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Dec 19

Dhgate Review

“Is DHgate.com a scam website?”, “Is DHgate legit?”, “Is DHgate a trusted site?” — I noticed that some people were asking the same questions on the Internet. As always, safety is the biggest concern for online shopping, especially for cross-border online transactions. I hope my illustration below can help clear your doubts—if you are one of those who asked the question.

1. As an officially registered wholesale company based in Beijing, DHgate has been serving global buyers and sellers worldwide since 2004. A scam company can’t have been existing for such a long time.

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2. By far, the page rank of DHgate’s website has grown to 6. As we know, Google will never credit an illegal website with such a high page rank. Also, when you search for “wholesale” or “China wholesale” in Google, you will see DHgate ranks top on the first search result page. This means Google has recognized the huge traffic and authenticity of DHgate—Google tends to place the most-matching websites with the search terms at the top of all related search results.

3. DHgate used to be the PayPal’s largest client in the Asia-Pacific region. Unfortunately, they terminated the cooperation with Paypal in 2012. Anyway, the site  provides a wide range of payment options for customers from different countries or regions. Besides, they have developed a payment system of their own called DHpay, just like the famous Chinese online payment solution provider Alipay. In particular, we encourage you to consider credit card to make the payment there to best protect your interest.

4. As a transaction platform, DHgate has an Escrow buyer protection system. All payments made by buyers are not sent directly to individual sellers’ accounts. Instead, DHgate holds the payments until buyers confirm that they have received the orders and are happy with them. So you when buy items on DHgate, you can be confident that your money will not be taken without getting the order you place. Also, if you are not happy with the order received and you open a dispute against the transaction, DHgate will not release the payment to the seller until the dispute is solved between you and the seller.

5. I myself  worked for DHgate as soon as I graduated with my M.A degree. My working experience there was really amazing and I met lots of friendly and hard-working people there. Even though I quit the company two years ago for personal reasons, I am always willing to tell the true stories about them for those who are interested in using the site for shopping but concerned about issues like safety. Even now I am still keeping close touch with some old colleges who are still working there. I can tell you that this company is definitely not a scammer and I would be more than happy to share every detail about them as long as it is not beyond my experience or knowledge. Nevertheless, when you decide to shop at DHgate.com, do remember to do some research on the sellers. That way you can avoid dishonest sellers or scammers and find the best suppliers to cooperate with in the long run. Checking the feedback profiles of the sellers is one of the key approaches, just to remind you.

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Actually, a close look into the complaints about DHgate on the Internet shows that, the most “DHgate scam” comments came out simply because of misunderstandings. Below is a very typical example I’ve found from the discussions about DHgate:

Many buyers mistake DHgate as a seller who sells and ships purchase orders to buyers. Some complained that DHgate sent items in wrong sizes, colors or styles. It was a huge mistake. DHgate is a transaction platform, aChina wholesale site for small and medium sized merchants, bridging millions of global buyers and Chinese sellers or manufacturers. They do not send orders to buyers themselves. Instead, they provide information and transaction service to both buyers and sellers. That also explains why you are able to get the lowest prices for the items you want—when you buy a certain item, you can find the lowest price from the perfusion of sellers.

I believe that, as a rising e-commerce star in China, DHgate.com should value its credibility very much. Their services may need improvements in some aspects, but they can’t be scammers. Here I should remind you that, when you shop on DHgate, you need to check carefully the credibility of the seller from the seller’s feedback profile. Also, always remember to contact the seller to make sure the item has all the specifications or functions as described. These two actions will greatly reduce your risk shopping there.

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99 Responses to “DHgate Scam?”

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  1. Arshad Says:

    DhGate itself is a cheater company. All sellers are cheater here.
    If you have refund, they charged huge transaction hidden fee to get back your money. I never got receipt for deducting this almost 20% of your total refund amount which is additional with bank charges. They hold buyer’s money for long time with no benefit., On failure of delivery from cheater seller there, by rules actually buyer should get compensation of 30 USD if buyer provide the proof that tracking was invalid, but they never give you compensation / reward which clearly prove that dhgate itself support cheater sellers, thus itself is a big big scam and fraud. Never ever buy from dhgate. Everything which is stated on their website is just a lie.

