Remember they pay fees for every sale and fees for all processed funds.

    C. Communicate and ask Questions.
    You can not just browse over the listing, then purchase, and when you receive (or not receive when you think it should have come) begin to complain about the condition, quality, or per assumed expectations of an item….
    Ask the questions, the majority of the sellers are firth coming and will tell you.
    I seen posted complaints about SD Cards… I sell them, I purchase them from Aliexpress…
    You wonder why some sellers offer a 32GB SD Card 50% cheaper than some others? look at the listing. Ask the true capacity. you should have 10 or more seller lined up and asking the same question, “Is this 32GB?”. Some will say yes, the true others will say it is a 32 but its true capacity is 4GB. The you will begin to wonder why, then you will look at the listing and see the true wording and realize the listing and seller is not lying, you just assumed what it was. Once you get the answers you are looking for you can weed out who is a good seller and who isnt.
    Ask About the quality
    many items on Aliexpress come in stages of quality. Some can be graded on the “A” system
    Meaning AA or AAA or AAAA or the whooping AAAAA…
    Even charger cables can be rated this way
    Even though its cheaper on aliexpress, believe me when I say “the cheapest is not always the best”
    You can still buy it, but you may not like the quality, the durability, or the longevity.

    D. Confirm your answers
    Once you have your answers and you are satisfied……ASK THEM AGAIN
    This way they know your expectations and you have a clear understanding about your purchase. This way is there is a problem both parties can leave away from the experience as happy as possible with maybe future purchases.

    If you are a reseller or own a business
    A. All of the previous tips apply.
    B. Sample sample sample I can not stress enough to sample…Nothing like getting a larger order of something your going to loose money on, or have numerous complaints about, or even worse that is no good to you what so ever. Sample the product this way any issues or concerns you can question before trying to sell the item. Also, do not tell the seller you want a sample, some try to suck you in with a high quality product that they up charge for the 1 piece then send you crap on a larger order. If the have 1 piece available, purchase it and if you like try to negotiate on lager orders. With larger order the price per piece should go down but make sure they maintain the quality of the item that is sent.
    C. Build a relationship with your supplier.. I can not stress enough that when you have a supplier you have made numerous successful transactions with…they will go to the ends of the earth to help you on any and everything. From price, to shipments, to solving problems, to finding other items…. the list goes on.
    Starting out I used 15-30 great suppliers…Who were all good I might add. i have filtered that down to 2 suppliers. The more successful you are…the more successful they are..Its mutual beneficial.


    Do not change feedback, its there for a reason, specially in the name of trying to get your refund.. Look at it from both perspectives. What incentive do they have to provide a refund once its changed. You have already had a bad experience so most likely you will not purchase again, so its a win win for them…no more negative feedback and they keep the funds. Not to say all will do this but why take the chance. Reverse it, only change the feedback if they provide the refund. But then again who is to say you are an upstanding individual, especially after being burned from the transaction.

    Do not slow ship large transaction. $100 USD or more, Express ship, this way if you need to dispute with your credit card months have not passed making it difficult for you to.
    Also remember if you try to take the course of a charge back stating you did not purchase the item please be sure you have not made multiple purchases on Aliexpress first… it kind of defeats your argumentative point. not saying you would not win though.
    Do not purchase without
    carefully reading the listing, Shipping options and times, and return/refund policies
    carefully looking at the images
    Communicate with your seller

    Do not make large quantity purchases without sampling. Know what it is you or someone else may receive.

    And people please stop trying to associate cheaply made products with China. Thats like associating cheaply made burger with Mc Donalds or White Castle. We still eat them and we are getting what we pay for. I mean this in more ways than 1..
    While you look at your iPhone or Android device, read this from you Mac Book or laptop, play your PS3 or Xbox or use you mixer to make a smoothie….please remember these are all made in China. We are just getting what we paid for.

    Hope this helps

  68. Fish Says:


    I’ve read alot of replies, and it seem’s like a 50/50 chance of getting a satisfied deal from

    I just don’t get it, write. They will hold on to your money until you give notice that you are happy with the product and that you’ve retrieved it. then they will send the money to the seller. So if there’s a problem with your order.. shouldn’t the money be transfered back from or am I missing something?

    Regards Fish

  69. Admin Says:

    Hi Fish,

    Based on our knowledge, if there is a problem with your order, you can open or submit a dispute to and if you have valid evidence to support your claim, they will refund you the money.


  70. Mirafiori Says:

    I’ve done cca. 500 transaction on Aliexpress – great platform – buyer protection and refunds by dispute work 100%. I’m so addicted to them that I am not even interested in learning other sites policies even if they have cheaper prices for some goods.
    I had few reasonable disputes and refunds ..all done in my favor… correctly and honest by Ali….
    but if you are a begginer, naive…. simple harted … there are a lot of thieves opening stores on Ali and they would find way to rip you off. It’s not Ali’s fault but Your negligence, lack of experience and ignorance …sorry but this is a cruel world.
    So… first read tips for buying, seller rating , track your order on and react on time – open dispute if deadline is closing and there are no goods in sight.
    Good luck….anyway it’s a game ..

  71. Zoltan Says:

    Here’s a short description of my experience with AliExpress and a seller named Jake Li:
    On June the 6-th 2013, I ordered and payed for a touch panel.
    Order details:
    – number: ….
    – item: GG705S touch panel
    – price: 30.95 $
    Note that this was my first order on AliExpress (and I think the last too…)

    In August the order status changed to finished (time expired), and now I can not open a dispute anymore.
    In September I recieved a package, that contained only an A4 paper, with a message from Mr. Jake Li: “Please tell me the touch panel type: PG708S or GG705S”

    Immeiately after this I sent a message to Mr. Li that I need type GG705S.
    He mentioned that I need to order it again to receive it!!! BUT I ALREADY PAYED FOR IT ONCE!!
    So I kindly requested him to send me the item because its already payed, he reassured me that there is no need to worry, but still, after 6 months I still did not receive my item.

    So now I want my money back, but I don’t think this will happen
    At least I want to make sure that such kind of situation will not happen to anybody else.

  72. Zoltan Says:

    And not to forget, here is the seller you should NOT buy from:

  73. ray in oregon Says:

    Another victim of Aliexpress. Seller never shipped item. Transaction has been in dispute for 5 months. No answer from Aliexpress. DO NOT USE ALIEXPRESS. SCAM

  74. ray in oregon Says:

    Aliexpress is a scan. Seller got me for $100. Transaction in dispute for 5 months with not response from aliexpress. SCAM SITE

  75. Sophia Says:

    Aliexpress suppliers total scammers after you send the money and then double check if your gonna get same item as in photo supplier Catherine wang from queen wigs told me no for the full face I need to send $52 more the original amount that I thought was for full lace was$159 via , then when she said I had to send $52 more I dd it western union, after I send it checked again to to if I was gonna get exactly what I want she said it was diff price by that point I ask for my money back, she said she put the $159 back on my card which take 7-10 days , but the $52 she kept asking for my acc password claiming she needed to go into link to send back western union I refused so I wrote feedback , she then said she can refund the rest PayPal instead in 2 min if I changed the bad feed back to 5 stars I refuse they still have my $52 dollars I’m frustrated all I get is virtual responses no one to help total scammers never again will I order from aliexpress

  76. Sophia Says:

    I will never order again bad experience they always blame you when you cancell order and demand u change bad feed back to 5 star no way I will lie to get back $52 supplier name Catherine wang order num 60746503245981, if I don’t get my money I’m gonna have them investigated

  77. Sophia Says:

    Seller Catherine wang from queen human wigs on ali express just told me if I don’t change bad review she won’t refund the partial money of $52 and that she helped me refund back to my visa the first amount of $159US when I cancelled ordered il have to wait 7-10 days to see that refund but she’s kept my remainder I will not change feedback and she says she will make aliexpress remove the feedback!! They are scammers and they cannot keep ripping people off

  78. Camila Says:

    I’ve bought several things from aliexpress successfully , I am including a purchasing silver seal and have no complaints , other than a seller who gave me the leg and was unhurt . The aliexpress closes an application as if it had been made ​​in a short time , this is wrong because if you do not get every day missed the chance to complain . I bought several things from a store that was in different order numbers but the seller put the same tracking code for everything and when I received the goods the aliexpress closed my requests regarding them delivered to happen but I received only half of what I had lost and how the application was closed lost my chance to complain and get my money back . The seller said he would give me the money back in the form of coupon but stopped responding to me . Now I am without my money without my merchandise and without the right to complain and show everyone how this store is a scam . Then follow the link Store lest anyone fall in the same stroke I :

  79. Erial Wilson Says:

    I’ve bought things from aliexpress & have never had anything bad happen. You just have to read the reviews & find a trustworthy supplier.

  80. Hellen Says:

    Hi dear all,

    I am a Chinese who works in exporting work and these days I am wandering open a shop in aliexpress ,because some friends told me it is welcome to foreigners ,but these days I check a lot of items ,their price is really shocked me ,they sell price for example 0.75USD nd still free shipping to worldwide ……..

