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Cool gadget store Gearbest.comWhen it comes to China-based online shopping sites, those selling gadgets should be the biggest in terms of store quantity. Especially in Shenzhen, where the majority of electronic gadget factories are located, you can find online gadget shops doing international business everywhere and Gearbest.com is one of them.

Store background

Although Gearbest leaves an England-based office address on its official website for contact needs, its major operation centre as well as warehouse facilities should be positioned in Shenzhen. It is, in nature, a Chinese online international store serving global buyers. From the Norton Secured (powered by Verisign) identity verification page, I noticed that Gearbest.com belongs to SHENZHEN GLOBALEGROW E-COMMERCE CO LIMITED, a tested legitimate Chinese company owning a number of shopping sites.

Store credibility

I personally believe that Gearbest.com is a legit site after a thorough investigation into it. Here are my reasons:
1. It is backed by the powerful e-commerce company based in Shenzhen.
2. The shopping site is protected by Norton and users don’t have to worry about information leaking while using it.
3. It accepts safe payment methods such as Paypal or credit cards.
4. I have received a quality-made product from the online store. Click here to read my review of the novelty glasses offered by Gearbest.com.

Highlights of Gearbest

What Gearbest.com impresses me most is the refreshing style of its homepage. Being simple and neat, it looks so comfortable and every product showcased there looks amazingly cool. Just as how it advertizes itself, it is a store where we can buy all kinds of cool gear, including cell phones and accessories, tablet PCs and accessories, car electronics, audio and video, LED lights, lifestyle supplies, men’s clothing and more. A total of over 100 categories are carried by the store and it is a good place to find inspiration on how to lead a cool and fashionable life with lovely gadgets.

Cool gadgets at low prices
Like other popular gadget shops such as Banggood.com or Focalprice.com, Gearbest.com offers a competitive wholesale price for each product plus worldwide free shipping. Some gadgets there are available at as low as under $1.

One great attraction of Gearbest is its customer-friendly warranties and return and exchange policies. If you are not satisfied with the product purchased from the site, you can return it for a refund within 45 days of receiving the package. Also, you can send it back to the store for an exchange within 3 months of receipt. In addition, the store provides free repair and lifetime technical support.

The customer service provided by Gearbest.com is quite impressive, too. Besides 24/7 live chat service, you can reach its service staff through its USA helpline +1(899)-138-0318 for any pre-sales or after-sales issues. I always believe that a Chinese site needs courage and enough human resources to provide phone call service. As for the quality standards of its customer support, why not give it a try yourself?

Money-saving tip: do remember to search for valid Gearbest coupon codes before making payment for an order with the store.

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  1. Steeff says:

    Première commande passé chez Gearbest il y à maintenant 3 ans, dans l’ensemble produit qui sont toujours de qualité à des prix compétitif aussi la description du produit est toujours respecté.

    Pour la livraison compter minimum 2 semaines, pour certains produit ou il ont une “Werehouse” en europe la livraison peux parfois être bien plus rapide.

    Si vous rencontrez un soucis de compréhension dans une description, posez la question et gearbest vous répond.

    Dans l’ensemble je suis satisfait de gearbest, attention tout de même, je n’est jamais reçu un de mes téléphones du à un problème de livraison, il n’ont pas accepté de me rembourser intégralement le produit.

  2. Steeff says:

    Première commande passé chez Gearbest il y à maintenant 3 ans, dans l’ensemble produit qui sont toujours de qualité à des prix compétitif aussi la description du produit est toujours respecté.

    Pour la livraison compter minimum 2 semaines, pour certains produit ou il ont une “Werehouse” en europe la livraison peux parfois être bien plus rapide.

    Si vous rencontrez un soucis de compréhension dans une description, posez la question et gearbest vous répond.

    Dans l’ensemble je suis satisfait de gearbest, attention tout de même, je n’est jamais reçu un de mes téléphones du à un problème de livraison, il n’ont pas accepté de me rembourser intégralement le produit.

  3. Plisson says:

    Used Gearbest for the past year and my experience is better than excepted. The website / app is easy to browse. Lots of good quality products for a low price. Also nice that the product descriptions are clear.

    Prices are often lower than at other websites, so that’s a plus. Also very happy with the fast shipping when I order something. Never took more than two weeks. Maybe because they have warehouses in Europe which makes shipping items faster?

    Had some doubts about certain products if they would work in Europe, but the customer service is great, usually respond within a few hours with good answers.

