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Cool gadget store Gearbest.comWhen it comes to China-based online shopping sites, those selling gadgets should be the biggest in terms of store quantity. Especially in Shenzhen, where the majority of electronic gadget factories are located, you can find online gadget shops doing international business everywhere and Gearbest.com is one of them.

Store background

Although Gearbest leaves an England-based office address on its official website for contact needs, its major operation centre as well as warehouse facilities should be positioned in Shenzhen. It is, in nature, a Chinese online international store serving global buyers. From the Norton Secured (powered by Verisign) identity verification page, I noticed that Gearbest.com belongs to SHENZHEN GLOBALEGROW E-COMMERCE CO LIMITED, a tested legitimate Chinese company owning a number of shopping sites.

Store credibility

I personally believe that Gearbest.com is a legit site after a thorough investigation into it. Here are my reasons:
1. It is backed by the powerful e-commerce company based in Shenzhen.
2. The shopping site is protected by Norton and users don’t have to worry about information leaking while using it.
3. It accepts safe payment methods such as Paypal or credit cards.
4. I have received a quality-made product from the online store. Click here to read my review of the novelty glasses offered by Gearbest.com.

Highlights of Gearbest

What Gearbest.com impresses me most is the refreshing style of its homepage. Being simple and neat, it looks so comfortable and every product showcased there looks amazingly cool. Just as how it advertizes itself, it is a store where we can buy all kinds of cool gear, including cell phones and accessories, tablet PCs and accessories, car electronics, audio and video, LED lights, lifestyle supplies, men’s clothing and more. A total of over 100 categories are carried by the store and it is a good place to find inspiration on how to lead a cool and fashionable life with lovely gadgets.

Cool gadgets at low prices
Like other popular gadget shops such as Banggood.com or Focalprice.com, Gearbest.com offers a competitive wholesale price for each product plus worldwide free shipping. Some gadgets there are available at as low as under $1.

One great attraction of Gearbest is its customer-friendly warranties and return and exchange policies. If you are not satisfied with the product purchased from the site, you can return it for a refund within 45 days of receiving the package. Also, you can send it back to the store for an exchange within 3 months of receipt. In addition, the store provides free repair and lifetime technical support.

The customer service provided by Gearbest.com is quite impressive, too. Besides 24/7 live chat service, you can reach its service staff through its USA helpline +1(899)-138-0318 for any pre-sales or after-sales issues. I always believe that a Chinese site needs courage and enough human resources to provide phone call service. As for the quality standards of its customer support, why not give it a try yourself?

Money-saving tip: do remember to search for valid Gearbest coupon codes before making payment for an order with the store.

1,528 Responses to “Gearbest.com: Must-reads about the Chinese Online Gadget Store”

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  1. Claire says:

    The worst company I have EVER dealt with. DO NOT TRUST..
    I ordered something then immediately realized it was not the right one so you have to go on line to live chat and cancel. Elba said it was canceled and then a month and half later I get it left in my doorstep. You can’t get any answer other than something they auto type.

  2. salah hajiwi says:

    hello, I’m salah eddine from morocco, I want to share my experience with all of you, M buying from gearbest from 4years ago . I bought this item
    order number 19010400931406531430
    AC6 1200M Dual-band Gigabit Wireless Router Home Wall King Fiber Wifi Smart High Speed – Black
    it was very cool I recieve it fastly, and it’s realy as description.

  3. salah hajiwi says:

    Hello everyone, I’m salah eddine from morocco, I’m using gearbest from 4years ago, and I’m realy satisfied, and today I want to tell you about an order
    order number 19012800931403549778
    Alfawise 32GB High Speed High Capacity Micro SD Card
    I’m realy happy with this item cuz it’s what I need and what I want to have, and i like the price is the lowest I ever see.

  4. salah hajiwi says:

    Hello everyone, I’m salah eddine from morocco, I’m using gearbest from 4years ago, and I’m realy satisfied, and today I want to tell you about an order
    order number 19092100931408452769
    Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet ( China Version )
    I’m realy happy with this item cuz it’s what I need and what I want to have

  5. salah hajiwi says:

    Hello everyone, I’m salah eddine from morocco, I’m using gearbest from 4years ago, and I’m realy satisfied, and today I want to tell you about an order
    order number 19092100931408417650
    U Shape DV Portable Stabilizer for SLR Camera
    I’m realy happy with this item cuz it’s very practical and strong it’s helpful for making professonal videos

  6. salah hajiwi says:

    Hello everyone, I’m salah eddine from morocco, I’m using gearbest from 4years ago, and I’m realy satisfied, and today I want to tell you about an order
    order number 19092100931408389889
    Stainless Steel Strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet
    I’m realy happy with this item cuz it’s very special and different idea not like what we always see.