    So i want to find answer why and read a lot of passage here ,now I am still feel confused .
    Then I wanna to know what buyers say about Aliexpress ,when I read this page II was shock again ,hehe ,my god ,so many feedback about good and bad ,now I feel confused when i saw so many bad feedback ,maybe not open a shop in aliexpress ,is anyone can recommend me some wholesale B2B website please ?

  81. Junior Says:

    I agree with some of you, basically AliExpress is a scam center by itself due to it does not do anything, AT ALL. It take money from sellers that’s how it earn a living so no matter how wrong is the sellers, AliExpress will stand by them. I have been ripped off by sellers before; one was sent me a used camera and the other one just took my money without anything send to me.

    I complaint to AliExpress by wrote letters and talked to the customer support through “live chat”. The reply always NO REPLY. Unless you take legal action in China to sue it, otherwise it will just continue to rip you off if any opportunity it can get. The only I learn is I have to monitor closely of the expire date, open the dispute before it expired. The two ripped off cases due to I didn’t keep track properly and they lapsed.

    Do not listen the seller if it keeps tell you to be patient and wait. Usually it’s up to no good! Likely is a scammer!

  82. Larysa Shengiun Says:


    I ordered a phone from Aliexpress. The phone stuck at customs and went back to the Seller. The dispute was opened, then escalated dispute. Seller agreed to refund half of the amount paid for the product. I did not agree to the Seller’s proposal on half refund, somehow the button “Agree to the Seller’s proposal” was weirdly pressed not by me and at the time when I did not open the PC…

    I sent thosand e-mails to Aliexpress on the issue and talked also to aliexpress chat.

    No solution…. I paid for the air.. In Aliexpress there are no Buyer protection programs is fact…

    Best regards,
    Larysa Shengiun

  83. Pieter Says:

    The item ordered arrived DOA. I can’t find the return policy on their website. This policy was easy to find prior to the order. The website is set up to buy more and not set up for conflict resolution with a supplier. Be forewarned DO NOT USE ALIBABA!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never use it again. Its a convenient SCAM-PLATFORM for their suppliers.

  84. Mike Says:

    Better _watch out_ for this (LED bulb) supplier: Hongkong Ding Hao Technology Co., Ltd. Be prepared to lose (or hopefully refund…) your money. I spent US $ 65 and received nothing. No reply or apology. Email: Store: Hongkong Ding Hao Technology Co., Ltd. Don’t let those few positive comments bluff you! Cheers, Mike

  85. Matt Quinn Says:

    Hi Folks,
    Spent over $300 on AliExpress over the last 6 months, and been a happy customer until now.
    I have bought over 1000 items, mostly digital IC’s and other components. But a couple of months ago I got a taste of AliExpress’s terrible Customer Relations.

    I received only 20 of 200 logic chips ordered from AliExpress supplier ‘Shanghai IC’. Seller offered 33% refund and politely asked me to close the dispute. No other responses from supplier, not even to acknowledge my queries. AliExpress HAVE acknowledged the dispute, but it is now over 1 month with no news. Impossible to contact AliExpress other than through the ‘dispute page’ which is just a bulletin-board where evidence is collected. I suspect, as in the previous example of 10 frauds which AliExpress ‘let-stand’, I will receive no justice.

    I have not bought anything further, and will not unless AliExpress finds in my favour. If they are happy to lose a customer over $8.50

    I took photos after opening the package, but from now on I see I will need to maintain a library of ‘package-opening’ videos for each and every item I buy through AliExpress suppliers. Not going to happen….

    To be fair the previous dozen transactions were smooth as silk, but as soon as something goes wrong, you’re stuffed.

    EBAY vs AliExpress
    buys: 140 13
    ok 137 12
    fixed 2 0
    failed 1 1
    %$lost 1% 3% of total spend

    Note that ebay couldn’t help me in the ‘failed’ transaction because I had taken the advice of the supplier and waited too long. The supplier actively conned me in that case and was communicating. Ebay represetatives were easy to contact at all times.
    Shanghai IC have made no effort whatsoever to contact me, or reply to the dozen in-system messages I have sent. AliExpress personnel are nearly impossible to contact directly. They communicate via non-reply email. In 2 months I have received 1 email from AliExpress.

    Upshot: I will not use AliExpress or AliBaba again. I have since found reliable and honest china-based wholesalers such as Honk-Kong based ‘Aurora IC’. Hi Tiana and Bonnie from over there :)

  86. Vovan Says:

    Even if you check seller’s feedback it don’t help you, i order from a good seller with great feedback, but got nothing. He even didn’t send me my order, just gave me a couple of times wrong track number, that’s it. Dunno how it will end, still waiting my dispute, but it is very disappointing :( But should say that i received few things from seller’s with lack of feedback, and they did well. But when you meet guys like last one, you lose desire to use their service at all.

    Javon Yang’s store ( – DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

  87. ravinder Says:

    well i ordered 11 items on from different sellers. all was diamond sellers or more by china post air mail or china post parcel service to india

    one item was not shipped by seller so i got my refunds back and another 9 was successfully shipped by sellers and on time . and the experience was too good. but one item by store name provide me a wrong tracking code. when i was trying to find it on website it always show 0 results found so i contacted the seller back that you provided me a wrong shipping code so he gave me another code and said that this code will be tracked from his own website which is but not from china post air mail. and havnt not received any of the item yet so i just opened a dispute on aliexpress with fake tracking information provided then he contacted me back

    Hi,my friend.
    Good day!
    I am very sorry for seeing your disputes.
    I can tell you from my heart that we really have send out the order,why you did not trust me .do you know,because your dispute ,it brings a very bad effect on my store now
    the post office confirm me that the normal time for arriving your country is about 35 days,maybe your country customers strict clearance,result in a little delay.
    In order to your country clearance ,the post office need exchange the
    Tracking No to your country format for meeting your customs rule,so they need exchange the tracking information again,for doing so ,in order to
    Parcels can pass through the customs clearance quickly ,successfully ,
    mostly importantly, it let our customers never pay any tax.
    There is too much jobs and parcels waiting for them to deal with ,they
    Really need sometime to do the tracking information know the
    Post office work efficiency is really not very high,we always need push them to forward something.
    Please be patient ,I much guarantee that you will get the order within
    the normal days,if not,we will refund all money back to you immediately.
    our company is the specialized seller online,we have been in this field for many many years,please kindly check the website of our company :
    please ,please close the disputes and waiting for more time,we really
    need you choose the nice way to solve that..we have extended the time by 20 days ,and we will wait for you any time
    Many thanks for your understanding and cooperation!


    he want’s me to close the dispute but i know that the code provided by him is totally fake and he havnt shipped my item which was cost only 3.5$

    lets see how aliexpress will solve this case

  88. Don L Says:

    I ordered from a china seller and got what I ordered, however they needed my phone number for the DHL shipping so like a fool I gave it and two months later I had over $500 in international charges, I had to change my phone number… NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR NUMBER They are parasites that will steal food from your children’s mouth and throw it away while laughing at the western fools.

  89. Toon Says:

    The main problem is AliExpress offers NO buyer protection, especially after you have received your item. I have bought several times with no problems, however, I bought a mobile phone (my most expensive purchase from them) & although it worked great initially, after only 2 months it died. The seller advertises 12 month warranty, but I have been given the total runaround trying to get them to honour this. They finally agreed to repair the phone if I sent it back to them, but when I did, they lied & claimed the phone didn’t arrive. After investigation by China Post, the phone was returned to me with the message that the seller refused to claim the package. So, not only do I have a dead phone, but I also wasted $20 on registered post only to have it returned to me. This has been going on since February & even after four online discussions with supposedly helpful customer service people, nothing is being done. Every time I speak to them they tell me they have passed my issue on to their Trade Security Team, who will investigate & get in touch with me. They never get in touch with me & I don’t believe anything is being investigated. Basically, AliExpress couldn’t care less about customers. This seller is still operating. AliExpress states on their site that all sellers are verified, so really they do have a responsibility to ensure that sellers are doing the right thing. Unfortunately they don’t and I will not be buying anything further from AliExpress due to this total lack of customer care or recourse after you have acknowledged receipt of an order.

  90. Taylor Says:

    I have bought human hair extension from aliexpress sina hair. my hair hairdresser say the hair is virgin unprocessed i am soft and fast ship,recomments,here is the store i bought:

  91. AGRON AKDRIU Says:

    Dear All
    i bought tablet in ali express and shipment method was DHL, after i made a payment and waited 10 days item did not come to me, i opened a dispute and seller responded as attached 2014-06-06 03:58:08
    Hello, friends, we no send DHL shipping, we send cheap China Post Air Mail shipping (already send shipping), so we need compensate you 10USD, you can send partial refund disputes (you can choose a partial refund disputes), we wait compensate you, thank you.

