MiniInTheBox: Small Gadgets and Prices, Big Benefits

On, you can find a special shopping channel named “MiinInTheBox”. Just as the name indicates, items offered there feature small size, small prices and small orders. Take a quick look at all  gadgets there, you will know how extremely low the price are. Which kind of products meet such features best? Small electronics, of course. Whether you are a customer looking for cool electronics for your own use but dont’ want to spend big money, MiniInTheBox can be a no-better choice. Likewise, if you interested in buying in bulk small but useful electronics for you customers with least cost, you should seriously consider MiniInTheBox.

lightinthebox miniinthebox

In addition to the advantages of low prices and flexible order quantity, there are other exclusive benefits MiniInTheBox offers:

1. Free Shipping. By shopping MiniInTheBox, you don’t need to bear any shipping cost as all products there are sold with free shipping. The price tag of any MiniInTheBox product is the total cost for the product–no extra cost required. Can you believe that you can get an item for less than $1 USD? In MiniInTheBox on Lightinthebox, it happens all the time, so don’t get shocked when you find an item priced at only $0.39 USD including shipping fee.

2. A wide variety of small electronics. The MiniInTheBox mainly includes 13 sections: Less than $1.99,  Computer Gadgets, Electronic Gadgets, Car Accessories, Hobbies & Toy Gadgets, Cell Phone Gadgets, Video Game Gadgets, Flashlights/Lamp Gadgets, BB Gun (Toy) & Laser Gadgets, iPod Gagets, Home & Office Gadgets, Apparel Gadgets and  Other Gadgets. All these gadgets are either popular and helpful, or cool and rare.

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2 thoughts on “MiniInTheBox: Small Gadgets and Prices, Big Benefits”

  1. Well I’ve had a bad experience with this page. I ordered a USB memory whith the shape of a black pendant with a skull ( and I did it for express shipping.
    I received the package in a week. When I passed the anger because DHL scammers had charged me almost 25 € for “administration of import duties (apart from almost 4 to be paid to customs) I opened the package and I found a super tacky pink pendant with a crown.
    And anyone asks you to change the product and risk paying another 30 € to more …

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