  2. Arshad Says:

    the same story I am also witness for this, buyer have no protection, they cannot do anything, forget about the refund from scammers

    44. Karen Tornese Says:
    January 30th, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    Fake tracking number set up by seller,I paid for an expensive watch, he said no stock on this. He then set up fake tracking,showing being shipped, no tracking info. I can’t get a refund and can’t get a straight answer or one that has helped me from the chinese customer service. I can’t call them because I don’t have international calling on any phone. DH gate took the money out of my account after two days of the order. I had to go to my bank to help they said I have to wait 14 days to see if the order will be shipped to me. I told them the seller said no stock, made a fake tracking number I’m not getting it. The bank said sorry that’s all we can do.

  3. John Says:

    I ordered something that was on their page at $21.73, it came across my credit card as a charge of $148.??. My credit card is set up to alert me of foreign transaction and so I signed on their page chat window and told someone called princess (don`t know his or her sex), about it she looked into it and agreed that an error was made, it has not been put in my credit card pending charge account as yet and I probably will not receive the merchandise!!!

  4. Ben Says:

    YES,Almost everything come from CHINA!!There are so many Super shitty manufactories in CHINA make crappy crappy shit!! but also there are very few Super high end manufactories make top notch quality goods they are contracted with Wal-mart,MK,APPLE,of course the quantities are huge,millions dollars is no joke!!

  5. Mayte Says:

    The website is a scam they stole my money the item never came….

    Beware becareful

  6. Ashley Says:


  7. SD Says:

    I have made, well tried to make, 5 purchases from DH GATE. 3 very successful with no issues and items were as described and authentic (should be though as the items are of Chinese origin). For 2 orders I placed, the seller came back stating that their cost for set # of items had changed since I purchased. Yeah right, in 24 hrs, but anyway. I was offered a lower quantity for same price or full refund. I asked for a refund on both and figured I had been scammed, bit I knew the risk when making the purchase. I was surprised though when both purchase amounts, in full, were refunded to my accounts. The sellers were actually very responsive, though English was poor, and even DH GATE dispute was very responsive, all during the Chinese New year. I don’t know if I got luck or what, but the site is definitely not a scam. Just don’t kid yourself. The rule always applies that if it sounds too good to be true it isn’t. I will purchase more and hope for continued luck.

  8. kia washington Says:

    DH gate is a total scam. I tried to do an after sale dispute their website has tge submit button on the form disabled. If you have a previous dispute do not make the mistake i did. The seller contacted me and told me i can drop the dispute he is shippnt ing the item. When you drop a dispute it releases your money to the seller. DH Gate refuses to help me they will not send me a return label to return the item and when i emailed the dispute team directly they sent me 2 generic emails saying i have to file the dispute online after i explained to them their website would not allow me to submit a dispute. This has been a nightmare. I had to wait 4 weeks to get a defective product And i will not get my money back.

  9. Ansi Says:

    DhGate is full of fake sellers. It is a small company run probably by only a few people with fake names such as Carrie, Mark and Stacy with the same style of writing Chinese kind of English often providing misleading info. Their main income is through collecting money from a massive amount of people (by listing products at a very cheap price) and then earning interest from the bank on that money for a month or so. After one month, when you lodge a complain (as the product most likely didn’t arrive), they will return your money playing a nice guy. But the trick is they earned a micro interest by that time on your money from the bank!!! Say you bought a product for $10 and another 100K buyers did the same like you, you have $1 million to put in your bank for a month. Based on the interest rate of the bank, the money you earn is not a bad earning at all when you have few people running such a company. Initially, when you order products as a new customer though, they will ship your product (often junk, low quality items) just to create an impression that they are real. Once you start to trust them and spend more money, then they will start their trick…I dealt with them for almost a year and figured it out what actually it is…I am sure many others had the same experience…

  10. russell broussard Says:

    i want refund for 2 hd dvr car cameras.

  11. Barb Riley Says:

    I purchased “brand” makeup which is fake of course. They shouldn’t use the word Brand.
    They should use – “Like” or “similar to”. Was I naive? Yes. I will never buy from them again. Or ioffer.
    Same problem. I still have great vendors on Alibaba so like everywhere else, a few bad apples spoil the whole web site.