    I accepted the dispute then my status was closed, order nr is 62351140343054, i have contacted several time seller does not respond, also talked to online aliexpress agents, they said that i was cheated by seller and they can not do anything, even though i trusted aliexpress and made payment and it was don in their web.
    is there anyone had same problems as me and tell me how to get refund.
    i asked agent to give me an e-mail where i can make complaint perhaps in their legal department they said that they are sorry but can not do that and they closed cheating with me i did that with 5 agents in the same night but non of them helped me.

    than kyou

  92. Colin Says:

    After $ years of very few problems and about 80 deals I have finished with Aliexpress, they do not process refunds even when they reach their seller biased decisions, I will shop the independent outlets, goodbye Aliexpress.

  93. Konnichiwa Says:

    I opened a dispute and Aliexpress wanted me to submit more information. They took weeks to come back whereas I am only given 3 calendar days to respond. Anyway I had been sick, and when I login on the 4th day to submit for info, there wasn’t any link for me to respond. I’m not sure if the link had been removed or it wasn’t there in the 1st place. And there’s no where for me to seek clarification. So my conclusion is, the mediation is a fake. They only protect sellers and not buyers.

  94. Shane Says:

    I think Ali express put the icing on the cake today. They adevertising a big sale and are selling coupons for $1 and in return you get $50 to spend on there marketplace. Obviously they are a hot item and go quickly. Anyway in the heat of the moment I quickly tried to purchase a coupon and the site seem to play up and then it said go to store. So I followed the link to the store bought the coupon and then realised they had switched the $1 price to $50 price.

    Now here is the clincher.
    It is not refundable so I am stuck with it. It is valid for one day and if you don’t use they keep the money. Now who would willingly swap $50 for equal value with a time limit of 1 day. I also have to spend over $199 to use it.

    I give them credit. I am always pretty careful of scammers but I did not expect the web site itself to be so blatantly dishonest.

    They count on the rush to get the deal and then sting you. I am totally disgusted in their practice.
    They lost me as a customer.
    I must say I found their protection program much better than Ebay, Paypal with prior purchases but I will not accept this obvious fraud.

  95. albert wilcox Says:

    hi could you get back to me and tell me why you take my money out of bank and then 24 hours later the item is closed ive emailed id and pic of card and statement and use are still doing the same can you reply as ive heard nothing at all and ive done it threw your site

  96. luca Says:

    I bought an item for this shop Yiwu Fashion Commodity Supermarket Wholesale of Bobos Zhang. I bought an item of the price of 32 dollars. He sent an item similar to the one i ordered of the value of 5 dollars. Then he offered 12 dollars first reduced to 5 for the refund, or i had to pay the return (to china). It is more than a month that i am waiting the customer protection’s team, i haven’t heard anything so far. Do not buy from this seller and be really careful to buy in It is impossible to contact any one there, and the customer protection is a scam.
    Aliexpress is a scam

  97. mkbell Says:

    Aliexpress bad to do business favour only the seller and not the buyer.
    Very close windows to complaint and also no door to enjoy the product warranty.
    Don’t do business there or do it at a very minimum.

    I am praying every day that all the product i have purchased there will not go wrong or else i am in trouble.

    But i believe that if all we all ask our company ambassadors can made this known to their authority they normally take it up.

  98. Piet Says:

    I have ordered on aliexpress before and was satisfied. However, I ordered an expensive front lights for my car and duly paid for it in the customary manner. I immediately got an email from the seller to say that the price was only for one light and not for a pair. The product description showed it is a pair (one left and one right). I pointed that out to the seller, and he or she admitted that the product description is wrong. After a month of asking everyday on the progress of my refund and not receiving any reply, I then cancelled the order and indicated misleading product description as the reason for the cancelation. That spurred the seller into action, requesting me to change the reason as he or she will get a punishment. I refused. And I still don’t have my refund.

    There is no where on the website where I can lodge a complaint, other than waiting for the product to be shipped. If so, I can then lodge a dispute and can mean that I get refunded if I return the product. The shipping costs is then on me.

    After a day or two, the cancelation is cancelled, and the order is waiting shipping. I would cancel it again, but after 2 days, the same again. This is been going on for 3 weeks now.

  99. on-a-mission Says:

    FRAUD! seller ‘Yiwu Silver Jewelry Wholesaler’ sold me 925 sterling silver & AAA zircon & platinum plated ring. not even 2weeks later the “plating” is wearing off and yellow underneath. no communication from seller or website and no refund

  100. Luby Says:

    Aliexpress are scammers. I was trying to resolve the issue with the seller before opening a dispute and seller mostly ignored my repeated e-mails. I had to open a dispute at the last day before purchase protection was about to end, and I suggested a partial refund, considering seller is impossible to work with and I don’t want to be more out of pocket by sending the item back, as seller has proven themselves to be untrustworthy. They rejected my suggestion and offered a full refund, but since their track record in dealing with my claim has been crap, I decided to escalate the dispute instead and let Aliexpress review my evidence and make a final ruling.I’ve escalated a dispute on 28-07-2014. So far Aliexpress did not contact me even though I get this message when I check the order: Dispute Escalated – Processing .Reminder: The dispute has been escalated and our Case Management Team will now get involved. We will contact you as soon as possible. Please check your registered email regularly for communication from us.
    I imagine THERE IS NO CASE MANAGEMENT TEAM, or they work for the sellers. So now, I am out of pocket US$220 and stuck with the instrument that does not do the job. While I can understand the seller wants to minimise their loss, I CANNOT ACCEPT the Aliexpress not doing what they say they will do, which in this case is review my evidence which includes all the communication with the seller and video of the equipment not working. If they’ve done this, I’d get my refund by now, but they do not care. So buyer protection at Aliexpress is a JOKE.

  101. Emily Says:

    Admin – are you being paid by Aliexpress? Your comments seem a bit slanted or you have never had any firsthand experience with them. I for one will never do business on that platform again. They make it too easy for con artists to rip off unsuspecting customers. The dispute process is a complete joke where they try and haggle you for a refund to waste time (don’t do this folks; just cancel your cc payment immediately). It is also very difficult to leave negative feedback which in turn makes it impossible to get an accurate picture of the seller you wish to research. After my experience with attempted extortion form an Aliexpress seller and lack of clear avenues for dispute through their forum, I have decided I will never shop through them again. You can get much of the same merchandise through ebay and I feel that their user ratings system is more honest.

  102. Terri Says:

    I see this site compared Ebay with AliExpress. Ebay has rules, the sellers have phone numbers and email addresses. AliExpress is a benefit for the sellers, not buyers. I don’t care what they say about refunds, you have no recourse if unhappy, etc., it is a big run around. I ordered from AliExpress, its been 3 months… No pkg, no refund, told my time to apply for a refund ran out, close account, etc. They wanted me to leave feedback for my item. I never received the item. I told the seller, no feedback until I get the item. Seems no feedback meant my time to file complaint was “timed out”. Now website says basically….”too bad, we can’t do anything”. Excellent strategy for site to keep your money with no recourse. The shipping number NEVER worked in China or elsewhere. I will assume item was never shipped but yet they took my money. I wrote to the seller 5 times, no answer. The supplier/seller name: Lin Tang. My advice… don’t be lured by inexpensive products, you get what you pay for OR you don’t even get what you payed for! My money doesn’t come easy to me, and to have someone take it, hide behind a website of run around links is criminal. Even this complaint site is clearly on the side of AliExpress.

  103. Clark Says:

    If you are buying Rolex replica from Aliexpress: Be warned, there are many cheats there!

    Firstly, Aliexpress online form doesn’t work if you want to file a complaint.

    After repeated attempts to seek refund from the seller & Aliexpress to refund with no luck. I have decided to warn you guys if you want to buy replica Rolex from Aliexpress.

    Recently, I went to make enquiry on a couple of Rolex replica watches on Aliexpress. The merchant got me away from paying them on Aliexpress and go to their direct site to make payment.

    Some of their Aliexpress store links are (they have more than 10 stores):

    Their direct store is

    I was told to go to the site for payment using my credit card.

    However, the payment wasn’t successful though I tried for 4 times. I was then told to do a wire transfer directly via Western Union to the person.

    The Western Union payment Detail Information is:

    First name: Qihui

    Last name: Wang

    Shenzhen City , China

    Please make sure you do not buy from this merchant as I was cheated of the 187USD wired to them.

    The seller’s emails are:

    I found qq account is tag to another person by the name of Micheal Wang

    I’m not sure if this seller is a male or female anymore.

    Upon successful fund transfer, the seller stopped responding to my emails all together. It is obvious the seller is out to cheat buyers.

    It is unfortunate that I was cheated of USD187

    I do not wish that the other customers also fall victim to such dishonest merchant.

    Lastly, Aliexpress has a long way to go compared with eBay. The dispute resolution on eBay works. The complaints are easy to lodge. The buyer protection there works.

    If you really must buy from Aliexpress, buy through their escrow. DO NOT wire money to the merchant directly.


