Wholesale Prom Dresses from China

Whether you want to purchase wholesale prom dresses for your business or select a gorgeous prom dress for yourself, China is definitely the best place to buy from. Wanna know my reasons? Read on to get the details.

China’s apparel manufacturing capacity is the biggest in the world, which ensures you that you can always get the prom dresses of any style at any time. There are a number of apparel manufacturing bases locating in some famous Chinese cities like Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, Suzhou in Jiangsu Province, Jinjiang in Fujian Province, Shenzhen, Humen and Dongguan in Guangdong. The quality of the myriad of prom dresses can vary significantly from each other. Normally, the price is the hint indicating the quality level of the prom dresses, but not always. You should beware of scammers. So it is important to buy from a trustworthy marketplace or factory. In China, the best known prom dresses export websites are: Alibaba.com & AliExpress.com, Lightinthebox.com and Milanoo.com.

Alibaba.com: Most of its items do not include prices on their descriptions—Alibaba’s core business is neither to sell items itself, nor to serve the entire transaction process between suppliers and buyers, but to provide product and supplier information to global buyers. So you need to negotiate the price and details with the specific suppliers who offer the prom dresses you are interested. Also, you should note that Alibaba focuses on big quantity orders instead of small orders. For some items, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) can be as high as 1000 pieces. Of course, as the general rule goes, the bigger the order, the lower the price you can get. However, Alibaba has a special channel offering small orders: Aliexpress, read on to learn more details. View Wholesale Prom Dresses on Alibaba.com >>

AliExpress.com: AliExpress is neither a trading platform offering information service like its own sister trade marketplace Alibaba.com, nor an online store selling items itself like Lightinthebox.com. Instead, it integrates the advantages of the two e-commerce models by offering transaction service for Chinese sellers and global buyers. In essence, AliExpress acts as a third party to protect the interests of both the sellers and the buyers. On the one hand, AliExpress verifies the qualifications of sellers on registration based on a strict set of standards and inspects both the items and sellers listed on the website regularly; on the other hand, AliExpress uses its escrow service to ensure transaction safety between sellers and buyers. That is, when making the payment for an order, the payment does not go directly to the seller’s account, but goes to AliExpress’s company account. And AliExpress will not release the payment to the seller until the buyer confirms that the item has arrived and he/she is satisfied with the purchase. In the case that a dispute occurs, AliExpress will help both sides solve the problem. When buying on AliExpress, you don’t need to worry about the issue of payment and transaction safety as AliExpress is there to inspect the whole process.

DHgate Wholesale Prom Dresses

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Best College Graduation Dresses for Summer 2013

The college graduation season is coming around and girls start looking for gorgeous graduation dresses that fit their budgets. As a sub-category of special occasion dresses, ladies’ graduations dresses can be easily found at Chinese fashion stores and new styles are being constantly added to attract customers around the world. This post will introduce the best 2013 college graduation dresses handpicked from Chinese stores that serve global buyers such as Lightinthebox.com, Milaoo.com or Dinodirect.com.

I share lovely graduation dresses at reasonable prices or on sale at China shopping sites from time to time. Yesterday, I searched Google Image and came across an image of cheap graduation dresses for college posted at my own blog by myself in 2011. There are all together 12 styles of college graduation dresses in the image – all selected from the graduation dress collection of Lightinthebox.com (read review), a renowned Chinese international online retailer. Seriously, though the stunningly beautiful dresses were 2011 hot styles, they are still great choices for 2013 graduation ceremonies or parties. They are so classy that they seem never out-of-fashion. Click the image below to see details.

cheap college graduation dresses at Lightinthebox.com
Cheap college graduation dresses from Chinese store Lightinthebox.com

The good news is: if you find a dreamed style from the Lightinthebox 2011 graduation series, you can still order it with the site now. All formal or semi-formal dresses like college graduation gowns are custom-made based on customers’ specific measurements by their own dressmakers. For this reason they are able to make a dress listed at the site anytime and you don’t have to worry about sizing problems. However, note that as it takes time to tailor a dress and to ship the order, you should read carefully the time frames indicated at the product page before you place an order. You know, your graduation dress must arrive in time!