    So in the end I’m very happy with Gearbest. Haven’t had any issues so far and let’s hope it stays that way.

  4. Marc says:

    Very satisfied – no issues at all. Even if there is a problem with a product (for example a bad laptop) i had no issue with the support – i could send it back and got money back!

  5. Marc says:

    I can confirm that GeatBest is a very good China Shopping Site. They are flexible in Support cases and also offer a quick solution in cases you have issues with the product (defects)

  6. alass omar says:

    “Great experience
    i have a great experience with gearbest because i bought many orders and never had any problems. all products that i received came with a good condition and as described in additon this site has a exellent support after sale. i realy recomended it”

  7. Carlos Trentini says:

    Gearbest is one of the best sites, if not the best, to buy and import things. In Brazil, is a reference when buying phones and other things that here, cost up to 5 times more. They support it very good, the after sale too. They have an infinity of products, from the simplest keychain to the most advanced phone or drone; they have it all. I do recommend the site to all of my friends that want to buy cheaper and buy good. Also, they ship the products very fast; the time that your package will arrive depends more on the customs of your country (in Brazil, that’s the main vilain) than Gearbest itself. It as simple as that.

  8. zaheen says:

    Gear best is a pretty solid web store to buy products from. Especially if you’re looking for electronics and specifically pc peripherals. the type of products they store are high quality but low price thanks to them not necessarily being the same big-name brands. Don’t be fooled though they still have the same big-name brand quality. Ordering wise it can be a bit strange getting all your products into one order cause occasionally they give warnings that they can’t ship certain items in the one cart, but there are ways to work around that. I think that’s just a website bug. overall very good and highly underrated website. would recommend

  9. Enzo says:

    I’ve registered to Gearbest many years ago, mostly because it seems legit and accepts paypal payments, so I felt more comfortable with payments. I’ve started using it to buy vaping items and other minor purchases and everything was fine. At this stage, I trust the company, I know that if problem arise there’s a customer service ready to help, so I’ve recently bought a PC (order 18071000901303078036) and I’m very happy with it.
    I totally recommend this page, check the reviews first, read the description, ask questions if not sure, there’s customer service and the post-sales is also good. Price wise is excellent and I’ve never had issue with shipping, so far I purchased over 30 items I guess.
    Currently, I’m sure that if they keep being so affordable and reliable I’ll continue to be their customer.
    Thanks GearBest!

  10. Fatih says:

    Gearbest ile tanışalı diğer çin sitelerinden alışveriş yapmaya ara verdim. Çünkü gearbest fiyat anlamında çok uygun ve müşteri memnuniyetini her zaman en önde tutan bir firma. Şu ana kadar en ufak sorun yaşamadım. Aldığınız herhangi bir ürünle ilgili en ufak bir sorunda sizinle hemen ilgileniyorlar. Ayrıca hata kendilerinde ise ürün iadesi ve aynı ürünün tekrar gönderimi sağlanıyor. Ayrıca bütün ürünleri orijinal. Ürün sevkiyatı oldukça hızlı. Bu zamana kadar gelmeyen bir kargom olmadı. Gearbest kurumsal bir site. Ayrıca uygulamadan da günlük jeton alıp, ürünü çok daha uygun bir fıyata satın alabilirsiniz. Bu zamana kadar yüzü aşkın alışverişim oldu. En beğendiğim site açık ara farkla tabi ki Gearbest. Kısacası uygun fiyat, müşteri memnuniyeti ve sorunsuz alışveriş için sizlere de kesinlikle gearbesti tavsiye ederim.

  11. Henrique Marques says:

    I’m Brazilian and the things are very expensive here. Gearbest made my dream of having a good and cheap thing come true. With a very quality shipping, track number and Live Chat for any questions. Gearbest is the best!

  12. Vladimir Y says:

    I made purchases in GEARBEST several times. I’d like to say about to my purchases. A very good ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 Car diagnostic interface tool from Gearbest.com. Awesome quality and low price! Very convinient socket to plug in. A very reliable device. I used it to check my RENAULT 1.4 2008.
    And a solder wire. The quality just the same as from famous brands – very good to solder smds and large details.
    And ps3 controllers in different colours. They are just the same as original ones except G sensor. They recognized by my slim ps3 well, the movement of the analog sticks are smooth, the hero moves as should be.
    And I’m very happy with this purchase. Recommended to buy. Fast delivery, well packed, best price, very polite support service. In general Gearbest is one of the best internet shops that could be a pattern to do business.