  12. Cat Says:

    Yes they are a huge SCAM!!! They have no real dispute or resolution center as they claim to have, they send products that are fake and make promises they have no intention of delivering. They gave me a fake email address to correspond with their so called “customer service” department with, and they have NO intention of really helping with a return or refund, but yet to give you the run around until you just quit. I’m now having to deal with my bank to dispute the charges. This site should be shut down!

  13. jay weiss Says:

    something up with DHgate and its not honesty for sure. wired funds to their account 16 days ago in order to fund a purchase and here 16 days later they refuse to admit the funds are in their account even after a bank verification. Its a game they play of tech support people sending requests to the “payment team” and the payment team always taking just a couple of more days to reply. This is obviously a fradulant company and i recommend staying far away from them.

  14. Eric Wolfe Says:

    I too think DHGATE is a scam more or less. Ive purchased from the site several times only to have some things not arrive and boy is it tough to deal with the sellers and DHGate. Basically once they have your money. its theirs. simple as that. not worth the aggravation dealing with them.

  15. Steve P Says:

    “I should remind you that, when you shop on DHgate, you need to check carefully the credibility of the seller from the seller’s feedback profile. Also, always remember to contact the seller to make sure the item has all the specifications or functions as described. These two actions will greatly reduce your risk shopping there.”

    That’s Dhgate’s responsbility that
    buyers pay for in the fees Dhgate charges.

    Hence if anything this ex employee is stating the obvious: don’t do business with dhgate.

  16. Kyle Says:

    “I purchased an item through DHGate. I received the wrong item from the seller credit_1000. The seller ignored my messages for 5 days until I returned the incorrect item to the address it was shipped from.
    Now the seller and DHGate refuse to return my money or send the correct item”

  17. Ivan Says:

    I ordered a cupcake dress for kid. Needed if by certain date for show. The seller lied that it will be delivered. Received late after due date, something of different fashion and several sizes bigger.
    In order to get refund they ask to pay shipping cost out of my pocket.
    Waste of time and money. DHgate Buyer Protection is a Joke. Initially they propose unacceptable options, and then even if you try to comply to return at least some money they stop responding.
    Will not EVER use this website and never recommend to anybody.

  18. Uking Says:

    I just ordered from this seller Jsely. Great service! All Good!

  19. gponty Says:

    Dear Friend,

    Thanks for ur order in our store.
    i am so sorry to tell u that the style u want is still producing now,
    and it will needs for a longtime.
    could u pls kindly change it into other style in the attachment?
    Or you can choose other products in our store, there are many many styles.
    pls reply us urgently so that we know how to do.
    If we don’t get your reply in 48 hours, we will send it out directly.
    Hope you can understand.

    Best Regards,
    Files: 2.jpg seller lied about having product so i purchase now hard time getn money back hevstill sent after i deny change!!

  20. Eric Says:

    Worst buying experience ever! Run away from this web site you will save some money
    I bought a car GPS in November through this web site, which was properly delivered to me but appeared not to be working.

    Refund process seems to be clear but… this is not the case in practice.
    DHGate asked me to reinstall the device on my car and prove through photos and videos that it was not working, which I did.
    In December I was authorized by DHGate to ship it back to seller through DHL, UPS, FEDEX, or TNT for instance.
    This did cost me 270.88CAD$, the smallest price I could obtain.

    15 days later I was refunded with the price of the product, fine… BUT I then was never reimbursed with the shipping costs as planned.
    Each time you contact the DHGate service (strictly by chat), you are told that this will be taken into account and will be reimbursed in few days.
    Then one day one of the support team member tells you that the DHGate is not contactable at all which is the reason why I am not reimbursed yet. However the seller “CarnavigationDVD” clearly still exists and sells products through DHGate. (http://www.dhgate.com/store/14325982#st-navigation-storehome)

    Well I always strictled followed the various processes explained by DHGate but I am still waiting for the shipping cost, which I am sure I will never retrieve.

    This website is not to be trusted at all.
    Run away from it you will save money.

