Where Can We Get Cheap Wholesale Nail Art Supplies?

Today nail art has become a popular fashion around the world. For beauty business runners who offer nail art products or services, getting cheap wholesale nail art supplies is one of the key efforts to ensure high margins. At the same time, some individual consumers may choose to DIY their nail art work and they are also enthusiastically prowling for great nail art supplies offered at low prices.

However, do you know where we can get cheap wholesale nail art supplies? If you’ve found the right places, then congratulations! For those who are not sure about which stores are good for sourcing wholesale nail art supplies at reasonable prices, my introduction below may give you a hint.

Acrylic Nail Polymer Clay Slice Flowers

Firstly, I would like to encourage you to shop for nail art supplies from China, where the manufacturing costs of nail art products are much lower. Also, due to the intense competition among countless manufacturers, the nail art products are offered at very low wholesale prices both to the Chinese domestic market and to the global market. Based on our research, China is the most popular place to source wholesale nail art supplies across the whole world. In addition to the pricing advantage, the vastest variety of nail art supplies is another big reason why the nail art business is booming there.

Every year, many merchants, beauty studio runners, nail art designers or individual shoppers buy nail art items through online or offline channels from China. In recent years, as international e-commerce becomes increasingly mature, more and more people choose to purchase nail art supplies online from Chinese suppliers.

Secondly, it’s important to trade with reliable online stores so that you will get really good and cheap wholesale nail art supplies without any hassles. Seeing that now there are thousands of online stores of various sizes run foreign trade business in China, it could be quite difficult to find out the suitable ones. The first and foremost thing you need to check out on each of the store is the company credibility. Otherwise, chances are you may lose your money because you place orders with a dishonest supplier. When it comes to buying cheap wholesale nail art supplies, we would recommend two trusted online shops for your references: Lightinthebox.com and AliExpress.com.

Lightinthebox.com carries a small selection of nail art design items, such as 12-color acrylic powder sets, nail art laser flakes, ect. Though limited in quantities, each of the items is quality guaranteed and offered at competitive prices. In the Health & Beauty category there, you can also find some other great nail care products like manicure kits.

Cheap Wholesale Nail Art Supplies at Lightinthebox

AliExpress.com is the best of the best choices as it has the most complete directory of nail tools including nail art products. There you can find a huge array of cheap wholesale nail art supplies offered by various sellers who have been verified by AliExpress. Buying from any of the sellers will be well protected by AliExpress escrow service. The nail art product line there includes nail brushes, nail buffers, nail printers, nail files, artificial fingernails, nail stickers and much more, totalling about 30,000 items to choose from. Free shipping is available on some of the items and minimum order quantity is generally small, as low as 1 piece only.

Cheap Wholesale Nail Art Supplies at AliExpress

Images courtesy of Lightinthebox and AliExpress

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