Creative Toy: Intelligent Magnetic Assembling Toy for Kids

When I was looking for best Christmas gifts for kids, I found a lovely toy named as “MAG-WISDOM Intelligent Magnetic Toy” at I was instantly attracted by the product images in which different shapes are showcased with the colorful magnetic parts. My son loves this kind of toys very much and for this reason, I become very sensitive to such products.

MAG-WISDOM Intelligent Magnetic Toy

The magnetic toy includes 20 pieces of parts in triangle or square. Some of them are cut-out triangles, some cut-out squares while the others are solid magnetic pieces. As the picture above shows, you can create any shape as you wish using the pieces. It is super easy for little kids to finish the job as every piece of the part is magnetic. Just stick one piece to another and it is done. Base on my experience, this toy could be a great Christmas gift for children of 1-5 year old. Even adults could find a lot of fun in assembling the parts to make creative shapes.

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