  104. John Rio Says:

    aliexpress is a scam….i order lug nut till then more than a month i didn’t receive it….so u guyz don’t trust this scam site aliepxress (BOCO ZHANG) is wasted time and money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Andreas Says:

    The website is not a scam, but many sellers are, and the website does not care much about scams. That is my experience.

    I bought ozon cleaner for car use, opened the product and inside the nice looking exterior was 1 diod light, 1 resistor and 1 transistor. That was all. No way this product can produce ozon and clean air. I told aliexpress this, and also send them pictures I had taken of the electronics, they told me they needed more proof for my claim, so I explained again why it is not possible that the product can produce ozon. Aliexpressed closes the case telling me in one sentence that my claim was wrong. I an certain that aliexpress knows it was a lie, since very basic knowledge of electronics is needed to understand that I was right. I even chatted with a representative from aliexpress at their website that comfirmed that I was right. But the people you chat with have no authority, it is the so called “expert team” that makes the decisions. The people you chat with tells you they will contact the expert team and also the seller but I did not get any answers from the expert team or the seller. I also chat with a person telling me that all that aliexpress do is connect buyer and seller and that they take no responsibility. It is only the seller that is responsible for a fraud. I argued that the problem in my case is the factory that produce the fake item, and that this item is sold by hundreds of shops at aliexpress, but aliexpress will not act to stop the product. It is up to each seller if they want to sell a fake item or not, and obviously very many sellers want to do that …

  106. Aylwin Says:

    Kian Zhou, whose shop is found via runs a really loose ship. Ordered a product to be shipped to Malaysia. Inquire as to why tracking information has not been updated by the postal service for 2 weeks. Sends me a tracking number where the consignment is sent to Russia! Spoke to him about the matter. Tracking information exists in the postal service’s system for only two days. A month plus later, tracking information hasn’t changed, claiming that the consignment is still held in customs. Asks him for a refund, and he has the gall to tell me not to give him terrible feedback. Open a dispute and got my refund days later. Find out that I can no longer leave feedback for his store, and am very disappointed. Ruins my very good experiences with other sellers on Aliexpress. Will continue to use the platform but Geek TM store 504327 is a shady operator.

  107. Ruth Says:

    I purchased 3 full lace wigs after research and based on the advertisement, pictures and description from the following merchant: owner name Evan Hu.
    I received the wigs within 3 business days which was very impressive, but I should have known that hurry, hurry has no blessings.
    Problem is, the quality of the hair and the density is not even closed to what was advertised. It was supposed to be 130% density, but for all 3 units, its not even 90%. I have to purchase weave hair to add to the wigs to make them a little fuller.
    I provided neutral feedback which prompted vendor to contact me. He sent me a couple of emails pleading that I change the feedback and he would in turn refund me $30.00.
    I ought to know better, but I fell for his scam and changed the feedback. I have sent several emails with no response. I can’t go back and change my feedback which is unfair. They should allow the buyer enough time to test the merchandise before closing an order.
    Now I am stuck with very bad wigs and I’m beyond pissed.
    Do not Purchase from this vendor-

  108. AliExpressThieves Says:

    Guangzhou Qstar Hair Products: Store No.1020184 Stole $225 US dollars from me.

    SHE: The Owner of Guangzhou Qstar Hair Products

    I came on to make a purchase. I saw an item I wanted, I paid for it and Guangzhou Qstar shipped it. When i received it, I realized it looked completely diffrent from the product I purchased. I told them I wanted and exchange or return. She said I had to click on that I received the item then they will give me a refund or exchange for which i did click on I received the order. Then she said for me to lie and give her excellent feedback rating, i refused. This is when she started to call my house nonstop and threatening me both over the phone and in writing stating that If I did not change the feedback rating she will not give me a refund and it is up to me if I want my money because she will not give me my money unless i change the rating.

    Someone contacted me and stated this company did the same thing to them. She decided to give them good feedback when they decided not to give her money back. So, even if I lie and change the feedback, they will still steal my money– it’s a lose lose situation.

  109. Andy Says:

    Aliexpress is a total disgrace.

    I ordered a Noth Face jacket from

    Katherine Outdoor Store

    On receiving the jacket i noticed all the feathers from inside it coming through the fabric (the listing states it is 90% Down Lining)
    So i sent a message asking why all these feathers were coming through the outer fabric, i was told that it is normal for a few feathers to come out.

    I wore it for about an hour and when i took it off my clothes were covered in feathers and the outside of the jacket had then sticking out everywhere.

    I opened a dispute for item not as described and asked for a refund, The seller said they would give partial refund which i accepted.

    I then went to leave negative feedback but was unable to leave any feedback, I contacted CS but was told that because i opened a dispute then i could not leave feedback, There feedback policy says that feedback can be left when a dispute has been closed, When i send the CS a picture of this policy they say that it does not matter what it says in the policy. These are the rules. I only purchased this item because i saw that the item had 30 previous orders but no feedback yet. i thought that if people where not happy with the item then they would have left negative feedback, Now i know exactly why there was no feedback left, it was because they had all opened a dispute about the quality of this item and then not been able to leave any feedback.
    I have looked at other items on this website and have found most items some with over 100 orders and no feedback left for any of them.

    Aliexpress do not let you leave feedback if you are not happy with an item, you are not allowed to warn other buyers about the quality of the item, To me this is a disgrace for this company to be allowed to operate under these circumstances and something should be done about it.
    So to all potential customers only purchase an item if there is a lot of positive feedback been left for it.


  110. JimmyBootleg Says:

    What can I say…. I am a cheap arse bastard looking for cheap stuff. Nuff’ said. For me AliExpress is a literal godsend- stuff I want that is cheap and has free shipping, as well as cheap bootlegs which I buy l and show off to my mates – and we find the cheap engrish manuals and overall shoddy quality most amusing! I can say this. All my aliexpress orders have arrived, all were what I wanted, and it suits me. It’s not for everyone but it certainly suits me

  111. itamar ben shalom Says:



    After not receiving the goods.I was asked to supply EVIDENCE for NOT receiving the goods !!! and they call it a buyer protection system ! This is a seller protection system.
    How do you prove you did NOT GET anything ???



  112. Adam Says:

    Hi all,
    i’ve been shopping on for many years. Of course it happened that the product was of a low quality, but all such cases were resolved via disputes.
    In the rest cases i used to get a satisfactory product for a terribly low price.
    For instance i like to buy clothes for my dog there, things for my bike and etc.
    My advice is to read some product reviews to pick the right product on independant websites
    People write their own experience about purchase and the product.

  113. Mohd Says:

    Aliexpress is a big scam site. I lost 129$ in a dispute. don’t ever buy from them..

  114. picturefun Says:

    I bought multiple time from Aliexpress, most sellers are good, and ship the goods out in a reasonable time. there are a few bad ones. So I agree it is NOT fair to call it scam.

    So how to protect yourself when ordering from it? Always use Credit card for the payment, so in case the dispute fails in Aliexpress, or no way to dispute, you can always do a charge back

  115. tessie Says:

    I’ve ordered a couple times from Aliexpress and i’ve found that they send clothing items just fine. I’ve ordered charms for necklaces, shirts, all from different sellers. the only problems we had were shipping for one item which took almost two months, but it’s what we expected since the item’s are from China. the only other problem was the sender sending the wrong amount of shirts to us, we filed a dispute and the problem was resolved. from reading these comments i think it’s more the electronic side of aliexpress to not trust. i haven’t looked into those areas because i think it’s sketchy to order computers from China. but their clothing so far is perfectly fine!

  116. Deb Says:

    We were behind in ocarina production, so my husband ordered $500 worth of ocarina clay flutes from Fujian Dehua Datang Ceramics CO., LTD via Ali Express. Of 50 flutes only 2 were out of tune, but we were nonplussed and ordered 50 more. Of this order only TWO were in tune! 2 out 50! The shipper had asked for us to let him know about the order, so we did, expressing our grave disappointment. Despite having an invoice stating the seller would take responsibility for any problems, the men involved with this company – Rambo Chen and Joe Huang, have shown absolutely NO integrity, have taken no responsibility, call us liars, and expect us to pay over $200 to return the bum flutes even though DHL Express says it would cost them far less to issue a return authorization and pick-up. We are so disgusted. Paypal won’t help. AliExpress won’t help. We’ve been ripped off for $500! We are just a small company – 2 of us, so this really hurts. BEWARE!642

  117. Petros Georgiakakis Says:

    Dear friends.
    Be careful…
    I used Aliexpress for a couple of cheap items.
    Everything went ok!
    When I ordered an expensive one – a tablet from the seller “xing hui”, that cost 91,81 euros (Pipo P9 3G Tablet PC RK3288 Quad Core 1.8GHz 10.1 inch IPS Retina 1920×1200 2GB RAM 32GB ROM Android 4.4 GPS HDMI 8.0MP Camera, Properties: P9 3G n Smart Case + Black) the item never came.
    I have sent the company seven emails, attaching all the details with the scam seller “xing hui” and no one from the company answered.
    When something like that happened to the other e-shop I use (Mininthebox) the guys from there were fast and they re-sent the item.
    DO NOT buy from Aliexpress…!!!!!