  7. salah hajiwi says:

    Hello everyone, I’m salah eddine from morocco, I’m using gearbest from 4years ago, and I’m realy satisfied, and today I want to tell you about an order
    order number 19092100931408358609
    Back Posture Corrector Shoulder Lumbar
    I’m realy happy with this item cuz it’s realy helpful and healthy

  8. salah hajiwi says:

    Hello everyone, I’m salah eddine from morocco, I’m using gearbest from 4years ago, and I’m realy satisfied, and today I want to tell you about an order
    order number 19092100931408370077
    Replacement Wristband Smart Bracelet Replacement Strap for mi band 4
    I’m realy angry from this item cuz the color is not like the picture.

  9. salah edddine el hajioui says:

    Hi everyone, I’m salah eddine From Morocco, I use Gearbest from 5 years ago, sometimes they realy make me happy, and sometimes they make me angry, but in that product exactly (Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet International Version) they realy make me happy, cuz they give me a special price (27$) and fast shipping (23days).
    order ID : 19091600931417568106
    thanks for reading.

  10. Emu says:

    I ordered and paid an item from GearBest.com at 04 August 2019. At that moment, the estimated shipment day was 24 August. Until 04 September (one month after the successful payment) the order was in status paid, without any notification about the delay of the shipment. Then I tried to contact the customer support to ask when they will send my product. The answer was that I can wait 7 to 10 business days (after September 15,2019) or to refund my order. Meanwhile at the whole time this product was actively promoted and traded as “in stock” at their site. I asked the support but without reasonable answer why they lie their customers that the product is in stock and why they didn’t notify me about the possible delay of the shipment. The single reaction was that they apologize and gave to me ridiculous 100 GB points(2 US Dollars). Then I decided to wait until 15 September, because i wanted to receive my order. At 16 September(44! days after the payment) the product was still in status “paid”. I sent my complaints to the customer support. Today (17 September) i received as a reply to check again their terms and conditions, that they (without any confirmation of my side) refunded the payment and “If the problem is solved, please kindly close this ticket and rate our service.”
    As a conclusion: I actively shop from their site and I was relatively satisfied of the deliveries, but today they lost one content and loyal consumer!

  11. Mdsn says:

    I bought a watch on Gearbest that was stated as in stock in mid July. Delivery was 15-30 days.. After more than a month of waiting, I started chasing for shipping status. After a week I finally had an answer through chat. Due to product non availability they could ship it out only one week later. I cancelled the order end of August for a refund. Gearbest did not communicate in time or take responsibility for the unreasonable delay. Buyer beware with Gearbest. When things go wrong they are not like ebay. Gearbest has very poor customer service. I have bought other stuff in the past and had deliveries past 60 days. With tech products you really need them within 15 days which never was the case for any of my orders.

  12. kim ashton says:

    I have only bought once from Gearbest and they failed to honour their warranty when a xiaomi amazfit stratos stopped working after 7 months.
    They suggested a partial refund but insisted my Paypal was blocked. It appears from conversations with other aggrieved customers they do not honour their warranty by way of refund
    I have bought from many Chinese companys in the past and had exceptional service and delivery until now.
    I am sure that many customers are happy but if a repair or replacement is needed BEWARE
    Gearbest Warranty is WORTHLESS.

  13. Jesus Canales Nogueras says:

    Im living in Spain, and i usually buy products from China. I bought in the past using differents webs and always it failed on shipping time (very long) and customer service (very bad). A friend told me about Gearbest and i registered on it and did my first purchase… And it came to my hose very fast! I live on Spain, and the products bought in Gearbest arrive to my home in halft time compared with others China sites, and it are cheapest! Also, Gearbest´s customer service is fantastic, really fast and always give me a good solution. Im very happy with Gearbest 🙂

  14. J. Mendes says:

    Gearbest is my favorite store. I’ve been shopping at Gearbest for a few years now and I’m completely satisfied with the professionalism shown and the overall quality of the products.

  15. Paulo Pires Junior says:

    I live in Brazil and do all my shopping on Gearbest’s website! Never had regrets! I always find what I need and always pay the right price! This is without a doubt the best shopping site in China! I will mention three main points that always make me buy from them! Products, price and customer support! Definitely these three features make Gearbest unbeatable! Totally recommend it!

