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With such a wealth of cheap special occasion dresses available online, you may get lost in finding the best deals on desired formal dress for your next special occasion. Here we’d like to share our knowledge about where to find best but cheap special occasion dresses on the internet. If you are a store owner looking for special occasion dresses to fill your inventory, this handy guide may help you out as well.

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Background Info about China Wholesale Stores

Today, when it comes to shopping in bulk, China is definitely the first option. So far no country or region can beat China in terms of item prices. Meanwhile, the country keeps improving the quality level of all sorts of items that are manufactured for export and takes hold in a big way on the global market.

More and more buyers choose to shop direct from China wholesale stores, either for resale business or for personal use. Most international online wholesale shops based in China accept retail orders. This means people can purchase an item for an extremely low wholesale price. In China, such shops are everywhere, mostly located in big cities like Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Chengdu.

In particular, special occasion dresses offered by this kind of stores are highly cost-effective. As the world’s biggest exporter of textile goods, China is able to product very high quality special occasion dresses for any aged female, including evening dresses, cocktail dresses, prom dresses, homecoming dresses, Quinceanera dresses and celebrity dresses. Also, you can easily find girls’ special occasion dresses in various styles from Chinese shopping websites, for instance, tea length special occasion dresses and designer inspired special occasion dresses. On the other hand, the prices its suppliers offer are many times lower than those offered by domestic stores of most European and American countries.

Trusted Online Stores of Special Occasion Dresses

We’ve found three trusted Chinese stores that offer amazing but cheap special occasion dresses: Lightinthebox, AliExpress and Milanoo. All of them have established a famed name in the arena of international shopping. If you are interested in shopping special occasion dresses from China, you are encouraged to compare them to make your best choice.

1. Special Occasion Dresses at Lightinthebox.com

Lightinthebox.com has really good quality dresses that fit all kinds of special occasions. Every time it launches new special occasion dresses, we can’t help wowing at the gorgeousness of the dresses. We’re not bragging, on Lightinthebox.com, you will find yourself excited again and again by its stunningly beautiful dresses that conform to any level of formality. Though the pricing of its special occasion dresses may be not so competitive as that of AliExpress or Milanoo, the quality is superb and well guaranteed—the wholesale website verifies, packs and ships out item by its own staff and everything is under good control.

Special Occasion Dresses at Lightinthebox

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2. Special Occasion Dresses at AliExpress.com

Unlike Lightinthebox, AliExpress.com is a wholesale transaction platform that connects numerous Chinese suppliers and buyers from all over the world. It belongs to the world’s biggest e-commerce company Alibaba so its credibility is obviously beyond question. Besides, you don’t need to worry about security problem as it provides Escrow service to protect the payment of buyers. There you can find a vast array of cheap special occasion dresses offered by thousands of suppliers at different prices. If you stick to its guidelines about how to find top suppliers, chances are you will get awesome formal dresses at lowest market prices. The intense competitive among so many sellers give you a chance to negotiate for a best price!

Special Occasion Dresses at AliExpress

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3. Special Occasion Dresses at Milanoo.com

Still young in international wholesale business, Milanoo.com has been making brilliant progress and its customer base is enlarging very fast. Based in Chengdu, Sichuan, Milanoo has a similar business model to Lightinthebox. The whole transaction process is handled by its internal stuff and item quality is thus controlled. Different from the latter, Milanoo is focused on fashion goods instead of comprehensive categories of items. Comparatively, the styles and quality of special occasion dresses it supplies may not be as outstanding as that for sale in the veteran store Lightinthebox, the prices it offers tend to be remarkably lower.

Special Occasion Dresses at Milanoo

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See? It’s not so hard to find cheap special occasion dresses that can make you stand out!

Images courtesy of Lightinthebox.com, AliExpress.com and Milanoo.com

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