  118. slate21 Says:

    I placed two orders in the last 10 months on AliExpress using three different cards (a Visa Debit, and two Visa Electron). The payment went through (as it does with Amazon and Ebay and any other online legitimate store, same shipping details, same cards), the money was instantly taken from my account. A day later I received a communication informing me that the order was closed due to security reasons. The electronic items I had tried to purchase were almost 35% less than elsewhere (hence me placing the orders). That I believe is the hook, the bait for us to use our cards and let them made the transaction. I am not business insider but I firmly believe that, even though the money was returned (in one instance at least.. still waiting for the second transaction to be reimbursed), the transaction must have generated somehow a profit to them.
    A scam?
    Wish someone with banking backgound would look into this matter soon. I am tired of this Chinese fraud

  119. aj100 Says:

    I’ve ordered from Aliexpress lots of times, & I’ve really never had any problem-yeah the orders take awhile to arrive, generally on average around 3 weeks or so, sometimes sooner, but the vast majority of the time the sellers are offering free shipping anyway. The only time I remotely had any sort of issue was I didn’t get an item I ordered, which wasn’t the seller’s fault-for some reason it had made it to my local post office, & rather than be delivered it made it’s way to another one & then just got lost. So I filed a dispute & got my money back. Though I’ve never bought anything expensive off there, I mean, you’re buying from China, so I personally don’t tend to feel comfortable buying more expensive items if they’re being shipped from overseas. I generally have used it for things like fashion accessories, clothes, stuff like that, generally extremely inexpensive.

  120. BillV Says:

    Not sure if they are scammers or not. I can say they are spammers. My Analytics are full of referrals from these guys.

  121. BillyBob Says:

    Bought 2 pairs of shoes from alibaba sellers several years ago ( was shipped both smaller size than requested)
    Ordered another pair but never received them ( this was when you could pay through PayPal)
    Paypal refunded my $$
    Paypal now refuses to deal with Alibaba/Aliexpress..wonder why???
    Now AliXXXX want a credit card or money transfer??..good luck!

  122. Master J Says:

    Product Details : Led driver 1000W 12V 83.3A Single Output Uninterruptible ac 220v to dc 12v Switching power supply unit for LED Strip light
    Order Number: 63077256125062

    Scam Artist / Criminal ID: Dee Ye



    The Plays: Putting a brand new product images. Once ordered.. Send dented and rusty product. Vouch for repairs after product refuted. Pretend and deliberately took a long time to send you service parts. Several months later.. You’ll get the service parts (outer casing / chassis only). Then you will know what is actually placed in the the rusted casing / chassis, BINGO! .. It’s a whole junk ! The whole internal components, PCBs, .. which really can not be used again while that “buyer protection’ already invalid this conman had run away. WOW !! what dramatic play !!

  123. Amjad Says:

    I made a transaction on ali express for a pair of watches, unfortunately the seller shipped it to a wrong post office (150km away) and expected me to drive down and collect the package. This would not have worked for me as the post office did not entertain my request for facilitating the handover. subsequentlly i asked for a refund that also did not happen. Now when i asked the supplier to clarify he started using un professional language and even went on the extent of telling me to shut up and not to bother him again.
    I am totally disgusted seeing this un professional attitude& what is more frustrating is the lack of support i am getting from ali express website for lodging a complaint.I am just being sent to one web page to another….one auto response to another. This website seems to have no measure of checking the service provided by the countless suppliers which it has accumulated.

  124. MaryB Says:

    Sellers there are a joke and a ripoff. I ordered some electronics components 8 days ago and the seller hasn’t even processed the order! No response to emails for 3 days! Filed a fraud complaint with my credit card company to recover my money.


  125. Tyezell Says:

    So if i buy an item thats 5 dollars, all i can lose (if its a scam) is 5 dollars, correct?

  126. Keith Says:

    I’ve been doing business with AliExpress for about 6 months now. I’ve placed numerous orders of various value during that time.

    Yes, I’ve had some problems, but outside of a couple rare occasions, the vendor very quickly rectified the problem.

    Overall, I have very little to complain about.

    The key with AliExpress, as it is with any site that reps multiple vendors (eBay, Etsy, etc) is to do a little research into the vendors themselves. Check out their rating and feedback. Start with small orders to see how well they communicate, how they handle the order, how quickly they ship and etc. Once you’ve become comfortable with a vendor, then you can graduate to larger order.

    Many of the people above have brought up problems encountered with specific vendors. These examples are not cause to call the entire site a scam. That would be like bashing eBay because one seller bilked you out of an item.

    Remember, the site itself only facilitates the sale. It’s the vendors that you will actually be doing business with and, as with any site of this type, there will be good vendors and bad vendors.

    I guess the moral of the story is, check out the vendor before buying. Check their rating (I always look for a 95% or above). Read the feedback.

    Understand that most of these people WANT to sell you their product and they WANT you to come back to buy more. Yes, some vendors will try to scam you, but those will stick out if you do a little research before pressing the “Add to Cart” button.

  127. joe Says:

    ALI EXPRESS IS Horrible — I bought several products in one order. It was all garbage. These were tech products and all had errors. The storage devices took hours to save a file and consistently produced errors. I finally threw them all away. One item was used and another one never arrived. I tried to complain but they have a system set up to thwart you. None of the dispute mechanisms work. No one replies to you. I am trying to get my money back but I think the money is gone. ALI EXPRESS IS A SCAM. STAY AWAY. Their website links to the complaint section do not work. You can’t get through to a real person, only a computer chat bot that even lies and tries to tell you it is human. Do NOT buy anything. TOTAL SCAM I feel so bad about the money I lost.

  128. Mona Says:

    Did they refund the money back whoever been scam or not satisfy with the product. I am curious because i order one just before i see this page.

  129. Pandora Says:

    On 3/11 I received a fraudulent charge on my credit card from aliexpress. No order, no email, just a charge for 200+ dollars. I am sick about this, and I will not be shopping with this website ever again!!! PLEASE BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEIVES!!!!

  130. Jordin Says:

    Ordered some cards for $200.

    Seller said he shipped them and provided me a tracking number.

    The tracking number never worked, there was no package with that number on China Posts trackinf service.

    I contacted seller after 3 weeks and opened a dispute asking for a refund or for the correct tracking number on the original package he claims he sent…. Seller said “Oh, there was problem with dispatching for first package”. He will resend another package… and I should close the dispute. I said no. I just want a refund or the correct tracking info.

    Seller said to just close dispute and wait longer… He said I can open dispute and get a refund if the second package doesn’t come. This is a lie, as soon as you close a dispute, the transaction is complete forver….

    As of today, My dispute is open and I am hoping I will be refunded through Aliexpress… I also called Visa to talk to them. They said they can do a chargeback if Aliexpress doesn’t refund me…

    Buyer beware. Don’t trust feedback like some fools posting here have suggested. You can read for yourself the many stories of people who were scammed and tricked into deleting negative feedback and leaving positive feedback….

    Use common sense, expect to find scammers… Don’t trust feeback.

  131. Sweet Says:

    I ordered from aliexpress all the time. I got scam once since i forgot to check my protection date and never have chance to open dispute. Ok trust me, never order expensive stuff from Aliexpress. I did order $1000 worth from aliexpress but it is from all different sellers. they are all arrive. Do not buy any kind of mac, phone, computer etc because they 10000% replica or dupe! You want to order something daily basic, clothes, jewelry, fashion item here only. I never place an order more than $20 per piece on ali since they are china prpduct, they dont worth that much money! You can have super cute shirt or dress or a pair of shoes for less than $20 which is awesome! Their jelweries are ridiculous cheap and cute. It is like a fun little market, it is not a mall for luxury item. Always watch for the protection date as well.

  132. victoria Says:

    Aliexpress is a definite scam. I just got 230.00 stolen when i purchased and returned a horrible wig. The vendor used my account to write a fraudulent review and picture then stopped emailing me. The company was “Top Fashion hair Co” and Grace its the seller. I will never buy from this site again and i tell everyone I know, about these scammers. The customer service chat online doesn’t do anything but say they will let their “tallest leader” know. This is the worst site ever, do not waste your time or money!!!!

  133. Bob Says:

    After ordering many items over a several years I finally got ripped off, laughably for a relatively small amount of money really, but it happens and can leave a sour taste in ones mouth. I had asked to extend the date of delivery due to long delivery times, this happens all the time, the seller simply ignored my request and the sale was finalised after which you have almost no recourse, I have complained to Aliexprss and they supposedly suspended the sellers acct for a week to force a refund, all of which did noting to achieve a resolution, the seller just refuses to answer my messages and I doubt I will ever see the product or a refund, and the amount is small enough that the fees to reverse the charge on the credit card would make the reversal cost me even more than just eating the loss. Too bad.

