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When you visit some e-commerce or B2B forums or communities, you will find that some people are questioning whether DHgate is a legit company or not. It is completely understandable—after all, it is always smart to make sure whether you are buying from a trustworthy website, especially when it is far away from your country or region. As a reviewer dedicated to doing research on the most famous China wholesale websites, I can ensure you that the China-based B2B website DHgate is 100% legitimate. Here are some points that can support my opinion:

1. DHgate was founded in Beijing in 2004 and has been enlarging its base of global customers very rapidly. Now the company owns about 2.1 million buyers from over 230 countries, 400,000 Chinese suppliers and 20 million product listings covering a huge range of item categories. A website with so many registered members all over the world is no doubt run by a legit company.

2. The founder, also the CEO of Diane Wang, was the former CEO of the famous China-based B2C e-commerce website, which was acquired by years ago. Is there any possibility that such a successful woman runs an illegitimate company? Of course not. In China, Diane Wang enjoys a high reputation in the e-commerce field and is regarded as the ambitious and brilliant woman who dares to challenge Jack Ma, the founder of

3. Since its commencement, DHgate has received all together three rounds of investment by some world renowned investors. A few days ago, in March 24, the China wholesale website just made a joint announcement with Warburg Pincus (“WP”), a powerful PE investor, that the two sides officially built the cooperative relationship. Also, DHgate’s previous investors KPCB China and JAFCO Asia continue their investment into DHgate by taking part in its third round of financing. Altogether, this time DHgate received an investment of RMB200M, which is the largest-ever investment in the e-commerce arena in China. We are not idiots, neither are the investors—they had certainly evaluated the value of DHgate thoroughly before they decided to invest the big money! Clearly, only a legitimate company can win the trust and investment from these VC giants.

4. Other facts about

  • DHgate is PayPal’s largest client in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • DHgate was the recipient of “Deloitte Technology Fast 50 China 2008”, ranked 7th.
  • DHgate was the recipient of “Deloitte Technology Fast 50 China 2009”, ranked 5th.
  • DHgate was the first wholesale e-commerce collaboration for shipping giant, UPS (NYSE: UPS) in China.
  • The most influential Chinese media institutions have been paying more and more attention to DHgate, including CCTV,,, Southern Weekly, etc. Reports, TV programs or special interviews about DHgate come one after another, at a shocking speed.


So, do you think DHgate is a legitimate company now? If you need more information about the website, read our DHgate Reviews column or visit

6 Responses to “Is DHgate a Legit Company?”

  1. com says:

    They stole our idea and our photos.

  2. Admin says:

    Hi there,

    Dhgate is a famous Chinese online transaction platform for Chinese sellers and global buyers. I personally have worked for that company and if you ask about my opinion about whether they are reliable or not, my answer is definitely “Yes.” However, you should note that the sellers vary significantly in terms of credibility and service standards. You are encouraged to do research on the sellers you are interested in trading with as much as possible by checking their feedback score and customer reviews and also through the communications. Also, do remember to always use the site to trade with any seller there. At the same time, you should keep all related evidence just in case you encounter a dishonest seller. For instance, the communication record, the pictures of the items you receive from the seller, etc. If a dispute is incurred, never trust the seller and follow his or her suggestion to solve the problem. Again, use the site for a solution by opening a dispute in time. If you do all this right, you can set assured that your money won’t be taken away by scammers.

    Besides, you can also consider, another super popular Chinese online trading platform connecting suppliers and buyers. They also have lots of products at low prices to choose from. Likewise, you should use the same cautions when shopping such trading sites. You can simply use the two sites to compare prices and then make the best shopping decision.

    Good luck with your shopping!

  3. Alma says:

    I want to buy some jeans from DHgate and I was reading bad things off the internet that there scammers and will take you for your money. Can I trust to buy things from them?? Please help.. I have bought from Price Angels and I got the android I bought but it had pay pal and don’t have pay pal and I’m not sure about buying with a credit card. I could use prepaid card but will I get my things from I just found the site tonight and love alot of there things.. Thanks and God bless.

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