  21. Wayne Says:

    BEWARE of this company, I placed a order back in April and decided the next day to cancel and requested a refund the day after my original and they would not refund me as I requested, this went on for many days trying to get my refund they took the 125.00 any way and would not give it back and sail they shipped the product I didn’t even want…. and to this day I haven’t heard or seen anything.Here is one of the conversation responses I got from them.
    If you have raised are not satisfied with our products in the shipment, If you have raised are not satisfied with our products after the receipt of the goods, This is a fraud, and we do not accept, and we do not refund, we will not ship again. We will complaint fraud to the police of your country,Through your address and telephone number,We will complaint you no honest, you’re a liar. In this way, you might lose your job. Of course, we do not want to happen.Please carefully consider your order.And this is how they conduct business.
    SO BEWARE when you deal with this company they are thieves they took 125.00 from my account and I did not authorize it after may request for a refund.DO NOT trust these scammers.W. Ryan Pensacola, FL”



  22. wendyjeanstevens Says:

    Buyer BEWARE I tried to purchase a flowergirl dress. Before purchase, the ship date was July 23. After I purchased, information appeared that production would take 19 working days, plus 3-14 shipping days, plus customs delays, plus delays for the Chinese Dragon holiday. This estimated ship date was well beyond my wedding event. So I immediately requested a refund. Their website promises that THEY hold the money until the buyer received the purchase and approves them to release the money to the seller. However, the customer service agent said they could do nothing until the seller approved the refund. The seller would not approve the refund until I changed my reason to “other”. Not only was this falsification, but I could not see any way to change my reason. So now they have my money and I have no idea when or if it will be refunded. I “chatted” with customer service who said lots of “sincerities”, but no action. I have also told the seller that I need my refund right away. No response. It’s been two days. This is not acceptable. DHgate LIED on their website to give customers a false sense of security. I should have known when I saw so many options for “resolving disputes”. That was a red light for sure that I glibly did not heed. Now I”m out almost $100 until they can hopefully complete my refund. I have contacted my bank and they said they will dispute it, but not sure how successful that will be!

  23. Josh James Says:

    I recently ordered a few mp4 players from dhgate.com, this came to around £50 GBP, the seller estimated that it would take a week for the items to turn up at my door, knowing this a couple of days after my purchase I listed them on eBay, thinking that the items would turn up by the end of the listing date (I’m an eBay seller) two months on and still no items, I have had to refund all of my customers and now my feedback is in shambles! I have applied for a refund but two weeks on, nothing… never using this site again until the day I die, don’t trust this website, it is full of people trying to scam you for money, use trusted sites with legitimate items! Lesson learned.

  24. Kathryn H Says:

    Broken product, dishonest “customer service” and promises not kept. DHGate is a terrible company. Buyer beware.

    I ordered an item which, upon arrival, did not work. After jumping through dozens of hoops (I’m very persistent) including having to send a video in their specific format “proving” the item did not work, I returned the item.

    In numerous emails and in messages back and forth on their web site, they assured me the seller would be responsible for the return shipping cost. I even pointed out to them that the return shipping cost would be almost as much as the product cost, to make sure they wanted me to return the item rather than throwing it in the trash. They emailed me back with a confirmation that yes, the seller would refund me the return shipping cost. This was a lie.

    At some point I felt uneasy about the transaction and started saving screen grabs of the onsite message exchanges (which are stored in different placed on the web site — nothing is straight forward). I also had all the emails. Thirty pages of documentation.

    Before the reimbursement was settled, they sent me an email saying that, now that the transaction was complete, they wanted me to rate the company. I said no way, of course, because I had not yet been reimbursed. They sent this stupid email three times!

    My instincts about DHGate were correct. As soon as the item was mailed back, and I asked about the promised reimbursement again and again over the next two weeks, they deleted from my account on their web site all traces of the order and all the messages. Like it never happened. Unbelievable.

    Unfortunately, although I paid for the return shipping with a VISA, I have no way to dispute the charge, as the payee is the U.S. Post Office, not DHGate.

    Lessons learned: 1) Never, ever buy from DHGate; 2) Always do an internet search for reviews when sending money to a company you have not previously done business with; 3) Keep copies of documentation and correspondence in case of a dispute; 4) Buy American whenever possible. If the transaction goes wrong, you will have much better avenues for resolving it.

  25. they robbed me for 90 bux. Says:

    Dan of danviews.com, you are wrong about dhgate being as pure and the falling snow. But I’m sure they appreciate your ‘glowing review’.