  134. al Says:


  135. Morgan Tan Says:

    7th April 2015

    AliExpress will do whatever it takes to ensure your claim will never be paid. I had a few experiences with them. They work very closely with their suppliers to stack the odds against you. I bought electronic products that do not work (and I mean do NOT work). AliExpress said my explanation is not enough, they want video. Firstly not everybody has a video camera. And what do you show (on video) if the product do not work, except for a blank screen. That is not good evidence for them, they said. And my claim is dismissed. I asked them “how to show on video something that will not work?” – no reply from AliExpress. And if you try to write a dispute complaint, they restrict you to maximum 512 alphabets.

    Presently I have a dispute over a CCTV Camera. I received it first week February 2015, today is first week April 2015. It is a WiFi CCTV Camera but the wifi and the LAN connection cannot work. The seller refuses to admit liability even though they admitted “we just buy goods from manufacturer, and then our sales, we are a sales company, there is no Quality Control”. After a lengthy nine A4 pages explanation with photos (uploaded to MediaFire), AliExpress wrote today saying my explanation (evidence) is not good enough, they want video, the ample photos I sent is not good enough. Well, WiFi and LAN are not working, what am I going to video, how to video ????

    Since AliBaba (including AliExpress) is now listed in New York, if AliExpress rejects my dispute, I am going to write to the SEC.

    I think you guys should all write to the SEC. New York to voice your complaints.

    And if you guys want to buy seeds (flowers, fruits or vegetable). DON’T. They send you seeds that will not grow. And you do not have the time to make disputes. Some seeds take months before gemination (well, nothing grew); and by which time the time has passed for disputes.

  136. Amt Says:

    Aliexpress is Frawd. Order Number:65690289893134 the pen drive was not delivered for a month. I communicated my concerns to the seller – the seller sent a irrelavant response in broken English(Pretending to understand something else using bad english as an excuse). They closed the dispute without my consent – there has been no refund and Aliexpress has been unresponsive. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROm CHINESE WEBSITES AND COMPANIES. They’ll offer very competitive prices and then rip you once you have paid.

  137. Amrit Says:

    Yuze Jewelry store Aliexpress


    I ordered items worth over $300. For 20 days there was no response, no updates on the order. When I asked him, then the Order Detail was updated with a Tracking No of DHL that was INVALID!!

    When I told them that I called up DHL and the number is INVALID, they said we will ship by ARAMEX! And then after 20 MORE DAYS, they shipped a package via ARAMEX.

    When I opened the package – ALL ITEMS WERE DAMAGED. EVERYTHING.

    So I thought Ok, lets see what all is damaged, and when I tally them against my Order, to my HORROR – More than HALF THE ITEMS were MISSING. Everything about this Yuze Jewelry store is FRAUD. INCORRECT COLORS, DAMAGE ITEMS and worst of ALL MISSING ITEMS!!

    I opened a DISPUTE with AliExpress, but no avail.

    Never gonna order from Yuze Jewelry store again.

  138. Jay Says:

    Ordered a pair of sandals from this company and they gave me a fake tracking number and no reply to mails. Finally no goods. Though I sent many mails I did not get any reply. I then tried to extend the time but that too was declined. I think this company is a big fraud only interested in Cheating to make money fradulently.

  139. Huni Says:

    AliExpress “Buyer Protection” is CODE for Scam Seller Protection!

    No matter what the policies say on the listing or on AliExpress the seller with always be shown favor, given long extensions to respond beyond policy deadlines, and even given the benefit of the doubt without valid or complete tracking numbers. I have shopped on AliExpress for years now and whenever I have a problem AliExpress never resolves it fairly or according to their Buyer Protection Policies.

    What would the whole world be like if you could keep most of people’s money and send them items they didn’t order, at low or no shipping costs because of international shipping policies that favor exports from your country? You could pretend to sell them something expensive then send something worthless or broken instead but still make a great profit. What if you could “prove” you shipped items buy using fake tracking websites or basic tracking that only shows a package was shipped to the buyer’s country without showing it actually went to the buyer? You could send a gift to your family members or other customer that live in the same country as the buyer and just use the same tracking number as “proof” since AliExpress doesn’t care to see if an item got to the actual buyer’s address/city

    This is AliExpress. Sometimes you will come out ok if the seller is HONEST but if they aren’t, which MANY aren’t. AliExpress will be of NO HELP to you. Buy with a good credit card only because they will be your only TRUE buyer protection. But here is the NAIL IN THE COFFIN, if you have to involve your credit card company AliExpress with “FREEZE” the order and BLOCK YOU FROM LEAVING THE SELLER NEGATIVE FEEDBACK! So be aware that all negative feedback from people who fought against fraud, is blocked from AliExpress and feedback shown gives the ILLUSION that it is safer than it truly is. They also wipe away negative feedback that was left too! It’s really scam seller oriented!

    If you have a negative experience leave feedback else where on the web. People will find it eventually.

  140. Jim Says:

    In late 2014, I ordered two Android tablets from companies doing business through AliExpress. Shipping through ChinaPost took 3 weeks, just to get it to Vancouver…Then, the items (which were sent registered mail)…went to ANOTHER CITY…were SIGNED FOR by SOMEONE…and picked up by those persons. I checked the Canada Post ‘progress’…and the last step was delivery – TO ANOTHER CITY – 500 miles from mine!! When I called Canada Post, and tried to get the phone number of the post office that the items had been sent to, I was told that was confidential. Finally, I found the delivery post office from info on the Canada Post site, and I called them (after the items were picked up and signed for by whoever it was there!)…and was told that they could not give me any information and that the items were ‘signed for’ by someone with the correct credentials as in their records. That means that the seller INTENTIONALLY sent it to their own ‘contacts’ in the remote city – and I suppose that contact will either return it to China, or sell it with some of the proceeds going back to the fraudulent seller operating on AliExpress. I tried to set up a dispute with AliExpress…but they said that they could not do anything AS THE ITEMS WERE PICKED UP AND SIGNED FOR CORRECTLY!!! What? I’ve had some good experiences with AliExpress…but the BAD ones REALLY turned me off. Oh, eventually, to their credit – AliExpress got my money refunded and kicked the fraudulent retailers off their marketing platform…but the damage was done to my confidence…as well as the waste of time and MY MONEY out of circulation until the refund was finally issued. Buyer betware!

  141. ale Says:

    Do far i was skeptic about ali express i read all of the bad reviews and comments. But i really wanted to purchase something from that website so what i did was to purchase something of $7 dollars to try it if its was true about the scam. so far i have gotten my things.

  142. mr desmond Says:

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  143. mr reml Says:

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  144. Pedro Says:

    So here goes my two cents
    I’ve ben buying from Aliexpress for two months now. Whenever I buy, I know exactly what I want, and go for it, looking for the better price. How do I understand Aliexpress? Well, they get my money, and keep it until I tell them I’m satisfied with the purchase, and only then they give the seller their money. It’s allright with me, as long as it works. But, there comes the day when it doesn’t. And it recently happened to me, two days ago a scammer tried to make me flag the order as received, and as I identified it as a scam, reported it to Aliexpress, with chat attached with 3 messages asking me to accept it as delivered. Today I got their answer, saying that it doesn’t prove anything (I can understand that the scammer still can ship me the goods, but… I doubt about it!) So they won’t do anything for now. The thing is, while time passes they have the money and can invest and make profit with it, and when the time comes, if it does at all, they’ll refund me the money, and for that I may count on 3 months or more. I’m on a 10 to 1 now, I’ll be more carefull in the future. Hope this helps someone out there.

  145. Pedro Says:

    …and then on the 2nd day, they frozen my order due to suspicious seller activity. So now I will have to wait for 5 days to have a refund! They’re working better than I expected after all.

  146. Momo Says:

    Aliexpress is a good webstore, I like it.
    A lot of cool and cheap stuff! But sometimes it’s difficult to buy smth or there can be troubles with seller, delivery or goods.
    It depends on seller, fake it’s or not, so it’s important to be careful,
    when you re buying something and choose the seller carefully. I follow this group
    so I can be sure, that all will be safe)

  147. Jan Kowalski Says:

    Yes, Aliexpress is the BIG SCAM !!! Avoid it !!! Worst experience EVER !!! I bought the Tablet from “Seven Eleven” store on Aliexpress. They send me some scrap tablet worth 30 pounds maximum – I paid for this tablet 88 pounds!!! I ordered completely different tablet and I have never received my money back!!! Dispute was closed in seler favor even that it was their fault!!! The only option they gave me was to send it back and waste my own money on postage and then I would be able to ask the seler for refund but the seller will have to inspect the tablet and SELLER will decide if I am right!!! What is this? This is SCAM. Seller can do any FRAUD they want and Customer have no way to fight against the seller!!!

  148. bluerose Says:

    The Seller, not AliExpress, Garantee Full Refund if you don’t receive the order in 60 Days. But at the 61 day your credit card ignore any dispute, so I prefer to pay more at Amazon, or EBAy but with them I am fully protected.

  149. Filesponge Says:

    All of the complaints seem a bit strange to me lol.

