Apr 22

Women’s dresses seem a constantly hot-selling item category at the China wholesale website Lightinthebox. Whenever we visit the website, ads about dresses are always there, though in different promotional forms, of course. In addition to the spring collection which has been launched for a period of time, now Lightinthebox offers a selection of dresses for which tailor service is available.

lightinthebox wholesale dresses

These dresses follow the latest trends that dominate both the high fashion and the street fashion. If the hip US show The Gossip Girl is a TV runway for fashionistas, the Light In The Box has become a website runway for those who love styles in the show. Dresses inspired by the fashion styles of girls and boys in the episodes, be they prom dresses, evening dresses, mini-dresses, A-list dresses, or column dresses, are being promoted with great efforts on the website now. Their ad saying ‘discover your new look’ clearly implies that they are selling new style dresses that may greatly enhance your look. Also, there we can find a lot of dresses inspired by popular celebrities. For those who want to try the latest celebrity styles, these dresses can be an affordable choice–you don’t have to be rich to dress yourself up with celebrity styles! For people who specialize in dress wholesale or retail business, this period is the best time to stock up trendy dresses—now amazing dresses come in various new styles, colors and sizes as well with tailor service are offered from only US$69.99 at Lightinthebox!

For details about promotions on wholesale dresses, you can visit LightInTheBox.com.

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