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It’s been only about one year since the first iPad was released by Apple but juicy rumors about iPad 2 have been flying worldwide for quite a long time. Versions of the iPad 2 rumors vary from each other in details. However, it is generally predicted that iPad 2 will be officially launched on around February 9, 2011. At the same time, inspired guesses about the trends of iPad 2 accessories are spreading across the globe too.

iPad 2 Accessories

Looking back and we find that the release of every new Apple gadget also brought along the prosperity of its related accessories. For example, after the Apple iPhone 4 came into the market, all kinds of iPhone 4 accessories have been in high demand among the smartphone users. Now it has become a tradition that when a fresh Apple device is about to be released, manufacturers would keep their eyes on the possible trends of the accessories for the device. As soon as the device is released or the specifications of the device are made public, some of them start to produce its accessories to seize the market share as quickly as possible.

Now as the predicted release day of iPad 2 is nearing, many manufacturers of electronic accessories have been preparing in very possible way for the mass production of iPad 2 accessories. Likewise, suppliers or wholesalers of such accessories have been watching closely on the progression in order to grab the great business opportunity.

Given the comparatively high prices of Apple gadget accessories available in Apple Store, a significant number of Apple users choose to buy non-Apple branded accessories for protection or styling purpose. After all, accessories are unlike advanced gadgets – they are mostly low-tech products without high-standard requirements on quality. For instance, an iPad cover does not need high technology for its production and its essential quality is to fit, protect and style the iPad perfectly with a comfortable touch and easy-to-use functionality. For such types of accessories for smart gadgets, China is generally deemed as the best manufacturing hub since they are super easy to make and only low costs are needed.

If you are a store owner interested in stocking up on wholesale iPad 2 accessories for your resell business, you’re encouraged to check out some well-known China wholesale shopping websites after iPad 2 is finally launched. Our recommendations are as follows:

  • www.aliexpress.com: There you have more chances to shop direct from a good number of manufacturers or factories and get low wholesale prices on what you want.
  • www.lightinthebox.com: It’s easier to more safe to purchase from the premium online wholesale and retail shop though the styles and prices if offers are not so competitive.
  • www.chinavasion.com: If item quality is your priority, this Shenzhen based online wholesale store should be your first option. With years of experience in supplying high quality electronics and accessories, its products stand out by superior quality and competitive prices.
  • www.davismicro.com or www.brandsdragon.com : The two brands belong to the same company. As a fast-growing and reliable wholesale electronics online supplier, it has a huge selection of accessories for various popular gadgets including iPhone 4, iPad and more. And the best thing is: it usually offers rock-bottom prices on its products.

Of course, even if you are a iPad 2 user, you can choose to shop for cheap iPad 2 accessories from any of the above mentioned China wholesale shopping websites. All of them accept small quantities of orders and more often than not, low MOQ or no MOQ is required. You can get low wholesale prices even for small orders. Usually, the more you purchase for a single order, the better price you will be able to enjoy. Besides, as mixed orders are extensively accepted, it may save you even more to buy a complete set of accessories for your iPad 2 in one purchase.

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