    I’ve been using the aliexpress site for 2 years now, as I need computer and engineering parts weekly, and since ebay turned into a complete waste of space with not much to sell now, I needed to look further – in business you just have to go where the money is (or the parts in this case).

    In 2 years, I’ve 1 order be delayed, but I was refunded because an aliexpress rule is – if it’s not arrived within 30 days the seller looses out and he buyer gets a full refund – which as a dealer I see as okay, buyers just want what they want, but sellers are in business, and business is always about taking risks :-)
    Another item I ordered 2 of, one arrived slightly faulty – again, a full refund was issued within 5 days of me notifying the screen supplier, no messing about, I was happy.

    Everything else I’ve ordered has arrived quickly (given the distance!!), and all has been just as advertised, well packed, signed for etc etc.

    Last week a camera lense was left just hanging from my letter box because it wouldnt fit all of the way in LOL – should I do as others have done here and blame the aliexpress website ? 😉

    To round it all up, I’ve had far far less hassle using aliexpress than I have with ebay, amazon, and many of the several other well known auction & sales sites around. Unlike on ebay where you’ve got to really check a history to see if it’s a con, I don’t even give it a thought on the aliexpress site.

    Odd why so many have a huge problem with it all. The refunds aren’t even handled by the sellers, it’s all fully automatic in favour of the buyer – until you admit you’re happy with a purchase, the seller gets nothing – if you complain, and the seller desputes it, you can both come to a mutual payment refund (partial or whatever), or another item can be posted, and if the seller ignores your complaint, you simply get your refund anyway :-)

  150. Evalds Stupiss Says:

    Complaint to the AliExpress.
    10 April 2014 I ordered AliExpress shop: “Yanshan zhao’s store Store No.724648” black sneakers size 46. By this time 07/27/2015. I have not received the “Yanshan zhao’s store Store No.724648” no sneakers no money. To my letters “Yanshan zhao’s store Store No.724648” not responding. I did not know that the Chinese are fraudsters because China is in power the Communists, but the Communists are very honest people. I made a mistake and want to warn all: Do not engage with the Chinese communists – because some of them are fraudsters and racketeers is greatest “Yanshan zhao’s store Store No.724648”.
    Sincerely, Evalds Stupiss,
    +371 27482748

  151. Ray Akmal Says:

    I’ve been buying a lot on Aliexpress, more than 40 times. So far I’m happy with every purchased I made (4.5/5 Stars). My advise is you must read product descriptions carefully. Compare your choice with similar product from other seller. Read the review. Communicate with the seller about specific information (Product size, quantity, choice of shipping company etc). If sellers don’t reply your message, don’t order from them, find another seller. If you suspect the price is too low, you can check seller’s website. If everything in this seller’s website is too good to be true, leave the seller. Shop in another place. Refund process and complain are easy. Seller really care for their reputation here. So, what do you expect from Aliexpress? Basic principle is apply: You got what you pay for apply here. Some products here maybe are not as you expected. But trust me, some products are extremely good.

  152. Iryna Says:

    Facts are facts, but personal experience is another story and can be totally different from your facts.
    I personally had a terrible first experience. And as customer service was helpless, no buyer protection, I am spending a few hours leaving reviews on various websites to warn other people, that’s the least I can do to save other people’s time and money.
    Here is my story…

    Aliexpress – NEVER AGAIN!!!
    Warning! Do not buy from this seller!
    Factory direct adult cartoon mascot costume, jianguang guo, xiaoyu zhu
    Address: #424 xi tianyang majuqiao tongzhou District Beijing
    Beijing 102600, telephone: 1-010-18647843108

    I just checked the rating – aliexpress entered 100% satisfaction! but when you go to the details of calculation of the rating, they use only data for the last 6 month, and don’t take into account previous negative ratings. No reviews available for now as seller sold less then 10 items, so future customers can’t be even warned!

    Got bad quality and impossible to use product with missing parts.
    Opened a dispute, but as it was my first time and I didn`t know the details, agreed to ship it back before checking the rate for shipping. The size of the box is quite large, so shipping costs same as I paid – $200, there was no sense to ship it back.
    I didn`t have any buttons to change my dispute.
    Asked seller to change it, they refused. Plus it was hard to understand seller’s response…
    Asked support to help – no help, just promises.
    Now I lost $200, have product that I can`t even sell as it doesn`t have some details and can`t be used properly due to poor quality.
    Where is customer protection? Never aliexpress again!!!

  153. JIm Says:

    I have a question for everyone that is saying that they are not able to get refunds… What is stopping you from calling your credit card bank and having the payment reversed? I have never had an issue where my bank has refused to reverse the payment based on a problem with an order.

  154. Clair Says:

    I think you are wrong in your opening statement about this company(Aliexpress) to laugh at others and what they have gone through. I have ordered many things from this company and have experience a lot of aggravation of orders sent out wrong. I have concluded that either some of there workers are on drugs are not same to sent out orders after orders wrong. Either wrong item, missing item. I received with much of the order wrong. You leave instruction but they don’t pay attention. This is not the first time either I have had problems many times. I have even had there vendor not response to there mail and the customer service virtual agent is no help at all.

  155. san Says:

    Total scam.
    I never recieved my goods.
    invalid tracking ID.
    customer support of not help.


  156. Hassan Says:


    i just buy many thing from aliexpress
    he give me tracking id … but i receved my item in 10 to 12 days from aliexpress to pakistan
    its best for me …. 1 time i don’t receve item from upto 35+ days they call deput and give me back my full money ….
    not scam its best for me….


    may ny bohat c chizy li hein aliexpress sy
    mujy trck ID bhi milta hai jaha sy trck krty hein k hamari chiz kaha hai is waqat …. lakin kam sy kam bhi 10 sy 12 din lag jaty hein ye baat thori si kharab hai ye mujy ali express sy pakistan tak 10 sy 12 din laty hein… mary liye best hai aliexpress … 1 dafa mujy mari chiz ni mili wo bhi 35 sy opr k din ho gay yani aik month sy zayada pher may ny refun yani deput par click kar k apny pasy wapis lay liye …

  157. Ibraheem T. Bayo Says:

    On 9th of september, 2015, an internet fraudster used my MASTER CARD to do online purchase with you (Your Company/ Merchant) through your platform (web address) without my authority, I immediately reported the case to my bank (Zenith Bank, Kubwa, Abuja, Nigeria) who promise to liase with you to nab the fraudster. I am yet to here from the bank. There is a need to help in this fight to expose the fraudster if really your company is having integrity. The details of the transaction are:At Exactly 16:08 Nigeria time on 9/9/2015 I received an alertz of N29,757.98 which made me to realize that I had lost my ATM card. I reported immediately to the nearest Zenith Bank (Kubwa Branch, Abuja). I demanded that my ATM card be blocked which the customer care officer claimed she did. However, as she was blocking the card (right there) I received another alertz of N81,516.26 at exactly 16:11 Nigeria time. The two alertz respectively came with reference numbers: 49700923 and 49703872. Shortly after, I received a zenSecure alertz informing me to use a set of particular numbers as my one time password to finish up the fraudulent transactions which I never used.

    It was said to me by the customer care that the transactions were on hold (Implying investigation is to be carried out) after I had lodged official complaint, four different forms were given to me which I filled and submitted on the subject matter.

  158. LOVE LOVE Says:

    I think to those people who thinks AliExpress scam them. I tell you, you did not follow the terms and condition and you did not their process. I am their buyer for a long time I never experienced what you have experienced because I know their process

  159. Lito ocampo Says:

    Please do not trust this, this is a certified chinese scammer

    HAN ELECTRONIC CO. LIMITED is a professional supplier for all kinds of world famous IC electronics components, our company has achieved great successful businesses from all over the world based on best quality ,competitive price, fast delivery and excellent after-sale service. Pls offer us a chance to service for you!
    Any more questions or concerns, pls feel free to contact us.
    Best Regards

  160. Mary Says:

    DEFINITELY A SCAM!! I bought a jacket on AliExpress, colour not as shown and “loose fit” as advertised was tight fit. Asked to return it and get money back, had to “enter a dispute” and the Ali Express Case Management Team ignored my photo and entreaties, and awarded against me – $A78 down the drain! I registered a complaint with Dept. of Fair Trading and, and will continue to do so until this Ali Express website gets closed down. Please everyone with a complaint against AliExpress, contact and register your complaint with them. The more complaints the more likely they are to shut them down. Ebay is fine, but this mob ais definitely shonky.

  161. MnMira Says:

    I have been scammed at this moment of writing by store called Sunshine Age.

    This is what happened:

    1. I selected dress of choice, then paid via credit card.

    2. Seller messaged me saying that the size i wanted is out of stock.

    3. I replied that I only want that size, and if it is out of stock, I would cancel my order.

    4. The trick here is that to cancel the order, you have to put up a “cancellation request” which needs to be approved by the seller. So i did that and selected reason “Item out of stock”.

    5. Seller insisted that I must change the reason to “Buyer do not want order” as it will affect their store ratings. I refused.

