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The annual Golden Globe Awards, the first grand awards event of the year in the arena of film and television, was unveiled on January 16, 2011. Like before, many shinning stars graced the Golden Globe 2011 red carpet and set the trends again. Because of the unreachably high prices, owning any of the gorgeous evening dresses presented by the celebrities at the awards ceremony may be beyond the reach of ordinary girls or women. However, if you want to get the Golden Globe 2011 red carpet fashion inspired evening dresses, it would be much easier.

Natalie Portman Evening Dress at Golden Globe 2011

Natalie Portman, one of the best dressed star at Golden Globe 2011.
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It has become a tradition that every remarkable fashion event will soon hit the fashion industry with some stylish and refreshing gowns or accessories. This time, what the 2011 Golden Globe red carpet fashion runway brought to the world is more than amazing. Though different people have different tastes, given so many lovely evening dresses shown by the super stars, every taste will be well satisfied. Of course, it’s too expensive for most of us to afford the designer evening gowns that wowed the Golden Globe 2011. Anyway, we can choose to style ourselves with less expensive dresses inspired by the ceremony.

As we know, China is the biggest manufacturing base of apparel and fashion accessories. More and more international online shops emerge there and provide a vast array of cheap fashion products to re-sellers or end consumers worldwide every year. In particular, some world renowned online shopping websites are professional suppliers of high-end fashion inspired dresses and accessories. Every time, soon after an important red carpet fashion event ends, these websites launch their own selections of fashionable dresses similar to the most welcomed dresses of the event. LightIntheBox.com is one of them. So far we’ve found all together 14 styles of Golden Globe 2011 red carpet fashion inspired evening dresses at LightInTheBox and more are coming up. The prices of these evening gowns range from $99.99 to $199.99. Unbelievable prices, aren’t they?

Shocked by the impossible prices, you may shed doubts on the quality of the cheap evening dresses offered by LightInTheBox.com. If you do, then you are not alone. Based on our long-term research, LightInTheBox is one of the most popular international online shops in China. Its best-known product line is special occasion dresses, including wedding dresses, evening dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses and more. The quality of the red carpet fashion inspired evening gowns there are in no way as good as that of the designer pieces. So don’t be naive to believe that you can get equally high quality red carpet evening dresses from the store. But it’s also true that the dresses for sale at LightInTheBox are unbeatable in terms of quality compared with those available in other China-based online shops. Especially when you feel the quality yourself, you would realize these dresses deserve every dollar you’ve spent on them.

Below are some of the Golden Globe 2011 red carpet fashion inspired evening dresses available on LightInTheBox.com. These dresses are tailored with the inspiration from evening gowns donned by Elisabeth Moss, Carrie Underwood, Megan Fox, Christina Hendricks, Eva Longoria and Mandy Moore at the 2011 Golden Globe. Just take a look!

Elisabeth Moss Evening Dress at Golden Globe 2011 Carrie Underwood Evening Dress at Golden Globe 2011

Megan Fox Evening Dress at Golden Globe 2011 Christina Hendricks Evening Dress at Golden Globe 2011

Eva Longoria Evening Dress at Golden Globe 2011 Mandy Moore Evening Dress at Golden Globe 2011

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Images courtesy of LightInTheBox.com

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