Jan 28

It’s been only about one year since the first iPad was released by Apple but juicy rumors about iPad 2 have been flying worldwide for quite a long time. Versions of the iPad 2 rumors vary from each other in details. However, it is generally predicted that iPad 2 will be officially launched on around February 9, 2011. At the same time, inspired guesses about the trends of iPad 2 accessories are spreading across the globe too.

iPad 2 Accessories

Looking back and we find that the release of every new Apple gadget also brought along the prosperity of its related accessories. For example, after the Apple iPhone 4 came into the market, all kinds of iPhone 4 accessories have been in high demand among the smartphone users. Now it has become a tradition that when a fresh Apple device is about to be released, manufacturers would keep their eyes on the possible trends of the accessories for the device. As soon as the device is released or the specifications of the device are made public, some of them start to produce its accessories to seize the market share as quickly as possible.

Now as the predicted release day of iPad 2 is nearing, many manufacturers of electronic accessories have been preparing in very possible way for the mass production of iPad 2 accessories. Likewise, suppliers or wholesalers of such accessories have been watching closely on the progression in order to grab the great business opportunity.

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Oct 05

With a similar look to the Apple iPad, the aPad tablet PC is probably the most popular made-in-China mini laptop among global users. Overall, aPad is interior to iPad, but it is empowered with many advanced features including the Android operating system. On the Chinese market, you can find a wealth of aPad suppliers both online and offline.

As the aPad tablet PCs offered by different Chinese suppliers vary in manufacturers, quality and prices, it could be quite tricky to find best aPad mini PCs with a happy budget. By a glance, all the aPads for sale on the multitude of China based online stores seem to look the same. Even their descriptions are very identical. But based on our findings, they are not that same as they look like, especially when it comes to quality. The first and foremost thing you need to do, however, is to locate a premium supplier who has established a trusted name on the global market.

We’ve done some research for our readers and found some of the best aPad suppliers for your reference: Lightinthebox, DavisMicro> and AliExpress. All of these Chinese online stores are legitimate businesses with a proven reputation among global buyers, though personally we like Lightinthebox best for the excellent services and amazing items if offers. The aPad Google Android tablet PCs offered by the three suppliers vary quite significantly in specifications as well as prices. If interested, read on to compare in detail.

aPad Tablet PCs on Lightinthebox

aPad Android Tablet PCs on Lightinthebox

Prices: $139.99 (This item is frequently on sale with 10% ~ 20% off.); free shipping unavailable

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Jun 22

Where to Find the Widest Range of iPad Cases for Sale?

As iPad sweeps over the world, iPad accessories like iPad cases are in greater and greater demand, especially in the European and American regions. Like other cases for electronic gadgets, iPad cases are mainly meant for protecting iPad from scratches. However, the fashionable touch is now another important feature of most iPad protective cases.

In Apple Store, an iPad case cost about $40 while in some China shopping websites, you can get an equally good iPad case for low as $4.99. You may wonder how it could be possible? But it is 100% true. Many Chinese suppliers offer accessories for famous electronic gadgets including iPad and iPhone at unbelievably low wholesale prices. Since iPad is still quite young in the global market, so far, not all China-based wholesale websites provide a complete array of iPad skin cases. Based on our comparison, Uxcell should be the best online shopping store for cheap iPad cases in terms of item variety and prices.

On Uxcell.com, you will be able to find 160 different styles of wholesale iPad cases neatly displayed there with detailed descriptions on their materials, sizes and other specifications. Also, you can see a set of clear images for each iPad case. There any person of any age or gender can easily find the right style that fits him or her taste.

Wholesale iPad Cases on Uxcell
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Jun 10

Get Useful iPad Accessories to Compliment and Protect Your iPad

Wholesale iPad Accessories

Since iPad was launched in April, 2010, various kinds of iPad accessories have been springing one after another from every corner of the world. It is not at all exaggerating to say that the delivery speed of the great variety of iPad accessories is completely in line with that of iPad itself. It has been just a few months since the release date of iPad, but now in the global market you can see a vast array of iPad accessories, some of which are cool beyond your imagination.

Here we are about to introduce some of the most popular iPad accessories among the various China wholesale shopping websites. It’s no longer a secret that China is the best in manufacturing accessories for electronics, cell phones, PCs and other web-based gadgets like iPad. That explains why every year, swarms of resellers look for such accessories from China’s wholesale market, especially through the internet.

In general, iPad accessories from China feature the lowest prices and the biggest catalogs. As we know, accessories for PCs or similar items do not require high-tech manufacturing techniques, which is part of the reason why China’s factories are able to develop and produce so many iPad accessories at such a fast speed. And today, many Chinese iPad accessories suppliers offer free shipping or dropshipping service to global buyers.

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