  13. Hermano Cosme says:

    Super satisfied!!o

    Honestly, I’m really pleased with all the orders I made on Gearbest to this day. The few orders I had problems were promptly resolved by customer support!

    Very good!!

    Order nos:


    A few orders already, and only good things i have to say from them 🙂

  14. davmoh84 says:

    Gear best is no longer my choice to buy from china.
    first, they don’t have a live chat support anymore. second, they
    shipped items for free before but now they take some dollars for shipping. worse is the price for shipment is not reasonable.

    the worst thing about gearbest is that, apparently, they have increased severely prices of all items on their store. Before, when I checked prices of different smartphones in many stores, gearbest always was among stores with the cheapest prices. also about tablets and watches.

    but now when I check the prices of the same items, gearbest definitely is among the most expensive prices. you can see what I am saying on websites of :kimovil.com or pdevice.com.

    I check the price of many smartphones and tablets on these two website to see which store sells more fairly but gearbest recently is always among the worst prices. for example most stores sell one cellphone for about $140 but gearbest sell $170. this manner for flagship phones is much worse. Gearbest sells a smartphone about $900 while others sell it about $700.

    I never will buy from gearbest. Although I have $50 in my wallet on Gearbest but I can not find any item which is suitable for shopping with a fair price. sorry for them about their current manner to make more profit.

  15. Steve says:

    An update to my May 11th post. Gearbest refunded to my PayPal account and to their credit it was in my account within an hour so praise where praise is due. They still say that the item is out of stock but the site shows that there is now 23 pieces in stock an increase of 3 since telling me it is out of stock, something they cannot explain to me, neither can they explain what happened to my item since being returned to them by the shipping company I also asked them to provide me with the name and address of the CEO or MD of Gearbest as i’d like to write to them – their reply was they don’t know it. Simple things in this world today seem to become so difficult to get answers but then its a world where you aren’t supposed to ask questions. I ended up buying the item from Amazon for slightly more than Gearbest and it was delivered the next day !

  16. Steve says:

    I have purchased a few things from gearbest and had no problem until now. Recently purchased an item costing over $1000, had no tracking for 2 weeks so contacted gearbest. They said that the item had been returned to them and for some reason the shipping company used refused to ship. They offered a refund or to resend using a different shipping company – I opted for resend. The next day I get a message saying very sorry but the item is now out of stock, so offered me a refund or I can buy something similar. I replied asking 1) if my item was returned then why haven’t they got it, its mine as I paid for it so they can’t sell it. 2) why tell me it is out of stock when it is still listed saying ’20 pieces left’ ? I opted for a refund and they failed to answer my questions to date. Up until this point I considered gearbest to be good but not sure I trust them anymore, i’ll certainly think twice before buying again from them. In my opinion this is blatant lies on 2 occasions.

  17. Ümit dincel says:

    Before I met GearBest Le, I was doing a mischief from another company in China shopping sites. I recently noticed that I just started shopping for gearbest. The variety of products, affordable price, very fast to be cheap cargo is very attractive. I usually buy xiaomi products and there is no more suitable company here. customer service is very nice. The site is nice and very easy to search for products. Good thing you have GearBest

  18. İsa says:

    Gerçekten çok güvenilir sağlam bir site ürünler kaliteli ve sağlam sorunsuz bir şekilde geliyor satıcı çok ilgili mesajlara hızlı yanıt veriyor mağdur etmiyor teşekkürler geaberst

  19. sis says:

    In english
    I recommend GearBest to everyone because this website amazing for me.
    In this website every product is original and qualit.
    Cargo is very fast and products are has no damaged.
    Thank you gearbest.

    Gearbest’i herkese tavsiye ediyorum çünkü bu web sitesi benim için harika.
    bu web sitesinde her ürün orijinal ve kaliteli.
    Kargo çok hızlı ve hiçbir ürün hasar almadan ulaşıyor.
    Teşekkürler gearbest

  20. Denis says:

    Tremendous shop.
    10 apr 2018 I paid an order (Xiaomi Redmi 5 ). Phone was in stock. They f..ucked my mind for a month and didn’t send my order. Never more this shop !

  21. Anton says:

    I liked the store, the service works well – I was changed to the delivery method in the chat. Pay the difference is not required! Got it at its best. I recommend

  22. Burhan SARITEPE says:

    Gearbest sitesi hakkında deneyimlerimden bahsedeyim:

    İlk önce sitede her çeşit ürün uygun fiyata bulunmakta.Ayrıca sipariş verdiğiniz ürünlerin çoğunda ücretsiz kargo seçeneğinin bulunması çok güzel bir şey.