    Shall we begin? Dhgate turned a just less than $90 dollar purchase into a longwinded insulting circus act. Months of time wasted too. The Seller shipped me 4 very tiny ic boards that had a usb jack on them, some of the jacks were badly bent from being expected to make it overseas in a standard letter size envelope lined with bubblewrap. What I hoped they were really going to ship me was what i paid for instead, that being 4 CNC controller cards and the proper cabling that was written in the sellers ad. Anyhow, they felt like promoting themselves today as suggested the email that arrived in my inbox, so I felt compelled to reply back to that sent email with this: It is somewhat insulting for you to send me this email. Especially because your resolution dept completely blew me off about getting a refund processed. Alot of back and forth wastes of time with maybe 15 different resolution dept workers over months and months, all over a 90 dollar purchase for 4 cnc controller cards that never got delivered. I got robbed! You, helped the seller rob me! Thats awesome.. And you never ever looked at the picture I sent to you even once of the wrong much smaller items that did arrive in the mail. I heard on the news today that China is starting to really crack down on crime and fraud there. Well look at me, a friggin day late and dollar short when it comes to them cracking down on your dishonest business!

    P.S. the resolution dept ‘supervisor’/manager is just as corrupted as the seller on your service for refusing to follow through..always only first names, never any last names, and never any way to expect to only be catered to by ONLY ONE resolution dept worker, rather than spread the claimed case so thinly amongst 15 other employees, as to never create a proper understanding of what is going on. Instead, I had 15 different dhgate resolution workers, repeating the same questions they asked me each and every time a new worker seemed to pick up where the last one left off! Should I write something about this in a bunch of online review websites? hmm… I wonder if you will respond back to prevent that from ever happening. You’re scam supporting thieves until proven otherwise, its no wonder you do not have a world wide 1-800 phone number for concerned customers to reach you at, I mean if i was a scammer running a profitable website, I might not ever pay for a 1-800 number to be attached to my company, besides, if customers were able to actually contact you, well then that would mean you would have to step up your game when it comes to being honest. In a effort to save honest people any financial hardships plus insults to injury, anyone reading this should avoid dhgate.com until further notice.

  26. Henry James Says:

    Order was placed 23/July/2015, 15:00 PST. Charged to my account 15:11 PST. I intentionally choose a seller with a 3 day turn around. It has now been 12 days since payment was made and the order has still not shipped. We need the FTC to step in and explain the term “most favored nation status” to the Chinese.
    All of the posters here need to file a complaint with the “Federal Trade Commission”. Al Capone went to prison for tax evasion, even though it was known he was guilty of murder. We all know that DHgate is a criminal enterprise, treat it like one, and get your Government involved. We are candles attempting to shine light on criminals, use the million candle power search light of the FTC. We will get results or DHgate will no longer exist. Thank you for your attention to this matter, Henry James

  27. alice Says:

    So i was going through DHgate and it was a hilarious experience. I must say it was tempting but when i know that it’s utter crap they are selling why even consider, let alone place an order and loathe for months over it!?

  28. chuck Says:

    This article is bullshit.
    DHgate has so much scam in it.
    99.9% of the products are fake.
    Take for example beauty products such as:
    Silk’n glide
    Tripollar STOP

    Be aware!!!


  29. caz Says:

    Worst company ever, faulty goods no intention of replacing or refunding. They wait until out of time.


  30. Curly Says:

    DH Gate is fine too deal with, and their vendors are always ready to rectify a wrong. However do not expect an “arrive tomorrow” ship. Has to go through their customs and ours which can sometime take very long.

  31. Karen Says:

    My dhgate purchase came postage due. The post office said that THIS HAPPENS MOST OF THE TIME with DHgate. They ship with only a small portion of the actually postage and cheat you out of the money. They lied and say its a customs fee. Very WRONG.

  32. muhammad naeem Says:

    Dhgate is fraud please dont buy anything from them …

  33. Jean Says:

    I so glad I read the reviews here about dhgate. I was intending to purchase a phone. People power had definitely saved an unfortunate buyer from a potential scam.

