Nov 22 is a Beijing-based China wholesale website serving Chinese sellers and global buyers. If Alibaba is the forerunner of the first generation of e-commerce in China, DHgate is no doubt the founder and leader of the second generation. Unlike Alibaba, DHgate does not “sell information” to sellers and buyers, but “sells services” to both parties.

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Target Clients & Wholesale Volume

As a transaction platform, DHgate targets mainly at small and medium-sized buyers from all over the world—wholesale quantity can be as low as 1 piece only. For some items offered on, you can get a very low wholesale price for a remarkably small order. If you are a business owner selling either online or offline to your customers, sourcing your items from can be a most economic choice as there you will find a lot of sellers offering the item you want at unbeatable wholesale prices. And the best thing is, you have many price options to choose from!

Buyer Protection—Escrow Service


Safety is always the first and foremost concern for online shopping. DHgate has an authoritative buyer protection system—Escrow. Every transaction on DHgate will be fully protected by this system. When a buyer places an order and makes the payment for it.Fashion Accessories Sale at DHgate

The payment will arrive in DHgate’s account not the seller’s account. DHgate will not release the payment to the seller until the buyer confirms that he/she has received the order and is happy with the order received. DHgate has been doing serious business since 2004 and its buyer protection system works quite smoothly. As a buyer, you can be confident that the money you pay to will meet your expectation. Otherwise, you can apply for a refund or return to protect your interest.

Sellers & Items

All sellers on are registered members. When they register, a professional team from DHgate will verify their qualifications through checking their business license and other legal certificates. Only verified sellers can become DHgate’s members and sell items on the China wholesale website. But like many other online wholesale website, fraudulent and scam sellers are a headache for DHgate. For years, DHgate has been trying hard to crack down fraudulent or scam sellers. And they always severely punish these sellers to maintain a good transaction environment.Q88 7"Inch Allwinner A20 Android 4.2 Tablet PC

The items sold on DHgate cover a wide range of categories. The biggest categories available on include apparel, consumer electronics, computers & networking, shoes, bags & accessories, home & garden, etc. All these items are made in China and most are offered directly by factories or manufactures.That is why you can always get the lowest prices for the item you want there.

Customer Service

As a foreign trade marketplace, DHgate does not sell items itself, but offers transaction services to buyers and sellers. It supervises and engages in the whole transaction process from when the order is place, through when payment is made, to when finally the transaction is completed and the payment is released. DHgate has a big and professional customer service team serving global buyers for issues like product inquiry, payment, dispute and any other help a buyer may need.If you have any problem with your purchase on, you can either call them at +86-10-82257676 or email them at (Office Hours: Mon-Sun 9:00am to 6:00pm (GMT +08:00)).

Founder & CEO


Diane Wang, a successful female entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of Diane Wang has been very famous in China’s Internet arena. Years ago, she was the CEO of, a top B2C brand in China, which was acquired by

Diane Wang’s outstanding career performance has got high recognition in China. So far she has received “Outstanding Woman of China” and “Outstanding Woman of Beijing” awards—two of the highest forms of recognition given to professional women in China, and “Top 10 IT People of 2002” and “Top 10 Women Executive of 2002” awards.



China Wholesale Marketplaces You Should Know

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  18. GoVikings Says:

    Ordered NFL jerseys from two different sellers. Two jerseys from seller “jersey-shop-23” were top quality, and I’m very satisfied with the seller. But the third one I ordered from “jerseyspace” was a low quality reject. I would never recommend “jerseyspace” to anyone.

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  21. klisura Says:

    More Good Information:
    ***BEWARE*** DHgate is a JOKE!!! ***BEWARE*** Don’t waste your time. ***BEWARE*** DHgate (Escrow Service) in a “Dispute” will do everything in it’s power to protect the Seller. ***BEWARE*** You will loose money and end up with junk. ***BEWARE*** DHgate allows the Sellers MIS-describe the items and publish misinformation. ***BEWARE*** The Sellers (in the Dispute-Process) are allowed to call you names instead of dealing with the dispute. ***BEWARE*** The Sellers are so protected by DHgate that they have no fear of selling you junk! ***BEWARE*** I figure that for every $400 you spend on the site you will loose an extra $100 – or 125%. ***BEWARE*** The DHgate site promises that they will keep in close contact with you during the Dispute-Process, yet DHgate didn’t contact me for 15-days after I initiated a Dispute. ***BEWARE***

  22. DHgate Seller Coupons Available Says:

    […] which sellers on the website can offer coupons to their customers easily and conveniently, and DHgate calls this kind of coupons Seller Coupons, as compared to the DHcoupons offered by the […]

  23. Anthony Says:

    If anyone ever refers you to a site called, out of China, you can forget about it. They sell junk and you will lose money. We should have known better, but I was convinced to try it and regret that I did. We bought a replica i-phone. After 2 sms the battery is dead and has other problems. As a rule of thumb, never order from an overseas website because if you lose you can’t get your money back. The individual seller said I can return the cell phone, but does not want to give me a return address. DHGate wants me to send pictures and documents that prove that the phone does not work and does not want me to send them the phone for them to look at it.

  24. dhgatesux Says:

    The only problem with comparison between DHGate and eBay that eBay actually has legitimate ratings of all sellers. All DHGate has is fake ratings. They do not allow negative feedback but artificially maintain ratings between 96 and 100 percent. If there are too many complaints about a seller, they just change its name. The dispute option is for the show only, if you dispute an order they offer about 20% refund and strongly not recommend returning the item for full refund because “it can be lost by the post office or there can be custom problems”. The “goods” you can buy at DHGate are the rejects of quality control by the given company, ie. a Reebok jersey on DHGate is a jersey that failed quality control of Reebok, a Nokia phone is one that failed quality control by Nokia and so on. Yes, everything made in China, but the ones make it to the destination country are filtered by people like you and the rest is on DHGate. If it looks too good to be true, it is. Make yourself a favor, don’t buy anything on DHGate.

  25. DESMOYO Says:

    Beware of DHGATE platform is a scam, are not responsible for anything and is a hoax. I recommend you never buy there or will have problems and lose their money.

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  50. china manufacturer Says:

    Dhgate is really a good wholesaler from china

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