    Sipariş deneyimlerime gelecek olursak:

    W1803200458052714, W1712140443433530, WB1712131919200916, W1712090744313830, W1712070611262842 numaralı siparişlerim tam denilen zamanda kargolar elime ulaştı.Fiyatları gayet uygundu.

    Genel olarak da müşteri hizmetleri her türlü yardımı sağlamakta.

    Ayrıca alınan her ürün için yapılan yorum fotoğraf video puan kazandırıyor ve puanlarla daha sonra ürün alabiliyorsunuz bu çok güzel bir şey.

    Gearbestden genel olarak çok memnunum.Alışveriş için tavsiye ederim.

  23. Sibel Türksen says:

    İnternet üzerinden alışveriş yaptığım en iyi site. Makul fiyatlar , hızlı kargo seçenekleri ile rakipsiz .200 ü aşkın siparişim oldu daha gelmiyen paketim olmadı . pişman olmazsınız

  24. Márcio Cordeiro says:

    Eu recomendo as compras na gearbest .
    Produtos de alta qualidade ,aplicativo fácil de usar e site também.
    Tem um programa de pontos diários ,muito bom alem de ter vários cupons de desconto e vários tipos de frete.
    Tudo isso alem de oferecerem um suporte pos compra muito
    Nunca tive problemas com reembolso ,garantia etc.
    Enfim ótima loja e site.
    Eu comprei vários produtos dentre eles destaco meu leeco le max 2 , relógios curren,skimei ,amplificador xiaomi etc.
    Todos produtos ótimos.
    Leeco top demais.
    Relógios curren muito bonitos e resistentes.
    Amplificador ótimo para melhorar o sinal wi fi

  25. Rodrigo de Souza says:

    GearBest is the best import site currently, several high quality products, several shipping options, secure products, point system that are turned into money, and excellent service and customer service.

  26. Amauri Perira says:

    Order: W1710101927174139

    The bluedio T3 plus handset is excellent. Its 57mm diaphragm fits perfectly into the ears, providing extremely clean sound and no interference from outside sounds.

    When using with the 3.5mm audio cable on the smartphone, there is a loss of audio quality, when compared to the Bluetooth mode its bass will get lower. For me, it was a negative point.

    Regarding its use via Bluetooth, it is the best option. In this mode it is possible to extract the potential of the headphoneto the maximum.

    I will not comment on sd card mode, because I did not get tested.

    As for its physical construction, it appears to be very resistant. But the sounds he makes when being handled did not please me. I know this does not interfere with their functions, but I did not like them.

    To finish, for those who want excellent cost / benefit, this is the headphone.

  27. marqa says:

    The Gearbest is REALLY one of the best online shops.
    I have bought many times there (mobile phones, toys, home things and etc).
    I think that delivery is quick. And the package is very good. All items in my orders were unbroken not like from some other’s internet shops.
    My last order is on Mar 11, 2018 – LCD 8.5 inch Digital Graphic Tablet (order number W1803111257064421). I have received this parcel less than in one month (28 days from my order).
    It is Very good LCD Graphics Tablet for childrens. It is very easy to clean the painted things. You must press only one button.
    My baby like it very much!
    I am obliged to tell that the Gearbest’s cost are cheaper other sites.
    My friends have bought this LCD Graphics Tablet like me on Gearbest.
    Thank you Gearbest! I’m going to buy on Gearbest again.
    Every buyer will be satisfied Gearbest’s service, prices, support and delivery time.

  28. Sergey says:

    Gearbest is amazing store. I’ve ordered to much great stuff, all fits and good quality. Delivery so fast to my country.
    Recommend buy here!

  29. Onur says:

    Gearbest is a great shopping site. Very interested in customer. All are original and quality products. You will never regret it.cargo is very fast and convenient

  30. burak ali guldes says:

    Cargo time is too short. The prices are very cheap. There are very good quality products. I would recommend it to everyone.

  31. Alexandr says:

    № заказа: WB1711300351030225 2017-11-29

    The good shop, but is what to work on.

    The goods go to the specified terms.
    Good range
    Quality of goods
    Support of the company after sale

    Bad packing (the material which isn’t softening blows in transit by the delivery service)
    Slow delivery (on average 1,5 – 2 months)
    The prices are higher, than in other rival shops

    For me the shop was opening in the fall of 2017 though he long ago in the market. All goods ordered by me were qualitative, and everything works regularly still. Always in touch with buyers also help with the solution of problems.