  34. Peter Says:

    I just purchase Iphone from DHGate,
    The shipping is fast, When I open the package found There is no box with accesary with no phone, I contact Seller Meetstory, He told me contact DHL Shipping.
    I did contact DHL Shipping They did investigation found no phone.
    I mail to the seller He did offer me refund only I paid for shipping.
    I try dispute with all evidence to DHGate, They reply that it was shipped to my place.
    closed the dispute. Now still try figure out dispute.
    I recommend no one should purchased there, They not helping the buyer only help seller.

  35. me Says:

    ur all fags lol

  36. biola rilwan mudashir Says:

    i have made an order 33063992,33063994,3306987 for my shoes and shirt after i paid they told me there are investigating. why didn’t they investigate after confirming my payments from my bank .my email is biolamudashir53@gmail.com

  37. Rob Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about everyone’s bad experiences with DHGate, but I have made many purchases through the site and had absolutely no issues. I will say that my purchases have all been sports related clothing products, so as far as cell phones and other items I cannot speak to those.

  38. harry Says:

    The problem I found with DHgate is that when they give you a refund, you don not actually get a credit back, instead you get a coupon. Furthermore this coupon can only be used one a single item purchase for an item which is equal too or more than the value of your coupon. I bought an item it was the wrong colour I got a refund in the form of a coupon, my item was worth $26, the coupon was for $27, therefore I could not buy the same item again, this is a joke of a system!

  39. Rick Says:

    Must have been a DHgate person who wrote this piece. Just because you rank high on google doesn’t mean anything other then the site gets lots of hits because of all the different things it says it sells. But apparently they don’t. Eeven though its listed. Even if they are “transaction platform”, they are who Consumers deal with, DHgate takes Consumers money. Its DHgates web site we go too. And DHgates is making money from consumers. So yes they are responsible to ensure the orders are right and refunds are issued. And if something is wrong they should be charging the seller not the consumer. So YES THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM I guess since there in China they don’t have to abide by consumers standards. This is why consumers should only do business with countries were consumers are supported. And I dough DHgate dropped PayPal its probably the other way around since PayPal stand behind what is sold through them.

  40. Mae Says:

    All of these people who are complaining about the site and ordered products from the sellers who doesn’t even have many costumers and transactions are the ones who are at fault. Those people who won’t even bother to see the feedbacks and profile of the seller should not complain and blame themselves. Do not be lazy. It’s not that hard to look for the feedbacks. -.- Be wise when ordering online.

  41. dhgate is a fraud Says:

    Please report to cyber crime of Hong Kong

    Hi EVERYONE, I am one of the person that have been scam from dhgate, please report your incident to the Hong Kong police at this link https://secure1.info.gov.hk/police/eforms/report_cyber_crime_en.php

    Dhgate have scam my money close to $1000 USD. I am a Hong Kong resident and I am able to connect to the HK police and they have launch the investigation, if enough people to report this company, we can help shut this FRADULENT company, please do so and we can combine our force to stop this. I am sending this same email out to as much people as possible on Sitejabber.com

    Good Luck.

  42. Angie Says:

    This site sells many counterfeit items. Most, if not all, sellers are located in China. Many sellers even state on their page that the items they are selling is NOT THE ORIGINAL. For example, you can find thousands of fake NuFace facial toning device on this site, for as low as $26, while the genuine product is selling for $300+ on the official website. One seller of this item states the item is not original but “1:1 clone”, whatever that means.

    I wonder why this website is allowed to have business here in the U.S. We cannot tolerate this type of dishonesty.

  43. Mark Halsey Says:

    I purchased an item from DHGate.com, item wasn’t available, vendor couldn’t simply tell me that, he had to string me along for almost two months, hoping he could get the textile in time to meet their “deadline” for shipping, which holds them accountable for their Buyer Guarantee program, where if they can’t meet the deadline, you will be compensated $20.

    Vendor couldn’t get the textile in time, but he decides to print a label the day the shipping deadline is due, and ends up sending me a pair of disposable women’s socks, the kind department stores have on hand to try on shoes.

    You can’t get anybody on the phone, being that it’s a Chinese company, so all communication is done via Chat, which is actually not so bad. However, after months of discussion and agreement, I have been awaiting my compensation, and can not get anywhere. The last straw came today when a DHGate employee stood up for his vendor and refused to compensate me, based on a technicality in the verbiage of the Buyer Guarantee program. It states that as long as a Tracking Number is uploaded in the system prior to the deadline, I am not due compensation.