Besides the styles mentioned above, Lightinthebox.com also carries a selection of college graduation dresses that follow closely the 2013 latest trends. Most are available at around $100 and discounts are frequently offered. Here are a few cute styles with high customer ratings:
A-line one shoulder knee length college graduation dress
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Shopping Online: Cheap Bohemian Dresses for Women

Every summer we find bohemian dresses dominating the fashion arena and this summer is no exception. Now there are lots of cheap bohemian dresses for women for sale at online shops. Below we will introduce some statement bohemian dresses for women offered at discounted prices on Lightinthebox.com, the famous international online store based in China.

Pink Printed Bohemian Dresses for Women Butterfly Printed Bohemian Dresses for Women Embellished Neckline Bohemian Dresses for Women

Fashion dresses are always one of the biggest revenue earners at Lightinthebox.com. Standing out by superior quality and reasonable prices, the stylish dresses available on Lightinthebox are extremely popular among global buyers, including fashion store owners, fashion product wholesalers and individual consumers. Lightinthebox carries a huge selection of trendy dresses for every season and this summer, the store has certainly prepared a large inventory of fashionable dresses for its customers. Among all, the collection of cheap bohemian dresses for women there is particularly eye-catching by the gorgeous styles and attractive prices.

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Best Online China Stores to Buy Cheap Wholesale Maxi Dresses in Bohemian Styles

Bohemian dresses seem never out of fashion every year, especially during the summer seasons. Just look at the refreshing Bohemian styles showcased at various Chinese international retail or wholesale online shopping sites, you will realize how popular the trend is. Attracted by the amazing varieties of designs as well as the highly competitive prices, countless apparel or fashion resellers around the world source Bohemian styled dresses from Chinese suppliers for their businesses.Bohemian V-neck Maxi Dress at Milanoo

As summer 2013 is coming soon, many store owners have started prowling the internet for cheap made-in-China wholesale maxi dresses in Bohemian styles. Meanwhile, some fashionistas who are obsessed with Bohemian styles are also searching the web for the latest Bohemian dresses to prepare for the hot summer. Long ago I introduced a well known Chinese store Lightinthebox.com where people can purchase cheap Bohemian dresses for women (read the post here). Actually apart from Lightinthebox.com, there are lots more other legitimate Chinese sites to buy such dresses from. Here are some of the better ones:

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High Quality Custom-made Bridesmaid Dresses on LightInTheBox

When it comes to custom-made bridesmaid dresses, Lightinthebox.com is definitely a widely recognized expert in this field. Years ago, when Lightinthebox started to sell fashion products especially wedding apparel, it was hard to image that a bride-to-be in the United States can have all the bridesmaid dresses for her maids-of-honor custom-made by a dressmaker far away in China. But Lightinthebox makes it truly happen.

Wholesale Custom-made Bridesmaid Dresses

Images Courtesy of Lightinthebox.com

Today, more and more Chinese online stores provide custom-made services on all kinds of dresses, including wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, evening dresses, prom dresses and a lot more. At the same time, as the initiator who officially introduces this service to the China wholesale market, Lightinthebox has become the outstanding leader in providing cheap custom-made bridesmaid dresses to global buyers. Then, what exactly makes its business of custom-made bridesmaid dress so successful? To find the answer, we did a rather complete research. Continue reading High Quality Custom-made Bridesmaid Dresses on LightInTheBox

Guide to Shopping Cheap Special Occasion Dresses from Trusted Stores

With such a wealth of cheap special occasion dresses available online, you may get lost in finding the best deals on desired formal dress for your next special occasion. Here we’d like to share our knowledge about where to find best but cheap special occasion dresses on the internet. If you are a store owner looking for special occasion dresses to fill your inventory, this handy guide may help you out as well.

Evening DressesCocktail DressesProm Dresses

Background Info about China Wholesale Stores

Today, when it comes to shopping in bulk, China is definitely the first option. So far no country or region can beat China in terms of item prices. Meanwhile, the country keeps improving the quality level of all sorts of items that are manufactured for export and takes hold in a big way on the global market.

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