  32. Alexandr says:

    The good shop, but is what to work on.

    The goods go to the specified terms.
    Good range
    Quality of goods
    Support of the company after sale

    Bad packing (the material which isn’t softening blows in transit by the delivery service)
    Slow delivery (on average 1,5 – 2 months)
    The prices are higher, than in other rival shops

    For me the shop was opening in the fall of 2017 though he long ago in the market. All goods ordered by me were qualitative, and everything works regularly still. Always in touch with buyers also help with the solution of problems.

  33. Victor S. says:

    Order No: WWA1803042303438944

    Order date: March 04, 2018

    I have been shopping in Gearbest for almost 3 years and have always found the best prices, short delivery times, reliability and professionalism. I can find items that I cannot buy locally in my country and at incredible prices with good discounts. I have purchased items of all kinds and have no complaints about any of my purchases. The descriptions of the items are very precise and exact, always offering you all the information you need to invest your money well. In short, I will always recommend Gearbest as it has become my favorite online store and the best you can find on the internet. My last purchase was a case for an iPad 2017 that I could not find in my country and fortunately I found many in Gearbest and at excellent prices. When I received the product it was better than I expected and I am very happy with my purchase.

  34. Domas says:

    I have never had an issue with the company. The support are very nice people so if I had any issues it wouldn’t be a problem. I would and I will shop there in the future.

  35. Hamza Kılıç says:

    Order No:WB1711161237132414
    The light is fine, the alarm is very comfortable with light controls, doorbell and alarm at hand or directly on the handlebars. I also recommend it for the battery that lasts a long time. thank you gearbest.

  36. Michel says:

    En mi caso, yo antes era un fiel comprador de otra megatienda china. Se me ocurrió probar GearBest y sinceramente me quedo con esta última. ¿Por qué? Varios motivos:
    1 Es más fácil encontrar el producto que quieras ya que no hay páginas y páginas con lo mismo de distintas tiendas.
    2 Con las compras se te acumulan Puntos GB y te valen para siguientes compras.
    3 Exiten promociones más que interesantes.
    4 El servicio post venta, en mi caso no me llegó un pedido, lo comuniqué y al rato me acababan de enviar otro igual sin problemas y sin ninguna pega y ya me llegó!
    Recomiendo totalmente la Tienda GearBest (la versión móvil no tiene algunas funciones que sí están en versión de escritorio pero perfecta igual)

  37. davmoh84 says:

    I have bought many items from Gearbest such as: smartphone, dual boot tablet, 3 men watches, 2 women watches.everything was perfect on each order.

    payment was easy. prices were cheaper relatively to other online stores. Almost shipping cost was free each time. the processing of each item was fast.

    items were dispatched very soon. when the packages were arrived, the packaging was good enough to protect items inside. Also, I had orders that I requested gearbest to cancel them before shipping. so they agreed without any problem.

    the refund was done immediately. everything is great about purchase from this website. before buying, when delivering, after sale service and refund. Gearbest also has a very good online chat service that helps you during each step of purchase.

    I strongly recommend you to consider this Chinese online store before going to other websites for every item you want to purchase.

    maybe you would be lucky and it has the thing you need availabe for sale.In that case, I’m sure you would become happy after receiving your goods.

  38. hicham53 says:

    I bought a Headphone Bluedio T2 plus . Excellent product. Audio quality better than expected, they are very comfortable to wear and adjustable, Built-in microphone seems to be working well. Nobody complained on the phone about sound quality.I really really like them, Maybe just the plastics in the superior part could be better, but for the price is more than excellent.

  39. Amauri Perira says:

    LEAGOO M8 3G Phablet is a smatphone with 5.7 inches, 3G, Android 6.0, MTK6580 Quad Core 1.3GHz, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, 8.0MP + 13.0MP cameras and 4 fingerprint sensor.

    The LEAGOO M8 is an excellent smatphone, its processes and applications run smoothly, there are no crashes and no gagging. As far as the camera is concerned, since it is an entry-level device that is reasonable, I fulfilled its role. Its 1280 x 720 5.7 “HD screen provides a good view of the multimedia aspect.

    The 3500mAh battery is enough to last until the end of the day with normal use of the device. But for lovers of gaming and multimedia heavier, it is not suitable.

    I liked the device, for being beautiful, for meeting my expectations. But I do not say because I had problems with the screen. It stopped working, presented phantom, making it impossible to interact with the device. I do not know if it was a lot of the appliance that was in trouble. In forúns, I could come across several cases reporting the same problem.