    I highly recommend you do business elsewhere. These past five months have been a complete waste of my time and energy, and I thought I was saving a few dollars. Fortunately, I have taken screenshots of all my correspondence with this dreadful organization, should I need to use it for any consumer advocacy watch group.

  44. Damu Radhakrishnan Says:

    Dhgate.com is a rip off firm. I lost $106. They advertise one thing through their web site and mail you a completely different item from china, which is worth one tenth of its price. They are a bunch of robbers in USA, trying to sell very cheap stuff from China. So stay away, don’t get hurt. Once you give your credit card, that is it. You cannot cancel it afterwards, even though their site talks about all sort of nonsense. So please stay away, don’t get hurt. Let us join together to hand over these guys to law enforcement authorities. These are robbers.

  45. DHgateFRAUD Says:

    If DHgate is a credible website like you said it is, then why do we have tens of thousands of consumers complaining them about being a scam? A misunderstanding or taking advantage of the broken system that DHgate is actually supporting these sellers? Of course DHgate will always side with the seller/scammer because they make money when they do and they don’t make money when they refund you. DHgate has a responsibility to make buyers feel sale.

  46. Stacey Says:

    I ordered a dress in March. Finally after contacting BestDeals over and over I received it in May. The jacket was extremely too small and no way could I wear it – could not get my arms in in and it was too narrow.
    I was denied a refund but later asked to return it and was informed by “Alana” once they received the return I would receive a full refund. Cost me $53 to send it back. Was told once they receive it back I would refunded the full amt + return shipping.
    Once BestDeals (through DHGate) received the dress they stopped responding to me – even after NUMEROUS times I tried to contact them. I will NEVER purchase from DHGate again and will be posting bad reviews. Dealing with them and BestDeals was a total nightmare and very disappointing. I just threw away $180 and don’t even have the dress now since it has been returned. The jacket was unwearable.
    VERY disappointing!!!

  47. SJW Says:

    Bought a Black Samsung Note 5 turned out to be Black but in a torn up GOLD box. Phone was used and not real.
    Could not even install Pokemon GO on it then the screen turned white.
    BEWARE!! These are NOT real Samsung phones. Knockoffs!!!!
    DO NOT BUY from DHGate. They are Chinese scam artists who fraudulently sell real items that are NOT real. I turned them in to the US Attorney General for fraud!

  48. Darryl Says:

    Hi people. Please do not buy from this site they are a set of rogues. I paid usd 400 for a cnc machine via Western union .they never delivered the item. Despite contacting them and making a complaint about the supplierThey are professional thieves. Please don’t risk your money with these scammed. Ali Express is genuine they never rob people of their hard earned money. They are hand in glove with their suppliers,overall a set of rogues from China.

  49. Christian Says:

    As many others have written here: DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

    Bought a vaporizer for 60 usd with “delivery on time or money back”-guarantee. I tracked the item some days before this guarantee date, status was then “sent back to seller”. I asked seller about this and he just answered that a new item is under way. The new item came 10 days later than the guarantee date…

    Sent the case to dhgate mediation where an analyst looked at the case. Analyst said
    “Dear friend
    Thanks for your reply, but we noticed the package was arrived at your address, if you din’t want this order any more, please contact your local post office to return the package, then once your seller get the package, we will offer you the full refund, and depend on our policy, we can not give you the refund now in case the package being signed later, hope you can kindly understand.
    Any other problem, please reply us in 2 days, or we will close the dispute and offer you a partial refund of 20$ that including your 10$ coupon.”

    This meant that i had to spend 30-40 usd to ship the item from Norway. The total item cost was 60 usd….So wheres my guarantee guys? I responded to analyst saying that sure i can do this if you prepay my shipping. No answer back, no nothing. Some days later i recieved mail saying that my partial refund of 20 usd was now complete. Tried like 5-10 different customer reps, some of them ignored me, some of them told me to contact the seller and get him to pay for shipping. Yeah right guys, lesson learned, never buying here again.

    Also its a problem to close the account as they say I have some orders that are not completed.

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