    6. For 3 weeks, they kept asking me to change the reason or else they would not approve my cancellation. I still refused, and to do that would not be truthful.

    7. By the end of the 3 weeks, their stock arrived, they rejected my cancellation request, and I got an email that they shipped out the item.

    8. HOWEVER the catch here is that they gave me another person’s tracking number. So I went to trace it, called my local post office, and which i got the delivery and contact details of the other buyer.

    9. The other buyer had bought the same dress, but different color, from another store called Shenzhen E-Store. It seems that both stores are related as they will give each other tracking numbers.

    10. So now, I did not receive my dress, and my money has been taken, and i need to wait for freaking 10 days before I can even open a dispute.

    The other buyer was telling me that even if you open a dispute, it is possible that they can delay the case, reject, or cause some other problems for you until your BUYER PROTECTION PERIOD is OVER. That’s when you lose.

    Very tricky, cunning, scamming online website.

  162. John Says:

    Hello, yes, I confirm that Aliexpress is a scam. I am an A3 buyer with about 240 orders. Aliexpress unveil, disclosured about 50 aliexpress buyer in a cc. That as a generic answer that I had tried to fraud them!!! Aliexpress combine generic answers with real ones. I will probably make this public.

    But this is how it works they protect the sellers. Doenst matter if they send you the wrong item. Let say you order Lamp A and you get Lamp B, their answer will be, well it is a lamp and you can use it? What is the problem? It is like that. So if the seller wants to lie they do it and they get away with it too. Compare the european standards they do not care about hazards with electricty or anything else for that matter so your house could easily burn down with things from aliexpress.

    Well I will go buy stuff from amazon or ebay now. I do not trust aliexpress anymore since they revealed my email to 50 other dissatisfied customer which aliexpress writing this “. We also found that AliExpress Trade Security Department have informed you that your AliExpress account has been terminated because of continued violation”…

    We are 50 people who can see each other emails and aliexpress couldnt care less. The only one that has violated is aliexpress.

    And again aliexpress has alot of copyrighted items and other things with very low quality. So you need to know how to buy and what to buy.

  163. Kevin Says:

    Placed an order with aliexpress on Dec. 4th / 2015. My CC was charged the full amount on Dec. 9th. I received an email on Dec. 27th stating my order was cancelled for non payment. Aliexpress claims they never received payment, yet my CC company tells me they did. Overseas company so it looks like I haven’t got much recourse. Lesson learned.

  164. Esther J Says:

    i bought a coat November 29th and after seller lied and delayed coat was finally sent, custom asked for payment proof and invoice, I provided payment proof and seller provided a nameless invoice so custom rejected the invoice, due to delay as I was traveling I canceled order and up till now seller refuse to accept cancellation. Case has been escalated and now seller says they will not accept the returned coat (which I never even RECIEVED) that I must provide another address from another country. (As if I’m the presidents daughter). So that they will send the coat to. This is going against the seller guarantee that states that if item is not RECIEVED in 23days I will get my full refund. Up till now we’re still on it. I CANT AFFORD to lose that money. I already spoke to a lawyer about it and luckily I have enough proof and evidence. Order number:71260834784143. Seller : BF-FUR. (Advice: stay away from this seller. They are trouble).

  165. Jerry G Says:

    Such hate! Unbelievable!!

    I have done business with Aliexpress for almost 3 years and have NEVER had any serious problems with any seller, received a different product or ripped off my money. It takes a little bit of common sense and practice to be safe when buying online and it’s not too different from buying from eBay or Amazon.

    1) People don’t take the time to evaluate. They don’t take a look at the seller’s rep, check their products’ pictures, or skim through the reviews and feedback. Aliexpress is not good or bad – there are good and bad SELLERS and Ali is but a commerce platform. Many people fail to realize that and that’s where most of the issues start. There really are scammers and bad sellers out there (just like any other country), but if you don’t learn to tell the difference, you’ll end up scammed by them. Because you didn’t take the time to do your research.

    2) People are awfully IMPATIENT. I live in the Americas and believing my package will arrive in two weeks time by using plain air mail is downright stupid. This includes all folk who frantically check their tracking numbers every 15 minutes. If you’re not willing to wait, don’t buy from China. Period. I have had to wait as long as 90 days to receive an order because of all the factors that come into play: shipping method, destination, country’s customs and import policies. Every process is different. But people waht their parcels and they want them “NOW”. Tough luck.

    3) People don’t understand customs. They don’t realize once an order enters their country’s post system a whole new process begins – package may be restrained, put on hold, pay taxes etc. and it’s out of the seller’s control. Complaining to the seller about a package that was lost by your local postman is absurd and unfair. Again, a little reading of the basic guidelines for international shipping could save a lot of trouble, which isn’t the case because of #2) above.

    On a final note, people should GROW UP! Calling all chinese businesses, sellers, and even worse, the chinese people in general, “fakes”, “frauds”, and “POS” is absolutely imbecilic and abusive. Judging a whole nation for ONE simple problem you may even have caused yourself? Then you shouldn’t even using the internet at all. It’s unfair to label honest traders and sellers who are simply trying to make a living just because of one bad experience.

  166. Fortunato B. Says:

    Sorry for my English. I am Italian with a very good feedback on ebay, never had big problems on the shopping site. Unfortunately I had a very bad idea, in late July 2015, after consulting with friends to buy a pair of IP cam 320 €. I chose a vendor, it seemed correct, however it is detected in time a criminal. He sent me a single cam (completely different model no ip cam) the other never delivered .. I wrote immediately. (They have provided false addresses for returning the package, numbers tel nonexistent). I returned to the cam wrong return address, indicated in the package receive (in addition to having paid customs duties on arrival and the shipment cost 50 €). We are in January the package is abandoned because the seller in cahoots with crowds of aliexpress .. Wait terminate the terms of the dispute to receive the money, which aliexpress froze until now .. This is not a market but a honest people Bay of thieves …
    No falsehood what I say, I can provide 157 kb of messages and photos relating to the receipt and shipment of products.
    Stay away from this market
    They are in possession of a license to steal from honest people

  167. roxy Says:

    What Jerry G said is true.And never buy costly things,thinking you’ll be saving money.Want cheap product,get cheap quality.My advice is to stay below 10 $ for an item/pack,so if an order is lost on the way (it happens),it won’t be so bad,compared to 100 $ orders.Want quality,go to a local store.Oh,wait,i forgot to tell you :most of the things sold in your local store,supermarket,mall,etc (if not all) are made in China,or in an other asian country.You can get a faulty item from the start,let’s say,a samsung phone,because the factories don’t test every single item,just one from a lot,so you’re either lucky or not.Do a little research and have faith that your order will arrive,if not,dispute or just never buy anything.And another thing: there are chinese vendors on Amazon/Ebay,and i distrust more a private seller who sells second hand than a chinese store.

  168. Sam Says:

    @C Never ever buy any well known brand from Aliexpress. 0% of them is genuine. On Aliexpress you only buy Chinese brand which are a lot cheaper.

  169. Silvia Says:

    I bought a pair of “leather” shoes shoes from AliExpress, store Bonus time (Store No.727479):

    The description says “Upper Material: leather”

    I received synthetic leather shoes. I contacted the seller and they answer:

    “This shoes is not leather but also good quality , and we have sold this shoes a lot….”

    I tried to return them and get my money back but they didn’t agree. I escalated the case and the AliExpress team close my case because my close pictures of the shoes and the seller admitting that “this shoes are not leather…” was not enough prove that the shoes are not leather.
    They also told me that I should have sent them a picture of the label from the product that shows the composition of this. But the shoes have not a single label inside!

    I tried to contact AliExpress customer services in the online chat. The person there could understand that the seller saying that the shoes are not leather should be enough prove and he was going to report it to the “deciding team”. No one has contacted me…

    Is there anything I could do?

  170. Petr Says:

    Hello a want share me expirience with Aliexpress too.//Sorry for my english//

    11.11.2015 i bought on aliexpress tablet in value 140.72U$,
    Aliexpress give me discount 10$, i make payment via paypal 130.72$ .
    Merchant information : New Times Technology Co., Ltd ( ) .
    After cca 21 days i received tablet with lower configuration (in value about 40$) and with wrong ship time (i pay for faster delivery 6$).
    I started dispute process with merchant , Merchant agree with sending product back to China.
    I send back tablet with full equipment and with original container. I payd 20$ for post services with insurance (covering forfeit and damage package).
    Merchant received package and uploaded on web video with damaged and dirty package.
    I could not verify whether the damaged Shipment received by traders from the post office or destroy it to avoid paying the full amount of your refund.
    After opening package tablet had broken display.I requested after the commencement of vendors claim to the post office.
    Since he took over the already damaged consignment can I make a complaint.
    He denied this and sought compensation for damage to the display.
    The complaint was forwarded to aliexpress custom service and ruled in favor of the seller. AliExpress send me back compensation only $ 95.42.
    If you look evaluated this seller cheating This way all customers (some even detect fraud.) AliExpress that tolerates and allows dealers to rob other consumers. …

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