Apr 10

Bohemian dresses seem never out of fashion every year, especially during the summer seasons. Just look at the refreshing Bohemian styles showcased at various Chinese international retail or wholesale online shopping sites, you will realize how popular the trend is. Attracted by the amazing varieties of designs as well as the highly competitive prices, countless apparel or fashion resellers around the world source Bohemian styled dresses from Chinese suppliers for their businesses.Bohemian V-neck Maxi Dress at Milanoo

As summer 2013 is coming soon, many store owners have started prowling the internet for cheap made-in-China wholesale maxi dresses in Bohemian styles. Meanwhile, some fashionistas who are obsessed with Bohemian styles are also searching the web for the latest Bohemian dresses to prepare for the hot summer. Long ago I introduced a well known Chinese store Lightinthebox.com where people can purchase cheap Bohemian dresses for women (read the post here). Actually apart from Lightinthebox.com, there are lots more other legitimate Chinese sites to buy such dresses from. Here are some of the better ones:

Silk Bohemian Maxi Dress at LightintheboxI notice that recently promotions on Bohemian maxi dresses such as Bohemian beach dresses are launched one after another by different Chinese sites. As I know, the original prices of maxi dresses offered by Chinese suppliers are already very attractive generally. Now plus the discounts, the dresses are definitely high-resell-margin products to make profits from. In the Chinese domestic wholesale market, summer maxi dresses in Bohemian styles are available at $2 to $30 depending on quality standards, while the wholesale prices for the international market range from $10 to $80 in general. When you see Bohemian maxi dresses are labeled with an under $10 price tag, it must be really, really cheap. Gadgetsdealer.com is currently promoting a range of Bohemian style summer dresses at rock bottom prices, some of which are priced at under $10. Click here to view their Bohemian dresses promotional collection.

No matter which Chinese site you choose to trade with, you are encouraged to search for their coupon codes before placing an order. You may find a useful coupon code that can help you further reduce the cost instantly. Here are the latest coupon codes for some sites mentioned above:

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