  16. salah hajiwi says:

    hello guys, I’m here to share my experience with gearbest generaly and this product exactly “MAANGE 22pcs Foundation Blush Eyebrow Lip Makeup ” To be honest when I saw that 22pcs are just for 5.99$ I don’t believe and I think that it’s a bad quality but when I bought it as a gift to my sister, she like it and she like the quality and she think that it’s expensive.
    the product number is “19051000931404294608”

  17. salah hajiwi says:

    Hello Guys, I’m salah eddine from morocco I bought this product “Original Xiaomi Piston In Ear Earphones Fresh Version” from gearbest.com and I recieve it fastly and to be honest when I recieve it I was shocked od the high quality of this product cuz I don’t imagine that it will be like that.
    the order number is “19061300931417160757”.

  18. Elcid says:

    The gearbest always attended me very well, although in Brazil unfortunately there is a lot of delay in sending. Of course it is not thanks to them, however, I already had problems with some purchases, but always in all of them the gearbest solved the best way possible.

  19. Armin says:

    Gearbest has been my place for buying great gadgets and tech stuff for a long time. The shopper experience there is awesome. They have a very good support service. Awesome assortment of gadgets and affordable tech.

  20. Xanthos says:

    Honestly, I’ve been buying over two years on this page. And it seems to me to be a page that has always been characterized by its excellent service and its seriousness with its products. I had a problem in ordering a tvbox but the problem was solved directly. But always gearbest me accompanied to it and I have been rewarded for the defective product. 100% is recommended for its seriousness and commitment to customers

  21. Ronan Foley says:

    Gearbest sold me earphones that were broken on arrival. I requested a refund and it’s been over 40 days and I still haven’t gotten my money back. Every time I ask its just that it’ll be here in 3-5 working days. Load of bullshit.

  22. sam3tal says:


    Hem ürünler hemde kargolama çok pahalı. Müşteri ilişkilerini beğenmedim
    Bu site üyelerine Puan karşılığı bazı tekliflerde bulunup sonrasında verdiği puanları kullandırtmıyor.
    Aliexpress daha iyi,tavsiye etmiyorum. . Birdaha alışveriş yapmayacağım.


    That website is give some offer his members for points, and than does not allow to use it.
    Products are expensive and shipping expensive also. I don’t like customer service.
    I will never buy again anything from Gearbest.Aliexpress better than this website.

  23. FERNANDO says:

    I’m Fernando from Italy. My experience with the GearBest site is certainly positive. I have been making purchases from this site for a long time and I have never encountered problems, the assistance service is very professional and they respond in a short time. On Gear Best it is possible to buy products at really advantageous prices that arrive in a short time. I think I will make purchases from them in the future too.

  24. MrNessuno says:

    Well, Gearbest is a realiable store for sure, it’s possible to pay with PayPal and it’s safe to buy there.
    I bought a lot of things there and I never had problems most of the time.
    It’s possible sometimes to have problems like some delay, some order never arrived but I solved contacting the support.
    It offers different shipping methods, I can recap them in: a cheap one, a secure one and a faster one (not always ahah).
    It’s also possible to save money with Gearbest points that can be earned buying and reviewing things you buy.
    I recommend Gearbest, errors can happen but easily solved.

  25. Chen says:

    Good items. My favorite online store. Gadgets are available at a decent prices. All new, fine quality and most of all: a strong back office service. That is very understanding, helpful and supportive.

  26. Iván Rodrigo says:

    I bought a pre-sale product in mid-December. it was supposed to come at the end of January.

    This did not happen, because the manufacturer did not have it ready.

    Gearbest did not have the decency to warn (they are 400 € of product).

    As much as I ask, they only give me evasiveness and now it turns out that there are other pages in which their buyers have already received the product. DO NOT BUY ON GEARBEST, THE CHEAPEST SALE EXPENSIVE ….

  27. Bor Dovč says:

    Gearbest is an excelent online store, that sells many items and gadgets for very affordable prices. They also host many lucky games such as spin the wheel and giveaways on their facebook site.
    They also have a great GB points system which is basically points that you get for reviewing the products you have purchased or winning them in giveaways / lucky games. You can then use those GB points when purchasing a product to get up to 30% of the items price for free! (Meaning if an item costs 100€ and you have enough points you can get it for 70€). But those points can not be used for items on sale or special offers, which is kinda bad.
    All and all this site is amazing!

  28. Eduard says:

    In my opinion Gearbest is the best Chinese online store. I’ve had only positive shopping experience buying a totally different goods.
    Sometimes the goods quality were not perfect and the support service always solved all my issues.
    And the best thing is GB bonus system when you’re able to get extra discount using your store points!
    I like this store and will buy there further!

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