2013 Cheap Vintage Prom Dresses for Sale at Reliable Chinese Stores

Based on my knowledge, the best Chinese online shopping sites to buy prom dresses are Lightinthebox.com, Milanoo.com, Dinodirect.com and Aliexpress.com, especially when it comes to cheap prom dresses that come in trendy styles. I personally believe that the first two sites are the best of the best in this field as they are more focused on offering all kinds of stylish special occasion dresses including prom dresses, evening dresses, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, homecoming dresses, graduation dresses and more.

Lightinthebox.com and Milanoo.com release specials on prom dresses from time to time throughout the whole year, not just limited to prom seasons as other Chinese stores do. As a result it is easy to find discounted prom dresses on either of the sites. For instance, in early March, Milanoo launched a big sale on 2013 cheap prom dresses with deep discounts on many new styles and now they have another impressive offer on vintage prom dresses. Seeing that the discount is as high as 80% off, you are encouraged to take advantage of the money-saving chances when shopping for prom dresses with the Chinese suppliers. Besides, prom dresses are one of the best product lines at both of the sites, the product ranges are so wide that any kind of taste will be easily satisfied. If you are looking for 2013 cheap vintage prom dresses for sale at Chinese stores, they should be the first choice.

Milanoo.com is hosting a sale exclusively on vintage prom dresses with extra 20% off. The offer is ending May 6. Here are some of the best styles:
2013 Cheap Vintage Prom Dresses at Milanoo
See more styles >>

Here is the new arrival collection of 2013 prom dresses at Lightinthebox.com: 
2013 New Prom Dresses for Sale at Lightinthebox
They are not as low priced as those for sale at Milanoo.com, but they are really gorgeous! The wearers will definitely become the sparkling star in the prom parties adorning any of the dress. See more styles >>

Unlike Lightinthebox.com or Milanoo.com, Dinodirect.com and Aliexpress.com do not focus so much on formal dresses and they don’t lunch promotions for the product line so frequently, either. However, they do honor great deals on prom dresses and other special occasion dresses sometimes. In addition, Dinodirect.com issues coupon codes in various discount values very often. You can use the codes to slash down the price for any products you want including prom dresses when they apply to products sitewide or to fashion products. Here are my site I update the Dinodirect.com coupon codes page as soon as I get the latest alert on their coupon offers. Click here to see the latest discount codes released by Dinodirect.com.

Aliexpress.com is quite different from the other three sites mentioned above. They are a transaction platform for sellers and buyers to trade with each other and provide payment protection service. They do not sell products themselves like Lightinthebox, Milanoo or Dinodirect does. For this reason, they seldom provide coupons for buyers though they are offering a $5 coupon for newly registered buyers currently. Anyway, they have a Seller Coupons program and invite various sellers to offer coupons on select products in the long run. You can check out their Seller Coupons page to see any sellers offer deals on prom dresses. View all discounted prom dresses at Aliexpress.com >>

For more tips on purchasing wholesale prom dresses from China, please read here.

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