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Chinavasion.com is an online wholesale marketplace exclusively selling electronics located in Shenzhen, China, next to the famous city Hong Kong. This China wholesale electronics company has been providing drop shipping on electronics directly from the Mainland China since 2006—the first China-based wholesale site offering this service in the arena of electronics.

As it is well-known, Shenzhen is the largest electronic manufacturing base in China. All products listed on Chinavasion including consumer electronics, gadgets and PC accessories are sourced directly from top Chinese manufactures. Besides, as Chinavasion normally buy in bulk from these manufactures, they can enjoy the best stock-up prices on these items, thus being able to offer the best wholesale prices to international buyers.

As an online wholesale store dedicated to offering the best electronic items to the world, Chinavasion also works hard to promote the “made in China” brand. With abundant raw materials and labor, China is able to produce quality electronics at relatively low costs compared with the international market. And what Chinavasion tries to do, is to introduce these great items to other countries, especially those where electronics are vey costly like the United States. And a deep investigation into this China wholesale website reveals that every electronic item offered on Chinavasion is made in China.

Buyers should note that before you sign up in the website, the price you see for each item is only for a single unite. After you sign up, you will see the different wholesale prices for larger quantities. The bigger your order size, the lower the wholesale price you can get from Chinavasion. In addition to the labeled prices you can see on the items, you can also negotiate with them for a better price you want. Also, based on order history, old customers will be rewarded with better discounts for single pieces in drop shipping service.

For more information, you can go visit Chinavasion.com


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  15. Arthurs Says:

    Chinavasion was a company to offer electronics dropshipping direct from the Mainland China market ,they sell many cool gadgets at low price

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  17. Andy Says:

    Chinavasion is an good wholesale supplier. And AccessBuy.com is also a great one!

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