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Early in the medieval times, people started to put on hair wigs to stay away from blazing sun. Today, for cancer patients who lose hair after chemotherapy, easy-to-use hair wigs are a great way to protect their privacy and strengthen their confidence; for the rest of us, stylish but cheap hair wigs are definitely meant for fashion.

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Costume Wigs VS. Fashion Wigs

Currently on the global market, we can find two types of hair wigs: costume wigs and fashion wigs. Costume hair wigs or cosply hair wigs are used to match certain costumes or in a fun party so most of them feature an over-the-top look. You know, most people use costume wigs only when they want to look different on some special occasion. In contrast, fashion hair wigs look almost no difference from human hair styles. From trendy street haircuts to the latest celebrity hair styles, it’s easy to find equivalent hair wigs at highly affordable prices, especially from international online stores like Lightinthebox and Milanoo.

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Also, both types of hair wigs can be further categorized in terms of length and wearer. Generally, there are three types of lengths to choose from: short hair wigs, medium hair wigs and long hair wigs. For hair wigs made of high-quality material, the longer the wig, the higher the price. Besides, though hair wigs for men are much less in availability of supply than hair wigs for women, they are not rare in professional hair wigs stores.

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Synthetic Hair Wigs VS. Human Hair Wigs

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Synthetic fiber and real human hair are most common materials used in hair wigs. Most people tend to assume that human hair wigs are necessarily superior to synthetic hair wigs, while in reality it’s not that simple. The two kinds of hair wigs have their respective pros and cons. It all depends on your specific preferences in terms of quality expectation, desired usage, budget and time available on caring the wig.

Quality: As human hair wigs are made of real human locks, they feel more natural and softer to the touch, and generally last longer than most synthetic hair wigs. Obviously, human hair wigs look more realistic than synthetic hair wigs, though some top-tier synthetic wigs can look equally realistic too. Besides, a human hair wig can be styled and dyed like real human hair while a synthetic one can’t be styled with an iron.

Usage: If you intend to wear a wig every day as a refreshing style of your look, a premium-quality human hair wig is definitely your first choice if it does not at all embarrass your budget. Likewise, real hair wigs are a better choice for people who have to wear a wig because of hair loss. If you just want to use a hair wig as a fashion accessory to express yourself, or have fun with a different image by changing your hair wig once in a while, you are encouraged to pick several synthetic hair wigs in different styles and colors.

Price: Generally, human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic hair wigs. As real human hair is very limited in availability, its cost is naturally higher. After all, not so many women are willing to sell their locks. On the contrary, synthetic fiber is easy to produce and is extensively available for creating all kinds of hair wigs. As a result, the majority of synthetic hair wigs are much cheaper in pricing. However, some top-quality synthetic hair wigs can cost as much as some medium-quality human hair wigs. On the Chinese market, a human hair wig costs between $100 and $200, while a synthetic one costs between $15 and $50.

Caring: When it comes to the easy-of-care issue, synthetic hair wigs are no doubt a greater option. Human hair wigs need to be styled after every wash while synthetic human hairs can keep their styles pretty well after being washed.

So, what’s your choice? Would you go for human hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs?

To get more information about stylish but cheap hair wigs, you can visit Lightinthebox Wholesale Hair Wigs or Milanoo Wholesale Hair Wigs. The two online stores are ranked among the best discounted hair wig suppliers in China and enjoy high reputation on the global market. In particular, Milanoo is better known for its cosply costume wigs.

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  1. Traci Hornes says:

    Cosplay wigs are indeed of great essentials when it comes to cosplay show, performance or costume party.

  2. Synthetic Lace Front Wigs says:

    Making custom wigs starts with measuring the subject’s head. The natural hair is arranged in flat curls against the head as the various measurements are taken. It is often helpful to make a pattern from layers of transparent adhesive tape applied over a piece of plastic wrap, on which the natural hairline can be traced accurately.

  3. Nona Traylor says:

    Cosplay has become so popular these days that other countries are having such trends too. It is most common in Japan but even third world countries are adopting it. The costumes and hairstyles are so amazing to watch which will make people reminisce their favorite characters from animes.

  4. elliebeauty says:

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  5. Wig Lady says:

    Hey Chinawholesalereviews,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, Women of all backgrounds and ages like to adorn complete lace wigs especially many generated implementing individual hair. It is a reality that the global recognition of these wigs can be attributed to the need gals have to resemble recognized famous people. On the other hand, some ladies do not care about famous people but only want to generate a solid and stylish search. In contrast to other forms of wigs, full lace human hair wigs are perfect for attaining that healthy glimpse. The rationale for this is that this style of wig is manufactured working with organic and natural individual hair, which tends to make it genuine.
    I’ll be back to read more next time

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