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If you ask me whether the Chinese international shopping site Everbuying.com is legit or a scam, I can only be straight to tell you whatever I know based on my personal research. All information I share here is just for your reference only. After all, I never buy anything from the store and could not review Everbuying.com on how its products or services are. Every detail related this site is gained through the Internet, especially from real customer reviews posted on third-party websites or at social networking communities.

Chinese legit online store Everbuying.com

First, let’s look at the very basic fact about Everbuying.com. I’m pretty sure this site is run by a big e-commerce company based in Shenzhen, who also owns a number of other popular international online stores such as Ahappydeal.com (read review) or Sammydress.com (read review).

It seems using various sites to do international business is the core strategy of the trading firm, just like many other Chinese international e-commerce groups. However, unlike the competitors, it is hard to find out which sites are the most important ones and most seem to be having a rather even share of the whole revenue of the company.

As for me, Ahappydeal.com, Sammydress.com and Everbuying.com are the key sites of the company. While the three sites have their own focus, they may also carry the same products but sell them at different prices. It is only natural if you take it as a pricing differentiation strategy adopted by the company to attract more sales.

Second, from the positive customer reviews or complaints about Everbuying.com available on the web, we can be confident that this site does exist and is doing business with global buyers. We can easily find topics about the shopping site by using the search engines like Google and you will be then shown with lots of related results, the contents of which may be posted years ago. This well proves that it is a real store instead of a scam who will disappear overnight after successfully taking your money away.

Third, Everbuying.com is protected by McAfee Secure and users can be assured that the site has passed strict security tests on a daily basis and they don’t have to worry about any online threats while using the site. It is important to check whether an online shopping site is certified by an authoritative online security provider like McAfee as this will protect the information you input into the site from being stolen, leaked or manipulated for evil purposes. For instance, without such protection, the financial information you input during the checkout process may risk dangers.

Fourth, the customer service resources of Everbuying.com are not only reachable but also quite professional. In addition to email and live chat, customers can also contact them by phone calls. The phone service numbers are clearly stated on its official website. Click here for details.
Everbuying Phone Call Support Numbers

To sum up, as a third-party reviewer, I can’t say Everbuying.com is a wonderful online store as I can’t tell whether the products or services they offer are good or not. Anyway, from my findings, I believe it is a legitimate online store of gadgets, apparel and a variety of other commonly sought-after made-in-China products. To be safe, you may need to start with a small order to test the quality standards of the products or services of the store. Do remember to use safer payment options like Paypla or credit cards to best protect your interest. Besides, always take advantage of Everbuying coupon codes to save cost when shopping there.

16 Responses to “Everbuying.com: Legit or A Scam?”

  1. Emil Marinov says:

    When I first started buying stuff from China, I made a couple orders with Gearbest, but then they made me jump through hoops, wanting pictures of my ID and credit card or something, which I didn’t give them, so next I tried Everbuying. They too eventually had some extra requests (I suppose having to do with banking regulations) which I satisfied, and proceeded to regularly make purchases there – mostly cheap china phones and tablets for gifts to kids. Never had a problem not receiving an item, but eventually kinda stopped buying the junk once I tried using a china phone myself – they are very cool, super-cheap items when new, but they just don’t last. I had two phones, and withing 3 months one’s display gradually became unusable, and the other’s battery stopped holding charge. Now I’m sure the better chinese brands are very different, but they cost much more. The best phone I ever bought was 200$ Meizu Metal, and that lasted over 2 years.

  2. Braden Port (Aero Engineering) says:

    Everbuying is in my opinion, a Legit warehouse sales and discount online business. I have received many items from them. Understand ‘Free’ postal service takes 4-6 weeks delivery. Christmas postal overloads take longer. I have ordered in November and received late Feb. early March. Not their fault on delivery times. However, what is their fault is SHODDY packaging. A delicate watch just placed in a plastic envelope, there is little hope it will survive the journey. Items that come loose inside a box, The box will be crushed, item may have some light damage. Crushed boxes and wrapped for a present lessens the ‘Gift’ factor. “You Cheap Bastard”. I hope someone from Everbuying reads this and takes action on properly preparing items for shipping. Another company that is similar is Gearbest. Slightly more expensive, a buck or 2, but items are wrapped in bubble wrap, boxed well for shipping.

  3. Paul says:

    Never use Everbuying , it is a SCAM !

    Why? Website seems fine? All rules and RMA seem fine?

    1. They sell broken products !! From my experiences it is most likely they sell products that did not pass quality control at all.

    2. They will NEVER give you money back. I sent a product I bought (that did not work on arrival) back with their RMA, also paying additional shipping costs of € 30,- myself, and no money is returned.

    3. They have a point system that you can use to buy their broken products more cheap. Be careful that all refunds are in their own point system, so instead of money you get a wallet of points at their site that is utterly useless.

    4. They deliberately try to frustrate customers with fully automated administrative fuzz, just to get away with their own problems in a cheap and easy way. Afterwards, I expect that with all emailing I never had contact with a real person,


  4. Ronald says:

    please send us a return label to send back our purchase which was wrongly advertised you failed to state it only works Via Wi Fi Which is a offence to false advertising in Australia

  5. Acronell Zangetsu says:

    I recently made a purchase with Overbuying, I placed my order on the 2nd of this month (September) and made my payment through Paypal.My order was still being processed a week later, I only received a shipping confirmation yesterday, the 13th.

    On top of this, only 2 of the 3 items I ordered were shipped.

    I have no intent to purchase from this site again.