  40. Rubens Lopes Vieira says:

    Gerabest e a melhor loja para compras na internet
    Compro sempre na Gearbest, eles enviam super rapido e quando tive alguma duvida me responderam na hora.
    comprei uma amazfit bip.
    um projetor gp 100
    um fone xiaomi blue
    uma infinidade de produtos, com qualidade e marcas de otima procedencia.
    recomendo compras com frete pela BR espress, minha experiencia com eles foi otima.
    mas tambem indico a todos fazerem um seguro de mercadorias, pois as vezes pode ocorrer algum problema com a entrega, e voce ficara seguro que a loja te reembolsara.
    mesmo quando os correios estraviaram meu produto a Gearbest me ajudou e encontramos uma boa solucao para o problema.
    estou aguardando alguns produtos ainda, mas a culpa e dos correios do brasil
    #melhor #gearbest #thebest #melhorloja.

  41. Rodrigo says:

    I’ve already bought several products on GearBest, including cell phones (OnePlus 5T), covers, magnets, mobile accessories, toys, and I’ve always had a great experience. I admit that in the first purchase I was worried, but over time I saw that it was a very professional store. The goods have always been shipped quickly, in perfect condition, very well packaged and as described in the site announcement. The only time I had a problem the support gave all the necessary attention, everything being solved very quietly. In Brazil we have problems with delayed delivery, but this is due to the local delivery company that is extremely inefficient and government oversight that takes weeks many times … I can say that this is one of the foreign sites that I trust.

  42. refael sagiv baranes says:

    Better, faster, at great prices.
    I have been a member of the site for almost a year, and every order I made came to me quickly
    Beyond that the prices are very comfortable, and when there are coupons it pays very much.
    Another advantage that exists is the polite human response. Every problem and question you had for me I contacted the customer service and answered me efficiently, quickly and courteously.

    I made many orders, I gave all orders a very high score of all possible parameters.

    For example, recently ordered products

    Mar 31, 2018 12:42:23 PMOrder number: W180331142234137Shipping method: ILEXPEX
    Mar 19, 2018 05:43:52 AMOrder number: W1803190543527239Shipping method: ILEXPEX
    They came to me very quickly, of course, of high quality.

    They even arranged an excellent courier company with an emissary to the house at very reasonable prices.

  43. Enrique Ramos says:

    I bought some items from Gearbest, quality-price ratio was real good, not top quality, but also not bad at all, in fact quality surprised me a little, the big problem was the shipping companies, I requested two tempered glasses for Redmi 5 plus, they were sent in different packages but both arrived totally broken, I understand it is not totally in Gearbest hands but it impacts customer experience, I believe that on Gearbest side one thing that may help is the packaging, the glass was inside a slim cardboard box and this box inside a bubble bag but still was not enough to protect it, maybe with another bigger and harder box (like the ones used for phones) this would have not happened, even with this issue I still recommend to buy trough Gearbest since they processed the refund for the damaged item very quickly, I only had to send proof (pictures) of it, all the other items received without or with minimal details in the packages but not any single scratch in the actual device, sure I will keep buying with them.

  44. Enrike says:

    He realizado muchísimas compras de varios productos en esta web y la experiencia es muy buena, por eso repito siempre.
    Como en todas las tiendas, no te libras de tener algún problema, ya sea en el producto como en el envío.
    Aun así, siempre te atienden rápidamente mediante su sistema de mensajería e intentan solucionar el problema de la mejor manera posible, son muy comprensibles.
    Los precios, la mayoría de las veces son inmejorables y más si añades las ventas flash o los cupones de descuento.
    Dependiendo del envío así es el tiempo de recepción, como es normal. A tener en cuenta en los envíos gratuitos suele ser 20-30 días a España.
    Disponen de gran variedad de productos.

  45. Martin Hahn says:

    I’ve made over 15 Orders on Gearbest now and im very happy with it. The Prices are very low and with some coupons and the free GB Coins it can go even cheaper! The shipping time is ok (15-25) days and the packaging is good also. I would recommend this Site to everybody who wants so save much money and them who want to experience nice, usefull China-Products.

  46. Phillip Birkhimer says:

    I have made more than 10 purchases from Gearbest over the last 2 years. I have never encountered any problems. Always received my orders in a timely manner, and always exactly what I ordered. Prices are very good. I will continue to buy here in the future, highly recommended!

  47. AlbertoLessa says:

    The gearbest has a lot of consideration for customers.

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