    There is a “50$ cash coupon” that you receive for signing up. However this is actually 10 separate coupons for 5$ each, and your purchase has to equate to 50$ or more in order to use a coupon.
    Additionally you are only able to use 1 coupon per order.

    To add insult to injury, all items are marked as on sale, ranging from a dollar to more than a few dollars off the “original price”, which of course makes everything appear as a better deal, but once you use a coupon forget about the savings, you’ll actually be spending more money.
    The coupons cannot be used with sale or clearance items, so the prices for the goods turn to the original pricing, instead of the sale price, more often than not causing you to spend at least 5-10$ more on your purchase than if you just stuck to no coupans.(depending on how much you add tomyour cart).

    My advice is to stick with Alibaba or DHgate, I’ve made purchases from both of them, with almosh no issues, for years

  6. Alex says:

    I am fond of everbuying! I have oredered few toys for my children and some other goods. Everything is very cheap and quality. Recommend

  7. Mark says:

    Everbuying is a complete scam. They ship broken products. You will lose your money.

  8. kassa bachi says:

    i can say that everbuying is the best online store ever because:
    -best price tags .
    -everytime there is big discounts.
    -they have a fast free handling .
    -all the products are original.
    -support centre are quick.

  9. moussa karim says:

    everbuying is the best online store that i used in life with a fast free shipping and a the best price tag ever and great discountes.

  10. George says:

    I’ve made 2 purchases from Everbuying and one from Sammydress. All 3 were horrible experiences. The products from Everbuying were absolute garbage and not as described. For the order from Sammydress, I ordered 2 pair of sunglasses with a tracking number. They shipped one pair with a tracking number. After I complained that half my order was not shipped, they claimed the other half was shipped in a different package with a different tracking number. That tracking number was fake. About a month after I complained, the 2nd pair of sunglasses arrived.

    Bottom line, avoid these scam artists.

    If you check the WhoIs registry, Everbuying, Gearbest, Sammydress, and others are all registered to the exact same person at the exact same address in ShenZhen. Simply put, they use shell companies to hide how bad they really are. Another common feature of all these companies is that they do NOT post their physical address anywhere on their website. Here’s a piece of advice. If you can’t find a physical address for a company on it’s web site, it’s not a good idea to buy from them.

  11. Mick says:

    I would echo what Kodi says, i ordered an Oukitel Mobile phone. The website stated that they had over 240 in stock. But after 2 weeks they had not shipped it. Customer services replied to my email within 24 hours to say that the phone was out of stock and to wait 7 more days. It took 10 more days before they shipped the phone and it only took 5 days to receive it. The phone is of good quality and works perfectly for a cheap price. So it took a month to receive the phone from original order , i contacted them 3 times during that month and got a reply within 24 hours each time. Scamming site , not what i experienced but delivery did take a long time.

  12. Frank says:

    This company is a total scam Do Not Use them
    They don’t deliver, won’t refund and won’t provide tracking

  13. Terri says:

    This is important feedback about site everbuying.net, i think this is big scammer
    I bought:
    -one Xiaomi Redmi 3
    -two Xiaomi Redmi note 3 pro
    with total $568.99, after that they talk me send them my ID, but i feeling not safe with your site so i decline and want cancel to get back my money. Next, they talk dont need my ID and will ship to me if i pay extra $40.99, i decline and only one get my money back. So i open case on paypal, and they post messenger my shipment is packing, can not cancel ??? they will ship if i close this case on paypal and i done, but up to now over 7 days from date i placed order but have not anything from them, i try contact them but never ever get reply, i try to reopen case on paypal but i cannot do it with paypal policy. They taking advantage of the ignorance about paypal of customer. i think this site is scammer, my order is not small money. I really need my money back.

  14. Kodi says:

    Everbuying.com, gearbest.com, dealsmachine.com … they are all legit and I have bought from them many times … but you really have to know how to use them or you will have a very frustrating experience. Has happened to me a couple times. Now I know.

    Some rules to follow:

    1. Always get expedited shipping. NEVER USE THE FREE SHIPPING. Free shipping is via the Chinese postal systems and your package will get lost. Guaranteed. Expedited shipping is DHL with a tracking number.

    2. Only buy items that have the “Ships in 24 hours” label. That means they are in stock. If the item is not in stock, it will still be on the website for sale. And you could end up waiting weeks for the product to come in from the factory before they ship.

    3. Always use Paypal. Be mindful of Paypal’s dispute time period. 30 days I believe.

    4. Do not wait for product to ship more than three weeks. No matter what they say. If it has been more than 3 weeks and it still has not shipped … cancel the order.

    When all goes well and they ship immediately … you will get your package in under a week (expedited shipping). But just remember, these websites are horrible at being honest on how much a product is back ordered. They could tell you just wait 10 more business days for it to come in … and it will not happen. So if it does not ship within a day or two after ordering … I would just cancel the order.

  15. TAMIL says:

    Its a scam website with poor shipping policies. The website may be good looking but they fail in getting the products to the customer which is very important. They will take longer, never receive, pay the customs etc. Don’t take risk ; Go for a good website with proper Policies.

  16. EverbuyingSucks says:

    Everbuying is a total scam. They will try to make you wait a long time to receive your product so that you can’t pursue a refund on PayPal if the item is defective or does not arrive. I tried to email them several times about a product I did not receive, and they ignored me until I threatened to get my money back. Then it was all “So sorry” and “We’ll give you a 10% discount on another order.” They made excuses about their shipping company and customs delays, all the while trying to get me to wait longer.

    In addition, I have found out that they pay people to write good reviews for them, making them even more dishonest.

    Do not buy from this company! Ever!

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